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TurkeY Vulture Records – Looking for Bands for Vol. 12 Compilation

Turkey Vulture Records are looking for bands interested in getting on the label’s latest upcoming worldwide extreme music compilation “The Harder, The Better: Volume Twelve” for some great exposure. Please go to for more details if interested.

A.F.I., DEP – First Tour Dates Revealed

Two dates have been revealed for A.F.I.‘s summer tour with THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and NIGHTMARE OF YOU:

June 22 – New York, NY @ Roseland Ballroom
July 11 – Denver, CO @ Fillmore Auditorium

PsyOpus – ‘The White Light’ Video – Live Performance on UVTV

There is another new live performance of PSYOPUS this time for their track ?The White Light? online available for viewing at the Underground Video Television website. The footage was taken at a benefit concert for Handicapped Children last September in Endicott, NY.

Ian Gillan – Speaks Out About “Rapture of the Deep” and Solo Effort

Ian Gillan spoke to Morley Seaver of antiMUSIC this week about the new DEEP PURPLE record ?Rapture of the Deep? as well as his new record ?Gillan?s Inn?. You can read the interview here.

Judas Priest – Founder/Bassist Ian Hill Speaks to Metal Temple About New Album

In an interview recently posted at Metal Temple magazine, bassist and founder of British Metal gods JUDAS PRIEST, Ian Hill, spoke to chief editor Orpheus about a number of interesting subjects (“Rising In The East” DVD, touring, ex-JUDAS PRIEST singer Al Atkins etc). One the issues they discussed was the JUDAS PRIEST album. Here?s an excerpt from the interview:

– Metal Temple: How do you feel about the “Angel Of Retribution” album now, almost a year after its release?

– Ian Hill: “I think it did what we set out to do. We started out to portray all the different aspects of Heavy Metal that we?ve been involved with over the years. Not just the heavier side of things, also the more commercial, the more laid back; all of the aspects of the genre. And I think we achieved that. I think it?s given everyone some idea of what we?ve been involved with over the years. A lot of the fans never saw us with Rob [Halford – vocals] and it was just great for them to not just see him on tour but to experience a new album as well, doing all the different kinds of music we?ve been known for over the years.”

– Metal Temple: So, as you said, after “Angel Of Retribution”, it?s time now to be all locked up in the studio for 2006…

– Ian Hill: “…that?s it, yeah [Laughs]!”

– Metal Temple: You have any new tracks ready? As far as the basic structure goes.

– Ian Hill: “Ken [K.K. Downing – guitar] and Glenn [Tipton – guitar] I believe have ideas and Rob?s always got a catalogue of vocals he works on. So, yeah, I should imagine that there will be a few tracks that?ll come together quite quickly.”

– Metal Temple: Any clue about the overall direction of the new songs? Music wise…

– Ian Hill: “We?re not going to go off in any tangents, that?s for sure [Laughs]! It will be recognizably Judas Priest, very much along the traditional lines. We?ve got no plans for another ?Turbo? or something like that [Laughs]. We?re going to keep it as everyone wants.”

– Read the entire interview by clicking here.

Exodus – 100 Pics from Two Nights in SoCal Online

Over 100 pics from two nights of EXODUS in Southern California have made their way onto Dirt Junior’s site. April 16 at The Key Club in Hollywood and April 17 at The Galaxy Concert Theatre in Santa Ana can be found here and here.

Keep of Kalessin – BRand New Music on Candlelight MySpace

Candlelight Records has premiered “Vengeance Rising” from KEEP OF KALESSIN‘s forthcoming album, “Armada”, at the label’s official My Space page. Bring your browser to this location to have your first listen.

The fury has been building overseas for years. The exciting sounds of black metal?s newest son slowly nurturing its molten, raw metallic bite. Their two recordings for Italian label Avantgarde Music have found their way to the hands of the curious ears that could not resist the power. Now, finally, in
2006 the US braces for its official introduction to Norway?s KEEP OF KALESSIN.

“Armada”, the latest chronicle from the black metal militia, is an explosive recording that lives up to its high expectations. Founded by guitarist Obsidian C (SATYRICON), the album celebrates over two years of work and already is finding much acclaim. A video for album track ?Into the Fire?
will be completed in March, prior to US album release and the band already are a confirmed performer for the annual Inferno Festival.

Strapping Young Lad – Report from the Studio – Tracklisting for “The New Black”

According to an reader, a recent STRAPPING YOUNG LAD newsletter has reported that the band have been busy recording a new album to be released in July to coincide with OZZFEST 2006. Titled “The New Black”, it features 10 songs including:

You Suck
Wrong Side
Far Beyond Metal
Almost Again
The New Black

Frontman Devin Townsend had this to say:

“It’s all sorts of styles in one. It’s about Infinity, it’s really cool to listen to and sounds great. Each SYL disk has been it’s own thing, and this is too. It’s really heavy, it has lots of cool textures and the band is proud of it. There are two bonus tracks, ‘The Long Pig’ and ‘C:enter:###’. The album is being mixed by Mike Fraser of AC/DC, METALLICA, AEROSMITH fame. From the Century Media press release: “The soon-to-be genre defying epic will showcase a new dimension of the SYL beast that puts an emphasis on incorporating more hooks and catchier melodies into the group’s renowned insanity, which is backed up with an abundance of devastating guitar solos. It would be safe to say that you can expect the unexpected. [Devin says] ‘The recording process went amazingly well, and Strapping as a whole is really excited about this effort. We were very inspired with the idea of doing Ozzfest, and the concept we are running with on this record is really based around abhorring the current music scene, yet being a part of it in some weird way. SYL is ready to be a subversive product for the unwitting 14-year-olds to scream along with? We also intend to sprinkle a little ugly around all the pretty bands this year. You can think of us as the proverbial pubic hair in the cheesecake of this year’s festival. We are ugly, large and angry. We have also been around longer as a band than 90% of the other bands. Most of all, we’re just really excited to be a part of Ozzfest and this summer is going to be crazy.’

Faun Fables – North American Dates Announced

FAUN FABLES have lined up the following tour dates:

April 22 – San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
April 23 – West Hollywood, CA @ The Troubadour
April 24 – Tucson, AZ @ Plush
April 27 – Atlanta, GA @ Eyedrum
April 28 – Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light
April 29 – Columbia, SC @ Music Fest
May 1 – Oberlin, OH @ Oberlin College
May 4 – Brooklyn, NY @ Southpaw
May 6 – New York, NY @ Tonic
May 7 – South Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
May 10 – Toronto, ON @ Tranzac Club
May 11 – Hamilton, ON @ The Casbah
May 12 – Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
May 13 – Chicago, IL @ South Union Arts
May 14 – Louisville, KY @ Nelligan House
May 16 – Minneapolis, MN @ The Church
May 19 – Denver, CO @ Oriental Theatre
May 20 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Kayo Gallery
May 26 – Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro
May 27 – Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro
May 30 – Eureka, CA @ Synapsis
June 1 – Spokane, WA @ The Shop
June 3 – Olympia, WA @ Capitol Theatre
June 6 – Seattle, WA @ The Triple Door

Mucupurulent – Announce U.S. Shows

German Goregrind’n’Rollers MUCUPURULENT have lined up the following U.S. shows around their appearance at the upcoming Maryland Deathfest:

May 26 – Long Island City, NY @ Metal Kingdom w/ Splatterhouse, Machetazo, Ex Dementia, Villians

with Demilich, Biolich, Funebrarum:
May 20 – Boston, MA @ TBA w/ Facedowninshit, Abhorred
May 31 – Brooklyn, NY @ North Six w/ Electro Quarterstaff

Eaten Alive – Looking For New Drummer

Baltimore grinders EATEN ALIVE have posted the following message:

Due to our drummer’s recent diagnosis of tendonitis in the wrist, he has decided to step down from the riser in order to heal. We are now seeking a replacement drummer. If you’ve got the chops and want to play aggresive death metal, contact us. Serious blasters only. Thanks.
Eaten Alive

Fast Eddie – First Los Angeles Home Town Show Announced

Los Angeles based experimental jazz/death metallers FAST EDDIE, who recently relocated to L.A. from New York, have announced their first show in their new home town:

April 28 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Joint w/ Tub Ring

Turn Into Ghosts – Demo Songs Posted Online

Maryland based thrash/hardcore act TURN INTO GHOSTS has posted a few new demo tracks on their MySpace page for your listening pleasure.

Bad Acid Trip – Added To Ozzfest Second Stage

BAD ACID TRIP has been added as one of the rotating bands on the 2nd stage of this year’s Ozzfest. The band’s latest album “Lynch the Weirdo” was produced by SYSTEM OF A DOWN guitarist Daron Malakian.

Byzantine – Contribute to EyeHateGod Tribute Album, Offer Album Update – Live Video with Randy Blythe

BYZANTINE has offered this quick album update, as well as some live footage featuring LAMB OF GOD‘s Randy Blythe:

“Hi everyone. Just a quick update here to let everyone know what?s up. While most of you were chowing down on some Easter dinner last Sunday, we were in the studio. We went back to Aaron Fisher?s 101 Productions studio where we recorded our previous albums and recorded a cover song for an upcoming Eyehategod tribute album. We recorded ?Shoplift? from their Take as Needed for Pain album. I really like the way it turned out. It sounds absolutely nothing like us but it also does in some ways. Sludgy-as-all-hell-stoner-doom. You?ll just have to hear it. We don?t have a release date on the album at this time but whenever it comes out, we?ll be selling copies at our shows. Until then, you?ll just have to bug one of us to let you hear it. LOL.”

BYZANTINE is scheduled to appear at the New England Metal Fest April 30 and is supporting KITTIE on select dates in May. The band, as reported above, has also added a live video to their MySpace site of ‘Hatfield’ featuring guest singer Randy Blythe of LAMB OF GOD.

Queensryche – 2 Hour Geoff Tate Interview – This Sunday, April 23 on WRQK

Canton, Ohio radio DJ Joe Kleon will present a two hour profile of QUEENSRYCHE this Sunday, April 23 from 8-10PM, on WRQK, 106.9FM (Rock 107). Joe will play an interview with Geoff Tate who will be talking in depth about the band’s new release “Operation Mindcrime II”, with Joe giving away copies of the new CD.

XXX Maniak – Be Immortalized Forever In A Song!

Pennsylvania based goregrinders XXX MANIAK have posted the following offer for their fans:

“As some of you may know, we recently played the killer Arizona Metal Devastation Fest. Unfortunately, some scumbag stole our laptop which had thousands of dollars worth of computer software, unreleased songs and samples on it (hundreds of hours of work) that we will never get again. Since we are an unsigned band and fund everything ourselves, this was a major setback and we considered ending the band now and never doing shows.

A lot of you fans though actually really liked this crap we were doing, so we came up with an idea to keep this slimewave going hot as fuck!

For $50.00, you can be immortalized forever on the XXX MANIAKPhoenix Laptop Relief EP.” We will write a song that has your name in the title, it can be about you or a REVENGE song (name of person you want raped/murdered etc.) This will come out on our own 3XMProductions label; you can also submit one image of you or your REVENGE victim to be part of the layout!

The deadline for submissions is 06/06/06. The earlier you send the money and picture for the layout the faster we can buy new equipment and start working on it. The track listing will appear in order we receive your submissions. If doing a REVENGE submission please give as much information possible on the person.

Payment (via paypal), image and revenge scenario can be sent to:

If you want to send payment via other means please contact the above email for more information.


Dog Fashion Disco – Line Up Change #2,477,535

Long time DOG FASHION DISCO keyboardist Jeff Siegel has posted the following message regarding his decision to leave the band:

“Of all the decisions I’ve ever had to make in my life, this has been one of the hardest.

As some of you may have heard, I will no longer be touring with DOG FASHION DISCO. While there are very few things in this life that have made me as happy as being a part of this incredible group of musicians, I was recently presented with an opportunity that I just could not turn down. And unfortunately, this opportunity will not allow me the freedom to tour any longer.

Taking my place will be Tim Swanson, from DUCT TAPE MUSTACHE. He’s a hell of a keyboardist and is already fitting in nicely. I hope you’ll all show him some quality DFD love. Todd and Wendy are lubing him up and breaking him in now ? so he’ll be ready for you by the time the band rolls into your town.

Jokes aside, I just want to let all of you know that you mean the world to me. You have come out to our shows, put us up in your homes and spent your hard-earned money on our albums and t-shirts. You’ve continuously given us the support we’ve always needed to keep going. And for that, I’m extremely grateful.

In the future, I will be working closely with Derek and Ron to help push DFD to the next level. So I won’t completely disappear. In fact, some of you on the street team may be hearing from me soon. I’ll also be coming out to some of the shows to shoot some footage for the next DVD.

In the meantime, enjoy the new album and don’t masturbate in public. It’s so cliché.

I love you all!


The Gathering – Axe 1st Month of Upcoming European Tour

Dutch rock band THE GATHERING has had to cancel the first month of their upcoming leg of their European ?Homelands? tour due to an illness.

Singer Anneke van Giersbergen is suffering from an obstinate bronchial and sinus infection, which has taken a turn for the worse over the past few days. The band issued a statement, saying: “The band very much regrets having to take this step, but Anneke?s health will have to come first.”

Because of the severity of the illness, the band is forced to cancel all shows in Europe and the Netherlands scheduled between April 19th, 2006 and May, 28th 2006. “We are consulting with promoters to try to reschedule the concerts to later this year so that tickets would remain valid,” declares the band?s management.

The band’s latest recording ?Home? was released today in North America (via THE END RECORDS) and over the weekend in Europe via the bands own label, PSYCHONAUT RECORDS.

THE GATHERING will resume touring starting in June.

Twelfth Gate – Singer Scott Huffman Leaves the Band – Replacement Found

TWELFTH GATE would like to officially announce that Scott Huffman (vocals) has decided to quit the band, and that Brent “Red” Erickson has accepted the role as his replacement.

Statement from bassist, Rob Such:

“This may come as a surprise to some, but it’s actually something that Scott’s been hinting at for well over a year now….both for creative differences & reasons outside the band. At the time, even though we weren’t sure whether or not our latest album (Threshold of Revelation) would be his last, we made the decision to go ahead as planned…mainly because we had a great album on our hands, and it deserved to be heard the way it was…with Scott singing on it. Then as suspected, once the album was finished at the end of last summer, Scott confirmed his decision to leave the band. However, he did make a commitment to the band & the new album until we found a new singer…to avoid any gap where the band did not have a singer at all. That definitely made everything much less stressful, but we still decided to start looking soon afterwards because we knew that it could potentially take a long time before we found someone we were happy with.”

“Of course, with the release of the new album being pushed back to early 2006, the timing couldn’t have been worse…but it happens, so we just dealt with it. Also, even before we started looking, we made the decision that our new singer needed to be someone with a different style, but who’s voice would also fit the direction that the band was going in. Scott’s got an absolutely AMAZING voice, & we knew that trying to find someone who sings in a similar style would just be futile…not to mention that chapter of Twelfth Gate had officially come to a close.”

“Fortunately, we got lucky fairly quick, and found someone [Red] who fit us both musically and on a personal level. Red came highly recommended through a close friend of the band, & everything began to progress quite well after only a few rehearsals together. The only “final test” was how well we would all perform together live…so as a recommendation from Scott, he thought it would be a good idea to debut Red at the Chicago Powerfest, and then make our final decision. We agreed…and needless to say, after our performance at the Powerfest we decided Red was the man for the job…though we really already knew it even prior to the fest.”

“Personally, even though I’m excited about what the future holds for Twelfth Gate, I’m still a bit sad to see Scott go. Scott & I are very close friends, & have been ever since I joined the pre-Syris version of Spirit Web back in 1995. And now, after over 10 years of being in bands together, our musical paths are going in separate directions…although, at least we’re fortunate enough to have this happen while we’re still all good friends, & everyone’s truly happy about the transition.”

“All of the guys in Twelfth Gate & I would like to wish Scott the very best & much success with his new project, Mindwarp Chamber. I know it’s going to kick ass & I can’t wait to hear it! Take care bro, Rob”

Nonpoint – Recording April 29 Show for Live CD/DVD

NONPOINT will be recording their April 29 show at the Revolution in Ft Lauderdale, FL for their first ever live CD/DVD release with ‘Bullet with a Name’ director Darren Doane at the helm. Doane will also be filming the video for Nonpoint?s new single ‘Alive and Kicking’.

Head Automatica – Live ‘Beating Heart Baby’ Video Streaming

The live video for HEAD AUTOMATICA?s ?Beating Heart Baby? is streaming exclusively on TagWorld. The video is part of a series of live videos shot at Starland Ballroom, released weekly to the HEAD AUTOMATICA mailing list.

HEAD AUTOMATICA‘s EP ?Pop Rocks? is available exclusively through iTunes and features 4 tracks off the upcoming album “Popaganda”, out June 6. The EP includes ?Graduation Day,? ?Laughing at You,? ?Nowhere Fast,? and ?God.? New live videos are rolled out weekly, so stay tuned for streams, and for now, please enjoy ?Beating Heart Baby? on Tagworld.

Devourment – New Song Posted Online

DEVOURMENT have posted a new song entitled “Deflesh the Abducted” over on their MySpace page. The song comes off an upcoming split where they will also cover “The Pick-Axe Murders” by CANNIBAL CORPSE.

This Time It’s War – Post Unmixed, Unmastered Preview Track

THIS TIME IT’S WAR has posted a new unmixed, unmastered track featuring their old vocalist on their Myspace page as a preview to their upcoming full length. Check out the track here.

Origin – John Longstreth Rejoins the Fold

Renowned drummer John Longstreth has rejoined ORIGIN, the cult technical death metal band he played and recorded with over the band?s first two albums (“Informis, Infinitas, Inhumanitas” and “Origin”).

ORIGIN will hit the road for an extensive US tour that will last through the better part of the summer. The tour will begin on July 19 in Oklahoma City and circle the US before concluding on August 26. This is the band?s first headlining tour backing their latest release, Echoes of Decimation.

Additionally, ORIGIN have been tapped to make its first European appearance with a headlining performance at “Fuck the Commerce” Festival in Luckau, Germany in May.