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The decision between Mark and Adrift was certainly a difficult one, and not one without much forethought, but certainly it came at an odd time - during the recording of the album.

It seems like the Adrift record has been plagued with oddity, heartache, and delay: two destructive state-rending hurricanes, an integral member change, the tragic and unexpected death of head engineer/ARS studio owner Sam times it has seemed like this Adrift record was doomed to never be finished.

But that will NOT be the case - it WILL be finished, and SOON. We have been working diligently and frequently with Dean Pskowski(formerly of 98Rock and Miller Lite - sponsored Synapse) as often as we can, and Dean's learning curve has been amazing and incredible. In fact, he has done so well that we are scheduled to go into the studio THIS WEEKEND to begin Dean laying down his portion of the Adrift record, the vox! Our Producer, John Hughes II, in whom we have the utmost in faith and respect, will create a sonic opus for our friends and fans to enjoy.

We are vastly excited that we not only found someone, and someone so cool and down to earth, to fit in the Adrift fold with such relative quickness, but also that we are able to get in and get the record juiced and resurrected again, so as not to lose any momentum. This record will rock, and we will be back, stronger than ever, in a VERY short amount of time.

Keep an eye and an ear out, the record will (we hope and think) surprise you all!!

Take care!

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