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Oh, and back to the thread:

Anything by Motorhead. Just the sight of those milk duds on Lemmy's face makes me shudder, and it seems like the older the video by them, the more accent the cameramen put on filming Lemmy from that side, and those symbiotic ovoid, fleshy lumps appear to pulsate and move on their own (and I vaguely recall that one of them has a huge, thick, coarse hair protruding from its center, yecch). Perhaps Lemmy has a disgusting sense of humor and makes groupie chicks tongue and toss the warts with their mouths, sucking them gently....EWWWWW!

Dude, you've made enough money, you are a legend, GO SEE A DERMATOLOGIST!!!!

And yes, obviously I am a sick bastard as well. Guilty as charged, Your Honor!
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