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Lastwitch, I concur: That Krokus song was killer, actually, they had a couple of good, heavy albums, somewhat out of the norm of glam metal that was swirling at the time, plus, they had a guitarist named Fernando Von Arb, and with a name like that, you just CAN'T go wrong!

Seriously, I recall the video having lots of fog, horses, a pseudo-medieval vibe, and shit like that, and if memory serves, it was pretty lame.

I must also take issue with this whole new crop of screamo shit that is polluting the airwaves. If I see another video of late teen screamo kids with Danzig haircuts, black metal Ts, and full-sleeves, either on the back of a truck, in the woods, or in a school auditorium (all with strategically and tritely edited slow-mo shots of the paid extra "crowd" there to see them going bonkers), I think I'll fucking puke. How original.

Then again, I'm just an asshole.
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