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Blood Freak – “Feeding Rituals” Update

Razorback Records have released the following update:

Things are moving fast on this upcoming special release! Maniac Neil already has a large portion of the new songs done! Almost all of the lyrics are finished as well. The new stuff sounds like FRIGHTMARE‘s “Bringing Back The Bloodshed” sound mixed with BLOOD FREAK‘s style! Shorter songs, crunchy metallic guitar sound, and even tighter drums with incredible production/sound! The theme/tone is meaner, more pissed off, and sleazier than ever. There’s going to be even more insane vocal f/x this time around as well. The pitch-shifter will return….but with a TWIST!

Here’s the updated list of songs that will appear on the CD:


Bloodletting North America V – Tour Dates Updated

The dates have been updated for the upcoming Bloodletting North America V tour featuring DEEDS OF FLESH, VILE, DECREPIT BIRTH, and ODIOUS MORTEM:

July 14 – Corona CA @ Showcase Theater
July 15 – San Marcos CA @ Jumping Turtle
July 16 – Hollywood CA @ The Knitting Factory
July 17 – Glendale, AZ @ Bull Dogz
July 18 – Albuquerque NM @ The Compound
July 19 – Lubbock, TX @ The Slaughterhouse
July 20 – Tulsa, OK @ The Pink Eye
July 21 – St. Louis, MO @ Creepy Crawl
July 22 – Toledo, OH @ Vamps
July 23 – Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
July 24 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Peppermint Beach Club
July 25 – New York, NY @ Downtime
July 26 – Montclair, NJ @ Bloomfield Ave Cafe
July 27 – Saratoga Springs, NY @ Backstreet Billiards
July 28 – Toronto, ON @ El Mocambo
July 29 – Montreal, QC @ Petit Campus
July 30 – Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks
July 31 – Madison, WI @ The Loft
August 1 – Arlington Heights, IL @ Knights of Columbus Hall
August 2 – St. Paul, MN @ Station 4
August 4 – Denver, CO @ The Grimm Reaper
August 7 – Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
August 8 – Portland, OR @ Rock N Roll Pizza
August 9 – Eureka, CA @ The Eureka Vets Hall
August 10 – Fresno, CA @ The Belmont

Peeping Tom – European/U.S. Mini-Tour Dates Released

Mike Patton‘s PEEPING TOM have lined up the following upcoming European and U.S. tour dates and festival appearances:

July 14 – Dour, BEL @ Dour Festival
July 15 – Suffolk, UK @ Latitude Festival
July 17 – London, UK @ The Astoria w/ Dub Trio
July 20 – Costa Mesa, CA @ Orange County Fair w/ Gnarls Barkley
July 23 – Los Angeles, CA @ Avalon w/ Gnarls Barkley
July 24 – Los Angeles, CA @ Avalon w/ Gnarls Barkley
July 27 – Chicago, IL @ TBA w/ Dub Trio
July 28 – Twin Lakes, WI @ Hedgpeth Festival

The band is expected to embark on a full tour in the fall.

Breaking Benjamin – Stream to 1st Single – #1 Most Added to Rock Radio in 3 Formats

BREAKING BENJAMIN’s new single ‘The Diary of Jane’ was #1 Most Added at three formats – Modern Rock, Active Rock and Rock – and can now be heard on over 100 radio stations nationwide. The band’s new album “Phobia” hits stores on August 8. Listen to the single below:

Windows Media
Real Player

Strictly Heavy Management – Offers Luxury Suites to Up & Coming Artists

In 2005, STRICTLY HEAVY MANAGEMENT purchased this very well kept Queen Anne Victorian Mansion located in Easton Maryland. The site houses SHM Headquarters, Easton Academy of Recording Arts, and Blast Metal Music, owned and operated by Heavy Metal Personal Manager Theresa Aldao. The house has 5 luxurious rooms with private bathrooms, and can easily accommodate an entourage of up to 10 adults. We also have sufficient parking for tour busses and vans! Youll find the house and its setting to be quiet and relaxing. The best part is the fact that we are easily within 60 miles of both Washington D.C. and Baltimore, a major leg on the Eastern Tour Routes. We are interested in helping out your staff on business travel, or up and coming bands on your roster while on tour, by providing free overnight accommodations .

STRICTLY HEAVY MANAGEMENT says that the purpose of this promotion is to develop the sites reputation as entertainment friendly and to increase the prestige of STRICTLY HEAVY MANAGEMENT’s business in the music industry. Interested persons should contact STRICTLY HEAVY MANAGEMENT directly for availability. STRICTLY HEAVY MANAGEMENT suggest an individual or bands itinerary include a night of R&R prior to, or post a performance in Baltimore, Northern Virginia, or Washington DC. The site is located on the Eastern Shore, approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from each city. Interstate 95, and Interstate 97 are both easily accessible.

Century Media Recording Artists DESPISED ICON and Relapse Recording Artist Vincent Matthews of CRIMINAL ELEMENT (and formerly of DYING FETUS) have already stayed at STRICTLY HEAVY MANAGEMENT Headquarters.

Barcode – Announce New Singer – Ex-Demolition Inc.

After having parted ways with former shouter Butch in January, Danish Hardcore steam-rollers BARCODE finally announced a new singer: SS Graveyard aka BloodKill, who is also employed as frontman of the Danish Metal band DEMOLITION INC. “What had always been Butch’s trademark aggressive and fierce vocals, yet with a delicate sense of tone delivered with immense headroom and authority SS Graveyard has it all”, states the band on their official website.

BARCODE are presently working on six new songs, first results are supposed to show up very soon.

Communic – Replace Exodus at Bang Your Head Festival

Norwegian chartbreakers COMMUNIC have just been confirmed to play at the German Bang Your Head festival, scheduled to take place from June 23-24 in Balingen. Thus the band replaces Thrash veterans EXODUS who cancelled their appearance recently.

Kataklysm – Confirm Filming of Entire CoHeadlining Show at Partysan for DVD

KATAKLYSM have confirmed that they will be filming their entire coheadlining show at this year’s PARTYSAN open air festival. The show will be professionally filmed and stated for release for the end of the year in a double dvd release, the dvd will be titled KATAKLYSM  “Live In Germany”  and the second bonus dvd “The Test of Time” wich will feature footage  spanning over the bands 15 year career , interviews and various videoclips will also be included.

Walls of Jericho – Finish Filming 1st Video for New Album

WALLS OF JERICHO, Detroit’s voice of metal, just finished filming their first video for the new album, “With Devils Amongst Us All” due out Fall 2006. The band, which delivers a fierce onslaught of metallic venom in their guitars while retaining the grit of hardcore/punk, is fronted by female fury, Candace Kucsulain.  Consistent with their dark sound, WALLS OF JERICHO shot the video for the song ‘A Trigger Full of Promises’ in discarded prison cells located deep in the rural countryside of Pennsylvania. The prison cells are part of an old farm house that was once a film studio for S&M videos, and is now used to make interrogation training films for the U.S. army and navy.  We wanted the video to be full of dark undertones, to match the lyrical theme of the song says Dustin Schoenhofer (drums) who actually scripted the video, The initial idea was to combine a Romeo and Juliet storyline with METALLICA’s ‘Unforgiven‘ video. The song is about the idea of love and the video portrays lovers who are separated by a prison wall, who give up their health, well-being and ultimately their lifes to reach one another.

Director Dale Restigini who has worked with TRIVIUM, HATEBREED, FALL OUT BOY shot the video in one day.  When most people were enjoying cookouts and baseball on Memorial Day, the band who had just completed the Trustkill Takeover Tour with BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, ROSES ARE RED were filming.  ‘A Trigger Full Of Promises’ will be the first single off of “With Devils Amongst Us All”, and is also featured on the new Headbanger’s Ball, The Revenge double album that is out now. Guitarist Mike Hasty describes the forthcoming full-length album as the most varied music we’ve ever written, it’s a lot more anthemic whereas our older material was more about aggression than composition. 

With Devils Amongst Us All” is the follow up to 2004’s “All Hail The Dead,” which had a fury of press coverage including national publications such as Alt Press, Decibel and Revolver as well as broadcast media such as Headbangers Ball (which Candace hosted an episode of).

Bury Your Dead – July 11 Release Date for “Beauty and the Breakdown” – Details Revealed

“We could just get up there and shred or have a good time. We choose to have a good time” – BURY YOUR DEAD

On July 11 Victory Records will release BURY YOUR DEAD‘s appropriately titled “Beauty And The Breakdown.”

Massachusetts based BURY YOUR DEAD took no prisoners last year on Ozzfest‘s notorious second stage, establishing themselves alongside AS I LAY DYING, ROB ZOMBIE, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE among others. Now, on July 11th, BURY YOUR DEAD will release their eponymous “Beauty And The Breakdown” (Victory).

BURY YOUR DEAD rise to the occasion after breaking up and reforming; having gone through 9 touring vehicles including buckets of bolts like a Hyundai Accent and a Kia Sefia. They’re still together and their stronger than ever on the new album, “Beauty And The Breakdown – which is easily their most focused sonic offering.

In the BURY YOUR DEAD tradition, the music is heavier than granite, but the band’s approach and collective attitude is light, fun and carefree bringing old school rock n roll f-you style back to the music scene; that coupled with their not to be missed live performance is what sets BYD apart from their peers.  Also drawing attention from music industry folk, specifically to Superhero Artist Management’s Howard Jones who doubles as singer in KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and now manages the band.  BURY YOUR DEAD‘s brute heaviness collided with their catchy melodies, “making you mosh your brains out to our infectious breakdowns, is what keeps the kids coming back for more.” As Slim says, “It’s always down and dirty, hustle and bustle with BURY YOUR DEAD.” And that equals a damn good time.

While 2004’s “Cover Your Tracks” respectfully sold more than 80,000 copies, featuring song titles named after Tom Cruise movies, “Beauty And The Breakdown” doesn’t name its song titles after Nicole Kidman movies – nor does it sound like its predecessor. Here, BURY YOUR DEAD named all their songs after fairytales, like “Mirror, Mirror”, “House Of Brick”, and “House Of Straw”. The album’s artwork is laid out like a storybook, as well. Despite having such light, fun titles, the music contained on the moshable “Beauty And The Breakdown” is pummeling, vivid, and fast, and it will knock the wind out of you, and is also smart and tightly written.

Their organic method of playing with ideas and writing songs is another key factor of what makes BURY YOUR DEAD a little bit different and a whole lotta special. “Me and Mark are like peanut butter and jelly,” Slim reveals. “We don’t need to lock into a practice space with a bottle of whiskey and make a thing, with details all hidden. We go into my parents’living room, where he has electric drum set and I have a half stack, and we write and other members come in and contribute.”

Fun is an essential ingredient to the BURY YOUR DEAD sound, and they definitely strike the balance.  “You can hear us having a good time,” Slim points out.  Indeed, if you’ve ever witnessed a BURY YOUR DEAD show, when they play their namesake song, there are massive pile-ons on stage, with kids clamoring for a chance to scream, “Bury your fuckin’ dead” with Bruso (vox). “Having a good time is as important as the quality of the music, absolutely, 200 percent.”

Look for soon to be announced summer tour plans.

Powerman 5000 – Begin Shooting Video for ‘Wild World’ On June 11

DRT recording artist POWERMAN 5000 begin shooting their video for the track “Wild World” on Sunday, June 11 in Los Angeles “Wild World” is the first single off the band’s upcoming album, Destroy What You Enjoy, out August 1. We’re shooting most of it in an abandoned crack house,” vocalist Spider comments. “It should be pretty glamorous.” The video will showcase the band’s high energy live performance, and will be co-directed by Jeff Stewart and Spider.In other POWERMAN 5000 news, the band will embark on a U.S tour beginning July 1 in Lubbock, TX.

Slayer – Announce “Christ Illusion” As Album Title – Reveal Release Date, Tracklisting

Christ Illusion” has been confirmed as the title of the new SLAYER album, it has been announced, and the CD’s release date is now confirmed for August 8, 2006.

Christ Illusion” is SLAYER’s first new studio album since 2001, and the
first recorded by the band’s original line-up – Kerry King/guitars; Tom
/bass, vocals; Jeff Hanneman/guitars; Dave Lombardo/drums – since
1990’s “Seasons In The Abyss.” “Christ Illusion” was produced by Josh
and executive produced by Rick Rubin, and will be released on SLAYER‘s long-time label, Rubin‘s American Recordings/Warner Bros. Records.

Christ Illusion” deals with familiar SLAYER themes – god, religion, hate, and war. Song titles are “Flesh Storm,” “Catalyst,” “Eyes of the Insane,” “Jihad,” “Skeleton Christ,” “Consfearacy,” “Black Serenade,” ” Catatonic,” “Cult,” and “Supremist.” According to Araya, “No one is going to be disappointed, it’s going to blow everybody away. It’s fast, heavy, and maybe faster than anything we’ve done before.”

“It’s a good mix of fast, brutal music and slower moodier stuff, it’s pretty
intense,” added King. “It sounds like a damn SLAYER record.”

A core player in SLAYER‘s history has also rejoined the team for the “Christ
” project. Larry Carroll, who did the cover artwork for “Reign in
,” “South of Heaven,” and “Seasons In the Abyss,” has painted an
original piece for the “Christ Illusion” cover. Working only from the song
titles and early lyrics, Carroll has produced a classic SLAYER masterpiece -
a portrait of the Christ – whose forearms have been chopped off – standing
in an ocean of blood surrounded by floating, decapitated heads. Carroll
created the painting on a 4-by-4-foot slab of wood using a combination of
mediums. King already has placed dibs on ownership of the original wooden

The Sword – Announce Headlining Tour – Special Festival Appearance

THE SWORD have announced a U.S. headlining tour in support of their much-talked about album Age of Winters.  Hot off of a highly successful European trek, the critically acclaimed quartet will launch the U.S. tour on July 9 in Tempe, AZ.  The scheduled twenty one city jaunt is expected to conclude on July 30 in Denton, TX, with additional dates pending.  Support on THE SWORD tour will be provided by Bay Area quartet SAVIOURS.

Additionally, THE SWORD have announced a special U.S. performance as part of the much anticipated 2006 Vice Intonation Music Festival.  The festival, set for June 24 and 25, will take place in Chicago, IL’s Union Park, and will see THE SWORD perform alongside a diverse array of heralded acts including BLUE CHEER, HIGH ON FIRE, GHOSTFACE KILLAH, THE STREETS, PANTHERS and BOREDOMS.  More information on the Intonation Music Festival, including the full artist line up and set times can be found at

Dates for the proposed headlining tour can be found here.

Suffocation – Begin Recording New Album

Legendary death metal giants SUFFOCATION have begun recording their new album.

The self-titled new album is being recorded at Full Force Studios in Long Island, NY. SUFFOCATION is the follow-up to 2004’s Souls To Deny and will see a September 2006 release.

Additionally, SUFFOCATION have enlisted tattoo artist JonZig from Skingraver Tattoo Studio in Austin, TX for SUFFOCATION‘s album artwork. For more information on JonZig, please visit

Municipal Waste – Australian Tour Dates Announced

Virginian thrashers MUNICIPAL WASTE have announced the following Australian tour dates for the month of August:

August 4 – Brisbane, AUS @ The Basement
August 5 – Sydney, AUS @ Annadale
August 6 – New Castle, AUS @ Cambridge
August 9 – Perth, AUS @ Rosemount
August 11 – Adelaide, AUS @ Enigma
August 12 – Melbourne, AUS @ Arthouse

Shadows Fall – Frontman Brian Fair Talks To MTV

The following article was originally posted over at

SHADOWS FALL frontman Brian Fair lives more than an hour’s drive from the band’s practice space in Springfield, Massachusetts, where they’ve been working on their forthcoming Atlantic Records debut the last six months. But he doesn’t mind after all, the practice space is also above one of New England’s biggest nudie bars, Mardi Gras.

“It doesn’t make it too hard to go to work,” he laughed. “Us and STAIND both have a practice space up there. It’s amazing, too, because I’m used to Boston practice spaces, which are like $500 closets. So this is actually real spacious, and they have $12 pitchers downstairs. It’s not that hard to drive an hour and a half to practice when I know what’s waiting.”

At this point, Fair said, SHADOWS FALL have “the outlines of eight or nine songs” finished. The bandmembers meet three times a week for intense writing sessions. “We’re trying to overwrite,” the singer said. “We were just out in Los Angeles, and we shot a video for ‘In Effigy,’ ” off the band’s final LP for Century Media, Fallout From the War. “Beyond that, we’ve just been writing like hermits up in the practice space.”

Fallout From the War, which will be in stores Tuesday, features eight original SHADOWS FALL tunes and three covers: ONLY LIVING WITNESS‘ “December,” LEEWAY‘s “Mark of the Squealer” and DANGEROUS TOYS‘ “Teas’n, Pleas’n.”

Most of the new songs were borne out of the recording sessions for 2004’s The War Within. The video for “In Effigy,” shot with director Zach Merck (ATREYU, LACUNA COIL), will be a straight-ahead performance clip, according to a Century Media spokesperson.

“Some of these ideas started with The War Within, and this album’s being packaged as a companion piece to that, but for us, it took on a whole new life because after two years, those ideas changed so much it’s ridiculous,” Fair explained. “Like sometimes it was one or two riffs that were somewhere in the vault that we never got a chance to work on, and those original riffs might not have stayed the same. The vocal lines and lyrics were written this fall after [our stint on last summer’s] Ozzfest. To us, it’s a whole new record. One song, ‘Deadworld,’ goes back to the original SHADOWS FALL demo. It’s cool to hear 10 years of progression in one song.”

Fair said the album, while inspired by ideas the band was forced to abandon because of post-album touring commitments, is an LP that marks “another step forward for this band. With each record, we try to progress sonically and as songwriters. This album bridges the gap to The War Within, but for us, it stands on its own.”

The singer said there had been discussions with the label about re-releasing some of the band’s older material. “There was talk of remastering this and that. Someone suggested a box set. But it was like, ‘Dude, we have new songs. Let’s release new songs. The kids don’t want to hear old sh– again.’ “

Fair‘s had his hands full in recent months with both SHADOWS FALL and the recording sessions for OVERCAST‘s forthcoming album, Reborn to Kill Again, which he finished tracking vocals for three weeks ago. OVERCAST, the band Fair was in with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE bassist Mike D’Antonio before entering the SHADOWS FALL fold, reunited several months ago for a handful of live gigs and to record Reborn.

“It’s been a lot of fun, which normally isn’t what happens in the studio. Just a bunch of old friends getting together,” Fair said. “It’s been a blast. We’re never going to recapture that energy of a bunch of 16-year-old kids who didn’t know what they were doing, so this is a total different approach to it, and it sounds f—ing monstrous, man.”

As for jumping ship for the major label’s often choppy waters, Fair said it’s a decision he and the rest of the band had to make.

“We were friends with [the folks at Century Media] before we signed with the label, and they definitely went above and beyond what we thought an indie label could possibly do,” he said. “They did offer us a great deal, but we wanted to … see if we could take it to another level.

“It was a tough decision, but one we felt we really needed to make. We’ve been together 10 years, so we came with a contract and we knew exactly what we wanted. If people weren’t into that initial thing, we knew we could cut them off right away. We weren’t settling. We were brutally honest right at the beginning, and it stopped a lot of those dinners right away.

“These labels knew they weren’t signing Britney Spears,” Fair continued. “They were just getting a bunch of Ma–hole metalheads. We were just psyched to get some free pizza and beer.”

Job For A Cowboy – Sign To Metal Blade Records is reporting that Arizona based deathcore act JOB FOR A COWBOY have signed to Metal Blade Records, with the band expected to head into the studio later this year to record their debut album for a Spring release.

Les Claypool – Lines Up Book Signings

Les Claypool will be reading excerpts from his new novel “South of The Pumphouse” followed by a signing at the following locations:

July 15 Sat 6pm
Manhattan, NY @ Barnes and Noble (Astor Place)

July 17 Mon 6pm
Cambridge, MA @ Porter Square Books (25 White St.)
Porter Square Shopping Center

July 22 Sat 6pm
Cleveland Heights, OH @ B-Side Liquor Lounge (2785 Euclid Blvd.)
Presented by Mac’s Backs Paperbacks

Aug. 9 Wed 7:30pm
Los Angeles, CA @ Skylight Books (1818 N. Vermont Ave.)
Also reading: James Greer, author of Artificial Light

Aug. 10 Thu 7:30pm
Santa Monica, CA @ Barnes and Noble (1201 Third St. Promenade)
Also reading: James Greer

Sept. 21 Thu 7pm
San Francisco, CA @ City Lights Bookstore (261 Columbus Ave.)
Also reading: James Greer

For more information, head over to

Satellite Party – Feat. Perry Farrel – Sign to Colombia, Recording this Fall

SATELLITE PARTY, which features ex-JANES ADDICTION frontman Perry Farrell and ex-EXTREME guitarist Nuno Bettencourt, recently signed a deal with Columbia Records and will enter the studio early Fall to record their debut album.

John Zorn – 2 Performances Announced For Saturday in NYC

JOHN ZORN will be performing two sets of his “infamous game piece” Cobra on Saturday, June 10th at Tonic in New York City. The sets will be at 8 and 10pm and are $12 each.

Rancid – 4 NYC Shows Announced

RANCID have lined up four New York City shows at the B.B. King Blues Club for the month of August:

August 24th with H20
August 26th with BIG D & THE KIDS TABLE
August 27th with THE SLACKERS

Tickets for all shows are $18 ($20 day of show) and go on sale June 17th.

Paris Hilton – Launches New Video for Lead Single ‘Stars Are Blind’

PARIS HILTON’s new video for her lead single ‘Stars Are Blind’ has made it online just in time for the World Cup and the weekend. You can view the video in its entirity at this location.

For those of you sitting and waiting around for Germany vs. Costa Rica, you can sing along at home:

I don’t mind spending some time
Just hanging here with you
Cuz I don’t find too many guys
That treat me like you do
Those other guys all wanna take me for a ride
But when I walk their talk is suicide
Some people never get beyond their stupid pride
But you can see the real me inside
And I’m satisfied, oh no, ohh

Even though the gods are crazy
Even though the stars are blind
If you show me real love baby
I’ll show you mine

I can make you nice and naughty
Be the devil and angel too
Got a heart and soul and body
Let’s see what this love can do
Baby i’m perfect for you

My love, ohh oh

I could be your confidante
Just one of your girlfriends
But I know that love’s what you want
If tomorrow the world ends
Why shouldn’t we be with the one we really love?
Now tell me who have you been dreaming of
At night at home? oh no, ohh

Excuse me for feeling
This moment is critical
Might be me feeling
It could get physical, oh no, no no

Testament – Announce Two SoCal Shows

TESTAMENT, with their original lineup, have announced two Southern California shows, the first with DECEPTION, the second with SADISTIC INTENT:

July 13 – West Hollywood, CA @ Key Club
July 14 – Santa Ana, CA @ Galaxy Theater

Venom, DevilDriver – Another California Date Added

Another  VENOM / DEVILDRIVER date has hit the net, this time for the Bay Area in California for late August:

August 13 – New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
August 15 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Trocadero
August 18 – Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theatre
August 20 – Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
August 22 – Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
August 24 – Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
August 25 – Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
August 27 – San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore

36 Crazyfists – More Dates Added to US Tour

More dates have been added to the 36 CRAZYFISTS, TRIGGER POINT US tour that will also feature the RE:IGNITION, THE AUTUMN OFFERING, PHOENIX MOURNING and FALLING CLOSER appearing on select dates. A complete listing is as follows:

July 1 - Spokane, WA @ The Boulevard
July 3 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Vegas
July 4 – Denver, CO @ Iliff Park Saloon
July 5 – Wichita, KS JC’s @ House of Rock
July 6 – Lawrence, KS @ Iliff Park Saloon
July 7 – Columbia Heights, MN @ Star Central
July 8 – Mankato, MN @ Busters
July 9 – Fargo, ND @ All Star Bowl – w/ THE AUTUMN OFFERING, JACKNIFE
July 11 – Cleveland, OH @ Peabody’s
July 13 – Louisville, KY @ Oscar’s
July 17 – Jacksonville, FL @ Thee Imperial * – w/ PHOENIX MOURNING
July 19 – Houston, TX @ Engine Room *
July 23 – Phoenix, AZ @ Venue of Scottsdale *
July 24 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Knitting Factory *
July 25 – San Franisco, CA @ The Pound **
July 26 – Portland, OR @ Rock ‘n Roll Pizza *