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Pinion – Mike Patton Agrees to Score Independent Film

Mike Patton has agreed to compose the score for the independent film, PINION. The director/writer, Melanie Lee, chose Patton because she felt that he had a commanding capability to make an intense soundscape to compliment her visuals. This is Patton’s first score composition for an American film.

Mike Patton was made famous for his irreverent frontman responsibilities for FAITH NO MORE, MR. BUNGLE, and recently, the very complex and experimental FANTOMAS. Patton’s versatility and ingenuity has allowed him to work with the likes of John Zorn, Burt Bacharach, Ikue Mori, and Bjork. Patton was chosen for his ability to produce layered and eerie atmospheres, coupled with his comfort level with the film making process. Though this is Patton’s first score composition, he is no stranger to movies. Patton has just completed production in Steve Balderson’s film FIRECRACKER playing not one, but two lead roles.

PINION is set to begin production in fall of 2005 and will star award winning actor Peter Greene (PULP FICTION, THE USUAL SUSPECTS, TRAINING DAY, THE RICH MAN’S WIFE).

10 Years – “The Autumn Effect” – Announce Release Date – August 2nd

10 YEARS have confirmed an August 2nd release date for their Republic/Universal debut, “The Autumn Effect”. To boot, the first single, “Wasteland”, is currently the #1 most added song at active rock radio.

Sounds of the Underground and Present…

A brand new set of exclusive contests, including a LAMB OF GOD prize pack which includes their new DVD ‘Killadelphia’, as well as an amazing ‘Backstage Access’ contest in conjuction with the SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGROUND TOUR, have been launched on

Sounds of the Underground and Present…

“The chance and opportunity to meet up with bands on the SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGROUND TOUR. One grand prize winner will be escorted backstage to the tour bus area for the chance of a life time, and will get the opportunity to meet and greet bands that are taking part in the biggest underground metal and hardcore tour of the Summer!”

More information can be found at

Bobaflex – Set to Sign at the SMNnews Booth at this Weekend’s Dwell in Darkness II

BOBAFLEX have been added to the list of bands signing at the Booth at the 2nd edition of the DWELL IN DARKNESS festival series, which takes place this Friday and Saturday in Dayton, Ohio at Elbos. Other bands signing include:


All bands will be signing after their sets, with BOBAFLEX signing at 9:30pm on the Saturday. Ticket information, and full lineups can be found at

A New Gorod Date

20th june at bordeaux plug- 58 rue du mirail-33000 bordeaux With: cephalic carnage iost-schizo death grind-bordeaux zubrowska-deathcore-toulouse

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A New Gorod Date

Upcoming Willowtip Releases

The new Gorod cd, entitled Neurotripsicks, is in stock and available now. If you have not ordered it yet, it is included in the WILLOWTIP 3-PACK SPECIAL that is currently for sale in the Willowtip store. Preorder all 3 of the July releases and receive a special discount. Get all 3 of these amazing discs in this 3 pack special for $3 less. You will receive Gorod – Neurotripsicks, Circle Of Dead Children – Zero Comfort Margin, and The Dying Light – The Killing Plan. The discs will ship separately as they arrive. Absolutely no substitutions. If you are curious as to what these releases will sound like, you can head over to our myspace page at and hear a sample track from each release.

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Upcoming Willowtip Releases

Neuraxis News

06/01/2005 Hamilton, ON w/ Descend Into Nothingness + guests TBA 06/02/2005 Toronto, ON w/Descend Into Nothingness + guests Kathedral (651 Keen E @ Bathurst) 8h, tickets at door 06/03/2005 Guelph, ON w/ Descend Into Nothingness + guests TBA 06/04/2005 Montreal, QC w/ Ghoulunatics, Unexpect, Blinded By Faith, Descend Into Nothingness, Obscurcis Romancia Club Soda (1225 St-Laurent) Galy Compilation 2005 launch 15$ (show + CD) All ages (flyer) 07/23/2005 Laval, QC w/Anonymus, Martyr, + guests Recreatheque Xtreme Distortion Festival I’ve been told by Rob from Neuraxis that they are almost finished recording the new album. It will then be mixed by Jason Suceof (Capharnaum, Trivium, God Forbid) and then mastered by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Nile, Crowpath). There is no doubt in my mind that this album will be freaking awesome when its finished.

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Neuraxis News

Recent News

***The Crowpath and Rotten Sound vinyl are in stock and shipping now. To clear up any confusion, Arsis will NOT be going on tour this June with Light This City, Invocation of Nehek, and Through The Eyes of The Dead. However, they will be heading into the studio in July to begin recording an EP for Willowtip. Rotten Sound has started a tour diary about their current tour of the US with Phobia. You can check that out here, Watchmaker will begin recording their second full-length for Willowtip, “Erased From The Memory of Man”, at the end of May/early June.

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Recent News

New Signings

Willowtip is proud to announce a number of new signings to the label: Pittsburgh grind power-house Circle of Dead Children has resigned to Willowtip Records. The label will be releasing the bands brand new mcd, “Zero Comfort Margin”on July 12 th . Zero Comfort Margin contains 15 brand new songs from CODC and was recorded and produced by Steve Austin at his own Austin Enterprise studio. Sound samples and artwork can be viewed at Hailing from France , the extremely technical and brutal death/tech/thrash outfit now known as Gorod has signed to Willowtip. Formerly known as Gorgasm ( France ) the band has changed their name to Gorod to avoid confusion with the US based Gorgasm. The debut full length from Gorod “Neurotripsicks ” previously only available in Europe will be issued in North America with 2 brand new tracks and an all new layout on July 12 th. Expect a brand new full length from Gorod to be released sometime in 2006. You can preview material from Gorod at the willowtip myspace page Willowtip has licensed the new full length from NYC’s The Dying Light for release in North America . Featuring former members of Cattlepress, Dim Mak, Ripping Corpse, and Hemlock the sophomore album from TDL titled “The Killing Plan” will be issued on July 26 th . The Killing Plan was recorded and produced by Eric Rutan at his Manna Studios in Florida . Hailing from Winnipeg , Manitoba Canada , instrumental gurus Electro Quarterstaff are also a new addition to the Willowtip roster. The band is currently finishing the writing of their full length to be recorded later this year. Please visit for info and demo mp3s. Super fast, super pissed off Texas grinders Kill The Client are yet another band to be welcomed at Willowtip. The band is currently working on new material that will be released on their debut full length for Willowtip expected to be recorded in June. Kill the Client will also be appearing at this years Mayland Deathfest, Boston Doom and Grind Fest, and on a number of dates with Internal Bleeding and Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus. For me information and mp3’s from the band please check out their website at Grindcore legends Phobia are another new addition to the ever growing Willowtip roster. With a slew of releases under their belt on many different labels including Relapse, Necropolis, Deep Six, and more Phobia have established themselves as one of the greatest and most respected grindcore bands in the world. The band is currently on a west cost tour with Rotten Sound and will still being writing material for their full length on Willowtip to be released later this year. And in other Willowtip news? Neuraxis are currently in the process of recording their new full length, entitled “Trilateral Progression”. A release date is set for September 13.

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New Signings

Crowpath Preorder

CROWPATH – RED ON CHROME limited deluxe vinyl PREORDERS now available the limited edition vinyl version of Crowpath’s crushing debut full length. ultra thick 220 gram vinyl, ultra deluxe gatefold glossy covers, brand new artwork and layout. there are 150 copies available on colored vinyl, once they are gone they are gone and are available for those who preorder only. preorders will be taken down once 150 orders are received and colored vinyl is gone, so get your preorder in to ensure you get colored vinyl. expect shipping date is early may you will be emailed when your order ships. available in the online store now.

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Crowpath Preorder

Necrophagist Cancel Tours

“Due to health problems that will prevent me from performing on stageor leaving Stuttgart, NECROPHAGIST is unfortunately forced to cancel our upcoming tours with MORBID ANGEL and NILE as well as our own shows. The situation is dire enough that without cancellation of these dates the very existence of the band and my playing is threatened. NECROPHAGIST and I were looking forward to bringing the Epitaph record to life for the first time, and not being able to do so is an enormous disappointment to us. I am sorry to disappoint you, our amazing fans and supporters, and my fellow bandmates, who have been working intensely with an amazingly professional attitude and are eager to destroy the stage. I know this has been their big dream and a great opportunity, but the situation does not allow me to continue for now. I promise to make sure I will get back on track as soon as my health allows, because I owe this to our fans and my bandmates. Muhammed Suicmez, March 2 2005”

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Necrophagist Cancel Tours

Rotten Sound Preorder

ROTTEN SOUND exit cd’s are in stock and shipping to all online orders now. you can also preorder the deluxe vinyl version. ROTTEN SOUND – “exit limited deluxe vinyl preorder” [WT034] the limited vinyl version of this modern day grindcore classic. the lp version contains 2 bonus tracks not found on the cd. ultra deluxe 220 gram vinyl in glossy gatefold sleeves. vinyl is limited to 500 copies. 150 copies on colored vinyl only available to those who preorder. shipping late march/early april. this is the first release in the willowtip limited vinyl series.

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Rotten Sound Preorder

Willowtip Limited Vinyl

a new vinyl sublabel will be started here shortly for limited vinyl of some willowtip releases. the vinyl will be of the highest quality and these releases will be ultra deluxe. – 220 gram super heavy virgin vinyl – glossy gatefold covers limited to 500 copies in most cases, there may be colored vinyl for preorders which will be very limited. they will be $15 postage paid within the US. the first release will be Rotten Sound – exit which will contain 2 bonus tracks not on the cd version (will be available for preorder on friday). following this will be the deluxe vinyl version of Crowpath’s masterpiece Red on Chrome with more vinyl editions of willowtip titles to follow if demand exists and if this vinyl experiment is successful. you can PREORDER a copy of the vinyl version of rotten sound’s exit in the store now.

Willowtip Limited Vinyl

The Metal Community, Bands and Labels, Grieves – Updated.

Due to the length and number of responses, the text can now be found by clicking FULL STORY.

The following bands, labels and others associated with the metal community are listed (some with multiple postings from different members):

Atlantic Records
Century Media

Adrenaline PR
James Murphy
REV. 9
(who were tour mates with DAMAGEPLAN during this tour)

Phil Anselmo spokesman leaves message on Down messageboard; Phil gives single sentence

Here’s from a man identified as “J,” who is a friend of Phil Anselmo and supposedly has a lot of “inside information” on Phil’s thoughts and feelings:

“I don’t have a big official statement. I do have a lot of inside knowledge on the PANTERA feud from Philip’s side and tonight he gave me the green light to let everyone else in on what I know. He trusts me to do this, and I take 100% responsibility for anything that is inaccurate, but I’m confident you all know I’m not going to touch on this subject unless it’s from the heart. He didn’t even give me any specifics except for the final part of this post… he just wants me to tell people what I know to be true.
Philip loved Darrell like a brother, always. They accomplished things together that most wouldn’t even dare to dream. None of us can know what it’s like to be riding such a big machine, it changes the face of music and brings joy millions of people’s lives around the globe. The rewards are big, but the stress is unimaginable if things don’t go perfectly. Yes Pantera broke up and there was a lot of shit talking through the media. There are two people on this board (WOLVIE and NGJ) who would periodically ask me about what’s going to happen with Pantera in the future. I told them each time that I don’t know when, but I’m 100% sure that we will see Pantera together again. I told them that when Pantera does get back together, you will know somebody who never lost faith, not for a second. Why did I tell them this? Because I know Philip loves those guys and when he was ready, he would reach out to them and try to make it work again. I had the feeling that one morning (afternoon maybe), all the CFH boys would just roll out of the rack and say “let’s go!”.
Of all the time I’ve spent with Rex and Philip, I never badgered them about Pantera, but the subject did come up every once in a while. As for Rex, he would refer to the state of things simply as “silly nonsense”. All I ever got out of Philip was something like “nyaaaa… I just don’t feel like sitting down and writing Pantera riffs right now.”… and that’s it! No crazy accusations, name calling, or carrying on. As a matter of fact, in the middle of all the heat, Philip described Vinnie as “the perfect drummer” and that Vinnie could drum more perfect than a drum machine if he so chose. What he said of Dime, he also repeated tonight. “The best of the best”.
It’s sad that the media would irritate the situation so much. Countless times, Kate and I would listen in on Phil doing interviews. Always, always, always, the jackals wanted Pantera dirt. Sometimes Philip would give it to them, sometimes he would not. However every single time I was there, he expressed his love for, and wished luck to Vinnie and Dime but that was somehow left out of the final print more times than not. I was at Philip’s house a few weeks ago and I informed him that I handle the Official Pantera site now, and he asked me if I talked to Dime. I said “No, when was the last time YOU talked to him?” with a sigh, he said “three years”. Not a “fuckin right 3 years” not a “yeah three years and it’s gonna be three more”… but the dude was genuinely disappointed about the situation. I could tell… the time to patch things up was drawing near.
There’s more I want to share, but it’s almost 5AM right now, and I just managed to hold myself together long enough to get that out.
Philip isn’t hiding out or waiting for the right moment to speak, he’s in Texas right now searching for answers to this tragedy the best he can. There was one thing he asked of me, that I humbly bring to you all:

Darrell my brother. The best of the best.
-Philip H Anselmo”

Pain – Swedish dates

PAIN have announced the following Swedish tour dates:

January 27 – Malmö, Sweden @ KB
January 28 – Karlskrona, Sweden @ Kino
January 29 – Göteborg, Sweden @ Sticky fingers
February 4 – Stockholm, Sweden @ Klubben
Febraury 5 – Uppsala, Sweden @ Norrlands nations
Febraury 11 – Huskvarna, Sweden @ Folketspark
2005-02-12 Mariestad Klubb kaliber

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