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Originally Posted by RottingBeercan View Post
we got a Freebirds in Tulsa now. im gonna be in ATX this weekend and so far am wanting to go to Salt Lick BBQ and Round Rock Donuts
Nice, I see they are expanding outside of TX. Wish I could go this weekend but I got really sick this week and I'm still recovering. You guys have fun.

Originally Posted by FTS View Post
Are you dudes talking about the chain Chipotle or something really local I haven't heard of? Living in Chicago where the Mexican food is very diverse from their respective regions, I feel really jaded about Mexican food, plus I get irritated whenever somebody says "Guac" instead of Guacamole.
Probably talking about the chain because they're everywhere here. I say "Guac" all the time, for the sake of saving 3 syllables worth of energy. And this is Texas dude, I know you guys got lots of Mexicans up there and all, but seriously it's a little funny to be too jaded about your Chicago Mexican food to try the Texas stuff. It's like not trying the pizza in Italy cause you're from New York. Sorta.
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