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BROKEN HOPE – Omen of Disease


Releases September 30 through Century Media.

Few bands do I hold as near and dear to my heart, and few death metal reunions have I anticipated with such fervor, as Broken Hope. Early on in my discovery phase, I latched onto the Chicago band’s final two albums and never let go. While Loathing initially intrigued me because of the appropriately disgusting cover art, it was the guitarwork that made me stay and still keeps me coming back for repeat listens to this day. Grotesque Blessings offered more of the same, for which I was grateful, but the band’s earlier output just never clicked with me. I’ve always leaned further on the technical side of death metal, but BH’s first three albums are unflinching in their simplistic brutality–no doubt what endears them to some fans, but not this one.

This is why when I heard the band was reuniting with 3/5 the lineup that recorded their final two albums, I was set ablaze with anticipation. Would I finally get more of that Broken Hope sound I so desperately wanted? Well, the answer is yes and no. While there are moments, riffs, and tracks that sound like the band I fell in love with, there are also others which echo a much simpler Broken Hope – that of Swamped In Gore and The Bowels of Repugnance. Unfortunately the previously mentioned 2/5 missing from this lineup were the key ingredients that made BH one of my favorites, and the reason why this album ultimately falls a little short.

As soon as the vocals kick in after the album’s intro, longtime fans will notice a marked change. After Joe Ptacek tragically committed suicide in 2010, the surviving members took their time finding someone who could fill Ptacek’s legendary shoes, and ultimately recruited Gorgasm’s Damian Leski for the job. After spending an album with Mr. Leski however, I must say that he simply doesn’t cut the mustard. Perhaps I had too lofty an expectation going into Omen of Disease, but every track I heard simply made me yearn for Ptacek’s trademark delivery all the more. The band certainly doesn’t do itself any favors in this regard by devoting the album’s final word to a re-recording of a song off their debut album – an act which I think will just make listeners want to return to the Ptacek era. I don?t want to beat Leski up here, but a little enunciation goes a long way.

Luckily, things fare a little bit better for the musical side of this album, as the guitars do a pretty excellent job of balancing the tremolo riff with the chunky riff–a technique that Broken Hope seemed to have perfected by the end of their initial run. A late-album standout, “Give Me The Bottom Half,” starts with a trademark Broken Hope bend riff, and features the album’s most memorable lead work. Unfortunately, the absence of previous lead guitarist Brian Griffin can be felt in just about every other solo that permeates this album. It’s not that the solos aren’t good enough; surely they are technically proficient and check all the boxes in that regard, but they simply don’t stay with the listener like in previous albums.

While you can tell the original members are trying desperately to recapture some of that old BH magic, one of the album’s quote-unquote singles, “The Docking Dead,” seems to be a complete regurgitation of earlier material. Sure, it sounds like Broken Hope, but it doesn?t sound like the Broken Hope I want to listen to. “Blood Gullet” is much more effective in this regard, because while it wouldn’t sound out of place on one of the earlier albums, it also brings something different to the table. As with any guitar-centric album, it’s always going to come down to the riffs, and this album is a mixed bag. “Carnage Genesis” varies it up just in time to save the album, with that patented groove riff that goes straight into the tremolo-work that defined later-era Broken Hope. This song also allows the drummer to give his snare a rest (not completely, mind you), and work out a little double bass and cymbal jam.

Broken Hope has always been a bit of a tongue-in-cheek band, and the sample at the end of “Rendered Into Lard,” captures this perfectly. They don’t want to set the trends, and they don’t want to follow the trends. Omen of Disease, if nothing else, is a testament to their complete unwillingness to alter their identity to suit death metal’s current landscape. In a scene that is dominated at the moment by bands trying to be darker and more dissonant than the next, Broken Hope proves that there is still a need for death metal. Absolutely crushing, unrelenting death metal, and there’s nothing wrong with that (now if we could just do something about those vocals…)


This is Mike Melvin’s first review, so be gentle. Please refrain from using anything that can be inserted.

SKELETONWITCH Confirms 2014 Tour With Amon Amarth + Enslaved; New Track From ‘Serpents Unleashed’ To Premiere Today Via SiriusXM


Although their busy Fall itinerary — which includes tours alongside Ghost B.C. and The Black Dahlia Murder — is their immediate focus, blackened metal heathens SKELETONWITCH are already looking ahead to 2014 with a massive month-long trek alongside Amon Amarth and Enslaved that will take the Ohio quintet to many markets they will not hit during their Autumn takeover. Tickets go on sale this Friday. Find a complete list of the group’s upcoming concerts below.

Last month, SKELETONWITCH unveiled “Burned From Bone,” the first taste of the their highly anticipated new album, Serpents Unleashed, which will be unleashed in North America on October 29th, in Australia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland on October 25th and in the UK and the rest of Europe on October 28th. If you’re jonesing for more, another new tune from Serpents Unleashed will premiere on Liquid Metal with Jose on SiriusXM channel 40 today between 3:00:PM – 9:00PM EST. Additionally, the world premiere of the group’s newest music video will take place tomorrow!

10/04/2013 Majestic Theatre – Madison, WI w/ Ghost B.C.
10/05/2013 Frank’s Power Plant – Milwaukee, WI SKELETONWITCH only
10/06/2013 Smith’s Downtown – Mishawaka, IN SKELETONWITCH only
10/07/2013 Newport Music Hall – Columbus, OH w/ Ghost B.C.
10/14/2013 Bijou Theatre – Knoxville, TN w/ Ghost B.C.

w/ The Black Dahlia Murder, Fallujah, Noisem
10/24/2013 Peabody’s Concert Club – Cleveland, OH
10/25/2013 Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA
10/26/2013 Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY
10/27/2013 The Met – Pawtucket, RI
10/28/2013 Higher Ground – Burlington, VT
10/29/2013 Le Cercle – Quebec City, QC
10/30/2013 La Tulipe – Montreal, QC
10/31/2013 Ritual – Ottawa, ON
11/01/2013 Rum Runners – London, ON
11/02/2013 Mod Club – Toronto, ON
11/04/2013 Crocks – Thunder Bay, ON
11/06/2013 West End Cultural Centre – Winnipeg, MB
11/07/2013 Louis’ Pub – Saskatoon, SK
11/08/2013 Avenue Theatre – Edmonton, AB
11/09/2013 The Den – Calgary, AB
11/11/2013 The Biltmore Cabaret – Vancouver, BC
11/12/2013 The Center – Spokane, WA
11/13/2013 WOW Hall – Eugene, OR
11/14/2013 Whiskey Dick’s Saloon – South Lake Tahoe, CA
11/15/2013 Strummer’s – Fresno, CA
11/16/2013 Glasshouse – Pomona, CA
11/17/2013 The Rock – Tucson, AZ
11/18/2013 Tricky Falls – El Paso, TX
11/19/2013 Club Patron – Odessa, TX

w/ The Black Dahlia Murder, Fallujah, Wolvhammer
11/20/2013 Conservatory – Oklahoma City, OK
11/21/2013 Outland Ballroom – Springfield, MO
11/22/2013 Firebird – St. Louis, MO
11/23/2013 Blue Moose – Iowa City, IA
11/24/2013 The Castle Theatre – Bloomington, IL
11/25/2013 Mojoes of Joliet – Joliet, IL
11/26/2013 The Intersection – Grand Rapids, MI
11/27/2013 The Machine Shop – Flint, MI

w/ Amon Amarth, Enslaved
1/17/2014 House of Blues – Las Vegas, NV
1/18/2014 Club Red – Phoenix, AZ
1/20/2014 Backstage Live – San Antonio, TX
1/21/2014 House of Blues – Dallas, TX
1/22/2014 House of Blues – Houston, TX
1/24/2014 Center Stage – Atlanta, GA
1/25/2014 The Ritz – Tampa, FL
1/26/2014 Revolution – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
1/29/2014 The Fillmore – Charlotte, NC
1/30/2014 NorVA – Norfolk, VA
1/31/2014 The Fillmore – Silver Springs, MD
2/01/2014 House of Blues – Boston, MA
2/03/2014 TLA – Philadelphia, PA
2/04/2014 Irving Plaza – New York, NY
2/07/2014 House of Blues – Chicago, IL
2/08/2014 Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN
2/09/2014 Grenada Theatre – Lawrence, KS
2/11/2014 Summit Theatre – Denver, CO
2/12/2014 Murray Theater – Salt Lake City, UT
2/14/2014 The Regency – San Francisco, CA
2/15/2014 Wiltern – Los Angeles, CA

w/ Amon Amarth
2/16/2014 House of Blues – San Diego, CA



Slayer’s first show in 25-years at the Hollywood Palladium, set for Monday, October 28, has sold out, and the band announces that a second show has been added for Sunday, October 27. Tickets are on sale now.

Slayer’s Fall 2013 North American tour
22   Sullivan Sports Arena, Anchorage, AK
25   The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
27   Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA
28   Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA
30   Events Center @ San Jose State, San Jose, CA
1   WAMU Center, Seattle, WA
3   Stampede Corrall, Calgary, AB
4   Shaw Center, Edmonton, AB
5   Praireland Park Center, Saskatoon, SK
7   MTS Center, Winnipeg, MB
8   Myth, Minneapolis, MN
10   FunFunFun Fest, Austin, TX
12   Bayou Music Center, Houston, TX
13   South Side Ballroom, Dallas, TX
15   Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL
16   The Fillmore, Detroit, MI
17   LC Pavilion, Columbus, OH
19   The Fillmore, Washington, D.C.
20   Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA
21   Ricoh Colibsum, Toronto, ON
23   CEPSUM/University of Montreal, Montreal, QC
24   Pavilion de la Jeunesse, Quebec, QC
26   Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford, CT
27   Theatre @ MSG, New York, NY
29   Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ
30   Tsongas Arena, Boston, MA



Norwegian progressive extreme metal band ENSLAVED are pleased to announce their return to the U.S. as direct support to Swedish death metal headliners AMON AMARTH on their Deceiver Of The Gods 2014 Tour.  The tour launches on Friday, January 17th in Las Vegas, Nevada and ends in San Diego, California on Sunday, February 16th. SKELETONWITCH will be opening on all but one date.

ENSLAVED were nominated for a Spellemann Award (the Swedish equivalent of the American Grammy) for the seventh time in the category “Best Metal Album” for their 2012 studio release, RIITIIRENSLAVED have won four consecutive times for their previous four studio albums: Axioma Ethica Odini (2010), Vertebrae (2008), Ruun (2006), and Isa (2004).

View the lyric video for the track “Thoughts Like Hammers

AMON AMARTH?s ?Deceiver Of The Gods? North American tour dates with special guests ENSLAVED and SKELETONWITCH
01/17/14  House Of Blues – Las Vegas, NV
01/18/14  Club Red – Phoenix, AZ
01/20/14  Backstage Live – San Antonio, TX
01/21/14  House Of Blues – Dallas, TX
01/22/14  House Of Blues – Houston, TX
01/24/14  Center Stage – Atlanta, GA
01/25/14  The Ritz – Tampa, FL
01/26/14  Revolution – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
01/27/14  House Of Blues – Orlando, FL*
01/29/14  The Fillmore – Charlotte, NC
01/30/14  The NorVA – Norfolk, VA
01/31/14  The Fillmore – Silver Springs, MD
02/01/14  House Of Blues – Boston, MA
02/03/14  TLA – Philadelphia, PA
02/04/14  Irving Plaza – New York, NY
02/07/14  House Of Blues – Chicago, IL
02/08/14  Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN
02/09/14  Granada Theatre – Lawrence, KS
02/11/14  Summit Theatre – Denver, CO
02/12/14  Murray Theater – Salt Lake City, UT
02/14/14  The Regency – San Francisco, CA
02/15/14  The Wiltern – Los Angeles, CA
02/16/14  House Of Blues – San Diego, CA#

SMNnews Exclusive Alice In Chains Pictures from 9.13.13

These are two exclusive photos of ALICE IN CHAINS taken from 9.13.13 in Irvine, CA from the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival.

William Duvall – Vocals / Guitar



ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK UPROAR FESTIVAL – 9.15.13 Photos of The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show

And we now post a few photos of the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands Winners, THE CHUCK SHAFFER PICTURE SHOW. Definitely one of the highlights of the side stages on this tour.

Ryan – Vocals/Guitar

Shad – Drums

David – Bass

Shad – Drums



On Friday, September 13th I was on site for the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival as it made one of the tours last stops in Irvine, CA. The weather wasn’t too hot, the crowd, although not a packed house, enjoyed all of the bands. There was a great vibe in the air and all of the bands sounded great. Seeing headliners ALICE IN CHAINS (pics pending) was an inspiration as was JANE’S ADDICTION and it was my first time, and I was impressed, seeing COHEED AND CAMBRIA. 2nd stage bands like BEWARE OF DARKNESS and DANKO JONES did their thing to win over new fans. THE DEAD DAISIES, rich with musical legacy, sound much more rocking live and WALKING PAPERS seemed to generate the biggest buzz on the side stages.

Here are some of the pictures

BEWARE OF DARKNESS – Vocals/Guitar – Kyle NicolaidesSMNBOD1

DANKO JONES – Vocals/Guitar – Danko Jones

DANKO JONES – Bass – John Calabrese

THE DEAD DAISIES – Drummer – Brian Tichy

WALKING PAPERS – Bass – Duff McKagan

WALKING PAPERS – Vocals/Guitar – Jeff Angell

COHEED AND CAMBRIA – Vocals/Guitar – Claudio Sanchez – Drums – Josh Eppard

JANE’S ADDICTION – Vocals – Perry Farrell

JANE’S ADDICTION – Guitar – Dave Navarro



SMNnews is on site today at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA. We will be talking with a few of the bands and posting those quick conversations here online for your reading enjoyment.

For installment three, we speak with Nicholas Wiggins (guitar) and Josh Mouser (bass), from Seattle based GIRL ON FIRE. When introducing themselves, a group behind them clap and scream ‘yay.’

Q: How do you feel about being a part of the Aftershock Festival?

A: It’s awesome! I love doing festivals so much because a lot of the time you run into bands that you’ve shared the road with so it’s like hanging out with old friends and seeing them rock. We just got done with a tour with BUCKCHERRY for two months so this is like a really cool ending to that.

Q: Cool! I love Buckcherry! (sings Crazy Bitch)

A: Love that, every night!

Q: Who are you most looking forward to seeing today?


Q: I’ve never seen them!

A: You have to watch them, they’re awesome! They’re amazing! Come watch them with us!

Q: For those that haven’t heard you, describe your sound for them?

A: A mixture of awesomeness and goodness. (laughs) If you mix a little awesome with the good and some rock n roll with sprinkles.

Q: Who are your influences?


Q: Do you have a broad taste?

A: Yeah, I like LADY GAGA too. I know every song she’s ever done.

Q: Anything you want to say to your fans?

A: I want to thank everyone who came out today to check us out. Especially because a lot of the people checking us out had never heard of us before. So when you see people walking by and they stop and take the time to listen to a band they’ve never heard of so it’s actually pretty cool.

Q: Are you guys staying tomorrow as well?

A: We are not. Right after this we head to Seattle for a couple of days off home, we haven’t been there in three months so we’re pretty excited about it. Then we play a show with HALESTORM. We’re playing a show with them in Portland on the 20th then in Seattle on the 22nd.

Q: What else do you have lined up after that?

A: It’s a secret, I can’t tell you or I’d have to kill you.

Q: Tell me about your album, Not Broken.

A: It just came out September 3rd. We’re really stoked about it. If you can’t find it at Best Buy, you can get it at

Q: Strange question for you…Jack in the Box or Jack Daniels?

A: Jack in the Box with Jack Daniels. They go hand in hand. But usually it’s the Jack Daniels first then it’s like, ‘I really need some Jack in the Box.’

Q: Who do you think is the stronger sex, male or female?

A: Strongest at sex or stronger sex?

Q: Aaaaah! Both?

A: Depends on the male and the female.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: Strong sex is great sex. Weak sex is just sex.

Q: Thanks for your time today guys.

A: Cool, that was one of the funnest interviews we’ve done. We better see you at Papa Roach.


SMNnews is on site today at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA. We will be talking with a few of the bands and posting those quick conversations here online for your reading enjoyment.

For installment two, we speak with Adrian Patrick, lead singer for Las Vegas based OTHERWISE.

Q: How do you feel about playing the Aftershock Festival today?

A: It was amazing. We opened the main stage here and when we were loading in there was like 20 people in the field but when we got on stage it looked like 20,000 people. It felt great!

Q: Who are you most looking forward to seeing today?

A: We’ve seen everybody. We’ve toured with every band on the bill except for MEGADETH. I’m looking forward to seeing Megadeth today. There’s a lot of bands here today. We saw Megadeth one time in Las Vegas with SLAYER but I don’t really remember that show (said in a tone of ‘ohhh, I partied too much that night).

Q: You guys are from Vegas right?

A: Born and raised?

Q: Are you guys hanging out tomorrow too?

A: No, we have to get to Pismo Beach (in CA) for a show with POD. We have a couple weeks with POD and then we jump on tour with FILTER and RED for all of October and at the end of October our acoustic EP, Enjoy The Pain, will be released for free. It’s a fanpiece. Our fans have been so supportive and asking for new music. We’ve been on the road for two years supporting our first album, True Love Never Dies so we just recorded the acoustic EP while we were out on the road literally on the bus driving down the freeway.

Q: Tell me about the first album.

A: It came out in May of last year and we’ve been lucky to have three radio singles and have an album cycle of two years. That doesn’t happen for a lot of new bands so the EP is our way of thanking the fans.

Q: Ozzy Sabbath or Dio Sabbath?

A: I love Dio, he was an amazing person and still is in my mind but you gotta go with Ozzy!

Q: Jack Daniels or Jack in the Box?

A: Jack Daniels!

Q: Who is the stronger sex?

A: Obviously physically males are stronger. But I think spiritually and mentally females are stronger.

Q: You can give a bullshit answer if you want.

A: No, that was from the heart (laughs)

Q: Any words for your fans for being so supportive?

A: We love you WISEONES! We hope you enjoy the EP that comes out in October and we will have the new album out in early 2014 and hit the festival cycle.

AFTERSHOCK FESTIVAL – 2013 Day One – Heaven’s Basement

SMNnews is on site today at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA. We will be talking with a few of the bands and posting those quick conversations here online for your reading enjoyment.

Here’s our first offering from England’s own, HEAVEN’S BASEMENT.

Q: SMNnews here with…..

A: Heaven’s Basement, I’m Heaven’s, and he’s Basement. (laughs)

Q: What’s your name?

A: Chris (drums) and Sid (guitars)

Q: What part of the UK are you from?

A: We’re all from different places. I’m from Manchester which is the North and he’s from Leicestershire which is the Midlands area.

Q: I’m from Suffolk.

A: Ah nice! Our singer Aaron is from down there.

Q: It’s kind of posh.

A: So you’re from Suffolk but you live here?

Q: I’ve lived over here for like 10 years.

A: Alright.

Q: Who are you looking forward to seeing here at the Festival?

A: We have to leave before KORN. Most of the bands on this lineup. we’ve become friends with in the past few years so it’s like a big reunion

Q: Are you staying here for tomorrow?

A: No, we have to leave for Texas tonight.

Q: Doing a full tour?

A: We have another show in a few days in Arkansas (and he said it like it’s spelled – laughs) if that’s how you pronounce it. Then we start a full tour with THE PRETTY RECKLESS on the 23rd which keeps us out until November 11th or 12th.

Q: For people that haven’t heard you, how would you describe your sound?

A: Straight up Hard Rock.

Q: Who are your biggest influences?

A: We all share a lot of the same influences with classic hard rock and metal bands. LED ZEPPELIN, METALLICA, PINK FLOYD, BLACK SABBATH, then we all spiral off into our own things. We’re all music fans and we’re not the heaviest of the heavy.

Q: Is there anything you want to say?

A: We have an album out called Filthy Empire that came out in February. It’s a 12-track album we recorded last year with John Feldmann (ELECTRIC LOVE HOGS, GOLDFINGER). The single Fire, Fire is doing really well.

Q: Do you prefer playing the UK or USA?

A: Everywhere! Europe, every country has it’s different kind of vibe. Spain and Portugal is just insane.

Q: Getting kicked in the head every five minutes, over here it’s not like that.

A: A lot of American bands have said that before to us. Our shows haven’t been like that. The first time we played Los Angeles everyone was saying the crowd might be a bit standoffish but we went on stage and it was great.

Q: That means you’ve conquered! A lot of bands see the crowd just stand there.

A: Some of the American bands that were there were like, ‘we’ve never seen that’ and we were like what do you mean? It was just a concert. But they really warmed up to us.

CLUTCH Postpones September Tour Dates


Maryland rockers CLUTCH have been forced to postpone the September tour dates of the “Earth Rocker” North American Tour.  This is due to a health issue with singer Neil Fallon.  Most of the shows will be rescheduled and dates are listed below.  Support on the rescheduled shows will remain the same and come from The Sword and Crobot.

Tickets that were already purchased for the dates in September will be honored for the rescheduled dates in January.  Unfortunately one of the shows could not be rescheduled and has been cancelled. This is show is Vienna, WV on 9/21. The shows scheduled for South Burlington, VT on 9/24 and Long Island, NY on 9/27 will be rescheduled for a later date, please hold on to your tickets.

Refunds for the West Virginia are available at point of purchase. The band will still be playing “The Shindig” festival on September 14th in Baltimore, MD. All dates on the October – November leg of the tour will go on as scheduled and planned.  The Hampton Beach, NH date originally in September is now scheduled for October 25.  Unfortunately The Sword and Crobot will not be appearing on this new date in Hampton Beach, NH.  News about support will be released in the coming weeks.

CLUTCH frontman Neil Fallon gave an update on his condition:
“Dear friends, this week I’ve learned that a childhood injury to the neck, a genetic predisposition for spinal disease, and 20 some years of head banging will exact a toll. I’ve been diagnosed with an ugly case of cervical spinal stenosis and two herniated discs.
In some instances these conditions can be treated non-surgically.  This is not the case for me. I have been advised by several neurosurgeons that my spinal cord has already been damaged and that I risk further damage were I not to address the situation. For this reason, I’ve decided to take care of this ASAP. Believe me, re scheduling a tour turns my stomach, but I believe this is the wisest choice given the prognosis.
On Tuesday I will undergo surgery. The procedure will fuse three vertebrae together with a small titanium plate. I have faith that this surgery will go as well as it can, and that I will be back in the saddle for our October-November tour.  On behalf of my spine, deepest apologies to those who had been looking forward to seeing CLUTCH
over the next two weeks. We’ll make it up to you.”

Earth Rocker North American Dates
9/14: Baltimore, MD @ Carroll Park – “The Shindig” *
10/25: Hampton Beach. NH @ Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
10/26: Virginia Beach, VA @ Motorworld – Localpalooza*
10/27: Charleston, SC @ The Music Farm
10/28: Athens, GA @ Georgia Theatre
10/29: Chattanooga, TN @ Track 29
10/31: Louisville, KY @ Expo Five
11/01: Memphis, TN @ Minglewood Hall
11/02: Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom
11/04: Corpus Christi, TX @ House of Rock
11/05: Austin, TX @ Emo’s
11/07: Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater
11/08: Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theatre
11/09: West Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
11/10: San Diego, CA @ House of Blues
11/11: Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
11/13: Grand Junction, CO @ Mesa Theater & Club
11/15: Wichita, KS @ The Cotillion
11/16: Columbia, MO @ The Blue Note
11/17: Bloomington, IL @ The Castle Theatre
11/19: Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
11/20: Madison, WI @ Orpheum Theatre
11/21: Ft. Wayne, IN @ Piere’s
11/22: Columbus, OH @ The LC Pavilion
11/23: Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore Detroit
12/27: Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom

Rescheduled Dates
1/2/14: Ashville, NC @ The Orange Peel
1/3/14: Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theater
1/4/14: Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theater
1/5/14: Jacksonville, FL @ Freebird Live
1/6/14: Birmingham, AL @ Iron City
1/9/14: South Bend, IN @ Club Fever
1/10/14: Buffalo. NY @ Town Ballroom
1/11/14: Port Chester, NY @ Capital Theater

CLERIC: Scorching Video From Texas Death Metal Faction


As Texas-based CLERIC — the vile death metal faction featuring members of Kill the Client, Baring Teeth, and Tyrannosorceress — prepares for the release of their debut album Gratum Inferno, today the band proudly releases a video for the track “Through The Starless Abyss

Recorded by Garry Brents (Kill The Client, Phobia, Noisear) and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (From Ashes Rise, Nails, Sleep), Gratum Inferno boasts seven hymns of debauchery, with haunting horror-soundtrack elements permeating from deep within its hellish core. Mastered at 45rpm for superior sound quality, the LP is pressed on 200-gram, translucent yellow wax with blood red and milky clear splatter and features heavyweight spot-varnish printed jackets, gold foil-stamped inner-sleeve graphics and bears insane cover art was masterminded by Jason Barnett (Noothgrush, etc.). Dallas-based Tofu Carnage will officially release Gratum Inferno on September 26th

11/22-23/2013 No Thanks Fest XI – Emory, TX w/ Scaphe, Recreant, Dead To A Dying World

Jon Stevens (vocals) – The Dead Daisies

THE DEAD DAISIES! Not exactly a household name at first glance. But when you learn a little bit about this band and its members, it turns out that it’s somewhat of a supergroup featuring Richard Fortus and Dizzy Reed (GUNS N ROSES), Marco Mendoza (THIN LIZZY, WHITESNAKE, TED NUGENT), Brian Tichy (BILLY IDOL, FOREIGNER), David Lowy (RED PHOENIX), and my interview victim Jon Stevens (NOISEWORKS, INXS). As The Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival is coming to a finish, it was a great chat with Jon that starts with, “Hello Mark, hi there, Jon Stevens with The Dead Daisies here”

Q: Jon, how are you?

A: I’m good mate, how ya doin?

Q: I’m good, it’s nice to hear your voice, thanks for calling in today!

A: It’s a pleasure mate. Whereabouts are you?

Q: I am near Long Beach, CA.

A: Ah, very good! I’m looking forward to getting down there.

Q: I get to see you guys in a couple weeks actually. How are things going for you on the road?

A: Very good Mark. We’re in Salt Lake City, just did Colorado.

Q: Have you played today already?

A: We play in a couple of hours, 5:15 or something like that.

Q: This tour you guys are on is a pretty solid rock n roll lineup if you ask me.

A: Oh mate, definitely. It’s a lot of fun and it’s exciting to be touring America with the Daisies. Certainly a few months ago when we made the album I didn’t think for a second that all this stuff would be happening. It’s been very gratifying!

Q: A great way to spend your summer here in America?

A: Definitely!

Q: You’ve been out for a month and half so far?

A: Yeah, we started up in New York and just went from there, did some East Coast stuff and drifting further west. The reception, we come out and it’s a shock value that’s kind of cool. We’re playing on the Cold Cock Stage, all new artists. It’s neat to be hanging out with all these young bands doing their thing. There’s a couple of really cool bands. WALKING PAPERS (Duff McKagan) are awesome. BEWARE OF DARKNESS are really awesome for a young band.

Q: I’ve spoken with a few of the bands on the tour so far like Beware Of Darkness, CHUCK SCHAFFER PICTURE SHOW, and DANKO JONES who had nothing but great things to say about you guys.

A: He’s a really nice guy and good to be on tour. Beware Of Darkness, I’m really liking their vibe. It’s a little 3-piece with great energy, great songs, and the singer is great. Just an awesome little band.

Q: From talking with everybody, this tour seems to have a great vibe of camaraderie to it.

A: Very True! 100%! Certainly no attitudes, and definitely not in these parts.

Q: You guys have a great rock n roll record out right now. Talking with Danko we discusses there’s not a lot of straight ahead rock n roll albums out these days.

A: There’s so much technology out there involved in making music nowadays it’s not like it’s real anymore. Myself and songwriting partner David just wanted to make a really good rock n roll record that harkens back to our roots you know, THE FACES, BAD COMPANY, FREE. Simple riffs, choruses, and songs that when played live are better live. When you’re playing straight ahead rock n roll, you can never catch what actually transpires in the live environment. All of these songs were written on acoustic guitar so they stand up in a really simple format as that’s how we started it.

Q: It’s reassuring to have bands putting out really good rock records and the history of the band members [in The Dead Daisies], can you speak a little bit about the guys?

A: Yeah, we’ve had a bit of a revolving door in the drummer position. Right now Frank Ferrer from Guns N Roses is playing with us as is Dizzy Reed. Marco Mendoza is on bass, Richard Fortus on guitar with David. A great bunch of guys and obviously incredible players and it’s good to hang out with them. We’re just doing our thing. We go to the UK in November and December. Unfortunately Marco can’t play with us so we’ve got another bass player named DARRYL JONES from THE ROLLING STONES so he’s joining us.

Q: Having the revolving door like that, is it something you guys have come to understand given the nature of the members in the band?

A: Yeah, absolutely! Marco toured with us in Australia when we toured with AEROSMITH. He’s also in the BLACK STAR RIDERS and we’re going to be touring with them. Just yesterday Darryl confirmed with us. We have a couple from Guns N Roses, a Rolling Stone, and me and David from Australia. It’s all friends just hooking up keeping up the vibe of the band. We know enough musicians who love to come out and play. We’re oldies, there’s no bullshit for the fans.

Q: Do you have any plans to come back to America soon?

A: Absolutely, ASAP I reckon! After the reception we’ve been getting here we’d like to be back in 2014. We did some recording with this line up just last week. We spent three days in the studio and cut down four songs. We’re gonna finish them up after the tour in LA after we finish in San Diego. We’re going to finish up the songs and see where it leads you know. Next year we’ll do another record and we’ll see who will be on it.


German Death Metal Unit ARROGANZ Signs with FDA Rekotz

FDA Rekotz is proud to announce the signing of German death metal undeads, ARROGANZ.

The band’s latest and second album, Kaos.Kult.Kreation, has been met with great response from every corner of the rotten crypt. ARROGANZ delivers blackened classic-styled death metal with its own unique markings. The band’s brand of metal is catchy but independent, raw, brutal and murderous. Their forthcoming third album will be released in 2014 by FDA Rekotz. Kaos.Kult.Kreation is available on CD and vinyl formats at

Check out a video teaser for Kaos.Kult.Kreation at this location.

SEPULTURA – part 2 of new album trailer available now

Legendary Brazilian metal icons SEPULTURA have released the second trailer for their upcoming album «The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart». You can watch it here:

The first trailer can be seen here:

The record is set for North American release on October 29th via Nuclear Blast.

PESTILENCE Album Confirmed For November Release


Candlelight Records today confirms November 11th as the North American release date for Obsideo, the new album from Dutch metal extremists PESTILENCE. Produced by vocalist/guitarist Patrick Mameli, the album is the band’s inaugural recording for the label and first new material from the four-piece since 2011.

Formed in 1986, PESTILENCE took influence from early American and German thrash metal to cultivate its now signature death metal sound. Recording four albums before disbanding in 1994, the band helped to usher the rise in popularity for the genre. Fourteen years later the band reformed; releasing two albums and exciting fans with live performances around the globe. PESTILENCE plans to begin touring in support of Obsideo in the early months of 2014; North America to be included in their worldwide takeover.


Sweden’s Ghost B.C. today premiered part one of a new documentary web series entitled ‘Papaganda.’ ‘Papaganda‘ explores the papal lineage, the reign of Papa Emeritus II, and the future of the Ghost dynasty.The series was directed by Greg Olliver, who co-directed & produced 2010’s ‘Lemmy‘, and a soon-to-be-released psychological thriller/horror, ‘Devoured‘.

Ghost B.C. released their second psalm INFESTISSUMAM on April 16th via Loma Vista Recordings. Next month, Ghost B.C. will join Avenged Sevenfold and Deftones on a stadium tour across the US. The tour kicks off on October 3rd in Chicago, IL. See below for a complete list of dates.

Hail To The King Tour (w/ Avenged Sevenfold + Deftones)
10/3 – Rosemont, IL – Allstate Arena
10/5 – Indianapolis, IN – Klipsch Music Center
10/6 – Cincinnati, OH – U.S. Bank Arena
10/8 – Baltimore, MD – 1st Mariner Arena
10/9 – Boston, MA – TD Garden
10/12 – Bloomington, IL – U.S. Cellular Coliseum
10/13 – Detroit, MI – Joe Louis Arena
10/15 – Atlanta, GA – Phillips Arena
10/16 – Orlando, FL – Amway Center
10/18 – Houston, TX – Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion
10/19 – Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center
10/20 – San Antonio, TX – AT&T Center
10/22 – Omaha, NE – CenturyLink Center Omaha
10/23 – Oklahoma City, OK – Chesapeake Energy Arena
10/26 – Las Vegas, NV – Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

BROKEN HOPE Unleashes “The Docking Dead” Static Video


Today, BROKEN HOPE are pleased to premiere the brand new static video for the band?s track “The Docking Dead“, cut from their upcoming album Omen Of Disease, out October 1 on Century Media Records (September 30th in Europe).

In other news, DEICIDE recently announced their upcoming NO SALVATION TOUR 2013 – an October headlining run that will feature BROKEN HOPE in direct support. Joining the Century Media label mates on the tour will be DISGORGE and NECRONOMICON. The tour launches October 2 in Atlanta, GA, and ends October 24 in Austin, TX. Highlights include a convergence with the Delaware Death Fest October 5, as well as stops in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. Complete dates are listed below.

10/02/13          Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
10/03/13          Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall
10/04/13          Springfield, VA @ Empire
10/05/13          Wilmington, DE** @ Mojo 13 ? Delaware Death Fest
10/06/13          New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
10/07/13          Montreal, QC @ Club Soda
10/08/13          Toronto, ON @ WreckRoom
10/10/13          Columbus, OH @ Alrosa Villa
10/11/13          Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge
10/12/13          Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room
10/13/13          Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
10/15/13          Spokane, WA @ The Hop
10/16/13          Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
10/17/13          Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
10/18/13          San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge
10/19/13          S. Lake Tahoe, CA @ Whisky Dick’s
10/20/13          W. Hollywood, CA @ Whisky
10/21/13          Phoenix, AZ @ Joe’s Grotto
10/22/13          El Paso, TX @ Tricky Falls
10/23/13          Dallas, TX @ Trees
10/24/13          Austin, TX @ Infest
10/25/13          Oklahoma City, OK @ Chameleon Room

TESTAMENT: Video Track from “Dark Roots of Thrash” DVD Released

Dark Roots Of Thrash, a DVD/2CD release documenting Bay Area veterans TESTAMENT’s sold-out headlining performance at the Paramount in Huntington, NY this past February, will be made available on October 11th (Europe) and October 15th (North America) via Nuclear Blast! In the meantime, check out the song “Rise Up” taken from the upcoming DVD

TESTAMENT will on tour alongside LAMB OF GOD, KILLSWITCH ENGANGE and HUNTRESS starting on October 22nd

10/22/13  Kool Haus – Toronto, ON
10/24/13  Metropolis – Montreal, QC – CANADA
10/25/13  Roseland Ballroom – New York, NY
10/26/13  Toyota Presents Oakdale Theatre – Wallingford, CT
10/28/13  LC Pavilion – Columbus, OH
10/29/13  The Fillmore Detroit – Detroit, MI
10/30/13  Congress Theater – Chicago, IL
11/01/13  The Midland by AMC – Kansas City, MO
11/02/13  Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie – Grand Prairie, TX
11/03/13  Socorro Entertainment Center – Socorro, TX
11/05/13  The Fillmore Auditorium – Denver, CO
11/07/13  Marquee Theater – Tempe, AZ
11/09/13  Fox Theater – Oakland, CA
11/11/13  ShoWare Center – Kent, WA
11/12/13  Queen Elizabeth Theatre – Vancouver, B.C. – CANADA
11/14/13  Shaw Conference Centre – Edmonton, AB – CANADA
11/15/13  Big Four – Calgary, AB – CANADA
11/16/13  Saskatoon Prairieland Park – Saskatoon, SK – CANADA
11/18/13  Myth – St. Paul, MN
11/19/13  Eagles Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI
11/20/13  Orbit Room – Grand Rapids, MI
11/22/13  Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ
11/23/13  House of Blues – Boston, MA
11/24/13  Electric Factory –  Philadelphia, PA
11/25/13  Stage AE – Pittsburgh, PA
11/26/13  The Fillmore Silver Spring – Silver Spring, MD



Brazil’s illustrious metal band SEPULTURA will be headlining a North American tour which launches this fall in support of their forthcoming album, The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart.  Joining SEPULTURA on the “Tsunami Of Metal” Tour will be UNEARTH, KATAKLYSM, SCAR THE MARTYR (select dates), ANCIIENTS (select dates), and openers DARK SERMON from Florida.

Confirmed “Tsunami Of Metal” North American Tour 2013 dates
11/01/13    House Of Blues – Hollywood, CA**
11/02/13    Ramona Mainstage – Ramona, CA**
11/03/13    Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA**
11/04/13    Neumos – Seattle, WA**
11/07/13    Skyway Theater – Minneapolis, MN**
11/08/13    Pops Nightclub – Sauget, IL#
11/09/13    Harpo’s – Detroit, MI#
11/10/13    Wolstein Center – Cleveland, OH#
11/11/13    House Of Blues – Chicago, IL#
11/13/13    Empire – Springfield, VA#
11/14/13    Palladium – Worcester, MA#
11/15/13    Phoenix Theater – Toronto, ON ? CANADA#
11/16/13    Metropolis – Montreal, QC ? CANADA#
11/17/13    Reverb – Reading, PA#
11/18/13    Gramercy Theater – New York, NY#
11/20/13    Beacham Theater – Orlando, FL#
11/21/13    Grand Central – Miami, FL#
11/23/13    Queen City Music Hall – Ft. Worth, TX#
11/24/13    Emo’s East – Austin, TX#
** with Scar The Martyr & Dark Sermon
# with Anciients & Dark Sermon

CARNIFEX Finish Recording New Album


San Diego, CA death metal outfit, CARNIFEX, recently finished recording their new album at Audio Hammer Studios in Sanford, FL with famed metal producer Mark Lewis (ARSIS, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, WHITECHAPEL, DEVILDRIVER, DEICIDE, SIX FEET UNDER). “After a year and half of writing and five weeks in the studio, we are very excited that tracking for the new album is complete,” commented vocalist Scott Lewis. “Not only is this the best production we have ever had, the depth in each song is beyond anything we have previously written. We combined the best parts of our previous albums with elements and influences we only touched on in the past. This is the album CARNIFEX was always meant to write.”

CARNIFEX?s Nuclear Blast Records debut will also introduce new lead guitarist and longtime friend of the band, Jordan Lockrey. A release is tentatively scheduled for some time in the first quarter of 2014.

WORMED: Sci-Fi Death Metal Contortionists Announce East Coast Tour Dates


Madrid’s sci-fi death metal cult, WORMED, are making a cosmic exploration stateside next month with plans to disintegrate six East Coast cities. The probe will commence on October 19th where the band will take part in the fifth edition of the NJ Deathfest in Stanhope, New Jersey. From there, WORMED will voyage through the galaxies of Baltimore, Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Montclair before drawing their expedition to a close in an as-yet-undisclosed locale in Boston. WORMED will be joined by California’s Condemned, Japan’s Infernal Revulsion and New Jersey’s Cognitive. WORMED will be touring in support of their Exodromos full-length, released in March via Willowtip Records.

WORMED East Coast Tour 2013
10/19/2013 NJ Deathfest @ The Stanhope House – Stanhope, NJ
10/20/2013 NJ Deathfest @ The Stanhope House – Stanhope, NJ
10/23/2013 Sidebar – Baltimore, MD
10/24/2013 Paperbox – Brooklyn, NY
10/25/2013 Kungfu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
10/26/2013 The Meatlocker – Montclair, NJ
10/27/2013 TBA – Boston, MA

PERDITION TEMPLE reveal title and cover for new HELLS HEADBANGERS album


Today, black/death barbarians PERDITION TEMPLE reveal the title and cover of their new, forthcoming album for HELLS HEADBANGERS: The Tempter’s Victorious. The band’s first album for new label home HELLS HEADBANGERS, PERDITION TEMPLE’s The Tempter’s Victorious will feature eight new tracks and striking cover art (above) done by Adam Burke. The Tempter’s Victorious will also be preceded by a 7″ EP, with an exclusive original PERDITION TEMPLE track as well as a special B-side cover track. Recordings for The Tempter’s Victorious will begin in the coming months for a projected release by early 2014.

In other PERDITION TEMPLE news, the band has solidified its lineup, featuring an impressive array of underground legends. PERDITION TEMPLE’s lineup is currently thus:

Gene Palubicki – guitars (Apocalypse Command, Blasphemic Cruelty, ex-Angelcorpse)
Bill Taylor – guitars (Immolation, ex-Angelcorpse, ex-Feldgrau, ex-Xenomorph)
Impurath – vocals (Black Witchery, ex-Irreverent)
Ronnie Parmer – drums (Catalysis)
Gabriel Gozainy – bass

IMPALED To Unleash Re-Recording Of Debut


On the thirteen-year anniversary of IMPALED’s The Dead Shall Dead Remain debut, the group will be releasing a re-recording entitled The Dead Still Dead Remain. Long tangled in legal limbo, the music from The Dead Shall Dead Remain has been unavailable on CD for over a decade. The re-recording dodges those legal hurdles and puts the music back in print.

IMPALED assures fans that the music on The Dead Still Dead Remain is faithful to the original. It features the return of vocalist Leon del Muerte, who says, “it was like the last thirteen years of backstabbing and spitefulness never happened!” Even the artwork, which the band insists has already been banned in 672 countries, harkens back to their first release but is even more revolting. The shit will hit the fans when Willowtip Records releases The Dead Still Dead Remain on October 29.



The third track-by-track video by disinterred British extreme metal legends CARCASS is now available. Watch guitarist Bill Steer and drummer Dan Wilding explain the songwriting process for the tracks “Unfit For Human Consumption,” “316L Grade Surgical Steel,” “Captive Bolt Pistol,” and “Mount Of Execution” from their upcoming sixth studio album Surgical Steel.

Surgical Steel will be released in North America on September 17th and can be ordered in several collectible formats.

Upcoming CARCASS tour dates
9/21/13  Mac Hall Ballroom (Noctis Festival) – Calgary, AB – CANADA
9/23/13  Reggie?s – Chicago, IL (with MACABRE) – SOLD OUT!
9/25/13  Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY (with IMMOLATION) – SOLD OUT!
9/26/13  Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY (with IMMOLATION) – SOLD OUT!
9/28/13  The Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA (with EXHUMED) – SOLD OUT!
9/29/13  The Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA (with EXHUMED) – SOLD OUT!

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