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Mortiis – To be Featured on Episode of Norwegian TV’s “Lydverket”

MORTIIS will be featured on an episode of the Norwegian television show “Lydverket” on Wednesday, March 1.

The subject of the program is masks and images in rock music and MORTIIS‘ prosthetic-enhanced frontman made the band an obvious choice for the program. Noted for his unique image, the frontman of the same name began wearing a full mask in 1994 as part of the full MORTIIS concept. “Lydverket” captures MORTIIS years later as the concept has evolved and MORTIIS has begun removing the mask during live shows.

The “Lydverket” crew followed MORTIIS for nine months, filming and interviewing the band numerous times on tour in England and Norway and at photo shoots.

“Lydverket” (Norwegian for “Soundworks”) is Norway’s biggest and most respected music program with an average of 150,000 viewers and airs on the country’s largest channel.

The episode will also include SLIPKNOT, ALICE COOPER and KISS‘ first manager Bill Aucoin, among others.

This episode of “Lydverket” will first air on NRK1 on Wednesday, March 1 at 23.10 (11:10 p.m.) and will re-play on NRK2 Sunday, March 5.

MORTIIS is currently working on new material. A follow up to last year’s “The Grudge” is planned for this year.

Kataklysm – Proud to Announce Entrance into Top 100 in German Charts

KATAKLYSM are proud to announce that they have entered the German top 100 Charts (equivalent to Billboard) with their critically acclaimed album “In the Arms of Devastation” at position #76.

Stay tuned for the video track ‘Crippled & Broken’ to be unleashed upon the masses in the next few days.

Cold – After 10 Years – …Call it Quits

After a dissapointing sales performance with COLD‘s latest release “A Differant Kind of Pain”, the Jacksonville based band have decided to call it quits. Frontman Scooter Ward left the following “official statement” on the band’s message board:

“This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write, but I’ve always been straight-up with y’all and kept you informed.

“The week before our record was released, Jason Flom and Lee Trink (the two presidents of Lava and Atlantic) were fired. Those were the two people that we had faith would deliver this record like it should of been delivered.

“I’m not blaming Atlantic for what happened, because they did give us a chance to put these songs out and see what was to come. And a few people that tried to work it, COLD thanks them for their time and help.

“When you put a song out on the radio, it is what it is. It’s a gamble on your life and your career and your hope. People just didn’t react the way we had hoped they would.

“We appreciate all your hard work on trying to promote the record and we love all of you guys, but now I ask you to lay down your arms! The battle is over.

“Since we’ve gotten off tour in December, we haven’t even talked to the label. Hell, I wouldn’t even know who to call. But instead of having someone tell us that it’s over, we choose to tell them instead. We bled on those tracks and the label just didn’t see what they had. The industry today is too jaded and fake.

“Instead of being upset and bitter about this, we reflect on what we did do. We got to touch people’s lives for the better part of a decade. We got to experience things we only dreamed about all our lives and for that we are grateful. God, I love you guys so much! And I’m more worried about y’all than I am myself.

“I know that some of you need our music like we do too. And I’ll never quit writing songs for y’all. Sam and I are going to start a new project. If God allows us to do this (which I have confidence that he will), you will hear songs again from us some day.

“We made it through a lot of hard times and a lot of bands dream of having a career that lasted as long as ours. We have never made a DVD, and that’s the first thing I’m gonna work on. We have footage from the making of the first record until now.

“Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for what you have given me and COLD. It’s too hard to express in words how I feel about y’all, so I’m not even attempting that.

“I know a lot of people are gonna be mad and say that I gave up on them. But I didn’t. This is just another bump in the road called life.

“Music has been the important thing to me since i was a lil’ kid. I chose to make records instead of being with my family and my two lil’ girls, so don’t ever say that we gave up, please.

“Some might say we gave up becuase of the money. For some reason, people think we’re rich rock stars who live in mansions and all that, but that is far away from the truth. We made enough to survive and we have no regrets.

“I hope that you understand our decision to bow out gracefully instead of being told that we can’t do this anymore. I wanted to disappear and shut myself off from the world of music, but I can’t do that. My world is music. All I have in my life now are these songs that we created and memories of our life as COLD.

“Thank you guys for being our family for the last 10 years. We love you all and please try to understand our decision.”

Century Media Europe – Announces Release Info for Sick of it All, Ignite, Sworn Enemy, Backyard Babies

Century Media Records Europe proudly announces the release of four brand-new killer releases licensed from Abacus Recordings. On May 2 the mighty hardcore champions SICK OF IT ALL from NYC will celebrate their 20th anniversary with the new studio album “Death To Tyrants” to be followed by festival and touring activities all over the year. Sweden’s most exciting Rock’n’Roll sensation, BACKYARD BABIES, are presenting the epic titled “People Like People Like People Like Us”, on streets also May 2nd . The album is produced by their old friend Nicke Andersson from THE HELLACOPTERS.

Back to New York, SWORN ENEMY is the next in line whose metal mayhem “The Beginning Of The End” was already presented live in Europe on tour with MADBALL in November 2005. Those who saw the band, know that songs like “Scared Of The Unknown” kick ass like hell. The album was produced by Tim Lambesis (frontman for AS I LAY DYING) and they are still as real as it gets.

Last but not least, IGNITE. The band was in the studio with Cameron Webb (MOTORHEAD, SILVERSTEIN) to produce the first full-length album since “A Place Called Home” (2000). The melodic hardcore masterpiece “Our Darkest Days” will enlighten European fans on May 15.

All bands will tour shortly after album release and play several summer festivals all over Europe.

Green Carnation – First Ever US Tour – Pics Available from Day 3

Pictures from the 3rd day of GREEN CARNATION‘s first ever US tour have been made available online, courtesy of Return to the Pit. You can view them at this location.

Judas Priest – Fresh Ian Hill Interview Scheduled for March 2 on Hard Rock Live

This coming Thursday, March 2, Hard Rock Radio Live is set to air an interview with founder of British Heavy Metal gods JUDAS PRIEST, bassist Ian Hill, given to Metal Temple magazine’s chief editor, Orpheus. The interview took place last week and is going to air at 2 pm (EST) / 8 pm (CET) on Thursday during Orpheus’ show. For more information, head to

Tub Ring – Initial Tour Dates Released

A few dates have been released for TUB RING‘s upcoming tour with DOG FASHION DISCO, LOOK WHAT I DID, and THE JONBENET:

April 6 – Cleveland, OH @ Peabody’s
May 13 – Moorhead, MN @ All Star Bowl
May 24 – Montclair, NJ @ Bloomfield Ave Cafe
May 27 – Kent, OH @ Screwy Louies

Queensryche – Initial U.S. Tour Dates Released

Initial dates have been released for QUEENSRYCHE‘s headlining U.S. tour set to take place later this year:

August 25 – Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues
August 26 – Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues
September 3 – Myrtle Beach, SC @ House of Blues
September 6 – Kansas City, MO @ Uptown Theatre
Setpember 14 – Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
Setpember 15 – Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
Setpember 16 – Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
September 21 – New York, NY @ Nokia Theatre
September 22 – New York, NY @ Nokia Theatre
September 25 – San Antonio, TX @ Majestic Theatre
September 26 – Houston, TX @ Verizon Wireless Theater
September 27 – Grand Prairie, TX @ Nokia Theatre
September 29 – Denver, CO @ Fillmore Auditorium
October 3 – Phoenix, AZ @ Dodge Theatre
October 4 – San Diego, CA @ Humphrey’s By The Bay
October 5 – Universal City, CA @ Gibson Amphitheatre
October 11 – San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield
October 12 – Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
October 13 – Seattle, WA @ Moore Theatre
October 14 – Seattle, WA @ Moore Theatre

Apiary – Announce Tracklisting, Release Date, MP3 – Need Tour Help!

Ironclad Recordings latest addition, APIARY has recently finished recording their debut effort “Lost in Focus” which is set to hit the streets May 2. The disc was recorded in Emeryville, CA at Castle Ultimate Studios with Zack Orhen. The track “Descent” from the disc can be heard here. The complete tracklisting for the disc is as follows:

1. Pain Is The Reason
2. Descent
3. Extract
4. Omnipresence
5. Intervention
6. Bliss In Vain
7. Forced To Breathe
8. Lustrum
9. Peril’s Divinity
10. Solidified Foundation
11. Fading Imprint
12. These Walls Are Permanent
13. Finding A Way Back

APIARY is also booking a West Coast/Midwest tour for this March and April with HOUSE OF ATREUS (Undecided Records). The first half of the tour is booked, but the bands need help with the tail end. If any promoters are interested then please contact

March 15 – Hollywood,CA @ The Troubadour (w/ POISON THE WELL AND HORSE THE BAND)
March 16th – Tempe,AZ @ The Clubhouse (w/ POISON THE WELL AND HORSE THE BAND)
March 17 – San Jose, CA @ The Cave
March 18 – Eugene, OR @ Agate Hall
March 19 – Longview, WA @ Reids Pitstop
March 20 – Seattle, WA @ The Central Saloon
March 21 – Bremerton, WA @ Rush’s
March 22 – Spokane, WA @ The Blvd.
March 23 – Boise, ID @ Imparts
March 24 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Vegas
March 25 – TBA- Looking for Denver/Fort Collins, CO
March 26 – La Junta, CO @ Brutalink Emporium
March 27 – TBA- Looking for Wichita, KS or Oklahoma City/Tulsa, OK
March 28 – Forth Worth, TX @ The Aardvark
March 29 – TBA- Looking for Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Lubbock, or Corpus Christi, TX
March 30th – TBA- Looking for Albuquerque/Gallup/Sante Fe, NM
March 31st – TBA- Looking for flagstaff/tucson/phoenix/, AZ
April 1 – TBA- Looking for Las Vegas, NV or San Diego/Orange County, CA
April 2 – TBA- Looking for Orange County/Bakersfield, CA

Himsa – “Hail Horror” Japanese/Korean Bonus Track Information

International Bonus Tracks for HIMSA‘s latest release ”Hail Horror” have been revealed. The disc was released February 22 for Japanese/Korean territories – the tracklisting is as follows:

1. Anathema
2. Sleezevil
3. The Destroyer
4. Pestilence
5. Wither
6. Wolfchild
7. Seminal
8. They Speak In Swarms
9. Calling In Silent
10. Send Down Your Reign

Japanese Bonus Track

11. I. Possession

Korean Bonus Track

11.Lay Way The End

Strong Intention – Offer Album Update – Announce Producer, Summer Release

STRONG INTENTION have checked in from the road, and offered an update on the recording process:

“Well, we are nearing the last leg of our US tour with Neuraxis and so far its been a blast. Notable times so far include a crazy trip to Mexico, an awesome time at LA’s MURDERFEST, and some never ending beer-flow in Iowa, to name only a few.”

“Some of you may have noticed a couple of new faces with us this time around. Joining us for this tour have been guitarist Bruce Greig (MISERY INDEX, DYING FETUS) and drummer Matt Connell (EXHUMED). Bruce and Matt have been kicking ass hard with us, and will also be joining us for the recording of our new album.”

“We will hit the studio right when we get back from tour. The album will be produced by Scott Hull and is set for an early summer release on Goodfellow Records.”

Necrophagist – More U.S. Tour Dates Released

More dates have been released for NECROPHAGIST‘s upcoming headlining U.S. tour with CATTLE DECAPITATION, ARSIS, NEURAXIS, and ALARUM. Confirmed dates so far are as follows:

April 28 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
April 30 – Detroit, MI @ The Modern Exchange
May 1 – Louisville, KY @ Headliners
May 2 – Omaha, NE @ The Rock
May 4 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Burt’s Tiki Lounge
May 6 – Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
May 7 – Spokane, WA @ Fat Tuesday’s
May 8 – Portland, OR @ Rock N Roll Pizza
May 11 – Roseville, CA @ The Underground
May 12 – San Francisco, CA @ The Pound
May 13 – San Bernardino, CA @ The NOS Events Center
May 14 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Clubhouse
May 15 – Albuquerque, NM @ The Compound
May 16 – Tulsa, OK @ The Venue
May 17 – Arlington, TX @ Phoenix Music Complex
May 18 – San Antonio, TX @ Graham Central Station
May 19 – Houston, TX @ Java Jazz
May 20 – Baton Rouge, LA @ The Darkroom
May 21 – Jacksonville, FL @ Thee Imperial
May 22 – Orlando, FL @ Island Oasis
May 25 – Augusta, GA @ Sector 7G
May 26 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Peppermint Beach Club
May 29 – New York, NY @ B.B. King Blues Club

Ozzfest – Rumor Mill Updated For The Side Stage

According to one viewer, the vocalist from DEAD TO FALL told him last night at DARKEST HOUR‘s show in Wilmington, NC at the Soapbox Laundro-Lounge with A LIFE ONCE LOST, HIMSA and DEAD TO FALL in tow that BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, THE RED CHORD and A LIFE ONCE LOST have secured rotating spots on the second stage. He also said that ATREYU, UNEARTH and BLEEDING THROUGH have claimed non-rotating spots on the second stage.
To date, only UNEARTH from that list have confirmed to the media that they will be on Ozzfest and they will be non-rotating. BLACK LABEL SOCIETY has also confirmed to the media that they will be on the main stage. Though not confirmed, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, BODY COUNT and DISTURBED have been strongly rumored to be on the main stage. As the status of these bands becomes more clear, we will keep you posted.

Kreator, Napalm Death – Setlists Revealed

The American leg of KREATOR‘s North American tour with NAPALM DEATH, A PERFECT MURDER and UNDYING kicked off Saturday night in Rochester, NY at The Penny Arcade. Here are the setlists performed by KREATOR and NAPALM DEATH:

Enemy of God
Impossible Brutality
Extreme Aggression
People of the Lie
Voices of the Dead
Awakening of the Gods
Coma of Souls
Violent Revolution
Suicide Terrorist
Pleasure to Kill
Terrible Certainty

Servant of Heaven / King In Hell
Love Us Hate Us
Flag of Hate

Total: 17

Instinct of Survival
Unchallenged Hate
Instrument of Persuasion
Continuing War on Stupidity
Taste the Poison
Next on the List
Vegetative State
Suffer the Children
Breed to Breathe
The Code is Red… Long Live the Code
The Silence is Deafening
Right You Are
Diplomatic Immunity
The World Keeps Turning
The Great and the Good
The Kill
You Suffer
Nazi Punks Fuck Off (DEAD KENNEDYS cover)
Siege of Power

Total: 24

Here are the remaining dates for the tour:
February 26 – New York, NY @ B.B. King Blues Club
February 27 – Cleveland, OH @ Peabody’s Down Under
February 28 – Mokena, IL @ Pearl Room
March 1 – Columbia Heights, MN@ Star Centra
March 2 – Lawrence, KS @ The Bottleneck
March 3 – Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
March 4 – Fort Collins, CO @ Aggie Theatre
March 7 – Edmonton, AB @ The Starlite Room
March 8 – Calgary, AB @ The Warehouse
March 10 – Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
March 11 – Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
March 12 – Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk
March 13 – San Francisco, CA @ The Pound
March 14 – Sparks, NV @ New Oasis
March 15 – Santa Ana, CA @ Galaxy Theater
March 16 – West Hollywood, CA @ Key Club
March 17 – Tempe, AZ @ The Clubhouse
March 18 – Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad
March 19 – San Antonio, TX @ The Sanctuary
March 21 – Fort Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room
March 22 – Tampa, FL @ Masquerade
March 23 – Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
March 24 – Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall
March 25 – Springfield, VA @ Jaxx

Darkest Hour, Decrepit Birth – Confirmed for California Metalfest

DARKEST HOUR and DECREPIT BIRTH have been confirmed for the May 13 sponsored and presented 1st Annual CALIFORNIA METALFEST. Other artists confirmed include:


MTV 2 Headbangers Ball: The Revenge – 3rd Compilation Disc Information

Roadrunner Records is proud to announce the imminent arrival of “MTV 2 Headbangers Ball: The Revenge” – the 3rd compilation/collaboration between these two hallowed heavy metal institutions.

Arriving in stores on April 11, the two-disc extravaganza will collect 38 songs by the best of today’s heavy metal talent.

Track listing for the disc will be as follows:

Disc 1:

1. Slipknot – Before I Forget (Exclusive mix never commercially released)
2. Korn – Liar
3. Iron Maiden – The Trooper (live)
4. Hatebreed – To The Threshold (Brand new exclusive song)
5. Mudvayne – Forget To Remember
6. Avenged Sevenfold – Burn It Down
7. HIM – Vampire Heart
8. Trivium – A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation
9. Lamb Of God – Now You’ve Got Something To Die For (live)
10. 10 Years – Wasteland
11. Disturbed – Guarded
12. As I Lay Dying – Through Struggle
13. Lacuna Coil – Our Truth
14. Underoath – It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
15. Mastodon – Blood & Thunder
16. Killswitch Engage – A Bid Farewell (live) (Unreleased on CD)
17. Black Label Society – In This River
18. Bleeding Through – Kill To Believe
19. In Flames – Take This Life

Disc 2:

1. Chimaira – Nothing Remains
2. Bullet For My Valentine – Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow (What Can I Do)
3. Arch Enemy – Nemesis
4. It Dies Today – Severed Ties Yield Severed Heads
5. Opeth – The Grand Conjuration (Exclusive edit)
6. Norma Jean – Liarsenic
7. DevilDriver – Hold Back The Day
8. Still Remains – The Worst Is Yet To Come
9. God Forbid – The End Of The World
10. Throwdown – Burn
11. From First To Last – The Latest Plague
12. 36 Crazyfists – I’ll Go Until My Heart Stops (Previously unreleased)
13. Dragonforce – Through The Fire And Flames (Previosuly unreleased in US)
14. A Life Once Lost – Vulture
15. High On Fire – Devilution
16. Bloodsimple – Sell Me Out
17. Haste The Day – When Everything Falls
18. Walls Of Jericho – A Trigger Full Of Promises (Brand new exclusive song)
19. Kingdom of Sorrow – Buried In Black (Brand new exclusive song featuring Jamey Jasta with members of Crowbar, Down & Seemless)

Jacknife – Video for ‘Glimpse of Hell’ Online

JACKNIFE has posted their video for ‘A Glimpse of Hell’ online from their Zero-Sum debut “Moment Of Reckoning”. It can be viewed at Yahoo Music here or on their Myspace page. The video was directed by Stan Rouleau with post production/effects by Glen Bennett.

Burn Season – Shipping Single ‘Carry On’ to Radio on March 28

BURN SEASON will be shipping their single ‘Carry On’ to radio on March 28. The song comes off the bands self titled album which is currently in stores through Bieler Bros Records.

Dresden Dolls – Prepare to Release 2nd Album

The DRESDEN DOLLS will be releasing their second opus, “Yes, Virginia”, through Roadrunner Records on April 18.

The Boston duo has spent the past few years actively recruiting believers for their wholly unique brand of Brechtian Punk Cabaret with bombastic conceptual stage performances and a rave-reviewed debut album which has sold almost 100,000 units.

“Yes, Virginia” is set to shatter all expectations of those who know them and elicit entirely different responses, adjectives, and superlatives from first-time listeners who dare attempt to describe them.

Click here for an early glimpse of artwork, lyrics and song samples. You can also read the story behind the album’s distinctive title, and be entered to win an autographed poster.

Hank III – Tour Dates Released

HANK III has lined up the following tour dates:

March 12 – Longview, TX @ Hawaii Club
March 13 – Dallas, TX @ Gypsy Tea Room / Ballroom
March 14 – Houston, TX @ Meridian
March 16 – Austin, TX @ 18th Flr. at Crowne Plaza
March 18 – Monroe, LA @ The Blue Monkey
March 19 – New Orleans, LA @ Howlin’ Wolf
March 21 – Atlanta, GA @ Loft at Earthlink Live
March 22 – Gainesville, FL @ Abbey Road
March 23 – Birmingham, AL @ The Nick
March 24 – Baton Rouge, LA @ Varsity Theatre
March 25 – Little Rock, AR @ Juanita’s
March 27 – Lincoln, NE @ Knickerbockers
March 28 – Lawrence, KS @ The Bottleneck
March 30 – Saint Louis, MO @ Mississippi Nights
April 1 – Urbana, IL @ Canopy Club
April 2 – Chicago, IL @ Metro / Smart Bar
April 4 – Lexington, KY @ The Dame
April 5 – Morgantown, WV @ 123 Pleasant Street
April 6 – Richmond, VA @ Alley Katz
April 7 – Hampden Sydney, VA @ The Lagoon
April 8 – Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theatre

According to Pollstar, “Hank III’s three-hour live set is divided into three sections: a more or less traditional country-style set, a more raucous hour of “Hellbilly” tunes, and the metal madness of the “Assjack” set.”

Toxic Holocaust – U.S. Tour Dates Released

TOXIC HOLOCAUST have confirmed the following upcoming U.S. shows:

March 16 – New York, NY @ CBGB w/ Sun Descends

with Bludwulf:
April 1 – Rochester, NY @ Montage Grill
April 2 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Tavern
April 3 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project
April 4 – Detroit, MI @ Small’s
April 7 – Des Moines, IA @ Hairy Mary’s
April 9 – Lincoln, NE @ The Box
April 21 – Los Angeles, CA @ IL Corral
April 22 – Los Angeles, CA @ East LA Warehouse
April 27 – Dallas, TX @ Red Blood Club
May 5 – Philadelphia, PA @ Stabbin Cabin w/ Rumpelstiltskin Grinder
May 8 – Baltimore, MD @ The Jerkstore
May 13 – Burlington, VT @ 242 Main St.

More dates will be posted as they’re released.

Sex Pistols – Not Attending Hall of Fame Induction

The SEX PISTOLS have announced that they will not be attending their induction ceremony into the completely meaningless Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the following letter:

“Next to the SEX PISTOLS, rock and roll and that Hall of Fame is a piss stain. Your museum, urine in wine. We’re not coming. Fame at $25,000 if we paid for a table, or $15,000 to squeak up in the gallery, goes to a nonprofit organization selling us a load of old famous. Congradulations. If you voted for us, hope you noted your reasons. Your anonymous as judges, but your still music industry people. We’re not coming. Your not paying attention.”

Overkill – Two VA Shows Announced

OVERKILL have lined up two shows at Jaxx in Springfield, VA for October 13th and 14th. The show on the 13th is 21+ and the show on the 14th is all ages.

Haste the Day – Make New Vocalist Stephen Keech a Permanent Fixture

After one European tour and 2 weeks into their tour with BLEEDING THROUGH and EVERY TIME I DIE, HASTE THE DAY have made Stephen Keech a permanent fixture in the band. Stephen replaces Jimmy Ryan as the lead singer for HASTE THE DAY . Jimmy Ryan made his decision to depart the band known back late November of 2005. His decision to leave was strictly personal and was amicable.

HASTE THE DAY became aware of Keech in early 2005 through his involvement in bands locally in Denver, Colorado. When Jimmy Ryan’s decision to depart was made known internally, the search began and Keech’s name was one of the first to come up. After several discussions and much thought were put forth, Keech was asked to join the band for a 3 week European tour in January of 2006.

After two weeks of tour in the U.S. HASTE THE DAY is proud to announce on stage tonight in Denver, Keech’s permanent addition to the band.

(HED) P.E. – Announce Album Title, Details, Release Date

Southern California’s (HED)P.E. have titled their new album “Back 2 Base X,” for release on Suburban Noize Records on May 16, 2006.

For “Back 2 Base X”, (HED)P.E. have managed to roll retro-punk and futuristic hardcore into one powerhouse. The tracks range from soulful Cali-punk to hyper-garage-funk, “kind of like Sly and the Family Stone on steroids,” says (hed)pe frontman Jared.

Taking a break from his sometimes “XXX” rhetoric, frontman Jared “the underdog” Gomes’ lyrics cover everything from The New World Order to Free Masonry and Kabbalah, to give insight into what is most important to him and the band: “truth, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness,” he says.

According to Jared, “Back 2 Base X” was recorded “old school” with drums, bass and guitars being recorded while the band performed live in the studio. The organic sound of the record shines though on tracks like “Get Ready” and “Beware Do We Go From Here.”

“These days with computers and stuff, you’ve gotta be careful not to suck the life out of your band, by using all the ‘tricks’. I’ve come full circle?I’m back to trying to capture the energy of the band, and not just lay down tracks, like you’re building a car on an assembly line,” Jared says about the recording of Back 2 Base X. “I was inspired by old recordings like The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Sabbath and Zeppelin. Think about it, when you listen to some old James Brown, that was done with everybody being in the room at the same time and you can feel it. At the same time, were it not for the advancements in technology, I would not be able to record all the vocals in my bedroom.”

“Back 2 Base X” is (HED)P.E.‘s debut album on the lifestyle record label Suburban Noize Records. The label, which is owned and operated by the KOTTONMOUTH KINGS, has brought together thousands of free thinking individuals who exist outside of the mainstream and bonded them through the power of music. Their movement is an undeniable force in the world of underground music that has registered attention from everyone from Billboard,, Hustler, Sirius Satellite Radio, Campus Circle and countless others.

“It’s nice to be on a record label that understands what we are about, and it’ll be nice to tour with Kottonmouth Kings because they’ve got the best fans in the f**king world,” closes Jared.