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Kylesa – Damad Reunion, Tour Info, Band Update

Savannah, GA sludge rockers KYLESA have finalized touring plans for the coming weeks. The band will be playing with VICTIMS, BARONESS, and other assorted bands along the way, including a collaboration with label mates Yakuza for the May 31 date of the “Decibel Presents DYSRHYTHMISA, YAKUZA, BEHOLD…THE ARCTOPUS” tour.

The band is continuing to support 2005’s well-received To Walk A Middle Course, while also playing new songs with new drummers Jeff Porter and Carl McGinley. The drumming duo made their live debut with the band in April.

“Thanks to everyone who came out to check out our new lineup and the two drummer attack [last week],” the band posted on the official KYLESA website. “We’re so stoked with this line up and are continuing to write new material. We’re playing a bunch of new songs for these upcoming shows, so come check it out and let us know what you think.”

On a related note, KYLESA guitarist Phillip Cope will play in a reunion, benefit show with his previous band, DAMAD, May 6 at The Jinx in Savannah, GA.

David Gilmour – 4/20 US Debt on Jay Leno – AOL Music Session 4/21

Make sure to watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, tonight 4/20 on NBC to see DAVID GILMOUR‘s U.S. television debut. He?ll be performing ?On An Island? with special guests David Crosby and Graham Nash plus one PINK FLOYD classic with touring band mates Richard Wright of PINK FLOYD and ROXY MUSIC‘s Phil Manzanera.

Check your local listings for times.

Then ? make sure to check out AOL Music starting Friday, April 21 for David Gilmour?s AOL Session on his artist page this location. He performed ‘On An Island/This Heaven/Take A Breath/Smile/High Hopes’, and ‘Comfortably Numb’.

And if watching DAVID GILMOUR perform songs on your computer isn?t good enough ? Americans can head over to their local Regal Cinemas and watch the London concert in its entirety from May 15-30th. More details to follow.

Skindred – Announce Two One Off US Shows for May in Florida

SKINDRED will be playing two US shows, and two US shows only on May 26 in Orlando at the House Of Blues and May 27 at The Revolution in Ft. Lauderdale. Tickets are on sale now through Ticketmaster.

Six Feet Under, Krisiun – Team Up For North American Tour

SIX FEET UNDER, KRISIUN, CATTLE DECAPITATION, DECAPITATED, and ABYSMAL DAWN will be teaming up for a North American tour later this year. The first confirmed dates are as follows:

September 12 – Ft Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room
October 8 – New York, NY @ B.B. King Blues Club

Satyricon – “K.I.N.G.” Video Posted Online

You can check out SATYRICON‘s new video for the track “K.I.N.G.” here. The song comes off their new album “Now, Diabolical” which will be released in the U.S. on June 13th through Century Media.

Belphegor – Confirm First Romanian Appearance for June 12

“Metalhead Romania” presents the death/black metal legend, BELPHEGOR, Friday, June 12 in Bucharest Romania. It`s the first time the Polish extreme-metal group plays for the Romanian fans. The band is included in the fourth edition of the Bucharest Metal Nights Festival, along with local legend bands like TAINE and PSYCHO SYMPHONY.

Opening acts cofirmed include:


Ticket prices are around 10 euros and the venue is Old School Club. After OPERA IX attended the third edition of the festival and almost 900 people came (sold-out event), Romanian metalheads prepare for another storming blast assured by “Metalhead Romania”.

Raging Speedhorn – Members and Crew form Beer + Whiskey Fueled Viking Skull

Formed by assorted members of the RAGING SPEEDHORN band and crew, VIKING SKULL thrives on the singularly alcoholic maxim best stated by Roddy Stone, RAGING SPEEDHORN‘s long time guitar tech:

?It?s gonna be easy. All we gotta do is get in, get fucked and get out.? Roddy, lead vocalist and guitarist of VIKING SKULL, heads a lineup consisting of guitarist Darren Smith, drummer Gordon Morisson and bassist Waldie. With a ballsy swagger that fits neatly between early Black Sabbath and latter-day Corrosion Of Conformity, VIKING SKULL provide solid proof that the United Kingdom is still the undisputed home of hard rock music.

On VIKING SKULL‘s debut full-length album, Born In Hell, inspiration comes from the most obvious of places. The foursome from Corby, United Kingdom, eschews a gritty, hard-driving form of hard rock fueled by beer and whiskey with women on the brain. The true charm of VIKING SKULL lies in their unabashed desire to rock, drink and womanize; all the while churning out songs detailing their exploits. “Born In Hell” will be re-released in the US on May 16.

Slayer – New Album Their Fastest Yet?

The following article is from

The last time speed-metallers SLAYER released an album’s worth of new material, it came in the form of God Hates Us All and arrived on shelves the morning of September 11, 2001.

So bass-wielding frontman Tom Araya understandably feels some apprehension about SLAYER‘s forthcoming, still-untitled disc, which they’re still working on in Los Angeles with producer Josh Abraham (STAIND, VELVET REVOLVER). The finished product will be preceded by a digital release on June 6 (making SLAYER one of several metal bands who just can’t pass up the opportunity for a 6/6/06 release date).

“I’m hoping that whenever it comes out, nothing major happens,” Araya said. “It’s like, ‘I wonder what’s going to happen this time around?’ ”

The CD should surface in late July, he said, and feature the tracks “Cult,” “Catalyst,” “Catatonic” and “Jihad.” At this stage, seven weeks into recording, five of the album’s 11 tracks are finished and about to be put through the mixing process. SLAYER still need to put the finishing touches on the remaining songs, but Araya expects the band will be finished with everything in the next week or so.

“This album is actually like a culmination of everything we’ve done,” Araya said. “There’s one song that I’m thinking will surprise everybody, because of the song itself. I’m not going to say why, because you have to keep that element of surprise, dude. Musically, it’s going to blow everybody away. It’s going to trip everyone out. It has all the elements of everything we’ve done. No one’s going to be disappointed with this record. It’s fast, heavy ? maybe faster than anything we’ve done before. It’s going to be brutal. It’s what everyone expects from a SLAYER record.”

A track called “Eyes of the Insane,” Araya said, is perhaps the most political song on the album. The song was inspired by an article he’d read in an issue of Texas Monthly magazine.

“The song’s about the effects of war on some of these soldiers,” he said. “This article ? and it was a pretty trippy article ? it really affected me. The entire magazine was devoted to soldiers of this new Iraq conflict that’s going on. The effect that the war has had on some of these kids who’re coming home and having a tough time dealing with what they’ve seen ? I mean, some of these kids are traumatized and mentally destroyed by what they’ve seen. The magazine also ran an entire list of the soldiers from Texas who’ve died. It was several pages with pictures of these kids. It blew my mind.”

The rest of the album’s lyricism is standard SLAYER fare: “Hate, religion ? that kind of stuff,” Araya said.

This summer, SLAYER will preview new material on the road as part of their closing set on each night of the Unholy Alliance Tour. The run kicks off June 6 in San Diego and wraps up July 22 in Long Beach, California. Treks in Europe, Japan, Australia and South America will follow.

“For the heavier crowd, you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth [from this tour],” Araya said.

Ihsahn – Special Listening Session Available on

Candlelight Records USA with have premiered a special listening session for the entire new album by IHSAHN, “The Adversary”, which is in stores now. If you have not yet picked it up and want to hear more tracks before you head out to your local shop bring your browser to this location for the special promotion.

“The Adversary” was released in the US on Tuesday, April 18.

Hammerfall – 7 Songs Completed for New Album – Write Silly Song for Sweden for World Cup

HAMMERFALL guitarist Oscar Dronjak checks in about the new album on his blog:

“This is where we stand at the moment: Seven songs for the new album are all but finished on my part, Joacim [Cans, vocals] is hard at work on the five he has gotten from me so far. Stefan [Elmgren, guitar] has been involved in two of these seven songs, writing most of one completely by himself (a first for a track with vocals). We have a wide range of songs this time around as well, and I have a very good feeling about the material so far. And since the recordings will commence in a just over two months, that is a comforting feeling to have, let me tell you!

“We have now spent the past three days locked in a small room, going over the seven finished songs for the new album. Compared to the first rehearsal in preparation of Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken, this was a fucking breeze! Back then, after the first day, everybody thought, ‘This sounds absolutely terrible, what the hell is going to happen when we enter the studio? Chaos?’ And I’m not talking about the music, more the performance, but because of that, also the songs themselves. Personally, it had a lot to do with the fact that I was very unsure of my playing ability due to the motorcycle accident I had had the previous year. Anyway, we sounded absolutely horrible then, and we all expected a repeat of that this time around. And I believe that to be a reason for everyone being more prepared than perhaps ever before. Whatever the cause, by the end of yesterday’s session, the seven songs all sounded remarkably well-played, and I got a pretty good overlook of the material.

In other news, HAMMERFALL vocalist Joacim Cans has teamed up with former HELLOWEEN and current MASTERPLAN drummer Uli Kusch to write a song for the Swedish football team for the upcoming World Cup – a team who will unfortunately will be dominated by fellow Europeans, England, come June 20.

The song, however, is entitled ‘Glorious’, and will also feature Swedish singer Mikeyla as the main vocalist, with special guest appearances by Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR), Tobias Sammet (EDGUY), Roland Grapow (MASTERPLAN) and Oscar Dronjak (HAMMERFALL). The production is taking place in Sweden April 24-25.

Indorphine – Ink Deal with Rock Ridge Music – July 11 Release

Orlando, Florida?s INDORPHINE has signed deal with Rock Ridge Music. The official release date is July 11 for ?Glowsticks For Clubbing Baby Seals?. INDORPHINE was named among the Top 4 unsigned bands at the SXSW Music Conference by KingsofA& ?It?s like getting punched in the face and then licked?.

Clawfinger – Post Update – Members Busy With Life

Vocalist Zak Tell has posted the following message on CLAWFINGER‘s official web site:

“Apart from me meeting up with Jocke [Skog, keyboards] to participate in the control arms manifestation [a political protest] and being in the studio two days ago just to remember what it’s like, well, everything is simply about family! We know we have two and a half hectic weeks in France coming up very shortly, and then more dates in May, so basically everybody is busy doing nothing or stuff that is not related much to CLAWFINGER! Well, actually Jocke is in the studio most of the time twisting knobs and drinking coffee so that’s not totally true, but what I’m trying to say is that we’re not in the creative writing mode right now! Somewhere in the back of our heads, however, I think we are starting to play around with the idea of making some new trax, it’s just a question of putting those ideas together in our heads in a focused enough way to make something more out of it and actually get them down on hard drive. We have been talking about which direction we would like to go with the new stuff and I get the feeling that it will be slightly different from the Hate Yourself With Style album. That said I still don’t really know which direction it will go, I just get the feeling it will lead elsewhere. Your guess is as good as ours and the only info I can give you is that we want to mash things up even more, pick bits and pieces from all over the place and cross over a bunch of different influences!”

CLAWFINGER‘s “Hate Yourself with Style” – described as “Meshuggah meets Rollins Band” by Aberdeen Washington’s Daily World newspaper – was released in North America on February 7.

Billboard Top 200 – Chart Rundown for Metal/Rock/Alternative

Here are this week’s top sellers from the Billboard Top 200 Chart in the metal/rock/alternative world:


Gamma Ray – Kai Hansen Sits down with Metal Temple

In an interview recently conducted by Metal Temple?s Georgia, German Power metallers GAMMA RAY?s frontman, Kai Hansen, revealed that the band?s next album will be in the same direction as their “Land Of The Free” (1995) release which had gained the band a high level status in the ranks of Power Metal when it was released. Here?s an excerpt from the interview:

– Metal Temple: You have created a milestone in Power Metal with Gamma Ray?s “Land Of The Free”. Do you think that creating such a masterpiece so early in your career was a blessing or a curse?

– Kai Hansen: “It is definitely both. It brought the band very high respect and it showed that Gamma Ray is a force. On the other hand, if you do such an album which everybody likes, people expect the next album to be the same. And of course you don?t do that! You don?t want to do the same thing again and again because people get bored and start to complain. Plus, it will be boring for you because you are a musician and you want to try different aspects of your music. Then, of course, you can?t just do that, because if you start doing that on purpose, it?s ?calculated?, planned and it is not exciting anymore. The next album will be in that direction though… I spited out all my aggression with ?Majestic? (2005) and now I feel like making ?positive? music again.”

– Metal Temple: “No World Order” (2001) was heavily influenced by Judas Priest, your favorite band. What did you do in order to create something different this time?

– Kai Hansen: “Well, it didn?t happen on purpose… and I don?t think that it is that influenced by Judas Priest. It is more a step back to the 80?s roots and the heavy, simple guitar riffing stuff. That is related to Judas Priest…”

– Metal Temple: ?and you love Judas Priest! [Laughs]

– Kai Hansen: “Of course I love Judas Priest! I could never deny that!”

Read the entire interview with Kai of GAMMA RAY by clicking here.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Agree to Provide NBA Finals Music – Launch Summer Tour in June

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS have agreed to provide the opening music on NBA Playoff and Finals broadcasts on ABC Sports and ESPN. Petty’s music will be featured in the opening on all Playoffs and Finals on ABC Sports and on the Eastern Conference Finals on ESPN. The telecasts will also exclusively debut two brand new songs, ‘Saving Grace’ and ‘Big Weekend,’ both from Petty’s upcoming solo album, “Highway Companion,” due out this summer. The NBA playoffs begin on ABC Sports Saturday, April 22 at 3:00PM EDT.

In addition, Petty’s hit song, ‘Runnin’ Down A Dream,’ will be played over NBA highlights; many more of Petty’s songs will be part of all ABC Sports and ESPN coverage of the NBA, including classics ‘I Won¹t Back Down,’ ‘Learning to Fly,’
‘Makin’ Some Noise,’ and ‘You Wreck Me.’

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS‘s music and specially provided live footage shot by director Danny Clinch will be intercut with game highlights and made available to the NBA and to the participating teams to play over the hosting arenas’ in-house video systems. These exclusive clips can soon be accessed at,, and

During the last thirty years, TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS have written and recorded some of the most memorable rock anthems of a generation. They have sold more than 50-million records and have been nominated for 16 Grammy Awards. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS will kick off a major summer North American concert tour in June.

The Acacia Strain – Schedule June 13 Release for “The Dead Walk”

Springfield, MA’s purveyors of all things heavy, THE ACACIA STRAIN, have unveiled a track from the forthcoming album The Dead Walk. The record, scheduled for a June 13 release through Prosthetic Records, is the follow-up to 2004’s crushingly heavy 3750. Adam D. (Killswitch Engage) returned to man the helm for production of The Dead Walk, and the record features chilling artwork from veteran artist Paul Romano (Mastodon, Through The Eyes of the Dead). The album’s artwork can be found here.

The new track, “Angry Mob Justice,” is also being pegged as the first track from The Dead Walk to receive the video treatment. Details surrounding the video shoot will be made available soon. In the meantime, the track can be found online here. On the touring front, THE ACACIA STRAIN will be playing a hometown show before appearing at the 8th Annual New England Metal and Hardcore Festival in Worcester, MA, while the band will also play a string of dates alongside The Red Chord in May before teaming up with Soilent Green to tear through the US in June.

Devourment – New York Shows Announced

Dallas based brutal death metallers DEVOURMENT will make their triumphant return to New York next month with the following two shows:

May 12 – New York, NY @ Downtime w/ Internal Suffering, Misery Index, Dehumanized, Digested Flesh
May 13 – Saratoga Springs, NY @ Backstreet Billiards (Sick Shit Fest V)

In related news, the following other New York City shows have been recently confirmed at Downtime:

July 28 – Deeds of Flesh, Severe Torture, Vile, Decrepit Birth
August 18 – Origin

DragonForce – North American Tour Selling Out

Tickets for DRAGONFORCE‘s upcoming North American tour with PROTEST THE HERO and SANCTITY are selling out quickly. The following is the current status of the band’s tour:

April 28 – Toronto, ON @ Opera House – SOLD OUT
April 29 – Montreal, QC @ Medley
April 30 – Worcester, MA @ New England Metal and Hardcore Festival
May 2 – New York, NY @ Avalon – SOLD OUT
May 3 – Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
May 4 – West Springfield, VA @ Jaxx – SOLD OUT
May 5 – Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom
May 6 – Chicago, IL @ Metro – SOLD OUT
May 8 – Denver, CO @ Cervantes
May 10 – San Francisco, CA @ The Pound – SOLD OUT
May 11 – Los Angeles, CA @ Whisky – SOLD OUT

Ulcerate – Sign To Neurotic Records

Neurotic Records has released the following statement regarding their latest signing, New Zealand based brutal death metallers ULCERATE:

With great delight NEUROTIC RECORDS unveils the latest addition to its ever growing artist roster, being New Zealand based ULCERATE. This young and innovative extreme metal act deliver a very heavy form of technical death metal, while at the same time incorporating several elements from all kinds of different styles and genres of metal. ULCERATE‘s debut album, tentatively titled “Of Fracture And Failure,” which has been recorded and is currently in mixing stages, will positively surprise all sorts of fans of extreme metal.

Ruud Lemmen of NEUROTIC RECORDS commented: “ULCERATE is one of those, so called, hidden gems we have been following from their first demo back in 2003 and on. This band continuously progressed over the past few years and they never ceased to amaze us. As a collective unit this band embodies the talent to create highly skilled, technical yet very structured songs, while keeping a rather fresh form of aggressiveness within their music. We are very confident that their debut album will be received very well and will appeal to many.”

Drummer Jamie Saint Merat of ULCERATE added: “ULCERATE is extremely proud to be associated with Neurotic Records, a label we’ve watched grow from its infancy and we’re excited to be part of such a great and diverse label roster. It gives us the opportunity to get this album exposed to as many people as possible, and hopefully stamp our mark within the scene. ‘Of Fracture and Failure‘ is without a doubt our most accomplished and diverse material to date, and we’re confident that it has something unique to offer the extreme music community. We really hope for this album to be one of the few style-defining releases in death metal. We must give thanks to Ruud Lemmen and all at Neurotic Records for supporting us and giving us this amazing opportunity – we can’t wait for the album to be unleashed and start touring!”

Of Fracture And Failure” is set to be released through Neurotic Records around Summer 2006. A definite release date will be decided on soon and one or two MP3 songs from the album will become available shortly after.

Family Values Tour – First Tour Date Announced

The first date has been released for the 2006 edition of the Family Values Tour, which will feature KORN, DEFTONES, STONE SOUR, FLYLEAF, and DIR EN GREY:

July 27 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Verizon Wireless Virginia Bch. Amp.

More dates and bands are expected to be announced shortly.

(HED) P.E. – Announce Tracklisting for Album – Tour Dates

(HED) P.E. will be touring in support of their new album, “Back To Base X”, which is out through Suburban Noize Records on June 6. Dates include

April 27 Riverside, CA
April 28 Long Beach, CA
May 23 Houston, TX
May 25 Harker Heights, TX
May 28 Las Vegas, NV
May 30 Baton Rouge, LA
June 6 Cleveland, OH
June 8 Battlecreek, MI
June 9 Flint, MI
June 10 Detroit, MI
June 11 Edgerton, WI
June 13 Columbia Heights, MN

The track listing for the disc is as follows:

1. Listen
2. Novus Ordos Clitorus
3. Lock and Load
4. White Collars
5. Get Ready
6. Sophia
7. Peer Pressure
8. Beware Do We Go
9. Daze or War
10. Sweetchops
11. Soitbe
12. Let’s Ride
13. The Chosen One

TurkeY Vulture Records – Looking for Bands for Vol. 12 Compilation

Turkey Vulture Records are looking for bands interested in getting on the label’s latest upcoming worldwide extreme music compilation “The Harder, The Better: Volume Twelve” for some great exposure. Please go to for more details if interested.

A.F.I., DEP – First Tour Dates Revealed

Two dates have been revealed for A.F.I.‘s summer tour with THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and NIGHTMARE OF YOU:

June 22 – New York, NY @ Roseland Ballroom
July 11 – Denver, CO @ Fillmore Auditorium

PsyOpus – ‘The White Light’ Video – Live Performance on UVTV

There is another new live performance of PSYOPUS this time for their track ?The White Light? online available for viewing at the Underground Video Television website. The footage was taken at a benefit concert for Handicapped Children last September in Endicott, NY.

Ian Gillan – Speaks Out About “Rapture of the Deep” and Solo Effort

Ian Gillan spoke to Morley Seaver of antiMUSIC this week about the new DEEP PURPLE record ?Rapture of the Deep? as well as his new record ?Gillan?s Inn?. You can read the interview here.