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Dean_Adrift 09-16-2007 10:43 AM

Adrift - Jack Owen (Deicide, ex-Cannibal Corpse) Speaks Out About New Disc; Tracklist
Death metal godfather Jack Owen, guitarist of Tampa-based heavy rock band ADRIFT, featuring Owen and RESURRECTION/EPITAPH drummer Kevin Astl, along with bassist Jen Parker and vocalist Dean Pskowski, has issued the following update on the recording of the ADRIFT full length album, titled Absolution:

“We’ve finally finished the mix of our full length record, Absolution. It took a little longer than we expected due to Mark Lewis (of Audiohammer Studios) being a very meticulous, detail-oriented guy. He really put in a lot of hard work and hours on our album, and he wouldn’t let anything leave the studio without it sounding 100% killer, which it does. The mix is very big and open, while retaining a modern sound - and my guitars sound huge! In fact, I am happy to say that out of any album I have recorded in my career, I am most proud of this Adrift record, the songs are incredible, we captured great performances from all band members, and having Mark handle the mix was the proverbial icing on the cake. It is by far the best record I have ever done, and I can’t wait for it to be released to see what people think of it.”

“By the way,” commented Owen, “I feel so strong about this album that you can start adding ADRIFT behind my name, as in ‘Jack Owen, formerly of CANNIBAL CORPSE, currently of ADRIFT and DEICIDE.’ This record will make some waves – you’ll understand when you hear it.”

Added drummer Astl, “Mark did an excellent job, and we are very happy with the results. Now the album gets shipped off to West West Side Music in New Windsor, New York, where renowned Mastering Engineer Alan Douches (Converge, Mastodon, Between the Buried and Me) will handle the mastering duties. ADRIFT is honored that a much-coveted guy like Alan is mastering our record, his resume of over 6000 mastering credits of awesome bands speaks for itself. Be looking for a release date sometime in late October or early November 2007.”

The final track listing for Absolution is as follows:

01. Betrayed
02. You Don’t Know Me
03. Wither Away
04. Pushed Aside
05. Back to Square One
06. Absolution
07. Sick
08. Departure
09. Held Down
10. Come Around
11. Left Behind

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