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ROCKUM 08-09-2004 01:43 PM

Which are the worst Metal´s video clip that you watched in your life?
my videos are :

ANVIL - MAD DOG ( I hate this video , ) Now is available in so funny!
Manowar - Blow your speakers ( not the music , a real bad video)
Motley crue - too young to fall in love ( remember with the chinese guys!! Tommy lee wanted to look like a bad boy hahaha .)
ACCEPT - midnight mover-
Grip inc - Ostracized
Wasp - I wanna be somebody
anthrax - Black Lodge
Ozzy Osbourne - So tired . a really very BAD VIDEO !!!!!

AstlAdrift 09-30-2004 06:05 PM

W.A.S.P. - "Wild Child", gayest special effects ever. Has all of the trite, cliched elements that make for every metal fan's "worst of" reel. Randy Piper's face sucks! He he! He he!

trelk 09-30-2004 10:04 PM

..too young to fall in love was badmuthafuckin' ass for 1983-4...wasp is still badass..

..if you want to pick a shitty metal video rockum, why don't you nominate any video that shows a band playing in a warehouse somewhere, complete with shaky camera chorus? i mean, let's not penalize people for aspiring to tell a tale (even a lame one)..

AstlAdrift 10-03-2004 12:31 PM

Oh, and back to the thread:

Anything by Motorhead. Just the sight of those milk duds on Lemmy's face makes me shudder, and it seems like the older the video by them, the more accent the cameramen put on filming Lemmy from that side, and those symbiotic ovoid, fleshy lumps appear to pulsate and move on their own (and I vaguely recall that one of them has a huge, thick, coarse hair protruding from its center, yecch). Perhaps Lemmy has a disgusting sense of humor and makes groupie chicks tongue and toss the warts with their mouths, sucking them gently....EWWWWW!

Dude, you've made enough money, you are a legend, GO SEE A DERMATOLOGIST!!!!

And yes, obviously I am a sick bastard as well. Guilty as charged, Your Honor!

AstlAdrift 10-12-2004 11:56 AM

Lastwitch, I concur: That Krokus song was killer, actually, they had a couple of good, heavy albums, somewhat out of the norm of glam metal that was swirling at the time, plus, they had a guitarist named Fernando Von Arb, and with a name like that, you just CAN'T go wrong!

Seriously, I recall the video having lots of fog, horses, a pseudo-medieval vibe, and shit like that, and if memory serves, it was pretty lame.

I must also take issue with this whole new crop of screamo shit that is polluting the airwaves. If I see another video of late teen screamo kids with Danzig haircuts, black metal Ts, and full-sleeves, either on the back of a truck, in the woods, or in a school auditorium (all with strategically and tritely edited slow-mo shots of the paid extra "crowd" there to see them going bonkers), I think I'll fucking puke. How original.

Then again, I'm just an asshole.

ROCKUM 10-29-2004 05:25 AM


Originally posted by AstlAdrift

W.A.S.P. - "Wild Child", gayest special effects ever. Has all of the trite, cliched elements that make for every metal fan's "worst of" reel. Randy Piper's face sucks! He he! He he!

trelk , IF WE TALK ABOUT THE most stupid mOTLEY´S VIDEOS I think the winner is " Smoking in the boys room " that video really sucks!! remember the " fish eyes " of the teacher and the doberman .... the classroom ?. that was so funny .. smoking in the boys room ra ra ra ra -....

ROCKUM 10-29-2004 05:45 AM

Hey Kev ! krokus rocks! the song screaming in the night was killer !!!!! I really loved this song but the videos is so bad , stupid , without logic but I think Krokus would wish to erase all copies that exist of this video !"!

I have this Krokus video here in Lima , when I feel stress I take this video and push play the vcr and immediately I start to smile..... cause is so fucking funny!!!

Another worst video I think is Killer dwarf "stand tall " 87 -88 when the guys tried to make a L.P ( Long Play ) with some things of their kitchen .. and they lookin for a record label hehe he .. a shit video!

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