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Your favorite ATX food:

I'm a vegetarian so I'm a little biased. This region of Texas is known for it's BBQ, so if anyone has knowledge on that please share. If you're a vegetarian like myself, you will probably find Austin delicious, even the restaurants which don't specialize in veggie food will likely have vegetarian options which will still blow you away.

Veggie Heaven, Guadalupe and MLK. Some locals will try to call this place overrated, but I never get tired and almost HAVE to eat there every time I visit Austin. If you're a fan of asian styled "faux-meat" you will likely love this place, I've only had a few better, and it's by far the cheapest I've found anywhere of this style. Definitely worth checking out. I highly reccommend the Tangerine Mushrooms and Protein 5000. Also, they have unlimited rice, which is always nice if you're the type who likes 2 or 3 bowls in one sitting with their dinner.

the Deli at the Wheatsville Coop Grocer, I tend to be on "Team Veggie Heaven" consider people tend to prefer one or the other (even though they're totally different cuisine and shouldn't even be compared.) If you're in the mood for a sandwich, this is where I would go.

Bouldin Creek this place is my favorite for breakfast in Austin. The vegan/vegetarian options are awesome, and even if you're not vegan, their tofu scramble is incredible and worth trying over their eggs.

Kerbey Lane Cafe is good and comparable to Bouldin Creek. A bit pricey but they have the perk of being open pretty late. They have everything from Tex-mex, to breakfast food, and lots of vegetarian options as well. There's a couple of locations too.

Ken's Donuts on Guadalupe, is technically not a restaurant, is still worth mentioning because they have KILLER samosas, which are priced very economically. This is often the first place I stop when I come into town. They are also 24 hours, which makes for plenty of opportunities to go. If it's 4 am and you can't afford Kerbey Lane, hit this place up, you can make a meal out of a couple of samosas for sure.

If you're not from Texas and you want the Texas "cheap-ass taco stand" experience, hit up Tamale House This place is CHEAP as hell. I dare you to try to eat 5 dollars worth of tacos from here. They don't have very good hours, this might be a place for breakfast. I tend to eat here a lot in Austin when I'm on a budget, which I most likely will be at Chaos to save money for beer, merch and etc. Typical taco stand menu, unbeatable price.

I'm pretty sure a lot of meat-eaters and locals are all about Chuys, which is Tex-Mex, pretty stylish and one of the more popular restaraunts in town. I haven't been there in years, but I loved this place as a kid. Might be the place you want to go for a burger or fajitas or something. Worth mentioning is their nacho bar which is unlimited and free if you purchase a drink. Exploit that shit.

There's more, but those are the places I typically get down with. Feel free to add your own!

One thing I'm glad I remembered, is that the pizza places on 6th Street and Red River (near the venues) are HORRENDOUSLY overpriced, mediocre-good pizza but seriously like 30 dollars for a cheese pizza that barely beats Dominos. BUT there's a weird underground operation that goes where they sell their pizzas for really cheap to dudes who sell them on the street for $5-10, which makes the pizza MUCH more worth buying. Death Metal Pizza sucks, I know it's a cool name but it's one of the places I'm talking about. Avoid it.
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