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Dean_Adrift 05-31-2007 01:56 PM

Adrift - feat. Jack Owen - Tracklisting Issued and Studio Time Booked
ADRIFT, the Tampa based heavy rock band featuring Jack Owen, current guitarist in DEICIDE as well as formerly with CANNIBAL CORPSE, has posted a three part video interview blog on their My Space page at The blog deals with general topics and also with the recording of ADRIFT’s full length album, tentatively titled Absolution, to be released on an as yet undisclosed label.

Drummer Kevin Astl said “We just wanted to give out a little background info, let everyone know what we’ve been up to, and begin discussing some of our thought processes regarding the new album.” Added Owen, “It seems like people thought that nothing was going on with Adrift, but the opposite is true. We have solidified our lineup and have been writing all new songs for this record. Check out the blog and the subsequent ones we post from the studio for some insight and also some craziness! Owen out!”

ADRIFT will enter CB Production Studios in Raleigh, North Carolina, on June 1 to begin tracking for the new record. ADRIFT has revealed a partial track listing for the ADRIFTalbum:

1. Absolution
2. Betrayed
3. Left Behind
4. Departure
5. Broken Mirror
6. Back to Square One
7. Held Down
8. Pushed Aside
9. You Don’t Know Me
10. Reasons
11. Wither Away
12. S.I.C.C.
13. Gluttony
14. Come Around

Says bass player Jen Parker “We’re really looking forward to getting in the studio and recording these songs. Check back for more video updates and blogs. How spicy do you want your chang sauce?”

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