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M.Gilbert 03-15-2015 06:19 PM

Shit ton of gear for sale
I'm selling a shit ton of gear. I have a ton of pics available on request.

-Suhr M3, charcoal web soft-touch finish, installed Suhr Aldrich pups, also comes with the original Suhr SSH+/SSV pups, installed tremol-no unit, G&G custom hardshell case. Perfect condition with zero flaws. Case has some wear on the outside. $2000 shipped to the lower 48, $1900 picked up (San Fran/Bay Area)

-Steinberger ZT-3 "Custom", played for maybe 4-6 hours then left in the case. Comes with brand new Steinberger hardshell case made for this guitar, padded gig bag that the guitar came with, and 2 packs of double ball Steinberger strings. Basically brand new. $1000 shipped to lower 48, $925 picked up.

-Engl e570 Special Edition Preamp. Excellent condition with minimal/very small amount of rack wear. $1300 shipped to the lower 48. $1250 picked up. *SOLD*

-Engl e850/100 Stereo Tube Power Amp. 100 watt per side monster. Only flaw is some rack rash on the bottom. Retubed with a matched octet set of JJ 6L6's with not many hours on them. Also retubed all 3 12AX7's. Comes with the original Engl 6L6's which also do not have many hours on them. Also comes with a Eurotubes bias probe (paid $94 for that). $1900 shipped to the lower 48. $1825 picked up. *SOLD*

-Motu 4Pre audio interface. Mint condition. Comes with the power adapter, original manual and installation CD (though you'll want to just download the updated drivers/firmware/software from the Motu website). I'll also include a firewire cable I bought for it, which is handy since you can use that to power the unit instead of the wall adapter. $300 shipped to the lower 48. $275 picked up.

-Fractal Axe-FX 2 mark 1. Perfect condition. Comes with Faslink adapter which allows you to use an XLR cable to connect to a Fractal MFC-101. Pretty awesome, you can just use an XLR/Mic cable to power the foot board and transmit date. No more fragile midi cables or separate power supply. $1900 shipped to the lower 48, $1800 picked up.

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