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Slayer – Announce Their Alternative To Ozzfest

It was too good to be true. Contrary to previous speculation, SLAYER will be hitting the road with LAMB OF GOD, MASTODON, CHILDREN OF BODOM, and THINE EYES BLEED for the Unholy Alliance Tour. The following is from an article:

“Dubbed the Unholy Alliance Tour, the trek will make stops in most major cities, although the actual routing of the run is still being fleshed out. Either way King’s anxious to hit the road again.

“It’s been 18 months since we’ve toured in the States,” he explained. “People are going to be chomping at the bit to see us again. Our initial thought [with Unholy Alliance] was to go up against Ozzfest, because I think that tour’s getting a little bit tired and I think people are tired of going out and getting sunburned for hours every summer. Every place we play is going to be indoors, with a good-sized lineup. We’re certainly not going to try to make Ozzfest go away. We’re just trying to offer an alternative.”

According to Rick Sales, SLAYER‘s manager of 18 years, the idea’s to make the Unholy Alliance Tour an annual event “with the best bands out there.” During the fall of 2004, SLAYER, SLIPKNOT, MASTODON and HATEBREED toured Europe under the Unholy Alliance tag. Sales also wants to take the tour global and said following its U.S. run, the Alliance will return to Europe, followed by stints in Japan and Australia ? although, he noted the lineups would be different on each leg.

“I think we’re in a different spot than Ozzfest,” Sales continued. “This is more extreme and it’s not involving any sort of ‘radio bands.’ It’s a no-compromise lineup, the best of the breed. We think this is a great live event and that the tour will become bigger than the lineup. I think Ozzfest has proven that.”

SLAYER, who Sales said declined an Ozzfest 2006 invite, will deliver an hour-plus set to close out each night of the Unholy Alliance; THINE EYES BLEED will open on all dates, followed by BODOM and MASTODON (who’ll be rotating slots) and then LAMB OF GOD. King said SLAYER will debut some new material from the stage.

On Tuesday SLAYER entered a Los Angeles studio, where they started recording the 11 songs that’ll comprise their yet-untitled album. Rick Rubin (JAY-Z, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS) will executive-produce the disc, while Josh Abraham (VELVET REVOLVER, STAIND) will turn the knobs. One of the songs has an official title (“Cult”), but all of them, King promised, will be devastatingly grim.

“There are definitely things you can’t write about in SLAYER, and there are definitely things people expect you to write about,” he said. “Everybody expects war, Satanism or anti-religious stuff ? and this record’s chock-full of that.”

The LP, which the band hopes to finish in time for a late June release, will be the first to feature original drummer Dave Lombardo in more than 15 years. Their last outing together was 1990’s Seasons in the Abyss.

“[Drummer] Paul [Bostaph], who we did God Hates Us All with, kind of had an elbow problem, and now he’s with EXODUS,” King said. “When Paul left us … it was brought to our attention that Dave was available. And we figured if anybody should be doing this, it should be him.”

Most of the 11 songs SLAYER will record were written more than two years ago, the guitarist said. “We’re hoping to do it old-school and record everything in like four weeks,” he added. “We’re ready. This is probably the most ready we’ve been since Seasons. We’ve been spinning our wheels in rehearsals, just waiting for the green light on this thing. Now that we’ve got it, we’re ready to go.

“It’s definitely going to be a riff-fest,” King continued. “There’s riffs all over the place. As much time as we’ve had to work on it, there better be riffs on it. I think anybody who likes SLAYER, musically, is going to love it.”

While Sales said SLAYER‘s studio LP probably won’t be in stores by June 6, he says the band will release a digital download, EP or something else to coincide with the tour launch.

On Saturday, MTV2’s “Headbangers Ball” will feature an exclusive interview with bassist Tom Araya regarding the forthcoming album and the Unholy Alliance run.”

Demiricous – Vagrant Idol Debut on HBB – Tom Araya to Speak about Summer Plans

Metal Blade Recording artist DEMIRICOUS will see their video for the track ‘Vagrant Idol’ debut on Headbangers Ball this Saturday, March 4. The band released their debut “ONE” (produced by legendary producer Zeuss) in late January and holds the #4 spot on CMJ Loud Rock Chart for three weeks straight also #9 on FMQB’s Metal Detector and # 4Media Guide Metal Specialty Chart. Nate of DEMIRICOUS quipped:

“We feel Metal Blade is the only label that can match how raw we want to come across as true metal musicians. Hopefully what we’re about to create with Metal Blade crüe will be something millions of people can enjoy and go down in history as one of the rawest, most badass records.”

Tom Araya of SLAYER is also expected to announce the band’s Summer touring plans on the show.

Kataklysm – ‘Crippled & Broken’ Video for Download

Video for the KATAKLYSM track ‘Crippled & Broken’ is now availbale online at the band’s official website in the download section. KATAKLYSM recently saw success when they hit the US Billboard Hard Music Chart at #16 and the German National Chart at #76.

Judas Priest – To Release Vintage Concert DVD ‘Live Vengeance `82′ on April 4

JUDAS PRIEST had steadily been building a worldwide audience for eight long years when the 1982 album ‘Screaming For Vengeance’ exploded and became a smash commercial and critical hit. The mainstream had finally caught on and realized what die-hard fans had known all along: Nobody rocked harder or better than the British heavy metal quintet. The single ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ was embraced by radio and the music video earned heavy rotation on MTV.

Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings will release the DVD ‘Live Vengeance ’82’ on April 4, 2006. It was previously only available on DVD as a limited-edition bonus disc with the first pressings of Judas Priest’s career-spanning box set ‘Metalogy’ in 2004. This performance, filmed during the arena-packing ‘Screaming For Vengeance’ world tour on December 12, 1982, at Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, Tennessee, was first released on home video in 1983 as ‘Judas Priest – Live’. It had been out of print for many years before its brief inclusion as part of ‘Metalogy’.

Vocalist Rob Halford, lead guitarists Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing and bass guitarist Ian Hill lead JUDAS PRIEST through a fiery set comprised of classics from previous albums such as ‘Sad Wings Of Destiny’, ‘Sin After Sin’, ‘Hell Bent For Leather’, ‘British Steel’ and ‘Point Of Entry’ as well as the cream of ‘Screaming For Vengeance’.

The 17 tracks on ‘Live Vengeance ’82’ include: ‘The Hellion/Electric Eye’, ‘Riding On The Wind’, ‘Heading Out To The Highway’, ‘Metal Gods’, ‘Bloodstone’, ‘Breaking The Law’, ‘Sinner’, ‘Desert Plains’, ‘The Ripper’, ‘Diamonds And Rust’, ‘Devil’s Child’, ‘Screaming For Vengeance’, ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’,’ ‘Victim Of Changes’, ‘Living After Midnight’, ‘The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)’ and ‘Hell Bent For Leather’.

The ‘Live Vengeance ’82’ audio is mastered in both stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound mixes.

Bullet for My Valentine – ‘No Control’ Live Footage from NY Available

Another live performance video of BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE is available for viewing on the Underground Video Television (UVTV) website. The live track is titled ‘No Control’. Filming took place at The Furnace in Syracuse, NY. The band recently released “The Poison” last month on Valentine’s Day.

DedVolt – Feat. Steev of Skinlab/Re:Ignition – Tunes Online

Steev Esquivel, of SKINLAB and RE:IGNITION, has reappeared in yet another side-project. Dubbed DEDVOLT, the band is currently looking for a bassist, and also features members from Bay Area based CALLED TO RUIN. Music, that was recorded at the home of SKINLAB guitarist Snake are currently available for listening at this location.

Slayer – New Tour (w/ Venom & Exodus?) To Be Announced On Saturday

Tom Araya of SLAYER will be calling into MTV2’s Headbangers Ball this Saturday (March 4th) to announce the band’s upcoming tour.

In (hopefully) related news, the following is an excerpt from an interview conducted by with legendary VENOM frontman Cronos: What are your current touring plans?

Cronos: “Quite a lot, actually. We’ve always believed that people didn’t want see VENOM if we didn’t have the show. It just seems that so many people’s opinions have changed because there are some many places where VENOM has never been. Not all of our fans can travel a thousand fuckin’ miles to come see us. It just seems so odd that after twenty five years, there a just so many places that we’ve never even been. It’s time for us to open our ears and take in a little bit of what’s going on around us. We’ve got a lot of festival dates lined up and of course we’re gonna do all the pyro and the whole shebang, but I think we should also try to do some of these other concerts as well, just to see how it goes. Some kid who can barely afford the price of the ticket can’t come a long way to come see us. We’re gonna try to get the best of both worlds when it comes to playin’ live. One of the things that has been getting’ talked about is a tour of the States with VENOM, SLAYER and EXODUS. How cool would that be? When people start talkin’ about things like that, things they haven’t seen in forever, we’re just like, ‘Get SLAYER on the phone so we can set it up…'”

Goatwhore – Announce New Album And Song Titles

New Orleans’ black metallers GOATWHORE have announced that their 3rd full length release, and Metal Blade debut, will be titled A Haunting Curse. The band is currently putting the finishing touches on the album at Mana Studios with Erik Rutan, and it is expected to hit stores this September. The band also revealed the following three song titles from the upcoming release: “I Avenge Myself,” “Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult,” and “Bloodletting Upon the Cloven Hoof.”

Shaggy 2 Dope – First Ever Solo Tour Dates Released

Starting in late March, SHAGGY 2 DOPE of the INSANE CLOWN POSSE will embark on his first ever nationwide solo tour. Dubbed the Fuck the Fuck Off tour, SHAGGY will be joined by label mates BLAZE YA DEAD HOMIE and the AXE MURDER BOYS, as well as the SUBNOIZE SOULJAZ. Currently confirmed dates for the tour are as follows:

March 29 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart’s
March 30 – Detroit, MI @ Clutch Cargo’s
April 1 – Cleveland, OH @ Peabody’s
April 2 – New York, NY @ B.B. King Blues Club
April 4 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Trocadero
April 5 – Hartford, CT @ Webster Theater
April 6 – Towson, MD @ Recher Theatre
April 7 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
April 8 – Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club
April 9 – Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa
April 10 – Winston Salem, NC @ Ziggy’s
April 11 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
April 12 – St. Petersburg, FL @ Jannus Landing
April 15 – Dallas, TX @ Gypsy Ballroom
April 17 – Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom
April 18 – Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theatre
April 19 – Phoenix, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
April 20 – Los Angeles, CA @ House of Blues
April 21 – Santa Ana, CA @ Galaxy Theater
April 22 – San Francisco, CA @ The Pound
April 23 – Reno, NV @ New Oasis
April 24 – Chico, CA @ Senator Theater
April 25 – Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
April 26 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
April 28 – Magna, UT @ The Great Salt Air
April 29 – Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
April 30 – Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theatre
May 1 – Sauget, MO @ Pop’s
May 3 – Minneapolis, MN @ The Quest
May 4 – Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theater
May 6 – Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall

The Osedax – New York City Show Announced

Virginia metalcore act THE OSEDAX (ex-MOD FLANDERS CONSPIRACY) have announced their first out of state show:

March 5 – Sterling, VA @ Sterling Community Center
March 31 – Sterling, VA @ Sterling Safety Center
April 8 – New York, NY @ Nikki & Sam’s

The band has released three demo tracks on their MySpace page for your listening pleasure.

Lamb of God – New Album To Be Released In August

After headlining the ‘Sounds of the Underground‘ 2005 Touring Festival ending in August 2005, LAMB OF GOD bunkered down in their hometown of Richmond Virginia to begin the writing process on the follow-up to the bands 2004’s release ‘Ashes of the Wake.’

“We’ve taken this process very seriously,” notes drummer Chris Adler. “We have been spending 5 or 6 days a week and 6-8 hours a day writing. It’s a very intense and productive process that has paid off in a very big way.”

Following several months of writing, the band took a break in December 2005 to headline a successful European run.

“Initially we didn’t want to do it because we thought it would interrupt the writing process and leave us, yet again, with less time than we wanted to write the album. In fact, this was the best thing we could have done. Not only were the shows bigger than we anticipated and extremely refreshing after being locked up in our smoky rehearsal hole ? but it gave us an opportunity to step away from the material, let it sink in a bit, and return to attack it with a renewed vision and inspiration. This is something we’ve never had the luxury of doing and it has made a very positive difference.”

The band has tapped friend and producer of ‘Ashes of the Wake‘ Machine to handle the production duties for the upcoming effort. Pre-production is scheduled to begin in Richmond on March 13.

“Everyone wants to know what the new material is like or have us compare it to something. It’s tough to do because when your proud of something you want to say it’s better than something else or that it’s more of this or that. I don’t want to do that ? every LAMB OF GOD CD has been a snapshot in time, a puzzle that spelled out who we are as individual musicians and as a band. They each represent a certain amount of experience and ability ? and without saying more, we now have more of both of those than ever. We have continued to raise the bar for ourselves in every aspect of what we do, and we are expecting more of ourselves than ever heading into this. We’re looking forward to tracking and releasing this intense and very heavy release.”

The as of yet untitled release is tentatively expected to be released though the bands label Epic Records in late August of 2006. The band has also confirmed touring plans both before and after the release. These will be announced shortly.

Alice Cooper – Canadian Tour Dates Announced

Shock-rocker ALICE COOPER will be embarking on a Canadian tour in May. Dates are as follows:

May 1 – Saint John’s, NF @ Mile One Stadium
May 3 – Halifax, NS @ Halifax Metro Centre
May 4 – Saint John, NB @ Harbour Station
May 6 – Ottawa, ON @ Ottawa Civic Centre Arena
May 7 – Hamilton, ON @ Hamilton Place Theatre
May 9 – Kitchener, ON @ Centre In The Square
May 10 – Oshawa, ON @ Civic Auditorium Complex
May 11 – Barrie, ON @ Barrie Molson Centre
May 13 – Thunder Bay, ON @ Community Auditorium
May 15 – Fargo, ND @ Fargo Civic Center
May 16 – Brandon, MB @ Keystone Centre
May 17 – Winnipeg, MB @ Manitoba Centennial Centre

Burst – New Video To Be Shown On Headbanger’s Ball

BURST will see their video for “Where the Wave Broke,” the lead-off track from the band’s acclaimed new album Origo, make its North American premier on this weekend’s edition of MTV2’s “Headbanger’s Ball.” “Headbanger’s Ball” airs Saturdays from 10-12 PM EST on MTV2.

The video was shot on location in Stockholm, Sweden with the Harvest Light Production Co., headed up by Kim Peterson and Peter Reinholdsson. “Where The Wave Broke” is the first video from Origo and is the band’s second overall. An e-card previewing Origo, which features the audio for “Where the Wave Broke” and “The Immateria,” can be accessed here.

Chimaira, Arch Enemy – More Co-Headlining Tour Dates

More dates have been released for CHIMAIRA and ARCH ENEMY‘s upcoming co-headlining North American tour with HATE ETERNAL:

April 3 – Denver, CO @ Gothic Theatre
April 5 – Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
April 7 – West Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
April 9 – San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
April 12 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon

April 13 – Vancouver, BC @ Croatian Cultural Centre
April 14 – Spokane, WA @ Big Easy
April 15 – Calgary, AB @ MacEwan Hall Ballroom
April 16 – Edmonton, AB @ The Starline Room
April 18 – Winnipeg, MB @ Ramada Conference Centre
April 20 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Eagles Club
April 21 – Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall
April 22 – Detroit, MI @ Harpo’s
April 24 – Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
April 28 – Montreal, QUE @ Le Medley
April 29 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium (NEMHF)
April 30 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club

Sodom, Immolation – NYC Show Announced

SODOM will be teaming up with IMMOLATION for a show on August 10th at the B.B. King Blues Club in New York City. According to the venue’s website, it will be the band’s only North American appearance.

DragonForce – Initial North American Dates Released

Initial dates have been released for DRAGONFORCE‘s upcoming North American tour:

April 28 – Toronto, ON @ Opera House
April 29 – Montreal, QC @ Medley
Apr 30 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium (NEMHF)
May 1 – New York, NY @ Avalon
May 3 – Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
May 4 – West Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
May 5 – Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom
May 6 – Chicago, IL @ Metro
May 8 – Denver, CO @ Cervantes

The band will be supported by PROTEST THE HERO (except for the Toronto and Montreal dates), SANCTITY, and a to be announced 4th act. However, only the three bands will be performing at the New York show.

Pink Floyd – David Gilmour – Set to Release 3rd Studio Album “On An Island”

“On An Island” is the third DAVID GILMOUR album and his first studio recording since PINK FLOYD‘s 1994 multi-platinum ‘The Division Bell’. From the first moments of the sound collage that begins ‘On An Island’, you know it’s a special experience that not only bears comparison with the best of PINK FLOYD, but also confirms their lead guitarist and singer as an outstanding solo artist. Here he reveals a personal vision and a breadth of styles ? folk, jazz, orchestral and rock ? brought together as a unified piece by his lyrical guitar playing and instantly recognisable voice.

With orchestrations by the renowned Polish composer Zbigniew Preisner and a luminous production (assisted by Roxy Music’s Phil Manzanera), there is virtuosity a plenty. Crosby and Nash sing harmonies, Robert Wyatt plays the cornet, Caroline Dale the cello and Alasdair Molloy the glass harmonica. PINK FLOYD‘s Richard Wright guests on Hammond organ, while DAVID GILMOUR sweeps and soars with his often soul-piercing guitar and vocals. Yet the album never becomes grandiose. At its heart, it remains a reflective piece, not least because of the lyrics.

Although DAVID GILMOUR takes some writing credits, most go to writer Polly Samson, continuing a collaborative partnership that began with ‘The Division Bell’. The songs tell of shared experiences that evoke a breadth of moods, from the hauntingly beautiful title track ‘On An Island’ (with a guitar performance set to enter the Gilmour canon of classics) to the meditative ‘The Blue’ and ‘A Pocketful of Stones’, as well as the heavier rock and blues numbers ‘Take A Breath’ and ‘This Heaven’. In the spirit of intimacy, this album sees DAVID GILMOUR‘s debut on the saxophone, as well as contributions by contemporaries from his pre-PINK FLOYD days.

On An Island is a collection of songs and instrumentals that had its genus in the critically acclaimed 2002 London Festival Hall concerts. Gilmour has stepped out of his super-group to continue his solo work. ‘It’s my best and most personal work,’ he says. ‘Making it with my musician friends has been a positive experience on so many levels.’ And touring it this spring can only take him to a new high.

The ten tracks on the album, which has been produced by DAVID GILMOUR, Phil Manzanera and Chris Thomas, are:

On An Island
The Blue
Take a Breath
Red Sky at Night
This Heaven
Then I Close My Eyes
A Pocketful of Stones
Where We Start

Additional performers on the album include David Crosby, Graham Nash, Richard Wright, Robert Wyatt, Phil Manzanera, Jools Holland, Georgie Fame, Caroline Dale, Guy Pratt, Willie Wilson, and, from Pink Floyd’s earliest incarnation, Rado ‘Bob’ Klose.

The ON AN ISLAND tour starts in Europe in March, goes to USA in April and returns to the UK at the end of May, with concerts in Manchester, Glasgow and London.

FUSE TV – Taste of Chaos TV Week

Fuse will be airing TASTE OF CHAOS promotional programming during the week of March 6. “Steven’s Untitled Rock Show” was out covering last weekend’s Florida shows and the footage they shot will air throughout the week. Air dates are as follows:

Monday 3/6 @ 7pm EST/4pm PST

[Repeating Saturday 3/11 @ 2:30pm EST & 10:30pm EST and Sunday 3/12 @ 3:30pm EST & 10pm EST]

Street Drum Corps
The Smashup

Tuesday 3/7 @ 7pm EST/4pm PST

[Repeating Saturday 3/11 @ 3:30pm EST & 11:30pm EST and Sunday 3/12 @ 4:30pm EST & 11pm EST]

Story Of The Year
Funeral For A Friend

Wednesday 3/8 @ 7pm EST/4pm PST

[Repeating Saturday 3/11 @ 4:30pm EST & Sunday 3/12 @ 1am EST & 7pm EST]

Greeley Estates
As I Lay Dying

Friday 3/10 @ 7pm EST/4pm PST

[Repeating Saturday 3/11 @ 5:30pm EST & Sunday 3/12 @ 2am EST & 6pm EST]

American Eyes
The Receiving End Of Sirens

Cannae – Team Up for Canadian tour with 3 Mile Scream/Bloodshoteye

Boston thrashers CANNAE have teamed up with sponsors Unrestrained! Magazine and Galy Records to headline a string of shows throughout Canada. Dubbed the “Storming The Border” tour, CANNAE will be joined by Canadian bands BLOODSHOTEYE and 3 MILE SCREAM on the 15-date tour of cities throughout the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

“We’re looking forward to playing Canada again, ever since the last time we were there with God Forbid and Sworn Enemy,” CANNAE drummer Colin Conway says. “It was only a short amount of time we spent in the western section of Canada, but the shows were nothing short of amazing. We have always had a great time playing in Canada, and we’re hoping that these upcoming shows will be no exception in spreading the word of CANNAE throughout the Great White North.”

Before crossing the boarder, CANNAE will play with The Red Death in Rochester, NY. The conclusion of the “Storming The Border” tour will coincide with the band’s appearance at the third Sherbrooke Metalfest, alongside Canadian natives NEURAXIS, BURIED INSIDE. CANNAE is continuing to support last year’s Gold Becomes Sacrifice (Prosthetic Records), an album says, “…snorts, snarls, and kicks 90-pound weaklings in the face. As far as sheer heaviness is concerned, the quintet leaves bomb craters in its wake.”

HIMSA – Storms to #1 on College Radio Charts

HIMSA‘s “Hail Horror” has overtaken the #1 position at American metal radio, as measured by FMQB, a radio trade publication. Beating out fierce competition at both college and commercial metal radio, the success for “Hail Horror” comes at a perfect time when the band is receiving hoards of positive press both domestically and overseas, as well as logging video airplay for the single “Sleezevil” and partaking in the hugely successful “Undoing Ruin 2006″ tour alongside DARKEST HOUR and Prosthetic Records labelmates THE ACACIA STRAIN. MTV2 will be re-airing the “Sleezevil” video on this weekend’s edition of “Headbangers Ball,” while HIMSA will continue touring the US through April 8 before heading back to Europe with DEATH BY STEREO and THE BANNER live appearances in April and May.

Candiria – Finish Recording Good Portion of New Album – Summer Release Expected

CANDIRIA have finished recording a good portion of their upcoming album, which they hope to release this summer. Here’s an update from the band:

“It’s been brought to my attention that we really haven’t made any real attempt on getting concise info out about what we have been up to since the new year has begun. So here goes. This should give you a bit of an idea.”

“We started out writing new material in Jupiter 4 Studios during the first few weeks of January. Jupiter 4 is the studio owned and run by Ken Schalk and his brother Steve Schalk. We used the time there to write as much music as we could come up with. We then tracked drums there to about 16 different songs/peices of music. We also used this time after the drums were tracked to work out vocal ideas and let Carley do scratch tracks.”

“From there we took the recorded drums and went to see our old friend Mike Barile over at Purple Light Studios. We have always loved working with Mike and we new that we were going to get the sounds we wanted if we recorded with him. The combination of his gear and the gear we own is just phenomenal for what we are trying to accomplish. “

“We spent the next few weeks recording all of the bass and guitar tracks. Then allowed Carley some more time to work on more vocal ideas and lay down some more scratch tracks to see where we was at with all of the songs.”

“And that friends is where we are at today. We move on to the real vocal sessions in a week or so. And from there we are in the home stretch. I think there is a great chance of this record seeing an early summer release.”

SOiL – 60+ Minute Live Interview Posted Online – New Tunes Previewed

A 60+ minute interview with SOiL guitarist Shaun Glass, conducted with ‘Metalheads Worldwide’ has been made available online. The interview previews two new tracks off the band’s forthcoming DRT Entertainment debut “True Self”, out this Spring. You can snag an MP3 of the interview at this location.

Necrophagist – Rescheduling Canadian Tour Dates

German technical death metallers NECROPHAGIST have released the following update regarding their Canadian tour dates:

NECROPHAGIST apologizes for the confusion on the Canadian leg of their North American Tour, however this is why there have been venue changes, etc.:

The “Tour Producer” who originally set up dates for the band turned out to be a rip-off. His method of booking is totally unethical and leaves the band getting totally screwed. The producer was doing two shows himself in Montreal and Quebec City. He was given the option to keep the shows as is every promoter who has a date scheduled.

As you can see from the Ottawa show that is still scheduled at the original club, we have no intentions of cancelling all of our Canadian dates. We are very excited to play Canada and look forward to seeing all of you guys soon!

However, the following cities will definitely be played:

Toronto, ON
Montreal, QC
Ottawa, ON
Quebec City, QC”

DragonForce – More Shows/Festival Appearances Announced

DRAGONFORCE have announced some more shows and festival appearances for the coming months:

May 15 – Melbourne, AUS @ Hi Fi Bar
May 16 – Brisbane, AUS @ The Arena
May 17 – Sydney, AUS @ Gaelic Theatre
June 8 – Sölvesborg, SWE @ Sweden Rock Festival
July 1 – Burgum, NET @ Waldrock Festival

Gadget – Complete Work On New Album

Sweden’s GADGET have completed recording their new album, The Funeral March.

GADGET proudly carry the grindcore torch forward with The Funeral March. More than a devout collection of blasting beats, sweltering guitars and real-world lyrics, The Funeral March incorporates sinister melodies and a keen sense of dynamics to an already explosive mix. The finished track listing is as follows; “Choked,” “Feed on Lies,” “Requiem,” “I Am,” “Tristessens Fort,” “H5N1,” “Day of the Vulture,” “God of Led,” “Everyday-Ritual,” “Vägen till Graven,” “Illusions of Peace,” “Black Light,” “Out of Pace,” “Let the Mayhem Begin,” “Bedragen,” “The Anchor,” and “Tingens Förbannelse,”

The Funeral March is scheduled for a May 2nd release date in North America (May 8th Internationally). Photos taken by the band and crew during the recording session can be viewed here.