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Kittie Announce Australian & North American Tour Dates

Vasaeleth Streams "Crypt Born & Tethered To Ruin" Album

Eluveitie Announces "Eluvetie & Friends" Festival For December 2011

Climaxes (The Faceless, Animals As Leaders, Look What I Did) Debut ‘Clock in & Die’ Demo

Transient (Shadows Fall) Streaming Live Tracks & Demos

To Speak of Wolves, My Epic, Harp & Lyre Tour Announced

Rammstein Announce November/December & Early 2012 Tour Dates (Europe)

Shraphead Announces New Album "Blind & Seduced" Details

Dead & Divine Posts New Footage From The Studio Online

U.D.O. Reveals "Leatherhead" Track List & Cover Art

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