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Dean_Adrift 06-05-2007 05:18 PM

ADRIFT Checks In From Studio
Kevin Astl, drummer of Tampa Florida's ADRIFT (also featuring DECIDE/ex-CANNIBAL CORPSE guitarist Jack Owen) has posted the following studio update via the bands' MySpace page.

"Jack and I are entrenched in CB Production Studios [in North Carolina] tracking the new ADRIFT album, tentatively titled 'Absolution'. Well, I had allotted five days total to track 14 songs, hoping to take it easy and record at a leisurely pace. It turns out I was possessed by a mad drumming frenzy, and I have jammed out all 14 in about a day and a half (and I tracked today with a pretty nasty hangover, thanks Absolut and Thunderbird!). True, we did spend a full day on getting tones, microphone placement, and pre-amp selections, so it's actually two and a half days, but principal tracking was only a day and a half. And yes, I used a click track for the songs...and I was pretty damn on with it. Been excited about this record for some time, and it's great getting away for a bit in seclusion and focusing on making a great record. We hope you all will like it. Thanks to David Burrill, owner of CB, and his wife Heather, for graciously allowing us to invade their studio, home, and lives for the next 18 days. We appreciate it! I will periodically check in and post updates, as well as some pics and videos of me and Jack in the studio"

"Absolution" partial track listing:

01. Absolution
02. Betrayed
03. Left Behind
04. Departure
05. Broken Mirror
06. Back to Square One
07. Held Down
08. Pushed Aside
09. You Don’t Know Me
10. Reasons
11. Wither Away
12. S.I.C.C.
13. Gluttony
14. Come Around

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