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siN 05-13-2004 12:49 AM

Ozzfest thoughts
Considering the audience here might primarily be Cannipple fans here, or some Adrift inquirers - Neither of whom [I assume] like to wear girls jeans, bandanas, and do windmills - I'm interested to see the thoughts of everyone on Ozzfest 2004's lineup.

Are you a "straightedge" fan who has a boner for Throwdown, or are you one of metals elite who lives for the reuinited Priest?

Oh, and lets not forget the amazing SMN tribute to hardcore [April Fools] - Althought my wit and language is nowhere near that of Mr. Astl, just remember: Pink is the new METAL -

crispykid88 06-08-2004 06:30 PM

im goign to see the following bands
lamb of god
black sabbath
dimmu borgir
and slipknot just a little cause there horrible now
and brittany spears
jessica simpson

babyintrashcompactor 07-04-2004 04:27 AM

Priest is the reason im going.

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