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Adrift Announces Cancellation of LA Whisky Gig

It is with regret that Adrift must inform our friends, families, industry professionals, and fans that we have had to, at the proverbial 11th hour, pull out of the LA Whisky gig. Our guitarist Analia's young child is severely ill, and his prognosis at this point is inconclusive, but at this time, it is very rough going for Analia, her husband Mike, and their family. Needless to say, Analia is freaked out and beside herself with worry, and we cannot expect her to come to LA with us, as family comes first. Further, there is not enough time to train a temporary replacement, and we have too much 2-guitar melodies to have just Jack go. Further, and more importantly, Adrift is a family amongst ourselves, and we would not want to go to LA without our wonderful, beautiful, and talented guitarist whom we all love and respect.

After much soul-searching and discussion, we feel we have made the only decision we could when presented with the fact scenario as above - to cancel our appearance at the show and support our guitarist and her family, and OUR family, the family that is Adrift. We wish Analia, Mike, and Dylan good luck and god speed in their efforts to make Dylan well.

We heartily apologize to everyone who had plans to come out and see us play and support us in our venture to make great music and take that music to the "next level."

Please stay in touch, and check back to the board and the website soon, as we intend to reschedule LA for as soon as possible.

Kevin D. Astl
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