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NRW Deathfest 2008

ok, here we go. sadly Human Artifacts had to cancel their gig at NRWDF 2008. we are very proud to announce that RETCH (US) will replace them. check out our myspace site:

so this is the actual line-up:

SKINLESS (USA / groovy brutal death)
GORATORY (USA / brutal death)
EVOCATION (SWE / old school death)
RETCH (USA / brutal death)
SEXCREMENT (USA / whiskey brutal death)
CREPITATION (UK / brutal smlaming death)
HUMAN MINCER (ES / brutal death)
SEPIROTH (NL / brutal old school death)
VOLTURYON (SWE / technical brutal death)
CEREBRAL BORE (SCO / brutal death)
GONORRHEA PUSSY (GER / porn grind)
DIABOLICAL IMPERIUM (GER / old school death)
RESURRECTED (GER / brutal death)
ASPHIXATION (GER / brutal death)
FIREBREATHER (CH / crust nĀ“grind)
FLESHRIPPER (GER / old school death)
VERMIS (GER / death metal)
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