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On Broken Wings – Jonathan Blake Hit with Legal Charges/Fees – Eulogy Records Appeal to Fans

ON BROKEN WINGS frontman Jonathan Blake has been hit with what is being labeled “bogus charges” after a mic-stand throwing incident stemming from a recent Lousiville, Kentucky show which caused bodily harm to a member of the audience. Eulogy Records are appealing for help from fans, who can either donate money, or purchase a “Free Jonathan Blake” shirt (to view – ” Target=”_blank”>click here) to cover Blake’s growing legal fees.

A message board appeal reads as follows:

“Recently ON BROKEN WINGS played a show in Lousiville Kentucky. Apperently the venue was getting destroyed and the club was getting fed up. During On Broken Wings set Jonathan made some typical comments like “Fuck this place up” thing that mean dance hard, have fun, to us. Jonathan also throw a mic stand wich was not intended to hurt anyone however it did hurt someone. I don’t know who it hit but apperently he is an awesome dude and isn’t pressing charges and is even trying to back jonn up. So Jonn spent a couple days in Louisville jail, he recently got out on bail with a court date set for July 8th. Again if you know Jonn then you know that he has nothing but friends. No money, no home. Just us. Jonathan can not afford a decent lawyer to represent him in court. He is being charged with wanon endangerment of the first degree wich is a felony, and if convicted he will go to a federal prison. I am not asking for a free hand out. But if you are friends with Jonn Blake, or want to see ON BROKEN WINGS or SHERE KHAN in the near future, and have a ANYTHING TO SPARE. please help him out.”

Evergreen Terrace – Cancel Today’s In-Store in Ventura, CA!

Unfortunately, EVERGREEN TERRACE had to cancel their in-store performance today at Salzer’s Music in Ventura,CA. The band blew a tire this morning on the highway and will be stuck in the repair shop without enough time to make it to the store. The band apologizes to everyone who planned on going and to the people at Salzer’s.

Anthrax – Scott Ian Checks In From The Road

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian has posted the following message on the band’s official website:

“I’m sitting in a cafe in Zagreb drinking really strong coffee and watching some guy with the greatest mullet I have ever seen. It’s magnificent! The anti-mullet forces have not reached this far yet. Thank God! And he’s got a Ditka moustache! I would try and take a picture but he’s a shady character. Every ten minutes or so, young women who look to be of the world’s oldest profession, or whores as they like to be called, come in and talk to him. He hands them pieces of paper and they leave. Croatian pimps need to watch some rap videos for lessons in bling. This guy looks like the guy you’d buy a hot dog from outside Wrigley.

Zagreb is a cool city. Not too long ago there was a war going on here. I guess after years of war, British and American tourists are a welcome sight. The city is much like other Eastern bloc cities. Lot’s of old beautiful buildings and way too many ’60s & ’70s ugly concrete communist architecture. And not a Starbucks in sight! Yes, I would rather take the time to savor a local espresso in a cafe any day than a cup of what the McDonalds of coffee chains have to offer. Maybe if I drank fancy coffee drinks and frappacinos and the like, but I don’t. I like it strong and black like oil in a little cup. I’ve heard from Joey Vera that the coffee in Turkey is amazing. I hope we get to go.

For those of you that don’t care about my coffee musings, there are more interesting (maybe) topics ahead. I am patiently (not so patiently) waiting for the Yankees to start winning. No pitching. Old pitching. Giambi. They could be the first team with a payroll over 200 million to not even make the playoffs. That would be a job well done. Think they’ll lower the ticket prices next season?

The shows have been great on this tour. Once again, the Download festival was unbelievable. It was really a special one. I can’t thank our U.K. fans enough. I hope these upcoming club shows in Colchester and Oxford will tide you over until the real headline tour next spring. Our set will be much longer than the Download set, that’s for sure.

The Fury Fest was our first festival ever in France. Frankie and I watched FANTOMAS play. I am an unabashed fan of Mike Patton’s. FAITH NO MORE, MR. BUNGLE, TOMAHAWK, FANTOMAS, all of it. Watching him conduct FANTOMAS was like watching some mad scientist at work. He holds that insanity together with a nod or a hand raise, or maybe it’s just magic. I don’t know. It was sonically one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard. Dark, disturbing and all tempered with a sense of humor and fun. A heavy metal Spike Jones? He’s a fucking genius. I can’t wait to hear the PEEPING TOM record (one of his next projects). I got to see SICK OF IT ALL as well. They crushed as usual. The hardest working hardcore band in the business and they always deliver the goods. We headlined the main stage and our set was brilliant. Tres magnifique. Playing ‘Antisocial’ in France is always a hair on the back of the neck raiser. Joey even sang the first verse in French!! Next time, we’ll close with that one. We are the house band at the Graspop festival in Belgium having played there three years in a row. This year we headlined our stage. First time for that. I was excited about Graspop because I knew how great it would be. The show last year was the best of the tour and the excitement for the reunion show there was obvious. We finally got to hang with SLAYER. We kept missing each other on a bunch of festivals by one day. A lot of these fests have had us, SLAYER and MEGADETH but on different days. It’s The Clash Of The Titans reunion almost. Of course SLAYER destroyed and they seemed to be in good spirits. I even caught Jeff smiling at me on stage. We tried to get Jamey from HATEBREED to sing ‘New Level’ with us but he got cold feet. he told me how SLAYER had asked him to come up and sing with them in Munich when Tom lost his voice and he ended up singing ‘Angel of Death’ to ‘Reigning Blood’ (or the other way around)! We did it anyway with me singing and I’ve almost got it down. It’s a really hard one to play and sing at the same time. Graspop was as good as I thought it would be. It’s overall my favorite festival to be at because the vibe is always so good. SLIPKNOT ruled as well. I want to hit a keg with an aluminum bat so bad in ‘Duality’ you have no fucking idea. After the show it was a huge hang with all the aforementioned bands plus IN FLAMES and MASTODON (who rip!!). That’s what I love most about playing these Euro summer fests. You get to see all your friends at least once a year. It’s like summer camp for metal. Our schedule has been so crazy. We’ve taken more flights than we’ve played gigs. Our bus has no AC and the air that does blow is full of diesel fumes. The bathroom stinks like The Gem Saloon on Deadwood (or at least what I imagine it to smell like). It’s been rough, but the shows have been so great that they wipe off the stench and keep us going everyday. It’s the opportunity to play these gigs that make us all want to be here. I didn’t know how great the reception to this reunion was going to be. I hoped it would be like this but you can’t bet on it. Thank you for going above and beyond my expectations. We’re going to play as many shows all over the world as we can and take it from there.

Are we going to make a record? We’re all open to the idea. The hard part is writing the songs. We’re not just going to make a record because we got back together. The material would have to be amazing and inspiring enough for us to want to do it. It wouldn’t be ‘Among The Living 2’. It wouldn’t be the follow up to ‘We’ve Come for You All’ (that will be made), it would be its own thing. This lineup now. What that is I have no idea. We shall see. Thanks for sticking with us! I hope you’re enjoying the new site. There’s not too much content yet. It’s coming. It looks great though. More skins coming. We’re going to have band member pages and gear pages and I am going to start a personal photo archive and add to it constantly. Pics from 1981 until now. Maybe a pic of the week thing. Stay tuned. I dig the MySpace page. I’ve been slowly answering emails. I like seeing what you maniacs look like.

I’ve been getting good feedback on my Lyon guitar. It’s the entry level guitar that Washburn made for Musicland stores. For such an inexpensive guitar, the quality is amazing. Thank you technology!!! Check out the pic of Thraxx’s daughter rocking it! I will hopefully have some links soon from Washburn so you can check it out. The U.S. dates for the fall are coming together. We’re putting together a slamming package. As soon as things are confirmed you’ll know.

We’ve got titles and art for the upcoming releases as well. Keep checking in. That should all be announced momentarily.”

See Scott’s pictures at ” target=”_blank”>this location.

Sonata Arctica – Returns To America

Finnish power metallers SONATA ARCTICA will seemingly be coming back sooner than expected, with a date confirmed at the Jaxx nightclub in Springfield, VA on January 17th, 2006. One national act is to be confirmed as well.

Danzig, Chimaira, Behemoth, Mortiis – Team Up For Blackest Of The Black Tour

Glenn Danzig, at the forefront of the hardcore/dark metal movement for more than 25 years, announces that the 2005 “Blackest of the Black” tour will kick off in San Diego at the end of September and end on the west coast on Halloween. For the sophomore year of this Fall traveling festival, Danzig has assembled a line-up of the crème de la crème of the hardcore/dark/black metal bands – CHIMAIRA, BEHEMOTH, HIMSA, MORTIIS(ex-EMPEROR) and THE AGONY SCENE. DANZIG will headline.

DANZIG‘s performance on all dates of the “Blackest of the Black” tour will feature former MISFITS‘ guitarist Doyle Von Frankenstein for a special 30-minute set of Misfits classics. Doyle joined Danzig on a handful of tour dates last winter (New York, Philadelphia, Boston) for “the closest thing to a MISFITS reunion you’re going to see.”

“‘The Blackest of the Black’ tour is for extreme bands that sell out venues across the country, that sell records, but don’t get radio play or get on MTV,” said Danzig. “It’s anti the corporate crap nu-rap-metal that gets shoved down fans’ throats at other concerts.” The “Blackest of the Black” festival was organized by DANZIG and debuted in the Summer of 2003 with DANZIG, SUPERJOINT RITUAL, OPETH, NILE, LACUNA COIL and BEHEMOTH on the bill. “I’d like to see this being an on-going event,” Danzig added.

In addition to organizing and headlining the “Blackest of the Black” tour, Glenn Danzig will see the release of the DVD “Il Demonio Nera” (evilive) on July 12. “Il Demonio Nera” is a collection of videos, video outtakes, alternative versions and previously unreleased music videos from the band’s “Danzig 4” and “Danzig 5” CDs. His new CD, “Black Aria II,” the follow up to 1993’s “Black Aria,” has been completed and will be released later this year, and Glenn is in the process of shooting his first feature film, “Gerouge,” which he has written and will direct. “Gerouge” is based on one of the comic book titles distributed by his Verotik publishing company, and concerns Turn of the Century New Orleans Voodoo.

Contra – Video for ‘This Machine Kills’ Up

CONTRA has posted their video for ‘This Machine Kills’ the title track off of their debut record. The video was directed and edited by Richie Valdez (INTO THE MOAT, PSYOPUS), and can be found here.

Sevendust – Earmark October 11 as Release for 5th Album – “Next”

SEVENDUST have earmarked October 11th as the official release date for their 5th album “Next”. A preview of the new album, and the song ‘Pieces’, which can be heard in its entirety, can all be found here.

Green Carnation – Currently Recording 1st Acoustic Album – “The Acoustic Verses”

GREEN CARNATION is currently working in Brown Sound Studios on their first acoustic album, bearing the working title;
The Acoustic Verses”. The album will celebrate the band’s 15th anniversary this year and it will also be released as a limited 2 disc edition, featuring lots of exclusive material from the history of the band and its members.

The album will be released later this year, through Sublife Productions, the new label of Tchort and Kjetil Nordhus. Sublife Productions will also work as management and booking for GREEN CARNATION, BLOOD RED THRONE, CARPATHIAN FOREST. Other releases than the acoustic album from GREEN CARNATION, will see the light next year and the newly founded production company is currently looking for business partners world wide. Tchort has this to say about Sublife Productions:

“In addition of the acoustic album featuring only new songs written for the album exclusively + cover songs, We have some releases lined up for next year, that makes us really excited about the whole Sublife thing. Some of these releases will blow people away and set new standards in music, but we also have some very interesting historical documentary coming up on DVD, that we hope to land a deal on”.

Chevelle – Lose a Loeffler – ex-Filter Guitarist to Fill In

CHEVELLE has revealed that brother Joe Loeffler, the band’s bassist, will not be touring with the band this summer. In an official statement, the band pointed out, “After three years of non-stop touring and recording, Joe is taking a break to be home with family. We’ll miss having him on the road with us, but as his brothers and bandmates we respect his decision and are looking forward to getting out there and playing for the fans. See you on tour.”

Providing covering fire for the 4-stringer will be former FILTER guitarist Geno Lenardo.

Candlelight Records – Confirm North American Agreement with Germany’s AFM Records

Candlelight Records today confirms a new North American agreement with Germany’s AFM Records. Under the agreement, Candlelight will cooperatively market and release several titles, including new records from MASTERPLAN, ROB ROB and ANNIHILATOR.

AFM Label Manager Nils Wasko says of the new cooperation, “we are very happy that AFM has found a professional license partner for the USA and that everyone at Candlelight is so enthusiastic about our releases. We are really looking forward to working with them.”

Candlelight’s Edward Christie says, “we are very excited about the new cooperation with AFM. Nils and his staff have a great roster and really support and believe in their artists; something we mirror at Candlelight. We expect great results from our agreement and look forward to getting started.”

Based outside Frankfurt, Germany, AFM Records was founded by Squealer vocalist Andreas “Henner” Allendörfer over ten years ago. Since then the company has grown to include an impressive roster of artists and a growing worldwide sales base. AFM is the current home to DORO, DESTRUCTION, UDO, TANKARD, and early EDGUY. Presents: Reverend Bizarre, November’s Doom, The Gates Of Slumber In NYC and Paragon Records presents:

AGNOSIS (New York)

The show will be held on July 15th at North Six in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Tickets are $15 and doors are 8 pm. A high quality image of the official flyer for the show can be seen here and a smaller image can be seen here.

Chimaira, Six Feet Under – More Tour Dates Released

Some more date have been confirmed for the upcoming tour featuring CHIMAIRA, SIX FEET UNDER, ALL THAT REMAINS, and 3 INCHES OF BLOOD:

August 3 – Nashville, TN @ Exit / In
August 4 – New Orleans, LA @ TwiRoPa
August 5 – Houston, TX @ Engine Room
August 6 – San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
August 8 – Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theatre
August 9 – Des Moines, IA @ Hairy Mary’s
August 10 – Milwaukee, WA @ The Eagles Club
August 13 – Charleston, WV @ The Sound Factory
August 18 – New Haven, CT @ Toad’s Place
August 20 – Providence, RI @ The Living Room
August 24 – Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall
August 25 – Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues
August 26 – Jacksonville Beach, FL @ Freebird Cafe

Silent Civilian – Jonny Santos – ex-Spineshank – Signs to Mediaskare

Former SPINESHANK frontman Jonny Santos’ latest project SILENT CIVILIAN have now signed a deal with Mediaskare following their departure from Cleveland-based Corporate Punishment Records. There are said to be plans for an early 2006 release, and tour to support the release.

Clutch – Set to Debut at #93 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart

DRT recording artist CLUTCH‘s new album, “Robot Hive/Exodus”, will debut next week at #93 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart and #7 on the Independent Label chart. With sales of almost 13,000, “Robot Hive/Exodus” (their sixth studio album) marks the band’s highest chart debut and biggest first week sales in their 12 year history.

CLUTCH is currently co-headlining the ‘Sounds of the Underground’ tour of which DRT Entertainment is a proud sponsor. The band will be playing material from the new album, including the first single “10001,” as the tour crosses North America through the first week of August, and will return to the road in Fall 2005 for their own headlining tour.

“This impressive first sales week by CLUTCH not only affirms the band’s continuing relevance within the rock community,” said DRT co-principal Derek Shulman, “but also shows how competitive an independent label like DRT can be with quality rock acts such as CLUTCH.”

DRT’s upcoming releases include “The Great Depression” from Swedish rock band BLINDSIDE in late August, and the debut album “Fact & Fiction” from Northern California’s APHASIA.

Jag Panzer – Bang Your Head Pictures, Chris Broderick Starts Online Guitar Lessons

Having performed this weekend at Germany’s sold-out Bang Your Head Festival alongside metal-legends DIO, MOTORHEAD, CANDLEMASS and more, JAG PANZER guitarist Chris Broderick reported on the festival, the amazing crowd response, and answered a few questions on his current guitar activities: “Sold out!!! Over 20,000 people; it was insane! The first thing I saw rolling into Balingen, Germany was a sea of camping tents and everyone hanging out partying until the festival began. When we hit the stage at 2:00 PM, it was incredible. The amphitheater was already packed with fans, and the response was unbelievable! With their fists in the air, singing along with every song, the fans made playing the festival a 1000 times more enjoyable.” For pictures of the event and the bands performance click here.

Additionally, for those interested in taking guitar lessons from one of metal’s best, from virtually anywhere in the world, Broderick is giving guitar lessons over the Internet. He spent some time answering questions about how he does this and what it takes to start taking these lessons.

Question: What inspired you to start giving Internet lessons?

Chris Broderick: Well, I was starting to get a lot of emails from people wishing they could take lessons [from me] but they lived in other states, making it too far for them. I also liked the idea of being able to still give lessons while touring. You could give them from local hotspots like Internet cafes and also from venues that the band is playing, I think it would be unique to get instruction from someone on the road and see what touring life is really like. I had seen online instruction before, but never in real time like personal lessons run, so as far as I know, I am the first to do this, and it was my idea. The funny thing is that when I initially ran this by some of my students who know a lot about computers, they said it wouldn’t work, so I canned the idea for a while.

Q: What equipment would someone need to have to participate in a lesson this way?

CB: Very little actually: a computer with DSL or cable Internet connection, which a lot of people have, and you also need a web cam, which costs about $20. All of the software my students and I use is free and works very well. Currently my favorite instant messenger is MSN, because you can make the image of the other person full screen, and it has good audio and minimal latency. For sending and receiving tabs and standard music notation, I use Powertab 1.7, which supports 7-string guitars.

Q: How many students do you give lessons to this way, and how is it working?

CB: Well, I would like my students to respond to that, so you can head to my website and click on the lessons page and then student testimonials. Currently, I have 11 students over the Internet, and it is working really well. Every once in a while the audio might drop out for a second, but it’s very minimal and has the same feel of in-person lessons. One cool thing is you can record your lesson for future reference, and with Powertab you can listen to the assignments I give on your computer at any tempo. PT can also transpose into new keys and shift fingerings for you at the click of a button.

Q: How did your students find out about your Internet lessons?

CB: Through a few sources, my web site and forum, my posts on the Jag Panzer website and forum, and also who also ran the story for me.

Q: Are your students fans of the band, or did they find out about your lessons because of your technical prowess?

CB: Some of both, I think. If you know about my playing, you know about Jag Panzer. A few people know about me through other guitar sites that host lead clips, but I would say 90% are fans of Jag Panzer.

Q: How would someone wanting to signup for lessons get in touch with you?

CB: First, I recommend going to the lessons page on my web site,, check it out, and then they can email me at

Chris Broderick has a degree in Classical Guitar Music Performance from Denver University. Please contact him directly about his revolutionary lesson methodology.

Shadows Fall – Schedule In-Store at Auburn Old Glory Mall

Old Glory, the multi-channel retailer announced today that its Auburn Mall store will host a special visit from the band SHADOWS FALL on Wednesday July 13th at 6:30 p.m.

Hundreds of fans are expected to swarm to this free event which kicks off OZZFEST 2005 that launches on July 15th in Mansfield, MA, the first of 22 out of 27 sold out shows. Members of SHADOWS FALL will make a personal appearance for two hours at Old Glory store to meet fans and sign autographs.

Stutterfly – ‘Gun in Hand’ – 1st Single Available for Download

This week’s featured STUTTERFLY track on FUSE’s Daily Download is the first single off of “And We Are Bled Of Color”, which is in stores now, ‘Gun In Hand’. You can grab it here.

New Crowpath Interview

Our good friends at recently posted an interview with Crowpath. You can check that out at

More here:
New Crowpath Interview

Cyphilis – Set to Release 4-Song EP this July

CYPHILIS, the pride and joy of Northeast Pennsylvania’s underground metal scene, is set to drop their latest release titled “Manifest” on July 19th. The 4 song EP is available through select retailers and the band’s website:

The track listing is as follows:

1. Manifest
2. Grinderparts
3. Trouble In The Eyes Of Our Maker
4. Hell’s Half Acre

CYPHILIS consists of:

Nick D – Vocals
Germ – Guitar
Deuce – Bass
Feist – Drums

Ruin – Post 3 Songs On MySpace – Produced by Mikey Doling

Hollywood based metallers RUIN produced by Mikey Doling (SNOT, AMEN) has posted 3 songs off their current effort that is still in the works for their upcoming release. The songs can be found at this location. The track ‘Pull You Down’ features a guest guitar appearance by Doling. RUIN will be appearing at the following locations over the course of this Summer:

July 15 – Los Angeles, CA @ Whisky A Go Go
July 24 – Los Angeles, CA @ Larke Monte
August 5 – – Los Angeles, CA @ Whisky A Go Go (with DEVILDRIVER)

Bobaflex – Snippets of Entire New Album Up

Fans can now visit BOBAFLEX‘s official site and preview snippets of the band’s entire new album, “Apologize for Nothing”, due in stores August 2005 through TVT Records. As previously reported, tracklisting for the album is below:

Six Feet Under
Better Than Me
Bright Red Violent Sex
Guns A Blazing
G.U.T. (Got U Trapped)
Turn the Heat Up
The Guardian
Don’t Lie Down with Dogs
Rescue You

There is also a new band bio and some photos up on the site. The band is still making changes to the album’s packaging art, and more updates are expected shortly.

Nodes Of Ranvier – New Song Available For Listening

A new NODES OF RANVIER song entitled, “Glass Half Nothing”, from their upcoming album, “The Years To Come”, has been posted online at this location. An official street date for the album will be announced soon along with the cover art which is being handled by Paul Romano (MASTODON, DEAD TO FALL, THE RED CHORD).

Unleashed – Filming DVD At With Full Force Festival

Swedish death metallers UNLEASHED will be filming a DVD at the band’s performance at the With Full Force festival on Friday.

Within Temptation – Sign To Roadrunner Records

Roadrunner Records is proud to announce the signing of critically acclaimed Dutch goth-metallers WITHIN TEMPTATION for the UK, Australia, and Japan.

Fronted by the nightingale-throated Sharon den Adel, the band is completed by Robert Westerholt (guitar), Jeroen Van Veen (bass), Stephen van Haestregt (drums), Martijn Spierenburg (keyboards), and Ruud Jolie (guitar).

“We are very happy that our new album is being released by Roadrunner in the U.K., Australia, and Japan,” say Sharon and Robert. “A lot of our fans from these countries send us messages requesting a local album release. We wanted to work with a label that understands our music and now we are definitely at the right place.”

Formed in 1996, WITHIN TEMPTATION has released three albums including the platinum album ‘Mother Earth’ – selling over 800,000 albums in their career to date. Latest album ‘The Silent Force’, originally released in November 2004, crashed into the Netherlands official chart at #1, and was certified gold a mere three weeks later. Further Top 5 positions followed in Germany (gold), Belgium (also gold), and Finland, with Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, France, and Norway all also placing the album high in the Top 30. A UK release is set for August 29th in brand new CD and CD/DVD formats including bonus tracks and live footage.

In early 2005, with over 400,000 copies of ‘The Silent Force’ sold in Europe, the band was awarded the Conamus Music Export prize as well as the Edison Award for Best National Band (the Dutch equivalent of the US Grammys & the UK Brits). A TMF Award (MTV Benelux’s domestic award ceremony) followed.

WITHIN TEMPTATION are currently on the European festival circuit, appearing at Pinkpop, Werchter, Rock Am Ring, Rock Im Park, Sweden Rock, Ruisrock, Aerodome, Wacken, and Gurten. Support slots with IRON MAIDEN in Paris and Zurich have also been announced. In addition, a special one-off show in Amsterdam on July 22 is confirmed, where the band will perform on an island in the middle of a river for 10,000 fans! In the UK, WITHIN TEMPTATION will headline the annual Bloodstock Festival on September 3. Stay tuned for more dates.

Nasum – To Do Live Split CD With Napalm Death

NASUM drummer Anders Jakobson has posted the following message on the band’s official website:

“Today I got a very appreciated package from Denmark with Nasum’s three shows from Japan January 2004 on CD. Our Danish sound engineer Bo Lund has really taken his time sending me these CD’s but, boy, was it worth the wait!

I remember quite clearly how we sat in a hotel corridor in Osaka listening to the show we did just hours before by passing around Bo’s minidiscplayer and headphones and just DIED by the great quality of the sound! It was really releaseable (is that a word?).

I’ve just recently listened through that recording and it’s without doubt the best live recording of Nasum that I have heard. It captures the massive sound we had live and the takes sound pretty OK as well.

I will soon pic out the best stuff, polish it a little bit and prepare it for release. The idea is to do a live split with NAPALM DEATH (also recorded at the same tour), but I don’t know when and how it’s going to be released. I know Shane wants to release it on the FETO label. We’ll see.

I will share a track or two in a couple of days so you can hear for yourself how great this MINIDISC RECORDING (!) actually sounds! “

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