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Street Teams are those fans/friends that help to market bands they like in the areas around which they live. For example, if Adrift were playing a gig in your town, and you happened to be at the SlipKnot show, we would send you shirts, flyers, stickers, and other merch to give away in hopes of people coming to the gig. Street Teamers also help by inundating radio stations, blogs, boards, online/internet radio, satellite, and music stores with calls and requests for certain songs to played and records to be stocked - they keep a record of all of that, and record labels look at those records.

In exchange, we give scads of merch (the real cool stuff), other promo stuff, and exclusive opportunity to those willing to help make the band a bit bigger and better known, which may include, but are not limited to, hanging out backstage, on the tour bus, all-access passes, admission to and backstage at larger festivals, meet and greets, hell, just having a beer together and shooting the breeze, XBox tournaments with Adrift, travel packages (we have a travel company as a corporate sponsor, so they give us packages to Orlando and Cancun, Mexico to give out, and Street Teamers who do the most get the killer perks like that), and many other benefits of helping Adrift reach the masses!

If you are interested, let me know!
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