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Electro Quarterstaff – Enter Studio To Record New Album

Instrumental triple-axe shred team ELECTRO QUARTERSTAFF have entered Private Ear Studios in Winnipeg to record their debut full-length album for Willowtip, tentatively titled Gretzky. Guitarist Drew Johnston had this to say about the new album:

Gretzky strives to marry the insectoid riffing of modern technical death metal with mutant starfish rhythms that swell and contract like reptilian break-dancing on a pirate cruise ship. ELECTRO QUARTERSTAFF are self-proclaimed titans of progressive instrumental thrash metal — we are cosmic messengers of snake-charming harmony dedicated to the exploration and deconstruction of romantic melody and swashbuckling groove. Gretzky is the sound of three riff assassins embarking on an intergalactic adventure showered with bacon sizzling blastbeats and a seemingly never-ending supply of supersonic titanium chestnut rhythms. Join us on the Mountains of Riffs Spring Tour 2006!”

In addition to recording their new CD, ELECTRO QUATERSTAFF will be appearing at the 2006 Maryland Deathfest. The band has booked a 3-week tour around their MDF appearance, so be sure to catch them at a city near you. You can check out the latest confirmed dates here.

Sleep Terror – “Somnambulistic Pedophile” Posted Online

Seattle based experimental instrumentalists SLEEP TERROR have posted a new song entitled “Somnambulistic Pedophile” online here for your listening pleasure. The track is off their upcoming full length debut, Probing Tranquility, which is due out in July.

Into Eternity – Comment On Upcoming Shows, New Album

Canada’s technically progressive death metal band, INTO ETERNITY, will head out for three upcoming East Coast dates before recording the follow up to 2004’s Buried In Oblivion. Commenting on the band’s upcoming plans, guitarist/vocalist Tim Roth said, “Things are starting back up for us. First up, we will play 3 shows in the U.S. starting with The New England Metal Festival Sunday, April 30. May 1 we are in New York City and May 2 in Springfield, VA, both dates opening for GAMMA RAY. Hopefully we will get a chance to say hello to you all at these upcoming dates. As soon as we return to Canada we continue pre-production for album number four. Once again we will be recording in our hometown Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada at Touchwood Studios. We have original drummer Jim Austin with us on the new record and he’s has been doing a great job in rehearsals. There will be one recording change with this album, for the first time we are going to send the album out to be mixed. Any Sneap (NEVERMORE, ARCH ENEMY) will be handling the record’s final mix. We are fans of Andy’s work and know he is the right man. This final step ensures that this will be our best sounding effort to date.”

Calling Buried in Oblivion “a defiantly original work filled with stunning musical virtuosity and truly original ideas,” (Revolver) INTO ETERNITY spent 2005 touring North America supporting the release on no fewer than six continent spanning tours. Look for the band to tour extensively in support of the new album late this year.

Ghoul – Splatterthrash Preview Posted Online!

Creepsylvania’s GHOUL have unleashed a new song entitled “Gutbucket Blues” over at their MySpace page. The track comes off their highly anticipated new album, Splatterthrash, which is expected to be released on June 6th through Razorback Records.

Skinless – Added To NYC Cryptopsy Show

New York based death metallers SKINLESS have been added to the rescheduled New York City CRYPTOPSY show set to place on July 23rd at the B.B. King Blues Club. Also performing will be SUICIDE SILENCE, LIGHT THIS CITY, TOO PURE TO DIE, and NIGHTS LIKE THESE.

Strhess Tour – More Tour Dates Announced

More dates have been released for SHADOWS FALL‘s headlining run on this year’s edition of the upcoming Strhess Tour. This year’s line up also features POISON THE WELL in the direct support slot in addition to IT DIES TODAY and STILL REMAINS, with other acts such as DARKEST HOUR, BURY YOUR DEAD, HIMSA, SUFFOCATION, and THROWDOWN joining the tour in select markets:

July 12 – Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa
July 15 – Detroit, MI @ Harpo’s
July 16 – Milwaukee, WI @ Eagle’s Club
July 19 – Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
July 21 – Boise, ID @ Big Easy
July 22 – Seattle, WA @ Showbox
July 27 – San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
August 2 – Houston, TX @ Meridian
August 7 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart’s

The Internet pre-sale begins today.

Ankla – Proud to Announce July 25 Release for Debut CD

ANKLA is proud to announce a July 25th release date for their debut CD. Entitled Steep Trails, the album will feature twelve tracks produced by Bob Marlette (SEETHER, ILL NINO, BLACK SABBATH) and will be released through Bieler Bros Records.

ANKLA features former PUYA mastermind Ramon Ortiz on guitar as well as Ikaro Stafford on vocals, Jose Clark on drums, Edgar Gonzalez on bass and Oscar Santiago on percussion. ANKLAa has shared the stage with bands like BRUJERIA, BODY COUNT, SIX FEET UNDER among others, proving to audiences across the world the power of ANKLA’s crushing live show.

Trivium – Releasing Special Edition of “Ascendancy” – Video of ‘Dying in Your Arms” Online

Coming to stores even earlier, on May 9, is the special edition of TRIVIUM‘s “Ascendancy”, featuring four new tracks and a bonus DVD containing all their videos and a 30-minute live show – more details can be found here. TRIVIUM will be touring with Sounds of the Underground this summer, opening for IRON MAIDEN in Scandinavia in the fall, and delivering a new album (their third overall and second for Roadrunner Records) sometime in the fall. “Ascendancy” has recently topped 100,000 units sold in the U.S. Here’s (click here and click here) the special edition ecard and video for “Dying in Your Arms.”

Arch Enemy – Full Summer Festival Appearances Confirmed

ARCH ENEMY have announced the following Summer festival appearances, as well as a new DVD:

June 8-10, 2006 – Sweden Rock Festival (Sölvesborg, Sweden)
June 10, 2006 – Download (Donington Park, Derbyshire, England)
June 23?25, 2006 – Graspop (Belgium)
June 23-25, 2006 – Hellfest (Clisson, France)
June 30-July 2 – 2006, Tuska Metal Festival (Helsinki, Finland)
June 30 ? July 2 – 2006, With Full Force (Germany)
July 13 -15, 2006 – Arvika Festivalen (Sweden)
July 21-22, 2006 – Earthshaker Fest (Germany)
July 21-23, 2006 – Metalcamp Festival (Tolmin, Slovenia)
July 28-30, 2006 – MetalWay Festival (Gernika. SPAIN)
August 3-5, 2006 – Wacken Open Air Festival (Germany)
August 8, 2006 – Gothenburg City Fest (Sweden)

Watch out for ARCH ENEMY?s first-ever DVD entitled ?Live Apocalypse? and tentatively set for a summer release.

Devildriver – Interview from In Flames Tour Available for Viewing and Download

There is an interview with Dez Fafara of DEVILDRIVER available for viewing and download at the UVTV website. The clip was taken during the IN FLAMES, TRIVIUM, DEVILDRIVER, ZAO tour in Rochester, NY last February. There will be some live performance videos of the same tour coming very soon to Underground Video Television and as well.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Stadium Arcadium” World Premiere on Monday, May 1 Across the US

Can?t get enough of THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS‘ ?Dani California? and dying to hear more off “Stadium Arcadium” before its May 9th release? Make sure to tune in to any of the stations listed below this coming Monday, May 1st at 8pm ET / 5pm PT to hear the world premiere of “Stadium Arcadium”.

This will be a live broadcast from New York City with the full band. They will be playing up to 10 new songs from the new double CD. Here is a list of cities where you can catch the broadcast live in addition to a few that will be running it a little later:

WAXQ New York
KROQ Los Angeles
WKQX Chicago
WIIL Chicago
KSAN San Francisco
KITS San Francisco
WMMR Philadelphia
CIMX Detroit
WNNX Atlanta
WBCN Boston
WAAF Boston
WHDR Miami
KNDD Seattle taping and running back at 7pm
KEDJ Phoenix
KXXR Minneapolis
WXTB Tampa
KPNT St. Louis
WRNR Baltimore
KTCL Denver
WXDX Pittsburgh
KNRK Portland, OR
WMMS Cleveland
KWOD Sacramento
WAQZ Cincinnati
KISS San Antonio
KBER Salt Lake City
KXTE Las Vegas
KOMP Las Vegas
WLUM Milwaukee
WAZU Columbus, OH
WBZX Columbus, OH
WRZX Indianapolis
WBBB Raleigh
WMFS Memphis
KHBZ Oklahoma City
WZNE Rochester
WLRS Louisville
WXEG Dayton
KFMA Tucson
KFRR Fresno
WBSX Wilkes-Barre
WZZO Allentown
KIWR Omaha
WQXA Harrisburg
KRAB Bakersfield
WLZX Springfield, MA
WRWK Toledo
KDJE Little Rock
WXNR Greenville, NC
WYBB Charleston, SC
WJJO Madison, WI
WXZZ Lexington
WXTW Fort Wayne
KXFX Santa Rosa, CA
WWIZ Youngstown, OH
WRQK Canton, OH
WWWX Appleton
WRRV Newburgh
KNCN Corpus Christi
KQRA Springfield, MO
WCYY Portland, ME
Waitt Radio Network Various
KFMW Waterloo – Cedar Rapids
KZIO Duluth/Superior
WRXS Salisbury, MD
WZXR Williamsport, PA
WZBH Ocean City/Salisbury, MD
WCLG Morgantown, WV
KBAZ Missoula, MT
WWCT Peoria, IL
KXNA Fayetteville, AR
WPDH Poughkeepsie
WOBX Elizabeth City/Nags Head, NC
WRKR Kalamazoo
WAMX Huntington, WV/Ashland, KY
KEYJ Abilene, TX
WEHM Long Island
XTRE Southern Utah
KDVV Topeka, KS
KATS Yakima, WA

Blind Guardian – Andrew Olbrich Speaks Out to Metal Temple

German Power Metal giants BLIND GUARDIAN?s Andre Olbrich (guitars) revealed in an interview with Metal Temple magazine?s Michael Dalakos that the band has been working on a strictly orchestral album, due for release in 2008. Here?s an excerpt from the interview:

– Metal Temple: Virgin never really took care of releasing your albums with bonus material and cool editions. Will this ever change?

– Andre: “Yes! There will be a limited edition pack with one bonus track from our upcoming orchestral album. I don?t know what else Nuclear Blast Records is planning but they are more active than Virgin…”

– Metal Temple: Orchestral album?

– Andre: “Yes, this is material we are writing the last eight years and we have never found the time to release the album. But now we have almost finished the songwriting and we?ve started the production with our producer Charlie Bauerfeind and Viktor Smolski [Rage] who is involved in the orchestral recordings. The album will be released in 2008.”

– Metal Temple: We are talking about strictly new material…

– Andre: “Yes, new material, just orchestra and Hansi [Kursh] singing. Its is without the Heavy Metal parts! There are really good things there and I really hope we will tease you with the song we will put on the album.”

– Metal Temple: I am pretty sure that you will! If you had the ability to change one thing in the music industry, what would that be?

– Andre: “Oh, so hard [Laughs]… There are so many things I?d like to change [Laughs]. it is pretty unfair for musicians that work for years on the music they create and get in the end very little money in exchange. They get the smallest piece of the pie. It is unfair.”

– Read the entire interview by clicking here.

BLIND GUARDIAN released their EP “Fly” in March through Nuclear Blast Records. The full length album, “A Twist In The Myth” (working title), is scheduled for release in September 2006 and will be the band?s debut album with Nuclear Blast Records.

Lamb of God – Discuss New Album

The following article is from

Two years ago, Virginia metal mavens LAMB OF GOD released Ashes of the Wake, a furious and relentless musical onslaught that was just as scathing in its lyrical attack on the Bush administration. The group’s tight timetable (the album had to be written and completed within five months ? a challenge for a major-label LP) left little time to look inward for lyrical inspiration, so instead, LAMB OF GOD picked up the newspaper every day.

For Sacrament, the band’s forthcoming LP, LAMB OF GOD were afforded much more time ? and as a result, guitarist Mark Morton said the record’s lyrics are much more universal.

“The music’s influenced by what the five of us are listening to, what we’re writing about, the context in which we’re writing, our lives and our experiences,” he explained. “We made a deliberate effort not to be so politically motivated this time. We still care about and think about those things, but at this point, creatively, we wanted to step out of that for a moment, and address some other things. So the lyrics are more introspective and more personal, and I think just about anybody will relate to them. Not everybody pays attention to the war or politics.”

Having more time to work on the material also allowed the band more freedom to tinker with new ideas and sounds, and Morton said, “These new things we’re trying really worked out, and you’re going to hear it on the record.”

LAMB OF GOD began recording Sacrament on April 3 in New York with producer Machine (BLOODSIMPLE, WHITE ZOMBIE), who also helmed Ashes, and they’re currently back in their hometown of Richmond, finishing up vocals and guitars. Getting Machine back on board was crucial for the band, said Morton.

“The last record sounded so good, and we felt like we’d already made such a big improvement on that record, that we wanted to stick with him to see if we could get it even better the second time around,” he said. “The first time you do a record with someone, typically, you don’t even know them, and over the course of the recording you build a relationship. To turn your back on someone and start that process over with someone new just didn’t make sense. He was so invested in last record that we felt he had to be a part of this one, too.”

The band wrote 15 songs for the effort ? which should be out by late August ? and plan to record a dozen of those in all. None have official titles at the moment, but Morton said they’re some of the finest tunes they’ve ever written ? thanks, in part, to the vocal output of frontman Randy Blythe. “I’ve heard some of his strongest performances coming out,” the guitarist said. “He’s getting stronger and stronger with his ability to control that insane voice that he has.

“There’s nothing out-of-character on this record,” Morton continued. “Some of these songs are more ambitious, in terms of their arrangement and instrumentation. It’s also some of the most difficult stuff we’ve ever played.”

LAMB OF GOD will be previewing at least three of these new Sacrament tracks during this summer’s Unholy Alliance Tour, which kicks off June 6 in San Diego.

“It’s the heaviest tour going out this summer, which is why we’re so excited about doing it,” Morton said. “We turned down some pretty big shows to do this, because we felt this was the better bill. We had a lot of offers on the table, but this, to us, was… I mean, how can you turn this down? This is just the show I’d want to go see.”

Death In The Forest Fest – Set Times Announced

The set times for the upcoming SMNnews sponsored Death In The Forest Festival have been revealed. The festival, which will take place on May 20th at the Orange County Fair Grounds in Middletown, NY, features bands such as 1349, IMMOLATION, BELPHEGOR, VITAL REMAINS, IMPALED, SKINLESS, ANAL CUNT, and many more.

As I Lay Dying – EP and “Beneath the Encasing of Ashes” Re-Release Info Available

The re-release date for AS I LAY DYING‘s currently out of print recording will be released on Tuesday, May 16. Info regarding the re-release is below:

AS I LAY DYING – “A Long March: The First Recordings”
Metal Blade Records / Feb. 2001 & March 2002

I. The re-recorded…

1. Illusions
2. The Beginning
3. Reinvention
4. The Pain of Separation
5. Forever

II. The first two months (2001)…


6. Beneath the Encasing of Ashes
7. Torn Within
8. Forced to Die
9. A Breath in the Eyes of Eternity
10. Blood Turned to Tears
11. The Voices that Betray Me
12. When This World Fades
13. A Long March
14. Surrounded
15. Refined by Your Embrace
16. The Innocence Spilled
17. Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier

III. A year later (2002)…

THE EP (original versions)

18. Illusions
19. The Beginning
20. Reinvention
21. The Pain of Separation
22. Forever

AS I LAY DYING‘s “Beneath the Encasing of Ashes” and the split “EP” originally released on Pluto Records.

Demiricous – Auditioning Drummers – Contact Info Available

Indianapolis? finest, DEMIRICOUS, are currently auditioning drummers. If you have what it takes to jam with the most intense metal band around and are up for a rigorous touring schedule please contact

Strhess Tour – First Tour Dates Released – **UPDATED**

The first dates have been released for the upcoming Strhess Tour featuring SHADOWS FALL, POISON THE WELL, and STILL REMAINS:

with Darkest Hour, Bury Your Dead:
July 12 – Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa
July 15 – Detroit, MI @ Harpo’s

with Himsa, It Dies Today:
July 19 – Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
July 20 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Avalon

National Day of Slayer – June 6, 2006 – 6/6/6

Are you interested in staging a “slay-out” and making a complete fool of yourself in public? Then join the ranks of the growing army behind NATIONAL DAY OF SLAYER. Scheduled for June 6, 2006 the purpose of the day, according to the organization’s official website is, “for everyone within earshot to understand that it is the National Day of Slayer. National holidays in America aren’t just about celebrating; they’re about forcing it upon non-participants.”

To read more about what you can do on NATIONAL DAY OF SLAYER (that isn’t limited to spraypainting Churches), head to

Angtoria – Video for Title Track Finished – Update and Pictures

ANGTORIA‘s video for the title track “God Has A Plan For Us All” has been recorded. Below is an official update from the band:

“The video shoot went really well, and the director Måns Berthas and the extremely talented and devoted crew he put together did a truly amazing job!
The video was filmed in two locations, a very impressive and beautiful church (Njurunda Kyrka) and an abandoned deteriorated building, over a three day period and due to the lyrical theme of the song it was filmed much as a “short movie”. It contains footage of as well the band as Chris´ 5 year old daughter Saga who played the child, Toni Davey (wife of Dani Filth in CRADLE OF FILTH and covergirl on the album) who played the child as a grown up to a 35 piece church choir and a priest played by Pierre Ragnehag! There were three long and very hard days for all of us, but the result was well worth the effort. Now the task of editing the video starts and release date will be when it has been finished edited, which will roughly be by the end of May.”

A video diary will be posted in the “media” section shortly, and a new “video” section will be added to the ANGTORIA site shortly where all information regarding the making of the video, the crew, all those who participated, behind the scenes footage, etc. will be found.

Pictures can be found here.

Shadows Fall – Brian Fair Speaks About New Album – Tracklisting and Cover Art Revealed

This June, metal titans SHADOWS FALL return with their much-anticipated new release, ?Fallout From The War?. The record?s sessions were again produced and mixed by long-time friend, Zeuss (HATEBREED, GOD FORBID), at Planet Z Studios in the band?s home state of Massachusetts. ?Fallout From The War? is a must-have for the band?s dedicated following as each of the album?s eleven tracks is either a brand-new, original SHADOWS FALL track, an exclusive brand-new cover song, or a newly re-recorded version of rare material from over the years.

View cover art here.

Official ?Fallout From The War? Track listing:

1. In Effigy
2. Will To Rebuild
3. Haunting Me Endlessly
4. Seize The Calm
5. Carpal Tunnel
6. Going, Going, Gone.
7. Deadworld
8. This Is My Own
9. December (Only Living Witness)
10. Mark Of The Squealer (Leeway)
11. Teasn’, Pleasn’ (Dangerous Toys)

Brian Fair (vocals) spells out the details on the tracks from the new album:

?Hello everyone! All of us in SHADOWS FALL are very excited to announce the release of ?Fallout From The War? on Century Media. This album is meant to be a companion piece to our last full-length, ?The War Within?, and it contains six originals songs written during the sessions for that very album. We returned home from an amazing summer on Ozzfest 2005 and decided to get together to record these songs as a perfect way to close out ?The War Within? album cycle and give our fans a chance to hear some killer new material. The recording sessions themselves went incredibly well. We were able to realize the full potential of these songs and with the Zeuss? help we were able craft an amazing disc with a wide variety of styles and emotions.”

“These songs cover everything you have come to expect from us and it was also a chance to re-record a few tracks that had previously only been available as bonus tracks in Japan and Europe, including a new version of ?Deadworld? ? a song that?s one of the first-ever Shad tunes (dating back almost 10 years!). This version is also the first one featuring Jason on drums allowing him to add his signature sound to the track. We also re-worked ?This Is My Own,? a track from The Art Of Balance sessions, with some new vocal harmonies and a few twists and turns.”

“For the cover songs, we decided to dip back into our own history to shine some light on bands that were huge influences on us but never seemed to get the attention they deserved. For one, ONLY LIVING WITNESS was an amazing and highly underrated rock band from the Boston area and we covered their tune ?December? ? and had a blast doing it! Next, we banged out a version of ?Mark Of The Squealer? by NYHC legends, LEEWAY. To me, LEEWAY was the ultimate metal/hardcore crossover band with sick thrash riffs and hard-as-nails lyrics. And finally, we recorded an updated version of DANGEROUS TOYS‘s party anthem ?Teasn’, Pleasn’? that features original DANGEROUS TOYS vocalist Jason McMaster singing along with myself. We went through a few thirty packs to make sure we got this one right! Good times indeed.”

“This will be our last release for Century Media, who as a label have helped us to grow into the band we are and allowed us to achieve things we never thought possible. We see this as the perfect finale to our Century Media legacy and we hope you enjoy it.?

In 2005 SHADOWS FALL played a very successful European festival tour alongside their buddies from SLIPKNOT. The band kicked major ass at Rock am Ring (D), Rock im Park (D), Flippaut (I), Download Festival (UK) followed by club shows with Slipknot across the UK and Ireland. They once more convinced their dedicated European fanatics with a truly intense mixture of great songs, musical skills.

?Fallout From The War? follows the group?s most acclaimed disc to date, ?The War Within?, which originally debut at #20 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, has gone on to sell over 250,000 units in the U.S. alone, and features the Active Rock hit and Grammy-nominated track, ?What Drives The Weak?.

Celtic Frost – ‘Gounded’ Streaming On CM’s Offical Site

CELTIC FROST, synonymous for dark creativity and innovation across extreme music?s genres, grant you a first aural glimpse into their newest opus “Monotheist”, set for release May 30th, 2006. Online now, the new song ?Ground? is available for streaming here.

Called ?staggeringly good? a Fuckin? masterpiece? (Decibel Magazine), “Monotheist” is one of the most anticipated metal albums of the year. Following the album?s release, “CELTIC FROST” will commence touring, performing at several major European summer festivals, as well as an extensive North American tour this fall.

Laethora – Feat. Members of Dark Tranquillity, The Provenance – Sign to The End Records

LAETHORA, the new band featuring members of DARK TRANQUILLITY and THE PROVENANCE have signed to THE END RECORDS for release in North America and Australia.

On their official website the band posted the following statement:

“The LAETHORA collective is pleased to announce our signing to THE END RECORDS for the North American and Australian territories. We’re content that the cooperation will be prosperous for both parties and are looking forward to delivering some quality metal to the masses. The debut album, ?March of the Parasite,? is still being finalized, but a teaser rough mix of the track “Black Void Remembrance” can be experienced by visiting or by obtaining the ?Alternate Endings? sampler CD from THE END RECORDS.”

The band will release their forthcoming album ?March of the Parasite? sometime in 2006.

Green Carnation – Bringing ‘Acoustic Verses’ to the UK – Summer Tour Set

Norway’s prog masters GREEN CARNATION are bringing their ?Acoustic Verses? to the U.K.

After a successful debut concert in London last year, GREEN CARNATION will be returning to The Underworld on Thursday August 24th, 2006 as a part of a mini-tour. The gig in London will be an exclusive one for England. The already confirmed show in Dublin, Ireland has been changed to Saturday, August 26. The rest of the mini-tour will be announced shortly as there are two more dates to be confirmed.

Says singer Kjetil Nordhus, ?We had a great time in London last year and got a lot of amazing feedback after the gig. So it’s a pleasure to come back. Also, the show in Dublin will become something special. There are still some details remaining before we can make that official, but it’s going to be a great mini-tour for the band anyway.?

This will be the second year running that the band visit England and the third year visiting Ireland. Many people have underlined the Celtic influence on the band’s ?Acoustic Verses.? And the singer doesn’t rule out that GREEN CARNATION‘s recent touring history has something to do with their trips to Ireland.

?That might well be. We get influenced by a lot of different stuff, all the time. And with Ireland’s proud music culture, it’s hard not to be inspired. So we’re definitely looking forward to return, both to England and to Ireland.?

Intronaut – Recording/Mixing Completed For New Album

INTRONAUT have posted the following update on their highly anticipated new album, Void:

“We just finished mixing tonight. It’s going out to Alan Douches at West West Side Music in Boston within a few days. Artwork is being handled by the exceptional Justin Bartlett.

It’ll be out on Goodfellow Records August 22nd!”

Rotten Sound – New Song Posted Online

You can check out an mp3 of the track “Decay” by Finnish grind masters ROTTEN SOUND here. The track is off the band’s upcoming Consume To Contaminate EP, which is expected to be released on June 7th. You can also check out a pre-mastered version of the band’s cover of NAPALM DEATH‘s “The Kill” here

There’s also a few “making-of” videos over at the band’s official site.