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PRIMITIVE MAN Home Is Where The Hatred Is EP

Denver blackened doom heathens, PRIMITIVE MAN, will release a special 12? EP next month via Relapse Recordings. Fittingly titled, Home Is Where The Hatred Is, the four track slab was tracked at Flatline Audio by Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Catheter, Cobalt, etc.) and delivers thirty-one heinous minutes of nihilistic, feedback-doused audio atrocities brimming with gnarled riff torrents and enough fury to level a nation. Home Is Where The Hatred Is will be limited to 750 copies on black standard gram wax and 250 copies on silver standard gram wax.

Home Is Where The Hatred Is Track Listing:
1. Loathe
2. Downfall
3. Bag Man
4. A Marriage With Nothingness

PRIMITIVE MAN features within their fury-fueled ranks currentand former members of Withered, Clinging To The Trees of A Forest Fire, Death Of Self, Vermin Womb and Reproacher. Home Is Where The Hatred Is serves as the follow-up to the band?s Scorn full-length. Crowned, ?one of the most brutal, unsettling and uncompromising albums you will hear all year,? by and, “terrifyingly addicting and unforgivingly heavy,” by MetalSucks, Scorn was initially unleashed in 2012 via a collaboration between Throatruiner and Mordgrimm Records before being reissued by Relapse the following year.

PRIMITIVE MAN?s Home Is Where The Hatred Iswill be released via Relapse Records on February 17th, 2015. Preorder your copy at THIS LOCATION.


PRIMITIVE MAN will continue their quest for global destruction with another round of live takeovers set to commence today. Accompanied by French metallers Celeste, the band will raze nineteen more cities through June and early July before uniting with Birmingham, UK misery troupe, Opium Lord, and heading east to level ten more locales. The final leg of the tour finds PRIMITIVE MAN trudging through eight more venues then pairing up with Milwaukee sludge slingers, Northless, for a bout of dates out west.

6/17/2015 Total Drag Records ? Sioux Falls, SD
6/18/2015 Hexagon ? Minneapolis, MN
6/19/2015 Club Garabaldi?s ? Milwaukee, WI
6/20/2015 Live Wire ? Chicago, IL
6/21/2015 Death House ? Grand Rapids, MI
6/22/2015 Mr. Roboto Project ? Pittsburgh, PA
6/23/2015 Good Weekend ? Allentown, PA
6/24/2015 Sidebar ? Baltimore, MD
6/25/2015 The Maywood ? Raleigh, NC
6/26/2015 New Brooklyn Tavern ? Columbia, SC
6/27/2015 Uncle Lou?s ? Orlando, FL
6/28/2015 Churchill?s – Miami, FL
6/29/2015 Epic Problem ? Tampa, FL
6/30/2015 529 ? Atlanta, GA
7/01/2015 The Stone Fox ? Nashville, TN
7/02/2015 El Torreon ? Kansas City, MO
7/03/2015 South LuLu Temple Of Doom ? Wichita, KS
7/04/2015 Glob ? Denver, CO
w/ Opium Lord
7/16/2015Louie?s Trophy House ? Kalamazoo, MI
7/17/2015 Coalition ? Toronto, ON
7/18/2015 Le Ritz PBD ? Montreal, QC
7/19/2015 Middle East ? Boston, MA
7/20/2015 Funky Jungle ? Providence, RI
7/21/2015 Sinclaire?s ? West Babylon, NY
7/22/2015 Bar ? New Haven, CT
7/23/2015 Saint Vitus Bar ? Brooklyn, NY
7/24/2015 Kung Fu Necktie ? Philadelphia, PA
End Tour
7/25/2015 Ace Of Cups ? Columbus, OH
7/26/2015 Jackpot Music Hall ? Lawrence, KS
7/28/2015 Sisters in Christ ? New Orleans, LA
7/29/2015 Walters Downtown ? Houston, TX
7/30/2015 Korova ? San Antonio, TX
7/31/2015 Lost Well ? Austin, TX
8/01/2015 Club DADA ? Dallas, TX
8/02/2015 Sandbox ? El Paso, TX
w/ Northless:
8/09/2015 Launchpad ? Albuquerque, NM
8/10/2015 Fly Catcher ? Tucson, AZ
8/11/205 Mods Bar & Venue ? Tijuana, MX
8/12/2015 Star Bar ? Los Angeles, CA
8/13/2015 Hemlock Tavern ? San Francisco, CA
8/14/2015 Oakland Deadfest 2015 @ Oakland Metro ? Oakland, CA
8/15/2015 Oakland Deadfest 2015 @ Oakland Metro ? Oakland, CA
8/16/2015 Starlite- Sacramento, CA
8/18/2015 Rotture ? Portland, OR
8/19/2015 Obsidian ? Olympia, WA
8/20/2015 Highline ? Seattle, WA
8/21/2015 Black Sparrow Tattoo ? Billings, MT
8/22/2015 Baby Hospice ? Laramie, WY

FULGORA: Grindcore/Death Instigators Added To Two Superjoint Dates; Philip H. Anselmo Comments Via Video Transmission

Grindcore/death instigators, FULGORA, a mutinous collective uniting members of Pig Destroyer, Misery Index, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Dying Fetus, were recently added to a pair of dates on the forthcoming It Takes Guts tour featuring reactivated metal giants, Superjoint.
FULGORA will be crumbling the stages of the tour’s Poughkeepsie, New York and Lancaster, Pennsylvania stops on July 17th and 18th respectively. Additional support will be provided by labelmates King Parrot and Child Bite.
Watch Superjoint frontman/Housecore Records head, Philip H. Anselmo’s comment on the band’s inclusion via a video transmission HERE.


The Superjoint shows follow FULGORA‘s punishing performance at this year’s Maryland Deathfest and serve as a precursor to their takeover of Full Terror Assault in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois this Fall with supplementary live abrasions in their conspiring stages.


7/17/2015 The Chance – Poughkeepsie, NY w/ Superjoint, King Parrot, Child Bite
7/18/2015 Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA w/ Superjoint, King Parrot, Child Bite
9/12/2015 Full Terror Assault – Cave-In-Rock, IL


FULGORA, who recently welcomed guitarist Sparky Voyles (Dying Fetus, Misery Index etc.) to their diseased ranks, will be deafening the masses with the concussion-inducing, audio violence of their Stratagem full-length, released earlier this year via Housecore Records. A wrath-fueled assortment of limited vinyl singles and samples, Stratagem takes the searing, audio demolition of their collective pedigrees to new realms of sonic abuse.


Check out Strategem , still streaming in all its devouring glory at Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION. And if you missed it, watch the visual companion to the track ,”Meridian,” playing at Metal Injection at THIS LOCATION.

“Their music has been scientifically proven to cause an overwhelming desire to cut one’s own face off and feed it to dogs.” – MetalSucks 


“The death metal angle provided by the curious ferocity of LaMew’s riffing and Adam’s frenetic drumming helps with the forceful intensity of ‘Meridian,’ the Voivod and screamo influence offer dollops of technical flash and surprising melodic strains in ‘Crutch’ and ‘Artifice,’ the grind injects groove everywhere and everyone smiles with bruised and bloodied lips.” – Metal Hammer


Strategem is the truth. It’s an unfairly hook-y punch to the gut operating under the guise of being too short, when it’s actually a calculated laser-blast of death metal efficiency that every band on the face of the planet should take notes on.” – Last Rites


“If you’re a fan of pissed-off deathgrind and hardcore, then FULGORA are right up your alley. The pummeling riffs combined with frantic blast beats and those Hatebreed-esq vocals are guaranteed to get the mosh pits started early…” – DC Heavymetal


“Stratagem is chunky, it’s raw and you will definitely bang your fucking head to this.” – HeadbangorGTFO  


FULGORA skews far more to the modern hardcore and crossover thrash side of metal. [Guitarist/vocalist B.L.] LaMew’s vocals are not screamed or squealed, but rather shouted. But never fear; FULGORA still serves up quite a helping of jagged time changes and math-metal riffage. These guys probably couldn’t write a completely straightforward song if they tried to.” – Houston Press  


Stratagem is out NOW on Housecore Records. For CD orders, visit THIS LOCATION. Vinyl lovers go HERE.

RABBITS Memorializes Ten Years Of Antagonism With Shows And Ultra-Limited 8-Track Retrospective; New/Not New Tunes Posted

2015 sees Portland’s RABBITS trio celebrating ten years of antagonizing their surroundings with their diseased auditory droppings, with a new pile of live shows locked up and plans of an extremely limited 8-Track retrospective release.


The news of RABBITS‘s tenth anniversary is met with equal amounts of riotous ovation as it is with hurled rotten cabbage and jeers, as the infamously loathed/loved horde gets gnarly this Summer. Amidst three LPs — released by Relapse, Good To Die and Lamb Unlimited, respectively — and an impressive load of singles, splits and other mini releases since 2005, the bandits also helped revive DIY label Eolian Empire in recent years, and have since infiltrated communal grounds with an equally impressive pile of titles from like-minded, high-potency, underground artists.


A RABBITS tenth anniversary show is set to go down on July 1st in Portland; for this extravaganza of idiocy, the band is creating special merch and swag, including an exceptionally limited run (12-ish) of 8-track cassette retrospective release collection. Also, broken-up early Eolian act, Gone To Croatoan, will perform, and the event will feature cuts by longtime compatriot DJ Wroid Wrage who will bust out the turntables again. The event will be filmed/recorded for posterity. What could go wrong?! $5 entry lands you a free copy of the band’s first 7″ or Flexihead postcard.


A week following the gala, RABBITS will play their hometown with Arabrot, Ghold and Towers, and later in July and August sees the band hitting Portland and Seattle several more times.


Last week, BrooklynVegan issued a track from GAY*BITS, a split release between RABBITS and their cohorts Gaytheist which bears new original songs by both bands, covers of each others’ material, collaborative tracks and more, including, “I Quit;” a Gaytheist track re-recorded for this split with Josh from RABBITS on vocals. Additionally, RABBITS this week released a raw practice spot version of a cover of Spacemen 3’s “2:35.”


Unload the “I Quit” track HERE and the “2:35” cover for free download HERE.


RABBITS Live Dates:

7/01/2015 The Know – Portland, OR – 10th Anniversary show w/ Gone To Croatoan

7/07/2015 Rotture – Portland, OR w/ Arabrot, Ghold, Towers

7/31/2015 Kenton Club – Portland, OR – GAY*BITS record release w/ Gaytheist, Bobby Peru, Left Blank

8/01/2015 The Funhouse – Seattle, WA – GAY*BITS record release w/ Gaytheist, Tacos, Pig Snout

8/21/2015 Blackwater – Portland, OR @ Festicide w/ Danava, Longknife

8/27/2015 Victory Lounge – Seattle, WA @ Roachella 2015


RABBITS started circa 2002 while Booze was camped out on KG’s floor, the two set out to amalgamate druggy drone rock and powerviolence into a kind of Spacemen Is The Bastard. Experiments with bassists and a singer never panned out, so it wasn’t until Sethro joined on guitar that RABBITS solidified into the guitar-drums-guitar trio that, to the surprise of some and the chagrin of others, still exists to this day. That probably makes RABBITS the longest-running, continuously operating, all-original lineup heavy rock band in Portland, but these three have never been much for awards… or fact-checking.


RABBITS made their first appearance at the deliciously named–and long-gone (“the roaches won”)–downtown Portland space Food Hole, and by most accounts they were way too loud and the singing was very weird. Some things never change. The art brutes doubled down and took up residency at Food Hole (R.I.P.) and Tube (R.I.P.) next door and carved out a small but rabid fan base of weirdos and outsiders, then started hitting the stages at Satyricon (R.I.P.), Berbati’s Pan (R.I.P.), East End (R.I.P.), Slabtown (R.I.P.), and The Know (alive and kicking!).  Plus they played about a dozen birthday parties if that makes any sense.


Never wavering from their full-throttle noise rock assaults and underground origins, RABBITS did, however, hone their high-brow low-brow concoctions.  Beginning in 2006 with the one-two attack of Sloth vs. Bees 7″ and the lumbering Lungs and its extended feedback coda, RABBITS cranked out self-released CDRs of live radio performances and improvised instrumentals, the Hide EP and Riff Fuck Reap 7-inches, all leading up to their raw-as-all-hell 2011 debut LP Lower Forms on Relapse.


Lower Forms made way for their follow up on Seattle’s Good To Die in 2012. Like a rollercoaster ride on a buzzsaw, Bites Rites melds the good and bad, its terrifically tweaked-out hooks never dulling the aggression and misanthropy worn on its sleeve. The S.O.S. (Singles, Other Shit) compilation came out on the band’s own Eolian Empire in 2013, a dig through the vaults deep down the rabbit hole and including nine old-school punk and hardcore songs rabbitized into the red, and last year’s Untoward on Lamb Unlimited may have been their most explosive effort yet, a record that pulls together the best parts of their oeuvre into a spare but stirring record that proves tricks ain’t just for kids.


RABBITS discography:



Untoward – 2014, Lamb Unlimited (12-inch, digital)

Bites Rites – 2012, Good To Die (12-inch, cassette, digital)

Lower Forms – 2011, Relapse / 2013, Eolian Empire (12-inch, digital)

Hide – 2010, Eolian Empire (10-inch)



S.O.S. (Singles, Other Shit) – 2013, Eolian Empire (cassette, digital)

Mars – 2009, self-released (CDR)

CD-R – 2006, self-released (CDR)



Flexihead (Minor Threat/Black Flag covers) – 2011, Eolian Empire (flexi postcard)

Riff, Fuck, Reap – 2011, Powerblaster (7-inch)

Sloth vs. Bees – 2006, self-released (7-inch)



Yr In Luck w/ Arabrot – 2013, Eolian Empire/Fysisk Format (7-inch)

Give Me It (Cure covers) w/ Whores – 2014, Eolian Empire/Brutal Panda (7-inch)

War, Oh My w/ Dead Elephant – 2013, Hell Comes Home (7-inch)

Lungs w/ Under Mountains – 2006, Eolian Empire (12-inch)



Seek + Destroy – live on KEXP, 2014 (digital)

Computer – live on KPSU, 2009 (CDR)

Radio – live on KPSY, 2007 (CDR)


For coverage of all RABBITshits contact worldwide.



(New York, N.Y.): WOLFHEART, the brainchild of visionary Tuomas Saukkonen, have pulled back the curtain surrounding their wintry and metallic second album Shadow World, revealing the cover art, release date, the track listing, and a thrilling, three-minute album teaser.

In 2012, after years of pouring his creative juices to innumerable projects, like Before the Dawn, Dawn of Solace, Black Sun Aeon, et cetera ad infinitum, Saukkonen, who was the mastermind of them all, decided to disband all of his groups and start from scratch.

The result is one focused project and that’s WOLFHEART, which has steadily evolved into a touring, charting band.

The band’s sophomore release Shadow World was recorded at Grindhouse Studio in Athens, Greece and at SoundSpiral Audio in Kouvola, Finland. It is the logical continuation of its predecessor Winterborn.

Shadow World features mesmerizing melodies graceful enough to stop the listener in their tracks, along with the most furious of frostbites to finish him or her off.

The freeze will begin moving in on July 10, when the album’s lead digital single and video “Aeon of Cold” makes impact, dropping the mercury to sub-zero temperatures.

Watch the Shadow World teaser HERE.

The end of dog days comes on August 21, when the Shadow World blankets the world with a new sort of Ice Age.

Feel the chill.

WOLFHEART Shadow World Track Listing

(Spinefarm Records, August 21)

“Aeon of Cold”

“Zero Gravity”

“Storm Centre”

“Last Of”

“All Winters”





For More Info Visit:

VALDUR Pathetic Scum

Bloody Mountain Release: 30 June 2015

Following an extended slumber, Mammoth Lake, California-based black/death merchants, VALDUR, emerge from their crypts with the infernal fruits of latest offering, lovingly dubbed Pathetic Scum.
The follow-up to 2013?s soul-devouring At War With full-length, which Meat Mead Metal appropriately heralded for filling, ?that void of anger and disengagement with society that may be darkening your heart,? Pathetic Scum was tracked entirely at the band?s clandestine Bloody Mountain Bunker, mixed by drummer Matthew, mastered by Dan at Morbid Mastering and offers up seven cruel odes of audio abhorrence as only VALDUR can conjure. Featuring the addition of new guitarist, Vuke, the record delivers a blizzardy onslaught of warring riffs, bestial blasts, wrath-infused vocal offensives and an overwhelming atmosphere of pandemonium, trepidation and all-encompassing ruthlessness. Indeed, Pathetic Scum is a true testament of a diseased society gone sour and maintains VALDUR?s place as one of America?s best kept extreme metal secrets.
Relays VALDUR, from the tombs, ?Guitarist/vocalist Samuel is still with us so to speak, but he is so busy with personal/family matters at the moment. Vuke, new guitarist, is not a replacement, but a full time member of VALDUR. And for live dates this spring, Roskva will be on vocals again. And we have William on bass and Matthew on drums. We all appreciate anyone who takes the time in this world to have a listen to our music. It is built and molded by our own hands to the form and shape that we like. With these new songs, we give you something different yet again along the obscure VALDUR timeline??
Pathetic Scum Track Listing:
1.Tank Torture
2. Impending Doom
3. Blessings Of The Goat
4. Pathetic Scum
5. Incantre Pt. II
6. Morbid Emanations
Featuring past and current members of Weverin, Endless Blizzard and Plutocracy, VALDUR was forged at the turn of the century in a small mountain town located in the pulsating heart of the Sierra Mountains where the Death Valley desert lands meet the ascending Mt. Whitney and where the unholy collective dwells without interference of fashionable scenes or rulebooks.
VALDUR 2015:
Vuke ? guitars
William ? bass
Matthew ? drums
Roskva ? (live) vocals
Pathetic Scum will be officially unveiled digitally and in digipak format via the band?s own Bloody Mountain Records on June 30th, 2015.
?There?s no question this band can make heavy music, but there?s also emotional depth to be found as well.? ? Metal Injection


RIOT V On Tour in the USA, Signing Session in Las Vegas Announced

As part of their June/July tour schedule, RIOT V performed in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece before playing the Sweden Rock Festival and have more June/July dates scheduled on the West Coast and a signing session arranged at Zia Records in Las Vegas at 04:00 pm on June 18th. More info on the event can be found HERE.

Fan-filmed video footage of RIOT V, the new band featuring the remaining members of legendary metal pioneers RIOT, performing on June 6 at this year’s edition of the Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg can be seen HERE.

RIOT V released their debut album, “Unleash The Fire”, last October via SPV/Steamhammer. The CD marks the first release from RIOT without the late, great founding guitarist Mark Reale, who passed away in early 2012 and was limited on his participation on 2011’s reunion album “Immortal Soul” because of his health issues. The band was encouraged at the request of Mark and the Reale estate to forge ahead in his honor and has dedicated this new offering to him.

“Unleash The Fire” promises to please fans of the “Thundersteel” era of RIOT, as main songwriter and longtime Reale music collaborator Don Van Stavern does much of the writing, as he did on “Thundersteel” and “The Privilege Of Power”. Longtime RIOT bandmate, songwriter and Reale’s guitar partner of over 20 years, Mike Flyntz, joined Don, to create what they feel is something they are proud to call a RIOT record. The RIOT V lineup is completed by powerhouse vocalist extraordinaire Todd Michael Hall (BURNING STARR, REVERENCE), Frank Gilchriest (VIRGIN STEELE, RIOT‘s “Army Of One”) and former Mike Flyntz guitar student and resident shredder Nick Lee.

RIOT V live in the USA

June 17 Hollywood,CA – Whiskey A Go-Go

June 18 Las Vegas, NV – Count’s Vamp’d

June 19 San Francisco, CA – Elbo Room

June 20 San Diego, CA – Ramona Mainstage

July 16 Portland, OR – Dante`s

July 17 Seattle, WA – Studio Seven

July 18 Spokane, WA – tba

For More Info Visit:

SOILWORK Welcomes New Bassist Markus Wibom, Formerly of HEARTS ALIVE

New Album ?The Ride Majestic? Out August 28, 2015 via Nuclear Blast Records

Touring in the US and EU this Year ? Performing at Bangalore Open Air 2016


Swedish metal eminence SOILWORK were spawned in Helsingborg, in 1995. Following two highly acclaimed albums Steel Bath Suicide (1998) and The Chainheart Machine (1999) on Listenable Records, SOILWORK joined the Nuclear Blast roster in 2001. The band?s unique blend of melodic metal developed at a staggering rate as they released a new bombshell each year; touring aggressively throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Some of the highlights included Ozzfest alongside headliners BLACK SABBATH and IRON MAIDEN and an arena tour with LAMB OF GOD and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. Their latest release, The Living Infinite, is the first double album in melodic death metal history! Adventurous yet true to the band?s identity, this Jens Bogren-produced (OPETH, AMON AMARTH), twenty-song powerhouse is the ultimate proof that SOILWORK are true masters of their art and as relevant as ever!
Visit SOILWORK online at

POWER TRIP: Texas Crossover Outfit Prepares For East Coast Tour Beginning At This Is Hardcore Fest + Confirms West Coast Shows

Texas’ infamous ultra crossover outfit, POWER TRIP, has announced their latest live invasions of the continent with two new bouts of stateside touring confirmed for the Summer months.


POWER TRIP will take their unstoppable caravan to the East Coast to take part in this year’s massive Philadelphia-based This Is Hardcore Fest, set to perform on July 26th alongside The Exploited, H20, Negative Approach, All Out War, Slapshot and many others. This show begins a brutalizing tour alongside Foreseen HKI and Red Death with shows in Richmond, Raleigh, Washington DC, Boston, Warren, Brooklyn and Amityville through August 8th.


Just over a week later will see POWER TRIP on the opposite coast kicking off a California tour, with shows in San Francisco, Fresno, Bakersfield and Los Angeles between August 12th and 15th alongside the likes of Freedom, Fury and Unified Right.


POWER TRIP Tour Dates:

7/26/2015 Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA @ This Is Hardcore

7/27/2015 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA w/ Foreseen, Red Death, Barge

7/28/2015 Kings – Raleigh, NC w/ Foreseen, Red Death

7/29/2015 Rock N Roll Hotel – Washington, DC w/ Foreseen, Red Death, Protestor

7/30/2015 Cuisine en Locale – Boston, MA w/ Foreseen, Red Death, Boston Strangler, Fury, Freedom Intent

7/31/2015 Warren American Legion – Warren, NJ w/ Foreseen, Red Death, Razorheads

8/01/2015 Palisades – Brooklyn, NY w/ Foreseen, Red Death

8/02/2015 Amityville Music Hall – Amityville, NY w/ Foreseen, Red Death

8/12/2015 Thee Parkside – San Francisco, CA w/ Freedom, Fury, Unified Right

8/13/2015 Strummers – Fresno, CA w/ Freedom, Fury, Unified Right

8/14/2015 Babylon – Bakersfield, CA w/ Freedom, Unified Right

8/15/2015 Berserktown Festival – Los Angeles, CA w/ Freedom, Fury, Unified Right


Surging with a modernized translation of the works of mandatory pioneers Nuclear Assault, the Cro-Mags and Leeway,POWER TRIP‘s Southern Lord-released debut LP Manifest Decimation hurtles the band’s “steel, speed and destruction” ethos direct at the jugular with crossover intensity that sounds like it was excavated from a 1987 time capsule with sixteen tons of radioactive dynamite. With nearly thirty-five minutes of thrashing violence, Manifest Decimation wages war on all in its earshot, much like the POWER TRIP name has become synonymous with in the wake of their extreme live shows.


Stand by for further updates on POWER TRIP‘s upcoming 2015 plans in the coming days.!/PowerTripTX

SONS OF TONATIUH: Atlanta Sludge Faction To Kick Off East Coast Live Invasion Wednesday; Unreleased Track Posted

This Wednesday, the sludge slingers in SONS OF TONATIUH will quake the stages of eleven venues on their latest jaunt of live debauchery. Scheduled to embark this Wednesday on their home turf of Atlanta at 529, the band will make their way North and back again, playing several locales they’ve yet to punish, with the tour coming to a close on June 27th in Raleigh. Bring ear plugs.


SONS OF TONATIUH recently unveiled the diseased fruits of unreleased track, “Skull File,” for public intoxication. The scathing hymn was tracked at a home studio in Atlanta in the Fall of 2013 with engineering band acquaintance, Ben Martin, and serves as a precursor to the recording of their full-length, slated to begin this Summer. Their as-yet-untitled third offering will include a re-recorded version of “Skull File,” as well as seven brand new tracks of slow-roasted wrath and desolation.


In the meantime, get doomed with “Skull File,” playing at THIS LOCATION.


6/17/2015 529 – Atlanta, GA w/ Rapturous Grief, Waste Layer
6/18/2015 The Milestone – Charlotte, NC w/ From the Gun
6/19/2015 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA w/ Backwoods Payback
6/20/2015 O’Brien’s Pub – Boston, MA w/ Finisher
6/21/2015 Lucky 13 – Brooklyn, NY
6/22/2015 My Place Pizza – Poughkeepsie, NY
6/23/2015 The Hoyt House – Buffalo, NY
6/24/2015 The Smiling Mouse – Pittsburgh, PA
6/25/2015 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA w/ Repellers
6/26/2015 Guido’s – Frederick, MD
6/27/2015 Slim’s Downtown – Raleigh, NC w/ Squall


SONS OF TONATIUH, featuring guitarist/vocalist Dan Caycedo, bassist Twitch and drummer Josh Lomanto, released their Parade Of Sorrow long player via Hydro-Phonic Records in 2012. Called, “savagely aggressive,” and, “sonically belligerent,” by This Is Not A Scene, praised for its, “joining of galloping thrash and arching doom, bruising hardcore and crackling guitar solos,” by Independent Weekly and likened to, “sinking in quicksand,” by Exclaim!, the Kyle Spence-(Harvey Milk) produced exercise in amplification continues to deafen the ears of listeners globally with its gnarly brand of punk-infused, lead-footed, sludge rock anthems.


Check out Parade Of Sorrow streaming in its entirety at the official SONS OF TONATIUH BandCamp page HERE.



California technical death metal architects and recent Unique Leader signees, WRATH OF VESUVIUS, otherwise known as WRVTH, will release their third full-length this June. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren (Suffocation, Fallujah, All Shall Perish et al.) at SharkBite/Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland, California, the self-titled opus features a guest appearance from Daniel Casares from Bay Area jazz group ?Atta Kid? on saxophone and boasts eleven tracks of transcendental death metal. Elaborates the band, ?We get a lot of inspiration from the experience of just being in a band. All the conflicts and resolutions throughout the years have all molded the way we approach our songs. We?ve always been the type of musicians that take the next step to further our skill but collectively and as an entity we strive to convey the jaded sense of growing older into our music. Like Revelation, there is a melodic and lyrical progression that all leads up to cathartic resolution. It takes you on a journey of emotional high points ranging from the good, bad and unforgiveable.?
WRVTH Track Listing:
1. Harrowing Winds
2. Malaise
3. Looming Sigils
4. Ongoing Dissension
5. Endless Haze
6. Lured By Knaves
7. Forlorn
8. Larkspur
9. Amber Glow
10. Into Bloom
11. Cease To Exist
Following their recent journey breaking stages alongside labelmates, Inanimate Existence, WRVTH, technical death dealers WRATH OF VESUVIUS, otherwise known as WRVTH, will embark upon another run of live takeovers, this time supporting Ænimus as part of the Dawn Of The Shred tour. Assembled by Sojourner Booking and presented by Digital Tour Bus and Mt. Baker Vapor, Dawn Of The Shred kicks off May 6th in Van Nuys, California and will stomp through eighteen cities, the final show to take place on May 26th in Fresno, California. Additional support will be provided by Shapist and Memories In Broken Glass. Check out the full list of dates below.
WRVTH w/ Ænimus:
5/06/2015 White Oak Music ? Van Nuys, CA
5/07/2015 OMD ? Las Vegas, NV
5/08/2015 Roxy Theater ? Denver, CO
w/ Ænimus, Shapist:
5/09/2015 The Down Under ? Omaha, NE
5/10/2015 Bada Brew ? Crest Hill, IL
5/12/2015 The Metal Grill ? Cudahy, WI
5/13/2015 The Rittz ? Warren, MI
5/14/2015 Hoosier Dome ? Indianapolis, IN
5/15/2015 Black Sheep ? Springfield, IL
5/16/2015 Fubar ? St. Louis, MO
5/17/2015 The Conservatory ? Oklahoma City, OK
w/ Ænimus, Memories In Broken Glass:
5/20/2015 Boiler Room ? Dallas, TX
5/21/2015 Dirty Dog Bar ? Austin, TX
5/22/2015 Yayas ? Abilene, TX
5/23/2015 Dream Center ? Las Cruces, NM
5/24/2015 Pubrock ? Scottsdale, AZ
5/25/2015 Doll Hut ? Anaheim, CA
5/26/2015 The CYC ? Fresno, CA

Wrvth will be released on June 16th, 2015.




Fast Break! Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania-based powerhouse, WISDOM IN CHAINS, as the quintet completes their bruising fifth full-length recording for release late this Spring.

Boasting a hearty crossover of punk, hardcore and metal influences, WISDOM IN CHAINS has been crushing through the competition since their 2001 formation, initially formed as somewhat of an international side project among members of PAHC legends Krutch and Holland bruisers Dare Devil. Yet, the concept slowly took on a life of its own, and by 2005 WISDOM IN CHAINS had solidified a US lineup that was more a hardcore supergroup than a new band in the scene. The Pennsylvania underground officially had its new voice, and the band?s second studio album, Die Young, was the soundtrack that crowned the band as the current kings of Pennsylvania Hardcore, where they still remain undisputed nearly fifteen years later. Running the gamut of profile labels like Eulogy Recordings and I Scream Records, the band?s do-or-die blue collar work ethic paid off as they rose through the ranks and were soon doing main support tours with NY royalty Sick Of It All and Madball to name a few. By 2010, WISDOM IN CHAINS was headlining tours across Europe and has since become a key fixture on every US Hardcore Festival.

Mid-2015 will see the rise of WISDOM IN CHAINS? anxiously anticipated fifth studio full-length, The God Rhythm, backed by Southeastern Pennsylvania-based Fast Break! Records. The God Rhythm injects a continued evolution of awareness and intelligence into the genre, all while destroying clichés, relentlessly crossing boundaries and claiming those new territories, effectively ushering in a new era for the band. Mixing a hardline return and development of infectious oi!/punk-inspired hooks and courses, while maintaining their traditional hardcore roots, WISDOM IN CHAINS has clearly has pushed the envelope of their previous works beyond all previous thresholds, and the result is the band?s finest work to date. The God Rhythm is also the first recording with new drummer Luke Rota from the Bronx (ex-Roger Miret and The Disasters, Stigma), who joins the rest of the crew, vocalist Mad Joe Black bassist Evan, and Richie Krutch on and Mav on guitars.

The God Rhythm will see release on CD, LP and digital formats on June 16th. Stand by for an extensive behind-the-scenes trailer on the album?s creation, audio from the record, preorder options, an official video and more in the coming weeks.

VALBORG Romantik

German dark, primitive metal trio, VALBORG, will unleash their fifth full-length opus via Temple Of Torturous. Titled Romantik, the follow-up to 2012?s Nekrodepression, which Last Rites commended for being consistent with VALBORG?s ?tradition of strange, compelling German music,? further lauding their ?patient, measured aggression,? features six tracks of somber avant blackened beauty. After four albums based around experimental, skull-crushing doom, with Romantik VALBORG dives deeper into the heart-tearing atmospheres of the abyss of which they?ve so boldly explored. Ambient synthesizers collide with wistful guitars, all slowly, purposefully floating above a foundation of pummeling rhythms, the band?s harsh, German vocal inflections adding further terror their profoundly bleak funeral power doom. Fans of Type O Negative, Vangelis, Killing Joke and Celtic Frost/Triptykon pay heed.

Romantik Track Listing:
1. Vampyr
2. Blitz aus Sodom
3. Comtesse
4. Sulphur Vitriol Angel
5. Kryptische Arroganz
6. The Haunted Womb

VALBORG features current and former members of Owl, Klabautamann, Woburn House, Gruenewald and more. Romantik was produced, recorded and mixed by Oliver Weiskopf at Stonehenge Studios, mastered by Michael Schwabe at Monoposto Mastering and will be released on CD and digitally on May 19th, 2015 and on vinyl June 16th, 2015 via Temple Of Torturous. Teaser tracks and preorder links to be revealed in the coming days.

??spooky music for spooky times?? ? Last Rites

National Rock Review Teams Up With Full Terror Assault as Secondary Stage Sponsor and Media Partner for Inaugural Metal Festival Sept 10-12, 2015

National Rock Review Teams Up With Full Terror Assault as Secondary Stage Sponsor and Media Partner for Inaugural Metal Festival Sept 10-12, 2015

June 15, 2015 – National Rock Review is pleased to announce our sponsorship of the second stage at the first Full Terror Assault festival. Full Terror Assault is a three-day European-style open air metal festival to be held at Cave-In-Rock, Illinois later this year on Sept 10, 11, and 12. The event will feature over seventy bands spanning every genre of metal along with contests, vendors, a DJ after hours party, and more. Festival goers will be able to camp on-site and enjoy over 115 acres of nature with fishing, hiking, swimming, and other activities. Various ticket packages are available online with a buy-one-get-one-free special available through June 21st.

In addition to sponsoring the second stage, National Rock Review will also be providing on-site media coverage, which will include photographers, interviewers, and social media staff for live updates throughout the event. They, along with Coldcock Whiskey, will be providing a VIP/Artist/Press Lounge area where staff from other media outlets can conduct interviews, relax, and rejuvenate.

The lineup includes the following artists: 6 Prong Paw, Abstruktor, Altered Existence, Apparition, Asphyxiator, Black Fast, Broken Hope, Cannabis Corpse, Cardiac Arrest, Carnivora, Coathanger Abortion, Condition Critical, Created to Kill, Dead In 5, Dead Shore, Death Grip, Deathbed Confession, Disinter, Drogheda, Eyehategod, Final Drive, Framework, Frosthelm, Fulgora, Get Ignorant, Gruesome, Headcrusher, Hellbent, Helmsplitter, Images Of Violence, Impaler, In Defence, Infalling, Inferia (FIN), Inner Seige, Iron Reagan, Kill It Again, Kill The Client, Legion Of Death, Lust Of Decay, Masticator, Micawber, Misery Index, Moistened Disciples, Murder Construct, Napalm Death, Nashville Pussy, Noisem, Obituary, Protest, Putrid Pile, Revocation, Rottenness (MEX), Sacrificial Slaughter, Scalafarea, Sexual Atrocities, Sikfuk, Skinned, SOG (Special Ops Group), Splitwig, Starkill, Superchief, Terrorizer, Testimony, The Dr. Orphyus Project, Thell Barrio (MEX), Ton, Tyranny Enthroned, Valient Thorr, Voltumna (ITA), Waco Jesus, Warbeast, Wrath, Wretchedpain (CAN), Xaemora

WRVTH: New Full-Length From Transcendental Technical Death Metal Legion Streaming In Full At MetalSucks; Release Shows Announced

Today MetalSucks is streaming the self-titled full-length from California technical death metal legion, WRVTH (formerly Wrath Of Vesuvius), in its furious entirety.


The stream comes on the eve of the record’s release via Unique Leader Records. Captured at SharkBite/Castle Ultimate Studios by Zack Ohren (Suffocation, Fallujah, All Shall Perish et al.), Wrvth features a guest appearance from Daniel Casares of Bay Area jazz group, Atta Kid, on saxophone and has been reaping critical acclaim for manifesting eleven stirring tracks of transcendental death metal that tread a fine line between peaceful and punishing. Wonderbox Metal crowns Wrvth, “an innovative and impressive release from a band who are clearly not content to be average,” while HeavyBlogIsHeavy calls the record, “a triumph in a way that hasn’t really been seen before,” further elaborating, “by so skillfully blending riffy techdeath with genres that are known for their emotional qualities, WRVTH sees to it that the album is both beautiful and consistently engaging for the listener. This is the atmospheric techdeath album, and it will be for years to come.” Upon investigation of the band’s their first single, Metal Injections notes, “‘Harrowing Winds’ is deceiving in that in begins with a very subdued, atmospheric guitar passage before taking off into a cacophony of sonic chaos. This is not an easy balance to achieve well, but WRVTH seem to have it nailed down.” No Clean Singing agrees, “The music builds in volume, weight, and intensity – eventually accelerating into a brain-twisting frenzy of tech-death dissonance, full of exuberant guitar and bass machinations. But as freaked-out as the instrumental work is (and as unpredictable as the vocal array of shrieks, growls, and roars becomes), the band also hits some jack-hammering grooves and infiltrates the track with off-world melodies, along with delivering a beautiful guitar solo. And that opening dual guitar harmony returns, along with a badass bass solo. Together, they act as a bridge to a final mind-expanding display of progressively inclined pyrotechnics.” Metal Machine rallies, “For faster speeds, smartly progressive metal, and just an overall enjoyable album, Wrvth by WRVTH is going to delight listeners of many different ages and metal backgrounds.” Adds Dead Rhetoric in a 9/10 score, “It’s nice to see some innovation within the technical death metal genre. A genre that is frequently fueled by sterility and/or clinical productions, Wrvth comes as a breath of fresh air. The death metal formula is given a chance to really let loose with these enhancements, showcasing that there can be emotion within these complex riffs if you provide a jumping off point. Wrvth can be bold and visceral, all while providing depth and feelings. A death metal album with genuine feeling; how often do you hear about that? Clearly, an album worth investigating.”


Sample Wrvth, now playing at MetalSucks, at THIS LOCATION.

In other WRVTH intel, following a recent slot on the successful Dawn Of The Shred tour, WRVTH will level stages in Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Tempe, and San Diego on a short run of record release shows beginning this Friday with additional live invasions to be announced in the weeks to come.


WRVTH Record Release Shows:

6/19/2015 Loaded – Los Angeles, CA

6/20/2015 Malone’sSun – Santa Ana, CA

6/21/2015 Yucca Tap Room – Tempe, AZ

6/22/2015 The Yard – San Diego, CA * w/ special guests/labelmates Lord Of War


Wrvth will be released on June 16th, 2015. Preorder yours today HERE.

AMBASSADOR GUN Tomb Of Broken Sleep

Minneapolis, Minnesota?s scathing grind trio, AMBASSADOR GUN, in top form, unloading ten new tracks in just over twenty-six minutes. While the band?s approach is as devastating slick and caustic as ever, incredibly infectious grooves on Tomb of Broken Sleep make themselves as present as a squadron of B-52 bombers paying you a visit with full payloads. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording (Blue Ox, Guzzlemug, Nerves) in Minneapolis, Tomb Of Broken Sleep exemplifies AMBASSADOR GUN as band that can fearlessly write songs that are both ferocious and catchy. Set for independent release this Summer,Tomb Of Broken Sleep will be released digitally via Bandcamp on July 15th, 2015, with physical versions to follow by the end of Summer.

Formerly known as A Second From The Surface, after changing their name in 2009, AMBASSADOR GUN?s thundering hardcore/crust-soaked grindcore can be witnessed through a solid arsenal of releases including their When In Hell debut CD in 2009, a split 7? with Enabler and the Rich 7?, both in 2011, and most recently the brutalizing sophomore album, Golden Eagle, which following its initial independent release was picked up for official release by Prosthetic Records. Having taken their brutal tactics out on the road heavier than ever over recent years, 2015 will prove no different as new tour plans are being devised building up to and through the release of Tomb Of Broken Sleep this putrid Summer. Get ready.

OBITUARY: Debut Animated Music Video; Announce Festival Appearances

Death metal legends OBITUARY have released an animated music video for the track “Violence” from their most recent album Inked In Blood. The video, which was animated / directed by Balázs Gróf, can be viewed via OBITUARY’s official site HERE, Vevo HERE and YouTube HERE.

The band commented on the video:

“We had a blast creating the idea for the video and to watch Balázs animate us was a very cool experience. In the world of modern technology it is easy to shoot a music video with a camera crew and high-tech video equipment but we wanted something different. Something we hope the fans enjoy and understand that OBITUARY, though we are the godfathers of Florida death metal, don’t take themselves too seriously and enjoy having fun. This cartoon is a perfect example of what kind of people we are. Not afraid to kick ass on stage but also not afraid to laugh at ourselves.

We know that music is created for fans to enjoy and get away in their mind from the real world for just a few moments at a time and this video we hope makes them smile and laugh with us and at us.”

Director / animator Balázs Gróf commented as well:

“I made a video for the Hungarian band Blind Myself which went on Headbangers Ball’s best videos of 2008 chart and it was seen by John Tardy, who became interested in having an animated video for OBITUARY. Eventually the long awaited new studio album Inked In Blood provided the reason for making one.

I’ve been a fan of OBITUARY since 1990, I have seen all their gigs in Budapest during the years, so I got extremely happy when we made a deal. First I made a 18 second-long animation for a snippet of the first single Visions In My head which was quite brutal and gory, just to illustrate my concept on an OBITUARY video. The Tardy brothers dug it, however they came up with the idea of a fun video for Violence drawn in classic cartoon style. They made up the whole storyline. As most of the important elements, that was also their idea to make the band’s van as a reference to probably the most famous van in American cartoon history – and which I won’t name now not to spoil anyone’s entertainment… I only added a few special characters to the story. Finally it was about 6 months in the making. It’s been a blast and the guys were super cool throughout the process. It was big fun meeting them in person at their killer show in Budapest.

I am very honored that OBITUARY hired me to do this video. It would be so funny to go back in time to tell the 16 year-old me that this is going to happen. Obviously the poor fellow would pass out immediately!”

Additionally, OBITUARY have announced a series of festival appearances and headlining shows. A complete listing of dates can be see below.

Inked In Blood stands out as one of the finest moments in OBITUARY’s already godlike discography. The album cracked the Billboard Top 100 coming in at #75. This is OBITUARY’s highest chart number to date and sold almost 5 times as many copies of their 2009 release “Darkest Day”. Inked in Blood also came in at #8 on the Top Hard Music Chart and #15 on the Top Current Rock Chart. Internationally Inked in Blood came in at #56 in Germany (2nd Highest Chart Entrance in Band History), #81 in The Netherlands, #139 in Belgium, #174 in the UK and #65 in Switzerland.

Inked in Blood is available for now from Relapse Records HERE and via iTunes HERE. The album is available as CD/Deluxe CD/2xLP/Digital/Deluxe Digital. Inked in Blood is available for streaming in its entirety via bandcamp and Sound Cloud.

OBITUARY Tour Dates:

Jun 20 Clisson, FR Hellfest 2015

Jul 03 Antwerp, BE Antwerp Metal Fest

Jul 04 Trier, DE Death Shall Rise Festival

July 05 Flugplatz Roitzschjora, DE With Full Force Festival

July 09 Trutnov, CZ Obscene Extreme Festival

August 1 Wacken, DE Wacken Open Air

August 7 Oulu, FI Jalometalli Festival

August 8 Oldehoosterkerkhof, NL Into The Grave Festival

August 9 Rome, Italy Agglutination Metal Festival

Sep 4 Loos-En-Gohelle, FR Gohelle Fest

Sep 11 Cave in Rock, IL Full Terror Assault Festival

Oct 11 Tokyo, JP LoudPark Festival

DEATHWISH: New Track From Debut Album Released Via Cvlt Nation; Tour With Raw Power Underway

Wisconsin-based speed punk crossover quartet, DEATHWISH, has released the title track to their Beer City Skateboards And Records-released debut album, Out For Blood, through Cvlt Nation, as the band embarks on a new tour with Italian hardcore icons, Raw Power.

Followed by its initial Record Store Day release on vinyl, DEATHWISH?s Out For Blood saw a widespread CD and digital release in May, while the band was terrorizing the country alongside the legendary MDC. This week, the band is out on their next brutalizing round of US touring, this time with Italy?s long-running outfit, Raw Power, for a more than two-week run through the US between June 6th and 20th. Immediately after the Raw Tower tour, DEATHWISH will take off on another week-long stretch of dates alongside Dirty Kid Discount and including a set at Cruststock Vol. 3, joining more than forty other bands at the three-day event in Anaheim, California, including Capitalist Casualties, Verbal Abuse, Victims, Wartorn, Thulsa Doom and countless more, with a pile of random shows following.

Coinciding with the new tour, Cvlt Nation is now playing the title track to Out For Blood; stream it HERE.

Also unload ?Deathwish? from the album at Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.

Based out of northern Wisconsin, with members hailing from Wartorn, Dresden, The Parish and more, DEATHWISH deploys a motorcharged style of metallic punk that annihilates everything in its path. Out For Blood was recorded with Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording, and mastered by Jack Control (Severed Head of State, World Burns to Death) at Enormous Door Mastering, and features art by Marald, Randall Witte and Doomsday Graphics.

Marking the first in a three album deal with Milwaukee-based Beer City Skateboards And Records, Out For Blood is out now on LP and CD available HERE.

6/10/2015 Sandbox ? El Paso, TX w/ Raw Power
6/11/2015 Yucca Tap Room ? Tempe, AZ w/ Raw Power
6/12/2015 Til 2 ? San Diego, CA w/ Raw Power
6/13/2015 Los Globos ? Los Angeles, CA w/ Raw Power
6/14/2015 924 Gilman ? Berkeley, CA w/ Raw Power
6/15/2015 755 After Dark ? Santa Rosa, CA w/ Raw Power
6/16/2015 Panic Room ? Portland, OR w/ Raw Power, Dirty Kid Discount
6/17/2015 Boreal ? Eugene, OR w/ Raw Power, Dirty Kid Discount
6/17/2015 Old Nick?s ? Eugene, OR w/ Raw Power, Dirty Kid Discount
6/18/2015 Ground Zero ? Reno, NV w/ Raw Power, Dirty Kid Discount
6/19/2015 Boing Anarchist Collective ? Salt Lake City, UT w/ Raw Power, Dirty Kid Discount
6/20/2015 7th Circle ? Denver, CO w/ Raw Power, Dirty Kid Discount
6/21/2015 Flux Capacitor ? Colorado Springs, CO w/ Dirty Kid Discount
6/22/2015 The Hive ? Flagstaff, AZ w/ Dirty Kid Discount
6/23/2015 Yucca Tap Room ? Tempe, AZ w/ Dirty Kid Discount
6/24/2015 Sky Bar ? Tucson, AZ w/ Dirty Kid Discount
6/25/2015 TBA ? Los Angeles, CA w/ Tulsa Doom
6/27/2015 The Music Hall ? Anaheim, CA @ Cruststock 3 [info]
6/28/2015 TBA
6/29/2015 The Dive Bar ? Las Vegas, NV w/ Victims, Roac
7/01/2015 TBA ? Salt Lake City, UT w / All Systems Fail, Roac
7/02/2015 Chain Reaction Records ? Colorado Springs, CO w/ Roac
7/03/2015 VFW ? Rapid City, SD
7/04/2015 The Hexagon ? Minneapolis, MN
7/05/2015 The Train Station ? Appleton, WI

SHADOW WOODS METAL FEST: Location Of Mid-Atlantic Open-Air Camping And Metal Fest Moves To White Hall, Maryland

The inaugural September installation of SHADOW WOODS METAL FEST, the new mid-Atlantic, open-air, camping-based metal fest, has moved slightly Southeast, from its initial placement in Southern Pennsylvania to White Hall, in Harford County, Maryland.

Set to take place September 25th ? 27th, 2015, the new location of SHADOW WOODS METAL FEST is similar to the previous site, with deep woods, cabins and tent camping fields, yet is slightly closer to both Baltimore and Philadelphia, making it even more accessible to East Coast metallers planning on attending the diverse three-day festival. The more intimate setup of the new camp is equipped with several cabins, modern plumbing bathrooms, a professional kitchen, a lodge building, and access to a river, as well as an indoor stage.

Since initial announcements, Menace Ruine dropped from the lineup and was replaced by Black Table, yet the remainder of the SHADOW WOODS METAL FEST lineup remains the same, including lead performances from Midnight, Falls of Rauros, Occultation, Velnias, Iron Man, Anagnorisis, The Flight of Sleipnir and Stone Breath, along with twenty-six additional acts. The fest is also likely to be the first live performance for the surviving members of Wormreich since their tragic vehicle crash in April. The gathering showcases underground black, doom, death, and noise and experimental metal bands on two alternating stages all day Friday and Saturday. Camping and workshops on topics such as runes, guitar maintenance, yoga and more will be offered and are included in the ticket price. Artists and record labels will be vending alongside several onsite food stands.

There will be ZERO ticket sales at the gate for SHADOW WOODS METAL FEST ? advance presales to those 21 years of age and older is the only way into the fest, and is still BYOB. Cabin beds are now included in the ticket price but are limited to first-come first-served. There is a list you can sign up on mentioned in the private group. There are only 350 tickets in total, and half of those tickets have been sold.

Additionally, the SHADOW WOODS METAL FEST website has been redesigned to include a store ? including a new poster for the event designed by Fred Grabosky of Sadgiqacea. ? as well as the newly-launched Shadow Woods Radio, showcasing artists set to perform at the festival. Check it all out RIGHT HERE.

SHADOW WOODS METAL FEST 2015 Alphabetical Lineup:
Anagnorisis (Louisville, KY ? black metal)
Anicon (New York, NY ? black metal)
Ashagal (New Hope, PA ? ritual folk)
Black Table (NYC/NJ ? experimental metal)
Bridesmaid (Columbus, OH ? instrumental doom-sludge)
Cladonia Rangiferina (VA ? ritual black metal, doom, acid rock)
Dendritic Arbor (Pittsburgh, PA ? black metal / powerviolence)
Destroying Angel (Philadelphia, PA ? folk music for exorcisms)
Dreadlords (Philadelphia, PA ? ritual black metal blues)
Dweller In The Valley (Frederick, MD ? black, death, doom)
Existentium (Baltimore, MD ? melodic technical death metal)
Falls of Rauros (Portland, ME ? folk/atmospheric black metal)
Fin (Chicago, IL ? black metal; unsigned)
Heavy Temple (Philadelphia, PA ? psychedelic doom)
Hivelords (Philadelphia, PA ? experimental psychedelic black doom)
Immortal Bird (Chicago, IL ? black/death metal)
Iron Man (MD ? doom metal/heavy rock)
Midnight (Cleveland, Ohio ? black heavy metal)
Molasses Barge (Pittsburgh, PA ? traditional doom metal)
Occultation (New York, NY ? doom metal)
Oneirogen (New York, NY ? dark, doom, drone)
Psalm Zero (New York, NY ? experimental black doom)
Sentience (Woodland Park, NJ ? death metal)
Slagstorm (Hagerstown, MD ? prehistoric doom thrash)
Snakefeast (Baltimore, MD ? jazz metal sludge)
Stone Breath (Red Lion, PA ? experimental folk)
The Black Moriah (Dallas/Fort Worth, TX ? Western occult black/thrash)
The Day of the Beast (Virginia Beach, VA ? blackened death metal)
The Expanding Man (Baltimore, MD ? solo improvisational electronic soundscapes)
The Flight of Sleipnir (Denver, CO ? black metal)
The Owls Are Not What They Seem (York, PA ? experimental ritual soundscapes)
Tyrant?s Hand (Baltimore, MD ? deathened black metal)
Unsacred (Richmond, VA ? savage black metal)
Velnias (Denver, CO ? blackened folk/doom metal)
Wormreich (Huntsville, AL & Nashville, TN ? black metal)
ZUD (Portland, ME ? bluesy outlaw black metal)

SHADOW WOODS METAL FEST will be co-hosted with Metallomusikum by Lokvlt Productions in Philadelphia, WinterForge Promotions in Pittsburgh, Leftover Pizza Productions in Frederick, Maryland and Slimehole/Strange Matter in Richmond, Virginia. Bands chosen to perform reflect the diversity of the underground music scene in mid-Atlantic region plus a few from across the country and even Canada. Official sponsors for the fest include Grimoire Records and Additional sponsorship opportunities are available. Email for details.

RISING: Danish Metal Outfit Announces New Lineup; Recording Of Third Album Confirmed For This Fall

Danish metal combo, RISING, has reformed with a new full-time studio and live lineup, and will return to the scene in 2015 with new live performances and the recording of their third LP.

Since the band?s formation in 2008 and the release of their self-titled debut EP in 2009, RISING has been an incredibly promising and uncompromising act on the metal scene, both locally and internationally. After two DIY EPs, the band displayed their relentless, crushing sound, fierce musicianship and a strong sense for melody and songwriting on two full-length albums, To Solemn Ash (2011) and Abominor (2013). RISING backed the initial EPs and the debut album with several tours in Denmark and mainland Europe along with festival appearances such as Roskilde, Copenhell and Hultsfred. Yet, as momentum was building, so was also tension within the band and just after the recording of Abominor, the trio disbanded, leaving the future of RISING and the new album uncertain. Abominor subsequently saw its release on guitarist Jacob Krogholt?s newly founded label Indisciplinarian, but no shows we?re played in connection with the release.

Unwillingly seeing the band dissolved, main composer Krogholt quickly teamed up with original drummer Martin Niemann, a member between 2008 and 2010, with the intention of carrying on the band, if the original chemistry of the two founding members remained intact. The initial jams in the fall of 2013 proved that the spark was indeed present and over the next year and a half the duo wrote a wide variety of material, which was to be the backbone of the next album. Along the way, several musicians were tried out, but first in December 2014 new members started to enter the band. Now, after two years of writing, demoing and trying out new musicians for the band, the new RISING lineup is finally complete.

RISING anno 2015:
Morten Grønnegaard ? Vocals
Jacob Krogholt ? Guitars
Carl Peter ? Guitars
Bjarke Lassen ? Bass
Martin Niemann ? Drums

RISING has written eleven new songs planned for the band?s third album, which is to be recorded in August with producer Jacob Bredahl (By The Patient, The Kandidate, etc.) at his Dead Rat Studios in Aarhus, Denmark. The album will be mixed by notable American metal producer Sanford Parker (Woven Hand, Minsk, Indian, etc.) and mastered by the Brad Boatright (Sleep, Nails, Beastmilk) at Audiosiege.

The new material is undeniably RISING?s core sound, filled with the crushing heaviness and melodic sensibilities inherited in Jacob Krogholt?s riffing and songwriting fiercely pushed onwards by Martin Niemann?s aggressive and dynamic drumming, yet fresh sonic elements are introduced by the new members of the band. Firstly, the most notable change to the sound is new lead singer Morten Grønnegaard and his melodic, yet still raw and powerful approach, handing the band and the forthcoming album a broader appeal and a more diverse expression. Carl Peter?s entrance as guitarist marks an expansion of the RISING sound, adding strength, more textures and classic twin guitar work, and along with Bjarke Lassen?s organic and heavy bass work, RISING of today is a band with an intact crushing energy, but with bigger variation and dynamics.

RISING?s as-yet-untitled third album is expected to be released in the spring of 2016, backed by touring in Denmark and abroad. As for now, the band is hard at work finalizing the album pre-production, and is planning a few Danish comeback shows in November after the album recordings, which will mark the first live appearances from the band in two-and-a-half years.

Instrumental demo excerpts of several new RISING songs can be streamed throughout June RIGHT HERE.

In the US, Earsplit Distro is exclusively carrying RISING?s Abominor LP HERE, and also carries the To Solemn Ash LP HERE and CD HERE. RISING?s full line of merch and releases can be ordered internationally via the Indisciplinarian webshop HERE.

C H R I S T: Montréal Post-Hardcore Instrumentalists Streaming Entire Debut LP At Noisey; T O W E R Out Now Through L’Oeil Du Tigre

As Montréal-based DIY label, L?oeil Du Tigre, releases C H R I S T?s debut LP, T O W E R, this week, Noisey is now streaming the entire album.

Letting their mesmerizing, mournful structures and demoralizing amplification do their talking, C H R I S T delivers their works virtually void of vocals on their dense but expansive T O W E R debut. Surging with a visceral and fully immersive, nearly forty-two minute excursion through the outer boundaries of ethereal post-hardcore/rock. The members of C H R I S T hold deep roots in the Quebec scene, veterans of a range of bands currently or previously holding collective rank in Ire, The Black Hand, Complications, Cobra Noir, Sed Non Satiata, Near Grey and more, yet T O W E R offers a fresh, wholly different sound than any of their other projects. As the LP sees release via L?Oeil Du Tigre, Vice Magazine?s music channel, Noisey, is now streaming T O W E R in its entirety, stating in part, ?The album is able to deliver sections and parts that show the expansive nature of the band, chords soar and expand over large swaths of dissonance? It?s a kind of post-rock that goes into sinister and dark territory, a place in which most bands in the same genre aren?t able to tread as successfully. Throughout the record?s four compositions, C H R I S T swims deep into every sea of texture, a body of moods.?

Investigate the expanses of T O W E R from C H R I S T at Noisey now at THIS LOCATION.

Also view a brief trailer for the LP HERE. Orders for T O W E R on vinyl can be placed HERE and digital orders HERE.

Having just performed the new material live at a record release show for T O W E R in their hometown, with Jessica Moss and Big | Brave, C H R I S T will be supporting Cult Of Luna on their upcoming tour, with more live actions to be announced in the coming days.

Founded by guitarists Patrick Fontaine (Ire, The Black Hand, Complications) and Maxime Jenniss (Cobra Noir), who later recruited Charles Marty (Sed Non Satiata) and Kevin Bartczak (Near Grey), C H R I S T is a far more restrained and contemplative endeavor than what would be safe to assume when looking at the band?s pedigree. Combining a sparse and almost virtuously patient approach to percussion with lush walls of harmonic drop-tuned textures, the band creates intimate and enthralling soundscapes. The band?s debut recording is now delivered in T O W E R, captured at Thee Mighty Hotel2Tango in Montréal by Thierry Amar (Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra), with additional recordings by Bunny Bartczak at HLR Grover. Mixed by Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (The Black Hand, Ire, Jerusalem In My Heart) and Amar and mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market, the LP?s cover art was created from photos by Anouk Lessard, edited by Claude Lafrance, and designed by Maxime Jenniss. Comprised of four mostly instrumental songs which offer more than a few surprises as they bloom, T O W E R is an otherworldly documentation of well-crafted audio artistry fit for fans of Earth, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Lae, Mogwai, This Will Destroy You and Crippled Black Phoenix.


C H R I S T 2 1 1 1 2 0 1 4 from MXM on Vimeo.

TEMPLE OF DAGON: Revelations Of The Spirit EP Out TODAY + Streaming In Full At No Clean Singing; Live Assaults Loom

Revelations Of The Spirit is the latest EP from West Coast crust metal malefactors, TEMPLE OF DAGON. Officially available for public destruction TODAY, the Lovecraftian-inspired, four-track mauler is currently streaming in its vicious entirety at No Clean Singing.

Rich, contemptuous and incessantly illuminating, Revelations Of The Spirit is a veritable soundtrack to self-loathing, self-reflection, self-acceptance and self-love loosely based around the life and times of central character, the Horrid King. Tracked by Alex Estrada (Xibalba, Touche Amore, Silver Snakes etc.) at Earth Capital Studios in Los Angeles, California and mastered by Dan Randall (Cannabis Corpse, Iron Reagan, Fucked Up etc.) at Mammoth Sound in Alameda, California, Revelations Of The Spirit is a pure, honest and perpetually menacing manifestation of audio punishment. Cvlt Nation hails the band?s ?caustic fury,? and, ?apocalyptic riffs dipped in the blood of our downpressors.? Rock! Shock! Pop! agrees, ?With only four songs, this one does its job? It?s raw without sounding bad (in fact the production is rock solid) and is interesting, creative, intense and heavy all at the same time. Definitely worth checking out.? Massive Movement rallies, ?This is the sound of celestial destruction made flesh? I can?t get enough of, and can?t stop playing, this glorious record,? while Metal Junkie adds accurately and eloquently, ?Solid as a good, hard fuck, TEMPLE OF DAGON?s four track EP will definitely leave you walking funny.?

Trailing teasers from Invisible Oranges and Cvlt Nation, today No Clean Singing offers up Revelations Of The Spirit in full calling the offering, ?one of the heaviest and most electrifying things I?ve heard all year. The riffs are massive. The guitar leads are infectious. The bass lines are pavement-cracking. The drum blows are spine-shaking. The vocals are raw and ravenous. The music is both savage and scintillating, fusing elements from a variety of genres, from crust/punk to thrash to concussive Bolt Thrower-style death metal. It?s a paragon of head-wrecking metal.?

Hear Revelations Of The Spirit, courtesy of No Clean Singing, at THIS LOCATION.

Following a special record release show this past weekend, TEMPLE OF DAGON will pillage their way through eleven cities later this month waging their diseased psalms upon Oakland, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Madison, Chicago, New Orleans, Austin and Phoenix as well as Cruststock 2015 in Anaheim with additional live trauma to be announced soon.

6/14/2015 House Show ? Oakland, CA [info]
6/15/2015 Blackwater Bar ? Portland, OR [info]
6/16/2015 The Mix ? Seattle, WA [info]
6/18/2015 Club Scum ? Denver, CO [info]
6/19/2015 Hexagon Bar ? Minneapolis, MN [info]
6/20/2015 Warehouse Show ? Madison, WI [info]
6/21/2015 Mousetrap ? Chicago, IL [info]
6/23/2015 Spitfire ? New Orleans, LA
6/25/2015 The Lost Well ? Austin, TX [info]
6/26/2015 Palo Verde Lounge ? Phoenix, AZ [info]
6/27/2015 The Music Hall @ Cruststock 2015 ? Anaheim, CA [info]

Influenced by ?90s-era crust, stenchcore, death metal, thrash, and Lovecraftian lore, TEMPLE OF DAGON was forged in 2009 and quickly reaped an underground following with the release of their clobbering Book Of Azathoth EP. The band later went on to record and self-release their 2010 debut, Rituals Of The Deep. Further blending their crust, punk, thrash, and death metal roots with a heavy dose of d-beat and blasts, the record earned further adulation from hordes in the know.

Revelations Of The Spirit is out TODAY digitally and on 10? vinyl via Black Voodoo Records. For physical orders visit THIS LOCATION. For digital orders, go HERE.

For review links, interviews and guest list requests contact

The entire itinerary for the fourth edition of the annual SOUTHWEST TERROR FEST has been disclosed, as the 2015 installment is confirmed to consume Tucson, Arizona for four days once again this October.

SOUTHWEST TERROR FEST VOL. 4 will run from October 15th through 18th, with events scheduled at three Tucson venues ? The Rialto Theatre, Club Congress and 191 Toole. The festivities will begin on Thursday, October 15th with a nighttime kickoff show, followed by both matinee and late club shows on Friday the 16th, and the main events on Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th, and the running orders for each show has now been posted. The confirmed acts include headliners Sleep, Thou & The Body, Acid King, Dropdead and Bongripper, as well as Xibalba, Landmine Marathon, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Graves At Sea, Cult Leader, Call Of The Void, Demon Lung, Immortal Bird, In The Company Of Serpents, Abstracter, Gale, and more. Additionally, soloist Amigo The Devil will perform impromptu sets throughout the weekend once again.

Tickets for all SOUTHWEST TERROR FEST VOL. 4 events have been posted and are linked below alongside the running order for the entire weekend. Additionally, there are 100 VIP passes being sold this year, which are disappearing quickly; get them before they?re gone RIGHT HERE.


Thursday, October 15th // Kickoff show at 191 Toole (All Ages):
Main Stage:
10:15 ? End ? Thou & The Body
8:45 ? 9:30 ? In The Company Of Serpents
7:30 ? 8:00 ? Heat Dust
6:30 ? 7:00 ? Gale
Side Stage:
9:30 ? 10:15 ? Dead To A Dying World
8:00 ? 8:45 ? Abstracter
7:00 ? 7:30 ? Hanta
6:00 ? 6:30 ? Methra

Friday, October 16th // Matinee show at 191 Toole (All Ages):
Main Stage:
10:20 ? End ? Dropdead
9:10 ? 9:50 ? Landmine Marathon
8:00 ? 8:40 ? Xibalba
7:00 ? 7:30 ? Immmortal Bird
6:00 ? 6:30 ? Gatecreeper
Side Stage:
9:50 ? 10:20 ? Call Of The Void
8:40 ? 9:10 ? Bastard Feast
7:30 ? 8:00 ? 908
6:30 ? 7:00 ? Swamp Wolf
5:30 ? 6:00 ? Warmonger

Friday, October 16th // Late show at Club Congress (21+):
12:20 ? End ? Bongripper
11:10 ? 12:00 ? Graves At Sea
10:20 ? 10:50 ? Skycrawler
9:30 ? 10:00 ? Naught

Saturday, October 17th // Main show at The Rialto Theatre (All Ages):
10:30 ? 12:30 ? Sleep
9:10 ? 10:10 ? Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth
8:10 ? 8:50 ? Cult Leader
7:20 ? 7:50 ? Goya
6:30 ? 7:00 ? Languish

Sunday, October 18th // Closing show at Club Congress (All Ages):
10:30 ? 12:00 ? Acid King
9:20 ? 10:10 ? Demon Lung
8:20 ? 9:00 ? Night Demon
7:20 ? 8:00 ? Fuzz Evil
6:30 ? 7:00 ? Ice Sword

Now in its fourth consecutive year, SOUTHWEST TERROR FEST was founded in 2012 by members of Tucson-based underground acts Godhunter, Inoculara, Diseased Reason and Great American Tragedy, in conjunction with local venues, vendors and businesses, in order to bring a full-bore event to underground music fans. Each year the event expands into new directions and brings a massive variety of internationally-known headliners together with incredible acts from across the Southwest and beyond.

THE OXFORD COMA: Arizona Psyche Metal Trio Issues Release Info For Impending Second Album With New Title And Artwork

In the wake of the recent announcement of their impending second full-length coming together for release this Summer, Phoenix, Arizona?s metal experimentalist trio, THE OXFORD COMA, has just re-drafted their latest works with a new title and new cover artwork, and has issued all of the newly confirmed info alongside the album?s track listing and release date.

Initially dubbed The Pulls, a recent change of direction has forged a new cover layout and title for the album, which is now called, Paris Is Mine. Through several lineup alterations and sporadic expansions, the usual three-piece bass, guitar and drums lineup of THE OXFORD COMA at times radically expands for live shows to include a second drummer, and for the first time on record, this time the tactic was applied in the studio setting. Utilizing both a former and current percussionist, and continuing their self-described recording ?de-evolution? ? continuing to opt for rawer, live, DIY productions with each release ? through several sessions, ended up with their most corrosive and unreserved material to date. Bent on combining the weirdness and freshness of improvisation with the intensity and honesty of good metal and the lasting impact of innovative rock, the new album was produced with minimal production, the vocals all in one take in order to preserve a natural feel. Recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered by Jalipaz at Audioconfusion in Mesa, Arizona, Paris Is Mine delivers forty minutes of exploratory thunder as perplexing as it is enthralling, even closing out with an improvised jam and a drop-tuned cover of Led Zeppelin?s ?When the Levee Breaks.?

Paris Is Mine will be independently released digitally on August 11th, with a limited physical format to follow. Stand by for additional info from the record, audio samples, an official video, tour dates and more to be released throughout the weeks ahead. For now the cover layout and track listing has been issued.

Paris Is Mine Track Listing:
1. Canadian Questionmark
2. Ritaling
3. Daisies
4. The Pulls
5. Ados Watts Jam
6. When The Levee Breaks

From the scorching Southwestern US underground music scene comes the indefinable works of THE OXFORD COMA, an outfit which rides the fine line between rock and metal, experimental and straightforward, and even being a trio or quartet, and which has steadily pumped out a hearty discography of independent releases since their 2011 inception. Powered and endorsed by Orange amps, and drawing from a wide array of influences from across the spectrum of forward-thinking rock artists, bridging the early days and modern times, comparisons to the improvisational prog rock circles of the 1960s and ?70s to premier extreme acts of the 1990s through today, the collective recorded output of this morphing act has drawn similarities to everything from early Tool to Primus, Radiohead to The Dillinger Escape Plan, Nirvana to Neurosis, King Crimson to Kyuss, and so on.

CONNOISSEUR: New Offering From West Coast Weed Demons Streaming In Full At Decibel; Record To See Release Via Tankcrimes Tomorrow + And Stoner Justice For All Summer Tour Continues

West Coast weed demons, CONNOISSEUR, will unveil the resinated sounds of their Stoner Justice offering tomorrow via Tankcrimes.

Likening themselves to Earth Crisis if they ?smoked weed and listened to Spazz,? CONNOISSEUR?s Stoner Justice recording was initially released in EP form last year and captured by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios, Oakland (Annihilation Time, Iron Lung, Vhöl, Brainoil). Stoner Justice redux is remastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering (Abscess, Toxic Holocaust, Voetsek etc.) and has been expanded to fourteen blunted ragers, including a live set professionally recorded at the Tankcrimes Takeover on February 13th, 2015 (mixed and mastered by the same team) and includes a mind-bending cover art collaboration by Skinner (Mastodon) and Hal Rotter (Atriarch, Cough, Eyehategod, Skeletonwitch etc.). Those who puff to the gutter-crusted resonance of Plutocracy, Spazz, Crossed Out, Dystopia, and Earth Crisis, listen up.

In celebration of it?s stony domination, and following teasers from Revolver, No Clean Singing and Cvlt Nation, today the greenskeepers at Decibel Magazine are pleased to unveil the record in all its glassy-eyed goodness.

Issues guitarist Dan Hashthrash, ?We are very excited about the release of Stoner Justice, and to have Decibel streaming it. So excited, in fact, that we are going to smoke a couple joints about it right now. We suggest everyone do the same. Live to smoke, smoke to live!?

Inhale Stoner Justice right now, courtesy of Decibel Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.

CONNOISSEUR continues to level stages throughout the US with their weedian odes on the epic, ?And Stoner Justice For All Summer Tour, currently underway. The trek will smoke out over four dozen metropolises through July 11th. Hide your nugs!

CONNOISSEUR ?And Stoner Justice For All Summer Tour [remaining dates]:
6/08/2015 Sexx Mansion ? Indianapolis, IN
6/09/2015 Spacebar ? Columbus, OH
6/10/2015 Now That?s Class ? Cleveland, OH
6/11/2015 The Rock Room ? Pittsburgh, PA
6/12/2015 Northrup House – Buffalo, NY
6/13/2015 No Cars – Rochester, NY
6/15/2015 O?Brien?s – Boston, MA
6/16/2015 Funky Jungle ? Providence, RI
6/17/2015 Soul Sounds ? Long Island, NY
6/18/2015 Acheron ? Brooklyn, NY
6/19/2015 Meatlocker ? Montclair, NJ
6/20/2015 Mill Hill  ? Trenton, NJ
6/21/2015 King Fu Necktie ? Philadelphia, PA
6/22/2015 Skid Row ? York, PA
6/23/2015 house show ? Richmond, VA
6/24/2015 Sidebar ? Baltimore, MD
6/25/2015 The Maywood ? Raleigh, NC
6/26/2015 529 ? Atlanta, GA
6/27/2015 Bigshows ? Statesborough, GA
6/28/2015 TBA ? Gainesville, FL
6/29/2015 The Handlebar ? Pensacola, FL
6/30/2015 Siberia ? New Orleans, LA
7/02/2015 The Shop – Houston, TX
7/03/2015 TBA ? Dallas, TX
7/04/2015 Lost Well  ? Austin, TX
7/05/2015 Korova Basement ? San Antonio, TX
7/06/2015 TBA ? El Paso, TX
7/07/2015 Moonlight Lounge ? Albuquerque, NM
7/08/2015 Yucca Tap Room ? Phoenix, AZ
7/09/2015 TBA ? San Diego, CA
7/10/2015 E. 7th St. Warehouse ? Los Angeles, CA
7/11/2015 924 Gilman St ? Berkeley, CA
Tour Event Page HERE

Stoner Justice will see release on CD, LP (on rad splatter vinyl) and digitally via Tankcrimes on June 9th, 2015. For preorder bundles scroll on over to THIS LOCATION.

?It?s loud, it?s in your face, it sometimes makes you feel like you?re having a bad trip, but it could keep playing throughout the day and you?d be happy. Stoner Justice will draw you in like the first bong hit after a long day and exhale you into the smoky, moody world of CONNOISSEUR where you?ll want to stay on the sofa eating crisps and pizza all day with the album on repeat.? ? Distorted Sound

?Within these 31 minutes of violent music, you get fourteen tracks that hit you hard in the chest. So breathe in deep bitch, cough heavily and let CONNOISSEUR take over your body. It?s the gateway drug to more great metal. A step up from last year?s EP, delivering the same punches as last year but adding much more quality substance to give us a quality high that only true musicians can achieve. Blaze this over and over, let me know how you feel in the morning.? ? HeadbangorGTFO

?Fire it up? sit back and just ? take it in man. If you?re into heavy music and you like weed and bands who sing about heavy weed usage, you?ll like this?? ? Mxdwn

?If you?re not familiar with CONNOISSEUR and you?re expecting some paint-by-numbers stoner metal, you?ll have to re-orient your thinking, with or without some weedy assistance. ?Pot Hole? is a seething, searing, thick-riffed outburst of rage, with pissed-off vocal vitriol that will leave your ear drums in tatters. Yeah, CONNOISSEUR do not adjust to an empty pot hole by chanting tranquilizing mantras.? ? No Clean Singing on the track, ?Pot Hole?

HELLBASTARD: Iconic UK Crust Metal Crossover Unit To Drop New Full-Length Via PATAC Records This July; Video Unveiled

Iconic UK crust metal crossover unit, HELLBASTARD, will unleash the perilous fruits of Feral, their forthcoming new full-length, this July via PATAC Records.

Think you know HELLBASTARD? You know nothing, as Feral has just rewritten the band in vivid shades of scarlet and gold. The tranquil intro piece, ?In Praise Of Bast,? featuring the keyboard skills of Andy ?A-. Droid? Wiggins (ex-Amebix), lulls the listener into a deliciously false sense of security, because seconds after its final note fades into memory, the album?s title track hurtles in with all the subtlety of a muddy jack boot to the head, HELLBASTARD?s patented metallic riffage in full effect, Scruff howling, ?My father was a wolf? my mother was a witch?!?

It becomes immediately apparent that this is unlike any other modern crossover album. This is primal, back-to-nature shit; a tsunami of raw emotion made sound that demands everything of the listener, no half measures. Not ever. You have to give yourself to the flow completely, or not at all, but the reward for such fearless trust in others is great indeed. An adrenaline shot of pure punk energy, for starters, all filtered through with some of thrash metal?s intricacies ? but thankfully none of its overblown ego. And there is melody to be had here too, but you have to dig deep, claw through the wreckage and get your hands bloodied; subtle harmonies in the guitar interplays and peaceful interludes where you can rest a while between the harrowing heaviness of most of the material. Because honesty is always harrowing, isn?t it? And this is so honest, so utterly uncompromising in its pure existentialism, it will shake you to your core. As the album title suggests, this is a force of nature that refuses to be tamed, and will sweep everything before it asunder, rending it apart with its violent rhythmic contortions. A social hand grenade jammed in your teeth, literally blowing your skull apart with endless possibilities.

As well as A. Droid?s tinkering of the ivories, HELLBASTARD?s Feral also includes guest appearances from Rob ?The Baron? Miller (also ex-Amebix? indeed, the love of all things Amebix permeates every note and beat of this album) on ?Wychcraft? and Mr. Heavy Metal himself, Andy Sneap (ex-Sabbat/Hell) on ?And The Point Of Your Being Is?.?? But Feral is not about individual performances, or indeed individual songs. It?s about reconnecting with that vital spark in your soul that has been dulled by the technological trappings of modern society. It?s a journey back to the earth, back to yourself, a metallic liturgy to personal freedom and self-expression, a call to the wild that cannot be ignored. Immerse yourself in the chaos and be reborn. ? Ian Glasper/Terrorizer

Check out the Feral track teaser along with the official video for the three-part ?We Are Coven? video currently streaming at Decibel at THIS LOCATION.

Feral Track Listing:
1. In Praise Of Bast ? Feral (featuring Andy ?A. Droid? Wiggins)
2. Outsider Of The Year
3. We Are Coven
A. ?For All Crippled Woods
B. ?I Spit You Poison
C?.Let Them Blast Their Brains
4. Shame On Us
5. And The Point Of Your Being Is?? (featuring Andy Sneap)
6. Wychcraft (featuring Rob ?The Barron? Miller)
7. Social Hand Grenade
8. 4-Paws
9. Engineering Human Consciousness? II
10. All Our Sorrows

Formed in 1985 in the North East of England in the midst of Thatcherism, HELLBASTARD set out to play what they wanted to listen to themselves?. too ?metal? for the punks and too ?punk? for the metallers the band went on hiatus in 1992 before officially reuniting in 2008 and continue to bring a relevant lyric and sound to counteract against, mediocre sub-standard radio friendly, safety-rock.

Feral was tracked at the prestigious Hellfire Recording Studios (Slayer, Motörhead, Orange Goblin, Napalm Death etc.) in Derbyshire, engineered, recorded, produced and mixed by Ajeet Gill (Warlock UK, Slab, I Am Colossus, etc) and will be officially unleashed worldwide on July 17th 2015 on CD and digitally via PATAC Records with exclusive distribution by Independent Label Distribution. The first CD pressing will include a bonus track (not available on digital download or the upcoming 2016 vinyl edition) as well as an eight-page booklet and embossed digipack packaging.

?As ever, the legendary punk-thrashers, led by founder-member guitarist/vocalist Scruff, have poured into this album a massive amount of passion, sadness, anger and sincerity: the work sways from incandescent, bone-crushing, proper (and I mean proper ? proper ? proper!) thrash to heart-breaking, bleak ambience magnificence?? ?

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