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Trivium – Checks in from SOTU – Prepare for 1st Headlining Tour

TRIVIUM’s Matt Heafy has checked in from the road as the band travels across the US as part of the SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGROUND. Heafy speaks about TRIVIUM’s tourmates, the future, the band’s forthcoming first ever headlining tour, and more:

“The tours been going damn good… incredible shows, as always killer fans, good times and some amazing fucking bands that we have the honor of sharing the stage with.”

“ALWAYS GREAT to see Trivium fans and those of you showing up to the shows have been as supportive as ever – some big fucking pits, some jumping, headbanging, hoarse voices, chants, I mean come ‘on we all know if you come to a Trivium show we expect you to work as hard as we do – you guys give us tons of energy and a great show, so thanks for that!”

“Our friends in As I Lay Dying are headlining this years SOTU and are amazing, rockin their hearts out nightly (I think they have some sweet ramps and cabs); In Flames we have toured with them before and they always put on a great show, Cannibal Corpse, our boys from Florida, are punishing the shit outta the crowds daily we’ve all been fans of them for a while, it’s great to finally see them every day; and what can’t be said about the blood spewing Gwar tearin it up day in and day out? You need to check them out!”

“Behemoth is probably the most intense thing I get to see all day, I can tell you one thing their set is Metal as Fuck, the guys are metal as fuck.. it’s good to have some new metal friends who shred the shit outta their instruments.”

“The tour also has fantastic bands like Horse The Band and Through The Eyes of The Dead who really are making some heads fucking bang. “

“All in all… a pretty good way to spend the summer.”

“In other news… we’re preparing for our first ever headlining tour in the US this coming October, we’ve been touring for the past 2 years and we are excited to be able to do our own thing for the first time, especially here at home, we will be supporting our 2nd Roadrunner Records release titled The Crusade expected to be in shops worldwide in early October, we are planning on bringing out some sick bands for our tour and are finalizing the line up which we think is really great and diverse, more info about the tour will come later.”

“Once we finish our October headlining run – it’s off to Europe to join the mighty fucking Iron Maiden for six weeks or so of what we know will be a very great tour as Iron Maiden will be supporting their newest release titled MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH we are really looking forward to it, truly one the world’s best and most influencial metal bands ever. “

“When we finish touring with Iron Maiden at the end of the year we will take a little break and off again doing more world conquering in early 2007, we know 2007 will be a busy year on the road and we are looking forward to seeing where it leads and meeting many of you along the way.”

“We will be shooting some new music videos, taking some new pr photos, doing some new interviews and whatever we can to support The Crusade, so you’ll get all new vids and sweet shit like that soon.”

“By the way… we have Ninju (our “web guy”) out on tour with us and we’re knocking him around quite a bit, check in with him to get his updates on Ninju’s TRIVIUM Myspace Tour Blog.”

“Keep checking our sites for the latest news and info thanks for communicating with us via our boards we appreciate the support and thanks for rocking with us!”

Vader – Another New Song Posted Online

You can check out another new song from VADER (“Shadow Fear“) off their upcoming new album, Impressions In Blood, here.

40 Below Summer – To Release New Disc on Halloween – Includes Bonus DVD of Last Show

40 BELOW SUMMER will release their new CD entitled “The Last Dance” via Crash Music on Halloween. The album will also include a special bonus DVD that centers around the groups last show which took place at the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey last September. To hear new music from the album, click here.

Ill Nino – Recording Cover Album – Sign to Cement Shoes Records?

ILL NINO, who recently parted ways with Roadrunner Records and guitarist Jardel, are said to be recording an album of just cover songs. The band are also rumored to be in talks with Cement Shoes Records, home of GODHEAD, about securing a new record deal.

Deicide – Part Ways With Booking Agent – Reschedule “The Stench of Redemption” Tou

DEICIDE have decided to part ways with current booking agent Tammy Taylor, putting “The Stench of Redemption” fall tour on a temporary hiatus. However, the band are currently working on securing a stronger, more comprehensive US tour to coincide with “The Stench of Redemption” and are planning to hit the UK before the end of 2006. DEICIDE plan to re-schedule a full US tour for 2007 and are excited to hit the road with the power of “The Stench of Redemption” behind them. “The Stench of Redemption” is slated for release on August 22 and has received hails from metal’s elite and fans alike, providing extreme guitar prowess coupled with legendary drum work and the one and only, Glen Benton.

Hatebreed, Napalm Death, Exodus – More Dates Revealed

More dates have been released for the upcoming tour featuring HATEBREED, NAPALM DEATH, EXODUS, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, DESPISED ICON, and FIRST BLOOD:

September 3 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
September 4 – Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
September 6 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Zoo
September 10 – Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom

ActionReaction – ex-FurtherSeemsForever – Announce Album Release and Tours

New Jersey’s ACTIONREACTION (featuring Jason Gleason, former vocalist of FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER) will be releasing their 11-song debut, “3 Is The Magic Number”, through Hope Divison/Equal Vision Records on August 22. The band will be touring with COPELAND and LOVEDRUG this August, followed by a 3 week trek with THE FORECAST and KOUFAX.

In Flames – Complete Work on ‘Come Clarity’ Video – Streaming Via FerretStyle

Grammy award-winning Swedish metal titans IN FLAMES have completed work on the second video from their current musical masterpiece, entitled “Come Clarity”.
    The title track from the highly esteemed band’s much publicized new album, “Come Clarity” was helmed by famed Director Lex Halaby (ATMOSPHERE, MUDVAYNE, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE), who also recently wrapped shooting on the video for “Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)”, the title track from the upcoming New Line Cinema high concept action / horror film “Snakes on a Plane”, starring Samuel L. Jackson.  The fascinatingly eye-catching clip was filmed in the scorching desert of Ridgecrest, California during the second leg of IN FLAMES’ recent North American headlining tour and features the band performing “Come Clarity” in the midst of a brilliant setting, while an evolving storyline that features frontman Anders Friden progressively unfolds. 
    For those with high speed internet connections, New Jersey’s Ferret Music has made the entire video available for online viewing.  Check out IN FLAMES’ “Come Clarity” now at this location.  The video will make its world network premiere(s) via large-scale television outlets such as MTV2, Music Choice, FUSE and MuchMusic imminently.
    The unveiling of the “Come Clarity” video also ushers in the first U.S. commercial radio campaign in IN FLAMES’ storied history.  The infectious single will go for impact at Active Rock stations across the country this August.

    IN FLAMES is currently on tour as one of the featured acts of the massive “Sounds of the Underground” North American Festival 2006.  The “Sounds of the Underground” trek represents the second consecutive North American summer festival tour for the band, following their main stage appearances as part of OZZFEST 2005, where they shared the stage with metal luminaries BLACK SABBATH and IRON MAIDEN.

Cattle Decapitation – Puts Christian Metalcore Kids In Their Place

You can check out a video of CATTLE DECAPITATION frontman Travis Ryan responding at the band’s Maryland show (July 19th) to the christian metalcore kids who attacked the band’s guitarist at a recent show in Virginia here. Preach on brotha!

Lamb of God – Advance Review of “Sacrament” Online

Dirt Junior has heard an advance of LAMB OF GOD’s forthcoming release “Sacrament” – his review of the album can now be read online. Check it here.

Terrorizer – New Song Available For Streaming

You can stream a new TERRORIZER song entitled “Crematoriumhere. The track comes off the band’s upcoming new album, Darker Days Ahead, which will be released on August 22nd through Century Media.

Firewind – Complete Jampacked E-Card – Full Album Stream

FIREWIND just completed a jam-packed e-Card for their brilliant upcoming release €œAllegiance€. The e-Card contains a full album online stream, as well as interesting facts on the band, tour dates and a €œtell a friend€ feature. In the media section of the e-Card you can check out the video clip of the first single €œFalling To Pieces€ and a two minute teaser of a FIREWIND documentary that is available in full length on the album.

The FIREWIND e-Card:

The Red Chord – Comment On Ozzfest Experience

The following article was originally posted over at

While most young metal acts would maim maybe even kill for a chance to spend their summer traveling the U.S. as part of Ozzfest, THE RED CHORD‘s Guy Kozowyk‘s sort of blithe about the whole situation.

Sure, he’s excited about being on this summer’s Ozzfest and appreciates his band being invited. But to him, it’s no big deal he’s not nervous, like some of the other bands on the tour because, the way he sees it, Ozzfest is just another gig.

“Whatever,” he said, when asked what was going through his head the morning before Ozzfest kicked off here. “Honestly, for us, it’s just like another day at the office. It’s definitely exciting. If you’d asked me a year ago if my band would ever be on Ozzfest, it’s like, ‘We’re a death-metal/grindcore/whatever band Ozzfest is never going to go for that.’ And so it’s definitely unexpected and definitely crazy, but at the same time, we’ve played over 800 shows. We’ve played backyards, we’ve played basements and we’ve played the Sounds of the Underground in front of thousands of people. We’re ready for anything. As excited as we are, we’re just going to go do what we always do.”

Kozowyk, who runs his own label, Black Market Activities, knows that Ozzfest is perhaps the biggest tour his band will ever be on and has heard people talking about how beneficial a slot on the fest can be for a band like THE RED CHORD. But he’s not letting it go to his head.

“People say Ozzfest can make or break a band, but for us, we’re ready to get bigger and we’re ready to go back if it comes down to it,” he said. “We’ve played so many small shows, and we’re so comfortable in the small environment, that if Ozzfest doesn’t break us into the mainstream, we’re ready to go back to playing VFWs and basements. We’ve had such a good time that it doesn’t matter what happens on Ozzfest for us. We’re going to just roll with it. If it comes down to us being the big Ozzfest success, that’s great. We’ll sell a bunch of records. But as soon as the metal/hardcore/extreme-music thing drops off, and it isn’t making the Billboard charts anymore, we really don’t care whatever. We’ll be happy selling 20,000 records and playing to a couple hundred kids a night. It doesn’t matter to us.

“Our attitude has always been THE RED CHORD are normal people playing to normal people out in the crowd. We’re not better or bigger than anyone,” he continued. “It’s intriguing to think that we can come out of this tour and be the biggest death-metal band to date, because I don’t know that there’s any real brutal death-metal bands that have done this in the past. I think if [death metal’s] ever going to get big, this might be our only shot. If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. We could care less.”

THE RED CHORD‘s 2005 LP, Clients, was reissued last month with demo and live tracks, and Kozowyk said the band will settle into the writing process for its next album following Ozzfest and some more U.S. touring. He hopes to start recording the CHORD‘s third disc, which they’ve already named Birdbath, early next year.

“We started naming songs but we haven’t really written any songs yet,” he explained. “We have a bunch of song titles [‘I Am Not a Lawnmower,’ ‘The Robot From the Future,’ ‘Skin Beef‘ and ‘The Brian Slagel Song,’ to name a few], ideas and a bunch of parts, but we just don’t have the actual songs done yet. We want to have a new record ready for next summer.”

IGNITE – Release Video for “Bleeding” To Net

€œBleeding€ is the first video from IGNITE€™s new album €œOur Darkest Days€ that was released on Century Media Records in Europe on May 15. IGNITE who have been crafting some of the most definitive melodic west coast hardcore over the past decade are also known for their no holds barred social and politically engaging lyrics. This song and video is no different as the subject deals with the Iraq occupation by the U.S. As bassist Brett Rasmussen explains, it is about €œthe lies our Government told us to get us into a war without taking the rest of the world€™s consideration into it.€  Vocalist Zoli Teglas who wrote the lyrics has a younger brother currently stationed in Iraq where as he explains €œhe is forced to risk his life driving Halliburton execs to meetings that benefit the politicians and not the people.€     

The performance footage of the video was shot in the blistering California Desert. Interspersed with news footage of the war and intense images, the message is driven home by director Chris Sims (Lamb Of God, As I Lay Dying).

Click here to watch the video.

Inked in Blood – Power Forward With US Tour – HBB Debut Tomorrow

INKED IN BLOOD, one of the hardest working bands around, are at it again.  After touring for 100 days straight in their 40 foot veggie oil-powered bus (featured in the recent issue of Alternative Press Magazine in an article about bands who tour in biodiesel-fueled vans) INKED IN BLOOD are headed back out for a 3 week run with label mates NODES OF RANVIER and Eulogy Records’ THE WARRIORS.

Nipping at the heels of their new tour comes the debut of INKED IN BLOOD’s video for “Lest I Sleep the Sleep of Death” from the CD “Lay Waste the Poets” on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball on Saturday, July 22.

INKED IN BLOOD tour dates are as follows:

July 21 – Ogden, UT @ Club Boom Va
July 22 – Boise, ID @ The Venue
July 23 – Tacoma, WA @ Hell’s Kitchen
July 25 – Portland, OR @ Loveland
July 26 – Orangevale, CA @ Boardwalk
July 27 – San Diego, CA @ Soma
July 28 – Corona, CA @ Showcase Theatre
July 29 – Victorville, CA @ Trilogy Theater
July 30 – Tempe, AZ @ The Clubhouse
August 1 – San Antonio, TX @ The White Rabbit
August 2 – Dallas, TX @ The Door
August 3 – Houston, TX @ Java Jazz
August 5 – Memphis, TN @ Skatepark of Memphis
August 6 – Nashville, TN @ The Muse
August 9 – Mt. Clemens, MI @ Hayloft Liquor Stand
August 10 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Skelletones
August 12 – Madison, WI @ The Loft

3 Inches of Blood – New Song Posted Online

You can check out a new 3 INCHES OF BLOOD song called “Goatrider’s Hordehere.

Anal Blast – Tour Dates Announced

ANAL BLAST have lined up the following upcoming tour dates:

July 30 – St. Paul, MN @ Station 4
July 31 – Bettendorf, IA @ Penguins
August 1 – Lincoln, NE @ The Chatterbox
August 2 – Burbank, IL @ Champ’s
August 3 – Cleveland, OH @ T.B.A.
August 4 – Cincinnati, OH @ Top Cat’s
August 5 – Lima, OH @ The Fire House
August 6 – Toledo, OH @ Vamp’s
August 7 – Rochester, NY @ The California Brew Haus
August 8 – Endicott, NY @ The Downtown Quarterback
August 9 – New London, CT @ The El N Gee Club
August 10 – Allston, MA @ O’Briens Pub
August 11 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance Complex
August 12 – Oakdale, NY @ Fin’s Pub
August 13 – Middlesex, NJ early afternoon party
August 15 – Baltimore, MD @ The Sidebar Tavern
August 16 – Christiansburg, VA @ Hawkeye Hall
August 17 – Charlotte, NC @ T.B.A.
August 18 – Jacksonville, FL @ The Imperial
August 19 – Tampa, FL @ The Brass Mug
August 20 – Ft. Meyers, FL early show
August 20 – Winter Park, FL @ The Haven late show
August 21 – Marietta, GA @ Swayze’s
August 22 – Birmingham, AL @ The Highnote Lounge
August 23 – Fayatteville, AR @ T.B.A.
August 24 – Tulsa, OK @ Pink Eye’s

Planes Mistaken for Stars – Complete Work on New Album – Reveal Tracklisting – Out October 3

Celebrated Denver, Colorado quartet PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS has completed work on their highly anticipated new album, entitled Mercy. Mercy will see an October 3 release via Abacus Recordings.

The critically acclaimed band, known for their exhilarating live performances and dynamic hard rock sound that combines both fervent aggression and heartfelt melody, recorded Mercy at Seattle’s Red Room Recording Studios with Producer extraordinaire Matt Bayles (ISIS, PEARL JAM, MASTODON). The follow-up to 2004’s Up In Them Guts, Mercy contains eleven songs executed in PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS incomparable style, the album documenting the fast-rising band at the top of their game musically, while the aching, captivating vocals of frontman / guitarist Gared O’Donnell soar overhead. The album features stunning, beautiful cover artwork from Chris Taylor (DARKEST HOUR, PIG DESTROYER) in addition.

The final track listing for Mercy is €œOne Fucked Pony€, €œCrooked Mile€, €œWidow: A Love Song€, €œKeep Your Teeth€, €œTo Spit a Sparrow€, €œNever Felt Prettier€, €œKilled by Killers who Kill Each Other€, €œLittle Death€, €œChurch Date€, €œMercy€ and €œPenitence€. A sneak preview of what Mercy holds in store is available now as the song “Crooked Mile” has been posted online at the PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS MySpace page.

PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS (Gared O€™Donnell (vocals / guitar), Chuck French (guitar), Neil Keener (bass)and Mike Ricketts (drums)), who have toured relentlessly with such diverse acts as THE ATARIS, HIGH ON FIRE, THURSDAY, CONVERGE, CURSIVE and THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, will embark on a European headlining tour beginning July 25 at the Barfly in London, UK. The much-traveled band is expected to announce a plethora of North American live dates in support of Mercy shortly. A full listing of upcoming PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS live dates can be found at the bottom of this message.

Mike Patton – Set To Guest On Loveline

Mike Patton (PEEPING TOM, FAITH NO MORE, MR. BUNGLE, etc.) is set to be a guest on the nationally syndicated radio show Loveline on Tuesday, July 25th. For a list of stations where you can listen, check here.

Seemless – Line Up All Ages Show this Friday Before Departing on US Tour

SEEMLESS will be playing an early all ages show in Boston at Axis Friday with HURT and MERCY FALL. SEEMLESS will perform at 6:30pm sharp as part of their last home show before they tour the United States for the first time with NONPOINT. You can get advance tickets here.

Meatloaf – Releases Animated Short Film By Writers Nikki Sixx and John 5

MEATLOAF has release an animated short film in the style of a movie trailer as part of the final chapter in the “Bat Out of Hell” series.  The animation is set to the album’s single €œThe Monster is Loose€ which was co-written by Nikki Sixx (MOTLEY CRUE) John 5 of MARILYN MANSON and Bat Out of Hell producer and long time Meat Loaf collaborator, Desmond Child. You can view the film here.

All that Remains – Storms Billboard Chart – Scans 13K in First Week

Massachusetts-based metal act ALL THAT REMAINS has officially scanned almost 13,000 copies of the band€™s latest release, €The Fall of Ideals,€™ according to Nielsen SoundScan. Strong first week sales also result in the album catapulting to a # 75 debut on the Billboard Top 200 charts. The success of the €The Fall of Ideals€™ marks the most strongest first week ever for a Prosthetic Records band.  The album is a joint release between Prosthetic and Razor & Tie. Prosthetic is the Los Angeles-based label which began in 1997 and was the launching pad for international sensations LAMB OF GOD.  It is currently enjoying success with upstarts THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD.

The stellar first-week success comes hot off the heels of Massachusetts€™ THE ACACIA STRAIN, another Prosthetic Records band, entering the Billboard Heatseekers chart at #40 behind strong first-week numbers for the band€™s latest record, €The Dead Walk€™ in June. Moving over 2,600 units first week, that record began Prosthetic€™s busy summer release schedule, which will also see releases from BURN IN SILENCE, France€™s GOJIRA, and LIGHT THIS CITY.

Currently touring North America as part of Ozzfest 2006, ALL THAT REMAINS will continue touring throughout the summer and fall to support the band€™s new release, having already stormed Europe as part of Sounds of The Underground earlier this year. “The Fall of Ideals” was recorded with producer Adam Dutkiewicz (Killswitch Engage).  The album marks the recorded debuts of new bassist Jeanne Sagan and drummer Shannon Lucas. The result is an album that Revolver magazine dubs, “Both brutal and beautiful. Scary good.” 

The lead single/video from €The Fall of Ideals,€™ €œThis Calling,€ can currently be seen on Fuse€™s €œUranium€ and will be making its debut on MTV2€™s €œHeadbanger€™s Ball€ this Saturday, July 22. 

Coldworker – Sign To Relapse Records

Relapse Records have announced the signing of Sweden’s COLDWORKER.

COLDWORKER features former NASUM drummer Anders Jakobson and includes guitarists Anders Baerilsson and Andre Alvinzi, bassist Oskar Palsson, and vocalist Joel Fornbrant. The band, formed by Jakobson in January, has been hard at work on their debut album The Contaminated Void.

On the development of The Contaminated Void, which contains the band’s first songs, Jakobson says: “This is probably the fastest first album ever made! I mean we’ve gone from not knowing each other to having a mastered copy of our first full length recording in our hands in approximately five months.” Fornbrant adds: “I hope people will get a good feeling of spontaneity listening to the album.”

“The reason everything came together so quickly,” Jakobson continues, “is because all the members are deeply involved in the songwriting process. It sort of clicked from the first rehearsal in February and we’ve surfed on that creative wave ever since, sacrificing lots of hours in the rehearsal room. We came out with something that was both fast and furious but also heavy and a little bit technical. Playing these songs has been something of a challenge for me as the style is completely different from what I’ve done before. I can’t wait to share these songs with the world!”

The Contaminated Void was recorded by the band this past June and mixed by Dan Swano. Advance song titles include: “The Interloper,” “An Unforgiving Season,” “The Contaminated Void,” “Return To Ashes,” “Strain At The Leash,” “Flammable,” “Antidote,” “Heart Shaped Violence,” and “Generations Decay.” The Contaminated Void is expected to see a European release this Fall, followed by a North American release in early 2007. A three minute audio sampling of The Contaminated Void can be heard here.

Estradasphere – New Song Posted Online

You can check out a brand new song from ESTRADASPHERE, off their upcoming new album Palace of Mirrors, here. The album will be released on September 19th through The End Records.

Five Finger Death Punch – ex-Motograter, U.P.O. – Adds ex-W.A.S.P. Guitarist to Fold

Former W.A.S.P. guitarist Darrell Roberts has joined FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, the new band featuring drummer Jeremy Spencer (a former W.A.S.P. accomplice) better known for his double bass shreddage on the “Drums From Hell – Extreme Metal Loops” CD, ex-U.P.O. axe man Zoltan Bathory, ex-DEADSETT bassist Matt Snell, and former MOTOGRATER vocalist Ivan Moody (aka- Ghost).

“I will continue to write and record my own material, but when I heard 5FDP, I knew I had to be a part of this band,” Roberts writes in a statement. “They are fucking brutal, extremely talented and the debut CD, ‘The Way of the Fist’, contains some of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time! I haven’t been this excited to play music in years!!!”  

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH’s debut album, “The Way of the Fist”, was recorded at Next Level Studios with Stevo “Shotgun” Bruno (PRONG, MOTLEY CRUE) and at Complex Studios with Mikey Sarkisyan (SPINESHANK). Mixing and mastering duties were handled by Logan Mader (MACHINE HEAD, SOULFLY).

The band is currently in negotiations with various labels about the release of the album. Street date is TBA. In the meantime, 5FDP is getting some “love” from radio DJ’ s across the world. XM Satellite’s Liquid Metal was the first to put “The Way Of The Fist” in rotation and others are stepping up to spin some of that “true metal”.