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Originally Posted by disGUSt(tx) View Post
Nice, I see they are expanding outside of TX. Wish I could go this weekend but I got really sick this week and I'm still recovering. You guys have fun.

Probably talking about the chain because they're everywhere here. I say "Guac" all the time, for the sake of saving 3 syllables worth of energy. And this is Texas dude, I know you guys got lots of Mexicans up there and all, but seriously it's a little funny to be too jaded about your Chicago Mexican food to try the Texas stuff. It's like not trying the pizza in Italy cause you're from New York. Sorta.
I meant that in reference to Chipotle. I live in a predominantly Mex neighborhood so I get a lot of good regional food action up here, ie; unique stuff from Monterrey, Guadalajara, Distrito Federal, etc.
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