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WOLVHAMMER: First Wave Of Desanctifying North America 2014 Tour Announced

Like rubbing battery acid into an open wound, WOLVHAMMER is now chasing the release of their grating new album, Clawing Into Black Sun, with live actions across the Americas, having just announced the initial leg of their multi-pronged Desanctifying North America 2014.

The newest incursion of performances will run the Northeastern US from late October through mid-November, seeing the Midwestern-based WOLVHAMMER cult headlining all dates in support of their Profound Lore-released third LP, Clawing Into Black Sun, with direct support from NYC-based Relapse artists, Mortals. Several more dates will be added to the currently booked two-week-long itinerary.


EXHUMED: West Coast Gore Hounds Return To The Road This Fall


West Coast gore hounds, EXHUMED, will take to the streets this Fall on another rash of live incursions with extreme metal technicians Carcass and manic death thrashers Noisem. Slated to kick off on October 24th in San Diego, the Inked In Steel Tour 2014 will trample nearly two dozen cities with additional sonic devourment from death metal legends Obituary and Macabre on select dates. From there the band will march overseas for more onstage devastation with Aborted, Origin and Miasmal. See confirmed shows below.

Comments Matt Harvey, he of the decrepit death rattle and repugnant requiems: “We’ve been enjoying a rare few months of quiet in the EXHUMED camp, but we’re finally emerging from the death metal equivalent of cryo-sleep to make some noise again. We’re totally psyched to be back out amongst all you mutants and maniacs again for some beers, laughs and our usual brand of heavy metal mayhem. It’ll be great to worm our way back into your little black hearts. We couldn’t ask for a better tour package than with Carcass and Obituary, and our solo dates will allow us to unleash a full spectrum of stuff onstage – more songs, more production, more Marshall cabinets. It’s gonna be a blast (beat). See you fuckers there! Bring beer!”

EXHUMED will be touring in support of their critically adored Necrocracy full-length. Released last Summer via Relapse Records, the record serves as the band’s most musically adept, sonically punishing and conceptually provocative recording of their mammoth catalog of chaos. Outburn gave Necrocracy a 9/10 score, noting, (more…)

Brandon Saller (drums, vocals) – Atreyu

In continuing with our AFTERSHOCK interviews, here we go with BRANDON SALLER from ATREYU. Putting this out on the same day as they put out their first new song in 4 years.

Q: Congrats on the return of ATREYU! How was the time away?

A: It was great. I started my other band HELL OR HIGHWATER. We basically toured and made music since Atreyu stopped. Obviously, that will continue still.

Q: How is ATREYU different today than 5 years ago? 10 years ago?

A: I think we’ve just grown up. We’ve learned about ourselves. What we want. What we need. How we want to create. How this business works.

Q: Is there anything you regret about ATREYU’s career?

A: No. I love every step we’ve made, even down to our hiatus. Even that brought me things that I never imagined.

Q: You’re playing Aftershock in Sacramento in September, what bands on the bill are you looking forward to seeing?

A: Stoked for awolnation, of mice & men, rob zombie. To name a few.

Q: Do you prefer Festivals or Clubs?

A: I love both. Nothing compares to a crowd that you can’t see the end of going nuts though.

Q: If you could create your ‘dream band’ for yourself, who would be the players with you?

A: Dave grohl drums. Josh home guitar. Brian May guitar. Joey Bradford bass. I’ll sing.

Q: What happens when the unstoppable force collides with the unmovable object?

A: Saxe?

Q: What are the 5 albums you need if you were the last person on earth?

A: Tom Petty -greatest hits, Kenna-new sacred cow, Soilwork-natural born chaos, Misfits-famous monsters, Jimmy eat world- bleed American

Mark Thompson

Unlocking The Truth (entire band)

In continuing our interviews for the AFTERSHOCK Festival in Sacramento, here’s our interview with UNLOCKING THE TRUTH

Q: Congrats on the record deal, how does it feel?

Jarad: Thank You! It feels great! To have a big supporter (Sony Red) who is helping to guide us to the top of the charts is exciting. They are also helping us with the recording of our first EP. I’m grateful.

Alec: It feels great to have a record deal at my age.

Q: Please describe UNLOCKING THE TRUTH for those that have not checked you out live or online yet?

Jarad: Unlocking the Truth is a custom Metal Band. We write & create our own music. We have different style of than what you would normally hear from the modern metal band.

Malcolm: How I would describe Unlocking the Truth is being different. We stand up for people who do things outside the box and we try to encourage kids to do things that they want to do no matter what anybody says.

Q: What is the lyrical focus for you?

Jarad: My lyrical focus is some of my life experiences. Though I’m twelve turning thirteen there are lots of new things I’m discovering about the world and myself. I also like to watch horror movies and think about the music I would’ve liked to hear for a/that certain theme or scene.

Q: You’re also playing Aftershock in Sacramento in September, what bands on the bill are you looking forward to seeing?

Jarad: One of my favorite bands to see would be Lacuna Coil! I really like that they are an Italian Metal Goth Band and I’ve been listening to them since I was eight yrs. old. Their music is very inspiring.

Alec: The bands I am looking forward to seeing at Aftershock in Sacramento are Lacuna Coil and Escape The Fate.

Q: Do you prefer Festivals (like Coachella) or Clubs?

Jarad: I prefer festivals like Coachella. The band and I had a great experience there. We met and talked to a lot of people of all races, and they were very welcoming to the band?s music. A lot of them said to be so young and in the game we rocked! We gave great performances both weekends. To me that was like playing at the Rock am Ring festivals in Germany! One day I wish to see that happen.

Alec: I prefer Festivals because at festivals the crowd seem more energetic there’s seem to be more of an appreciation for the music.

Malcolm: I like clubs better than festivals because when you’re in a club you can interact with the fans more and the fans are the people who motivate me to give a good performance. Big crowds at festivals are nice too but you can’t interact with the fans as much.

Q: If you could create your ‘dream band’ for yourself, who would be the players with you?

Jarad: Malcolm & Alec. I like how we are already expressing ourselves now, we collaborate and understand each other. We also know what we like to hear and each one contributes something to a song. There would be others I would like to see join the band but these are my true troopers.

Malcolm: I have been creating my own music at home and saving in on Logic Pro X but I haven’t found any members yet. I’m still in search of people, but I would also like Jeff Loomis, Corey Taylor (SlipKnot), Ghost (Motionless in White), Pablo (Chelsea Grin) and myself.

Q: What happens when the unstoppable force collides with the unmovable object?

Jarad: Well then I would have to find another route. Because I don?t want anything stopping me from doing what I love to do and that play music. Only way that I would stop playing is if someone cuts my hands/arms off. Other than that I?m unstoppable when it comes to my music.

Alec: When the unstoppable force collides with the unmovable object it’s a standoff.

Malcolm: When the unstoppable force and the unmovable object collide, they burst into million of pieces and those pieces become more unstoppable forces and unmovable objects.

Q: What are the 5 albums you need if you were the last person on earth?

Jarad: Jill Scott, Kelly Price, Anthony Hamilton, Memphis May Fire, & Lacuna Coil, Disturbed, Paramore and so much more. I know you said 5. But I love all kinds/genres of music. I sometime listen to jazz and opera too.

Alec: I don’t listen to albums, I listen to singles and these are the five singles I would need if I were the last person on earth Fade To Black – Metallica, In The End -Linkin Park, So Faraway -Avenged Sevenfold, Master Of Puppets – Metallica and One – Metallica

Malcolm: The 5 albums I would need would be Escape The Fate-Ungrateful, Disturbed-The Sickness, Disturbed-Asylum, Asking Alexandria-From Death To Destiny, and Asking Alexandria- Reckless & Relentless.

Q: Thanks for your time and answering the questions! Any final words for your fans?

Jarad: Yes to all the fans out there as we say be free. Express your thoughts either on paper or thru song. Always be You. Let no one take away your glory in what makes you happy. Look out for our EP coming to you real soon.

Mark Thompson

Hernan “Eddie” Hermida (vocals) – Suicide Silence

Driving on his way home from Sacramento back to the East Bay, SUICIDE SILENCE frontman HERNAN “Eddie” HERMIDA took a few moments, despite flakey cell phone service, to talk on a myriad of topics. Please read on for another of our interviews with KNOTFEST Bands.

Q: You ready to do this interview?

A: Yeah man! I’m just driving home from Sacramento!

Q: As long as you don’t crash it’s alright with me.

A: That’s why this Bluetooth is hooked up so we’re good!

Q: I’m not trying to be negative, but the last thing we need is another frontman of SS to leave us in an accident.

A: (laughs) and it would be all your fault!

Q: Why can’t we stop you?

A: Why can’t you stop me? Well, really, the lyrics were written by MITCH LUCKER so that’s an answer in itself. He’s still with us in death and is still with us in life.

a lot of cell interference happens right here

Q: You have an album out, it’s selling well, stepping away from your previous project (ALL SHALL PERISH), how did you approach that decision?

A: It was a plethora of things. The main one being I was really good friends with these guys for a really long time. It was situation whereas much as they lost a brother, I lost a brother as well. Not to the same extent. However, I’ve been friends with these guys for a long time and did my first national tour with these guys. When they came and asked me, it was basically something I couldn’t say No to. They told me I was the guy they were really stoked on and they felt I could knock the ball out of the park. It took some coercing but I did agree with them in the long run. They knew I could perform live and could bring it on the record. My only big concern was don’t make me quit my other band and they were all on board and they never asked me to step away.

Q: You guys are home right now, correct?

A: Yeah, we just spent two and a half months on the road. So it’s some long due chill time you know?

Q: And you have KNOTFEST coming up at the end of October?

A: Yes Sir! Very stoked at that! It’s going to be the tail end of this tour we have coming up with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. It’s a co-headliner with support from CHELSEA GRIN.

Q: When you’re approaching the live shows, do you have a say in the format of the setlist?

A: I’ve never been the dude that picks the set list. My taste in music is so far left field from what anybody else likes so when I pick a set list it’s my favorite songs and my favorite songs don’t tend to be the crowd’s favorites they end up being niche favorites so I’ve always kept my hands out of that pot. I let the guys decide. Mark is the dude that’s really in tune with the set list, he’s a really good DJ. Whenever we’re on road trips he plays most of the music that’s played on the bus. He has a good idea for the movement of each song and how they flow into each other.

Q: I read a quote somewhere where somebody asked RONNIE JAMES DIO how he has such a great voice night after night and his reply was something to the nature of, ‘you either got it or you don’t!’ What do you do to warm up, do you have a ritual?

A: Yeah, I have a ritual! I warm up, but it’s mainly for myself. In the end, being on stage, is kind of like looking in the mirror if you will. Your mind is going to see what it sees. If I’m down in the dumps, I feel like I don’t perform as well on stage. But then I watch videos and I crushed it. Truth is I don’t really need to warm up, but rather to get my mind centered and making sure I’m clear of any negative thought or anything in there that could fuck up the show. It’s like putting on your suit before going to work. You gotta put on your stinky band clothes. I have a ritual where I put on the same Spiderman socks for every show. It’s kind of gross, but it’s stuff like that.

Q: You said something earlier about your musical taste being so left field, if there was one band or album that you listen to that would surprise people, what or who is it?

A: I am a huge fan of MR. BUNGLE! The album Disco Volante is a very skud record. Most death metal fans, rock n roll fans, and punk fans want the Verse / Chorus / Verse / Chorus, they want something they can sing along with. The reality is that Mr. Bungle is the opposite of that on purpose, it’s not structured music, it doesn’t have choruses, you can sing along but that’s because MIKE PATTON is a musical genius and his lyrical depth has as much depth as you have. Which means that it’s true art. It’s out there for you to make your own interpretation. It’s just one of those things when you strive to be really, really different it makes for more entertaining music for me. I’ve grown up playing music, and grown up understanding the structures of how to build music for so long that I need something completely from out of that realm.

a lot of cell interference happens here again, broken conversation

Q: What’s your next year look like?

A: Dude, a lot of fucking touring! This record is highly important to us to get it out there and show the record label that we are worth their while. And once we settle down in 2015 I think we’re going to really focus and write another record, get out there, and push our own boundaries. We’ve talked about doing something different that will really set us apart as a band and it’s time to show people that Suicide Silence is always going to progress and move forward!

Mark Thompson

PIG DESTROYER: Announce Mass & Volume EP Release; Confirm Live Appearances‏


Grindcore Masters PIG DESTROYER are set to release a two song doom EP entitled Mass & Volume this fall. Previously available for a limited time as a digital only release with all of the proceeds going to the family of former Relapse Records employee Pat Egan, who tragically passed away last year, this cult release will now be available on physical formats for the first time ever.

Written and recorded during the final hours of the sessions for 2007’s Phantom Limb LP, Mass & Volume finds PIG DESTROYER’s typically break neck speed virtually come to a grinding halt with two epic songs of crushing doom. The album will be available on October 14th in North America, October 13th in the UK/World and October 10th in Germany/Benelux/Finland. Mass & Volume will be limited to a one time press of 2000 CDs worldwide and a limited run of colored vinyl, each featuring the stunning cover art from legendary artist Arik Roper (High on Fire, Sleep).

Additionally, the band has announced two special winter shows with direct support from Dropdead, including the band?s first ever appearance in Boston, MA.

Pig Destroyer Tour Dates
Dec 19 Boston, MA Brighton Music Hall
Dec 20 Philadelphia, PA First Unitarian Church

OBITUARY Release Album Trailer For Inked in Blood – First Samples of New Music Available


Death metal legends OBITUARY make their Relapse debut with Inked In Blood, their 9th full length LP.  Inked in Blood will be released October 28th in North America (UK/World October 27th and Germany/Benelux/Finland on October 24th) via Relapse Records.

Today the first taste of Inked in Blood has been made available in an exclusive album teaser video.  Samples from three brand new tracks can be heard in the video.

In support of their new album, OBITUARY will be hitting the road this fall.  They will begin with an appearance at East Coast Tsunami in Reading, PA on September 27th. Following those dates, OBITUARY hits the road with Carcass, Exhumed and Noisem from October 28th through November 9th. Then after a quick break the band will provide direct support for the upcoming “Death to All” Tour.  The tour kicks off November 14th in Los Angeles, CA and runs through December 7th in Miami, FL.

9/27: Reading, PA @ East Coast Tsunami @ Reverb

OBITUARY W/ Carcass, Exhumed and Noisem
10/28: Tucson, AZ @ The Rock
10/29: El Paso, TX @ Tricky Falls
10/31: Oklahoma City, OK @ Chameleon Room
11/1: Lawrence, KS @ Granada
11/2: Sauget, IL @ Pops
11/4: Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theater
11/5: Richmond, VA @ The Broadberry
11/6: Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel
11/7: Nashville, TN @ Exit/In
11/8: Louisville, KY @ Diamond Pub & Billiards
11/9: Cincinnati, OH @ The Madison Theater

OBITUARY on The Death to All Tour, w/Massacre and Rivers of Nihil
11/14: Los Angeles, CA @ Club Nokia
11/15: Ramona, CA @ Ramona Mainstage
11/16: San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge
11/18: Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
11/19: Vancouver, BC @ The Rickshaw Theater
11/21: Calgary, AB @ MacEwan Ballroom
11/22: Regina, SK @ Riddell Centre
11/23: Winnipeg, MB @ Park Theatre
11/24: St. Paul, MN @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall
11/25: Chicago, IL @ Metro
11/26: Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theater and Ballroom
11/27: Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
11/28: Montreal, QC @ Le National
11/29: Allston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
11/30: New York, NY @ Best Buy Theater
12/3: North Springfield, VA @ Empire
12/4: Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall
12/5: Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
12/6: Tampa, FL @ Orpheum
12/7: Miami, FL @ Grand Central

5/21 – 5/24: Baltimore, MD @ Maryland Deathfest XIII (2015)

MAYHEM announce second leg of 30th anniversary tour‏


Legendary Norwegian black metal pioneers MAYHEM have announced the second leg of their European tour celebrating the band’s 30th anniversary. The new tour kicks off on November 2 in Gdansk, Poland and will run until November 16 for a final performance in Gothenburg, Sweden. MAYHEM are touring in support of their new album, ‘Esoteric Warfare‘.

MAYHEM tour dates
11/2 Gdansk, Poland @ B90
11/3 Vilnius, Lithuania @ Club New York
11/4 Kiev, Ukraine @ Younost club
11/6 Riga, Latvia @ Melna Piektdiena
11/7 Tallinn, Estonia, @ Klubi Tapper
11/8 Helsinki, Finland @ Tavastia
11/9 Jyväskylä, Finland @ Lutakko
11/10 Tampere, Finland @ Yo-talo
11/11 Turku, Finland @ LoGoMO
11/13 Stockholm, Sweden @ Klubben
11/14 Örebro, Sweden @ Kulturhuset
11/15 Malmö, Sweden @ KB
11/16 Gothenburg, Sweden @ Trädgårn

SKELETONWITCH premieres blood-soaked new music video; hand-screened 7-inch single on sale now‏


SKELETONWITCH premiers “Unending, Everliving,” the track for the gruesome new music video was taken from 2013’s acclaimed “Serpents Unleashed” and was put to film by Cleveland, Ohio’s Turnstyle Films, with whom the band also collaborated on the promo clips for “I Am Of Death (Hell Has Arrived)” and “Serpents Unleashed.”

The band have also released a limited-edition “Unending, Everliving” 7-inch featuring hand-screened artwork designed by Jeremy Hush (Black Tusk, Rwake) on the B-side. Limited to just 300 copies, the 7-inch is now available exclusively through the Prosthetic webshop paired with a t-shirt (as seen above) or alongside sale-priced copies of “Serpents Unleashed” on CD or LP!

Having recently returned from a month-long jaunt throughout Europe, where they toured alongside Suffocation and Havok and appeared at several notable festivals (Summer Breeze, Brutal Assault, Party.San Open Air), SKELETONWITCH will continue to punish audiences throughout North America on a headlining run before joining Amon Amarth and Sabaton for a seven-week tour.

9/5 Chicago, IL – Double Door ^^
9/6 Cleveland, OH – Agora Ballroom ^^
9/7 Buffalo, NY – The Waiting Room^^
9/8 Boston, MA – The Sinclair ^^
9/10 Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts: Black Box ^^
9/11 Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Smalls ^^
9/12 Springfield, VA – The Empire ^^
9/13 Richmond, VA – The Broadberry ^^
9/15 Tampa, FL – The Orpheum ^^
9/16 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade Hell ^^
9/18 Houston, TX – Fitzgerald?s ^^
9/19 Dallas, TX – Trees ^^
9/20 Austin, TX – Red 7 ^^
9/22 Phoenix, AZ – Club Red ^^
9/23 Los Angeles, CA – Roxy Theatre ^^
9/24 San Francisco, CA – DNA Lounge ^^
9/25 Riverside, CA – Riverside Municipal Auditorium ^
9/26 Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst ^
9/27 Sacramento, CA – Ace of Spades ^
9/29 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom ^
9/30 Seattle, WA – El Corazon ^
10/1 Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom ^
10/3 Edmonton, AB – Union Hall ^
10/4 Calgary, AB – Flames Central ^
10/5 Saskatoon, SK – Louis? Pub ^
10/6 Winnipeg, MB – The Garrick ^
10/7 Thunder Bay, ON – Crocks ^
10/10 Toronto, ON – The Sound Academy ^
10/11 Montreal, QC – Metropolis ^
10/12 Quebec City, QC – Imperial ^
10/14 Burlington, VT – Higher Ground ^
10/15 Hartford, CT – Webster Theatre ^
10/17 Albany, NY – Upstate Concert Hall ^
10/18 Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus #
10/19 Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall ^
10/21 Chattanooga, TN – Track 29 ^
10/22 Knoxville, TN – Bijou Theater ^
10/24 Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore ^
10/25 Jacksonville, FL – Freebird ^
10/26 Birmingham, AL – Iron City ^
10/27 New Orleans, LA – The Civic ^
10/29 St. Louis, MO – The Pageant ^
10/30 Joliet, IL – Mojoes ^
10/31 Detroit, MI – Royal Oak ^
11/1 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave ^
11/2 Des Moines, IA – Wooly’s ^
11/4 Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theatre ^
11/5 Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom ^
11/8 El Paso, TX – Tricky Falls ^
11/9 Tucson, AZ – Club XS ^
^ with Amon Amarth & Sabaton
^^ with Ghoul & Black Anvil
# with Black Anvil, Evoken (Decibel anniversary show / Amon Amarth after-party)

ANAAL NATHRAKH To Release ‘Desideratum’ This October Via Metal Blade Records; New Track Streaming


Birmingham-based extreme metal miscreants and recent Metal Blade signees, ANAAL NATHRAKH, are pleased to infect the masses with their anticipated new full-length this Fall. Titled Desideratum, the follow-up to 2012’s critically-lauded Vanitas full-length was again produced by guitarist/bassist/programmer Mick Kenney, with vocals recorded at Necrodeath Studios in Birmingham, while the music was tracked and mixed at The Black Flamingo in Orange County, California. The final product boasts ten emotionally traumatizing hymns of unrepentant, sonic deviance embodying the crux of pure evil.

Desideratum will devour the masses whole on October 28th, 2014. In the meantime, you are cordially invited to sear the skin right off your bones with first single, “Idol.”

EXMORTUS performs shred-tastic rendition of National Anthem at local baseball game; metal road warriors back on tour now‏

Heavy metal up-and-comers EXMORTUS decided to warm up for their current North American tour supporting Arsis and Allegaeon by stopping by a home game of the Class A minor league baseball team Bakersfield Blaze to deliver a rousing, metallic rendition of the National Anthem! You can watch guitarists’ Conan and David shred-worthy performance below!

Combining “thrash riffs, fretboard-searing solos and neo-classical technique” (OC Weekly), EXMORTUS acclaimed Prosthetic debut “Slave to the Sword” proved that the SoCal based quartet are a force to be reckoned with. The road warriors have spent the past year barnstorming relentlessly throughout North America alongside acts including Flotsam & Jetsam, Dark Tranquillity, Destruction, Krisiun, Hatchet, Omnium Gatherum and Lich King. The group also took over the nation’s airwaves with continuous radio play and features on Sirius XM’s Liquid Metal along with a stint on national television appearing on a commercial for Virgin Mobile.

8/27 Amarillo, TX – Wreck Room
8/28 Oklahoma City, OK – Leon’s Lounge
8/30 Spartanburg, SC – Ground Zero
9/1 Springfield, VA – Empire #
9/2 Trenton, NJ – Championship Bar #
9/3 New York, NY – Santos #
9/4 Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall #
9/5 Montreal, QC – Foufounes Electriques #
9/6 Quebec City, QC – Dagobert #
9/7 Rochester, NY – Montage Music Hall #
9/8 Lakewood, OH – The Foundry #
9/10 Joliet, IL – Mojoes #
9/11 Eau Claire, WI – House of Rock #
9/12 Winnipeg, MB – The Zoo #
9/13 Saskatoon, SK – Rock Bottom #
9/14 Edmonton, AB – Pawn Shop #
9/16 Vancouver, BC – Red Room #
9/17 Seattle, WA – Studio Seven #
9/18 Portland, OR – Tonic Lounge #
9/19 Walnut Creek, CA – Red House Studios #
9/20 Anaheim, CA – OC Music Hall #
9/21 La Jolla, CA – Porter’s Pub #
9/22 Mesa, AZ – Nile Theater #
9/23 Denver, CO – Moon Room #
9/24 Kansas City, MO – Riot Room #
9/25 Fort Worth, TX – Rail Club #
9/27 Orlando, FL – Haven Lounge #
9/28 Tampa, FL – The Orpheum #
10/2 Atlanta, GA – The Drunken Unicorn
10/3 Gainesville, FL – The Atlantic
10/4 Pensacola, FL – The Handlebars
10/5 Houston, TX – Mango’s
10/6 McAllen, TX – Aces North
10/7 Austin, TX – Holy Mountain
10/8 San Angelo, TX – Penny Pub & Grill
10/9 Midland, TX – Blue Max
10/26 San Bernardino, CA – Knotfest (Extreme Stage 005) @ San Manuel Ampitheater
#with Arsis & Allegaeon



Two seminal albums by metal pioneers Corrosion of Conformity — the 1991 landmark “Blind” and its acclaimed 1994 follow-up “Deliverance” — will be reissued on vinyl by Prosthetic Records this fall. While an exact release date has not yet been confirmed, both titles — limited to 1,000 copies each — are currently available for pre-order in the Prosthetic webshop. New editions of vintage merch designs from the era are now available as well.

Freshly inducted into Decibel Magazine’s Hall of Fame, “Blind” — originally released on Relativity Records — signified an important transition for C.O.C., as the group began to move away from their crossover past toward a more streamlined, metallic thrash sound. Hailed by All Music Guide as “one of the most important heavy rock albums of the decade,” the album saw the addition of guitarist Pepper Keenan and yielded two notable singles: “Dance of the Dead” and “Vote With A Bullet.”

Previously unreleased on vinyl in North America, “Blind” will be reissued as a gatefold double-LP available in three different 180-gram colors: purple (approx. 700 copies), black (approx. 200 copies) and clear (approx. 100 copies). A color lyric insert and liner notes by music journalist Chris Dick will also be included, as will three bonus tracks from the 1995 Columbia Records re-release of the album.


Currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, the sludge/stoner metal linchpin “Deliverance” — the first C.O.C. album to feature Keenan on lead vocals exclusively — was the group’s first record to crack the Billboard Top 200, and it remains their best-selling title to this day. Praised by Kerrang! as a “true ’90s classic,” the 14-track album (originally released by Columbia) includes “Albatross” and “Clean My Wounds,” both of which cracked the Top 20 at U.S. rock radio.

After being out of print for nearly two decades, “Deliverance” will once again be available on vinyl with a new-and-improved gatefold jacket in three different 180-gram colors: green (approx. 700 copies), black (approx. 200 copies) and red (approx. 100 copies).

ABYSMAL DAWN Debut First Song From ‘Obsolescence’

ABYSMAL DAWN return with a massive display of refined brutality on their fourth full-length Obsolescence, scheduled to be released October 28th in North America (UK/World October 27th and Germany/Benelux/Finland on October 24th) via Relapse Records.

Today the first full song from Obsolescence has been released.  Check out an exclusive stream of the song “Inanimate.”


In support of Obsolescence, ABYSMAL DAWN will be hitting the road with a handful of headline dates before joining up with Deicide.  The headline shows start September 30th in Riverside, CA and go through October 5th in Nashville, TN.   The tour with Deicide kicks off October 7th in West Springfield, VA and will run through October 28th in Dallas, TX.

ABYSMAL DAWN Headline Dates
9/30: Riverside, CA @ The Vibe
10/1: Las Cruces, NM @ Green Room
10/2: Amarillo, TX @ TBA
10/3:14 San Antonio, TX @ Korova
10/4:14 Fort Smith, AR @ Hero’s
10/5: Nashville, TN @ The End

ABYSMAL DAWN W/ Deicide, Septicflesh, Inquisition, and Carach Angren
10/7: Springfield, VA @ Empire
10/8: Hartford, CT @ Webster
10/9: New York, NY @ Gramercy Theater
10/11: Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall
10/12: Columbus, OH @ Al Rosa Villa
10/13: Newport, KY @ Thompson House
10/14: Knoxville, TN @ The Concourse
10/15: Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s
10/16: Minneapolis, MN @ Mill City Nights
10/17: Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room
10/18: Oklahoma City, OK @ Chameleon Room
10/21: Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
10/22: Portland, OR @ Tonic Lounge
10/23: Oakland, CA @ Metro Opera House
10/25: Ramona, CA @ Ramona Mainstage
10/26: Phoenix, AZ @ Joe’s Grotto
10/28: Dallas, TX @ Rail Club

GHOUL: Creepsylvanian Marauders Prepare To Soil The US Supporting Skeletonwitch And Black Anvil‏


The masked mutants in GHOUL are preparing to terrorize the US next month on a live intrusion supporting blackened thrash headliners, Skeletonwitch, and black metal tyrants, Black Anvil! The caravan of chaos will begin September 5th in Chicago and sully nearly two dozen municipalities before coming to a mutinous close on September 24th, 2014 in San Francisco.

Additionally, GHOUL announced a new addition to their maggot-infested back-catalog, with the vinyl manifestation of their debut album, We Came For The Dead!!! Initially released in 2002, We Came For The Dead!!! was an instant cult classic in the most putrid depths of the metal underworld, delivering a slick, punk-infused style of American goregrind from an unidentified tomb in the depths of CreepsylvaniaWe Came For The Dead!!! will be available for public consumption September 9th,2014 via Tankcrimes on three gruesome color variants: a “More Blood” red edition in a run of 666, the ultra-limited “Torch” pressing in a tri-color yellow/orange/bone scheme, and the Die Hard edition, which bears a “Blood Spill” red inside clear vinyl, foil stamped jacket, flexi postcard w/ bonus track “We Are Creepsylvanians” by Igvar Shmeltzy and the Turnips. All vinyl editions include an instant download.

GHOUL w/ Skeletonwitch, Black Anvil
9/05/2014 Double door – Chicago, IL
9/06/2014 Agora Ballroom – Cleveland, OH
9/07/2014 The Waiting Room – Buffalo, NY
9/08/2014 The Sinclair – Boston, MA
9/09/2014 St. Vitus – Brooklyn, NY ** Noisey Presents: GHOUL, Mutant Supremacy, Grudges
9/10/2014 Underground Arts: Black Box – Philadelphia, PA
9/11/2014 Mr. Smalls – Pittsburgh, PA
9/12/2014 The Empire – Springfield, VA
9/13/2014 The Broadberry – Richmond, VA
9/14/2014 Tin Roof – Charleston SC *
9/15/2014 The Orpheum – Tampa, FL
9/16/2014 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
9/17/2014 Siberia – New Orleans, LA *
9/18/2014 Fitzgerald’s – Houston, TX
9/19/2014 Trees – Dallas, TX
9/20/2014 Red 7 – Austin, TX
9/22/2014 Club Red – Phoenix, AZ
9/23/2014 Roxy Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
9/24/2014 DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA
*No Skeletonwitch
** No Skeletonwitch/Black Anvil

Jake Scherer (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) – New Medicine

Q: Congrats on the new album and its release, how is this one different from its predecessor?

A: Thank you!! On our first record we were very young and new to the whole process of making records and being on a record label, it all went so fast it seemed like a blur. Some of the songs on our first record we had been playing for awhile as a local band so we were very familiar with them. On this record everything was new and fresh and we took our time on the writing. We also took our time recording the record, and we pushed ourselves to the creative limits both sonically and writing wise. This new record “Breaking the Model” is basically our musical mission statement. We’ve always prided ourselves on being different and not fitting the mold or formula.

Q: What is your focus this time around lyrically and musically?

A: As far as lyrics and songs go, I’ve always tried to write about real life things I think people can relate to or things that inspire me in my life or things I’m going through. I try not to have one subject matter, I don’t like records that every song sounds the same or gets too repetitive musically or lyrically. I think this record has a wide variety of songs for different moods or inspirations and that’s why it’s exciting cause you never know what’s coming next. I’ve taken some flack from critics in the past because people will say “some of the songs sound so different from each” but I could care less. I take pride in being a very creative person and not a one trick pony. There should be no rules when making art, if there are, I don’t follow them. As far as musically on this record, we tried to integrate some new sonic sounds and use some modern production with the feel of a real band playing. There are so many killer sounds you can mess with nowadays when using modern production with synths and strings etc. We explored a lot of new territory on this record in that sense, but we made sure it was still rock.

Q: Tell me about your touring plans?

A: Coming up in a couple weeks we head out for some shows on the Rockstar Uproar tour with Seether and Godsmack and Skillet. In October we are doing some radio festivals down in Texas and doing a short little run with Pop Evil. In November we head out with our friends Halestorm which we are pumped about! We will be supporting them on their tour all the way through December, looking forward to getting back out there and playing the new songs!

Q: You’re also playing Aftershock in Sacramento in September, what bands on the bill are you looking forward to seeing?

A: That line up is so sick. I look at that and see so many bands I grew up listening to and I get to play on the same stage as them, its crazy!! I love Weezer and have never seen them so I’m stoked for that. Also Offsrpring, Bad Religion, Rise Against, Zombie is always sick. So many killer bands!

Q: Do you prefer Festivals or Clubs?

A: Hard to say, I really like doing both, but if I had to choose, there’s just something so bad ass about going out on a huge festival stage for 25,000 people and hearing them roar, there’s nothing better.

Q: If you could create your ‘dream band’ for yourself, who would be the players with you?

A: Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age on guitar, he’s a bad ass, other guitar player would be Jimmy Page, obviously. On bass we have Sir Paul McCartney, enough said. On drums we have Dave Grohl, OBVIOUSLY.

Q: What happens when the unstoppable force collides with the unmovable object?

A: An interesting paradox there. I mean, if an immovable object does not move, how could it ever hope to stop an unstoppable force? This question is hurting my brain, next question! Lol

Q: What are the 5 albums you need if you were the last person on earth?

A: Dude these questions are so hard!!! You need at least one Beatles album, maybe two, literally any of them. Led Zeppelin same thing. Then I would say Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street, Tom Petty Wildflowers, Fleetwood Mac Rumours. Oh and Eminem, Marshall Mathers LP. Let’s just say I have a very eclectic taste in music.

Q: Thanks for your time and answering the questions! Any final words for your fans?

A: Thanks for the great questions!! Can’t wait to get out on the road and play this new record live!!!

Mark Thompson

Unearth Announce New LP, Tour Dates‏


New England Metal pioneers UNEARTH have announced Watchers of Rule to be released via eOne Music on October 28th, 2014. Produced by Mark Lewis (WHITECHAPEL, DEVILDRIVER), this marks the band’s six full length LP in their decorated sixteen year tenure. Lewis also produced the band’s previous release, Darkness in the Light in 2011.

UNEARTH recently wrapped up a highly publicized Oncoming Storm Tour, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the band’s fan favorite LP. The band also took part in the famed HEAVY MONTREAL FESTIVAL where they debuted a track off the new LP called “The Swarm.”

This time, the band is heading out with friends DARKEST HOUR on the Hell or High Wattage Tour with CARNIFEX, ORIGIN, I BREATHER and fellow label mates BLACK CROWN INITIATE in support.

PRONG Premieres New Video for “Remove, Separate Self”


Fresh off their European festival summer, New York Metal mainstays PRONG are gearing up to hit the road this September in North America in support of their latest release Ruining Lives which was released earlier this year by SPV/Steamhammer.  The tour begins September 10th in Los Angeles, CA and runs through October 14th in San Francisco, CA.  Many of the dates will see PRONG playing alongside thrash masters Overkill.  Following a quick break the band will be taking part in Slipknot’sKnotfest” October 25th in San Bernardino, CA.

PRONG North American Tour
9/10: Los Angeles, CA @ Viper Room
9/11: Las Vegas, NV @ LVCS
9/12: Anaheim, CA @ The Grove
9/13: Tempe, AZ @ Club Red
9/14: Albuquerque, NM @ Launch Pad
9/15: Oklahoma City, OK @ The Chameleon*
9/16: San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live
9/17: Houston, TX @ Scout Bar
9/18: Dallas, TX @ Trees*
9/19: Merriam, KS @ Aftershock
9/20: Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave*
9/21: Joliet, IL @ Mojoes*
9/22: Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom*
9/23: Toronto, ON @ Opera House*
9/24: Quebec City, QC @ Imperial de Quebec*
9/25: Philadelphia, PA @ The Trocadero*
9/26: Hartford, CT @ Webster Theater*
9/27: Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom*
9/28: Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
9/29: Albany, NY @ Bogie’s
9/30: New York, NY @ Gramercy Theater
10/1: West Springfield, VA @ Empire
10/2: Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose
10/3: Westland, MI @ Token Lounge
10/4: Kokomo, IN @ Centerstage
10/5: Louisville, KY @ Diamond Pub and Billiards
10/7: Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
10/9: Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
10/10: Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theater
10/11: Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
10/12: Boise, ID @ The Shredder
10/14: San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside
*With Overkill

10/25: San Bernardino, CA @ San Manuel Amphitheatre

THE HAUNTED premieres video for “Cutting Teeth”

Swedish death-thrashers THE HAUNTED are releasing their 8th full-length, Exit Wounds, today in Europe (August 25) and on September 2nd in North America via Century Media Records! To celebrate the release, THE HAUNTED is now launching the video clip for the album’s opening track “Cutting Teeth.”

THE HAUNTED live 2014
Sept. 23 – Jyväskylä (Finland) – Lutakko + TUONI
Sept. 24 – Helsinki (Finland) – Tavastia + TUONI
Sept. 25 – Tampere (Finland) – Klubi + TUONI
Sept. 27 – Örebro (Sweden) – Ritz + DEAD SOUL & LEECH
Oct. 2 – Oslo (Norway) – John Dee + DEAD SOUL & MIASMAL
Oct. 3 – Borlänge (Sweden) – Liljan + DEAD SOUL
Oct. 4 – Malmö (Sweden) – Kulturbolaget + DEAD SOUL
Oct. 9 – Stockholm (Sweden) – Klubben + DEAD SOUL
Oct. 10 – Karlstad (Sweden) – Verket + DEAD SOUL
Oct. 11 – Göteborg (Sweden) – Trädgårn + DEAD SOUL
Oct. 19 – Tokyo (JP) – Loud Park festival

SEPULTURA Premieres “Territory” Clip From ‘Sepultura And Les Tambours du Bronx: Metal Veins – Alive At Rock In Rio’

SEPULTURA – who stands among Brazil’s most successful bands ever – will unveil a new live offering entitled Sepultura And Les Tambours du Bronx: Metal Veins – Alive At Rock In Rio next month. In a spectacular performance that finds SEPULTURA accompanied throughout by the French industrial percussion group Les Tambours du Bronx, notorious for beating 225-liter barrels with beech wood bats or even axe handles, the show was recorded from the band’s main stage appearance at the legendary Rock In Rio gala in 2013. The sheer volume of sound, percussive enormity and powerful presentation sets this presentation apart from any previous SEPULTURA concert release to date.

Metal Veins – Alive At Rock In Rio boasts some of SEPULTURA’s most revered tunes including “Refuse/Resist,” and “Roots Bloody Roots,” which sees the audience chanting the entire cut from beginning to end. With a one-hour run time divided into thirteen cuts, the album also features a cover of Prodigy’sFirestarter,” the fan-chanted “Sepulnation” hymn, and music from the band’s Kairos full-length. Metal Veins – Alive At Rock In Rio will come availableon CD, DVD and for the first time in the band’s history, Blu-Ray via a partnership with Rock In Rio, MZA Music and Eagle Rock Entertainment. In addition, the DVD includes an exclusive documentary of behind-the-scenes preparation with interviews, rehearsal and sound-check footage and clips of the band just seconds before they hit the stage.

TORCHE Announce US Tour Dates‏


TORCHE, the Florida-meets-Georgia heavy rock quartet have announced a short run of US headlining dates this September / October.  The dates kick off September 18th in Miami, FL and run through October 1st in Orlando, FL. The band has also recently announced a headlining Australian tour in October.

The band, who recently signed to Relapse Records, completed recording their newest full-length earlier this year at Pinecrust Studio in Miami, with bassist Jonathan Nunez behind the boards. The album was then mixed by Converge’s Kurt Ballou and will see a release in early 2015 via Relapse.

Torche Tour Dates
Sep 18 Miami, FL Churchill’s Pub
Sep 19 Jacksonville, FL Burro Bar
Sep 20 Gainesville, FL The Atlantic
Sep 21 Atlanta, GA 97 Estoria
Sep 22 Nashville, TN The End
Sep 23 Columbus, OH Ace of Cups
Sep 24 Akron, OH Musica
Sep 25 Chicago, IL The Promontory
Sep 26 Pittsburgh, PA The Smiling Moos
Sep 27 Brooklyn, NY St. Vitus
Sep 29 Chapel Hill, NC Cat’s Cradle Back Room
Sep 30 Tampa, FL The Orpheum
Oct 01 Orlando, FL Backbooth
Oct 16 Brisbane, AUS Crowbar
Oct 17 North Perth, AUS Rosemount Hotel
Oct 18 Richmond, AUS The Corner Hotel
Oct 19 Sydney, AUS Manning Bar
May 29-31 Bristol, UK Temples Festival (2105)

Dez Fafara (vocals) – Devildriver

DEVILDRIVER is getting ready to wrap up their touring cycle for Winter Kills as they play some shows in Australia in September and returning home to play KNOTFEST, but frontman Dez Fafara was kind enough to have a conversation and discuss several topics including the passing of Robin Williams, songwriting, his praise of Corey Taylor, and what has kept him going for 20 years now. We pick up as Dez was wrapping up some last minute travel items before heading Down Under.

Q: How has your day been at the Passport Office?

A: Pretty uneventful! Had to sit there and wait to pick a few things up. We’re heading to Australia in September then playing Knotfest in October; it’s going to be great! This is my first vacation in the summer time in about 15 years.

Q: Is that a good vacation for you?

A: Oh dude, come on, I need it! Just hang out with my wife, my kids. Just being off the road and being a normal dad is amazing so I’m having a great time with it. I’ve always been extremely grounded anyways and away from the limelight. I’m an extremely private person. A lot of people tell me often I picked the wrong job because I’m socially awkward, I’m uncomfortable around big groups of people, and I really do keep to myself on the road. I don’t do the backstage thing or any of that. Nothing really changed for me once I got in this industry. I live out in Murrietta, CA, a very small town, everybody knows your name, and I keep myself grounded. I do music for the love of music, the love of traveling, and the love of the stage.

Q: You grew up in Los Angeles didn’t you?

A: Definitely! I ran away from home at 15 and slept under bridges in order to be in bands.

Q: Then you moved to Santa Barbara, CA? Was that to get away from it all?

A: Well what happened was when on my 2nd record when I did the song Shock The Monkey with OZZY, I was leaving his house for dinner and went to the House of Blues early for a cocktail with one of his assistants and ran into a really beautiful woman that was leaving after dinner and turned out that’s my wife and we’ve been together for 16 years so she is why I moved up to Santa Barbara. We spent about 10 years up there. We found a great little place in Murrietta to raise children. The first week we moved here the cops brought my sons home at 9:30 at night for skateboarding because it was too late. I talked to the officer for about an hour and a half because he was in to Free Masonry as well.

Q: It’s interesting you bring up the social awkwardness because something hit my life last week when Robin Williams passed away and the turmoil he had, do you have any insight or thoughts on to him leaving us?

A: Well, what a sad thing. That next morning we woke up and ALADDIN was on TV and we watched it and laughed our asses off and without him this movie would not have been what it was. He must have been extremely distraught and to the point of no help and coming from someone who had a stepfather that put a shotgun in his mouth and commit suicide, it’s like, ‘I get it.’ He thought he was past help. Who knows what goes through a person at that moment? It’s a terrible tragedy! You pray for his family.

Q: It’s interesting as I read something controversial in the LA WEEKLY this week where HENRY ROLLINS is chastising his suicide.

A: Are you kidding me?

Q: No, it’s just came out this week. I’ve been around people that suffer from depression and have social anxieties and I know it’s not always easy for them.

A: It’s not easy at all. I dealt with it all through school. It’s an overpowering thing. No amounts of drugs or booze can take that away from you. The minute I walk into a room with more than 15 people my hands start sweating and I feel like leaving. I hope that Henry gets a lot of flack for that. I can’t get over the fact that Henry Rollins is saying this. Once a mind goes to that point, who knows where the mind is going to go next? Let’s talk about the beautiful things. When an artist dies, there’s something extremely beautiful left behind. He has left such majesty and art. 48 hours after he passed away we watched WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, DEAD POETS SOCIETY, that movie changed my life.

Q: Winter Kills came out, and in my opinion it’s probably the best one yet. And each time you put out an album it’s a step up.

A: Thank You very much! You have to go backwards and realize we were only together for 6 or 7 months before we got our first record deal. So we’ve really been developing and hitting our stride over the records. When we first signed to Roadrunner, I kept telling people the later records would be better because there would be members that would come and go, which happened, and we would also really learn how to write with each other and hone in on our sound. How to make sure we keep to what we’re doing and not follow suit with others and not sound the same. The guys start writing riffs and putting them together, they send them to me and I start arranging, remove riffs that don’t belong, and really find the hook in the song and build. That’s what we’re all about, the groove and the hook. I’ve watched all of the guys around me step up over the years. I’m proud of all of the musicians I’ve played with over the years from COAL CHAMBER and everyone that has come and gone in Devildriver.

Q: Is there anything on the books after Knotfest?

A: No! Nothing past Knotfest! We’re planning on ending the Winter Kills cycle, unless something comes up. Actually somebody gave me a call yesterday about something in February and March for Devildriver that I’m going to consider right now. But as of right now Knotfest is it. And I thank the SLIPKNOT guys for thinking of me. When they actually called me to do this, they wanted Devildriver to do one day and Coal Chamber to do the next which I thought was an awesome idea. But I couldn’t tell them at that point that Coal Chamber was going to be in the studio writing a record. Coal Chamber was the first band to take Slipknot on tour in the United States for two and a half months when Coal Chamber had a gold record. Those guys turning around and putting us on a show here and there. That makes me believe that Corey Taylor thinks about the people that helped him out on the way up so he’s a good dude in my book. I saw those guys come up and do their thing and take over the world. Corey’s keeping his head together and calling on me to do this. That’s the one thing I want printed, “thanks for remembering the people that helped you on the way up.”

Q: You brought up the CC words, you just signed a new record deal for Coal Chamber.

A: Yes! Napalm Records; extremely excited! Also signed with Metal Blade for Australia and Japan and I’m really excited for that pairing. I love Brian Slagel (The Man at Metal Blade), he’s a really intelligent guy and he likes what I’m doing with both bands and we’re friends. We’re very excited. I’m writing now through November. The guys are recording in October and I’m recording in November and hope to be done by the first or second week of December. We’re not sure if it will be out in Spring or in Summer. But I’ve already written 17 songs. How many times do you get to go back in life and revisit that friendship? People don’t realize that I lived in a one bedroom apartment with Meegs, Mikey, and the original bass player. We traded Top Ramen for food. We were starving as a band. Then you get up there, you get gold records, you get money, and some people find drugs and other avenues and that’s exactly what happened and we broke up. It fell apart at the most magical point too, the third record Dark Days. I don’t know how many times in a life you get a change to go back and revisit that. I will tell you that the relationships are far more than mended. They are beautiful between me and everyone in the band. Everyone since has gotten married, has children, really has their head on their shoulders, no hard drugs going on because I said if there were hard drugs I wasn’t going to play in the band. I enjoy an occasional cocktail and I am all for the legalization of marijuana, but don’t bring the hard drugs around because it will ruin the scenario. I feel blessed. I feel like the world is on our side.

Q: In closing, what’s the one thing that has kept you going for 20 years now?

A: The love of the stage. The love of the people. The love of being able to make art. I have a wonderful wife who is my best friend of 17 years who is my rock. When I left Coal Chamber I told her, where do I go from here? I could do a million things that would keep me home with the kids and family and she went, ‘No! This is what you do’ and I got back out in a van and in the RV and I opened up for everybody whoever opened up for me and started the thing with Devildriver and look at us now. You have to love what you do and if you love what you do it’s not work!

Mark Thompson

GWAR to Embark Upon the “GWAR Eternal Tour 2014″‏


“Dark clouds of war and ill omen have gathered around GWAR. In our hour of greatest peril, Oderus has left us and our enemies stand poised, ready to strike while they sense weakness. But we shall no longer cower in our Antarctic stronghold, awaiting Destiny’s final blow. This Fall GWAR sets out on the most trying quest of our career. We shall scour our leader’s favorite stomping ground, North America, leaving no city unsearched, no venue unraised, and no sheep unmolested. GWAR will venture to the depths of Hell or to the very end of Time itself, and though I fear what we may encounter out there, I know that we can never return home until we have the answer we seek: ‘Where is Oderus Urungus?'”

GWAR fans have been mourning the loss of Dave Brockie, GWAR’s founder and lead singer, since March. The “GWAR Eternal Tour 2014” gives them an opportunity to gather and share a bunch of feels as a community while experiencing the sickest band in this or any other world.

The first leg of the tour will include direct support from Decapitated; the second leg will have direct support from Corrosion of ConformityAmerican Sharks will open all shows.  The tour kicks off October 15th in Norfolk, VA and runs through December 13th in Baltimore, MD.  A complete list of dates can be found below.

9/12: Chicago, IL @ RIOT FEST

GWAR W/ Decapitated and American Sharks
10/15: Norfolk, VA @ The Norva
10/16: Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
10/17: Stroudsburg, PA @ Sherman Theater
10/18: Worcester, MA @ The Palladium – “Rock and Shock Festival”
10/19: Buffalo, NY @ The Town Ballroom
10/21: Louisville, KY @ Expo Five
10/22: Memphis, TN @ New Daisy Theater
10/23: Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Live
10/24: New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues
10/25: Austin, TX @ Emo’s – “Housecore Horror Film Festival*
10/26: Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
10/28: Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom
10/29: Sauget, IL @ Pop’s Nightclub
10/30: Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theater
10/31: Denver, CO @ The Summit Music Hall**
11/1: Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater
11/2: Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee
11/3: Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory
11/4: Reno, NV @ Knitting Factory Concert House
11/5: San Francisco, CA @ The Regency Ballroom
11/6: Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
11/7: Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock Live
11/8: Magna, UT @ The Great Salt Air
11/10: Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory Concert House
11/11: Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
11/12: Seattle, WA @ Showbox SODO

GWAR W/ TBA and American Sharks
11/14: Vancouver, BC and Commodore Ballroom

GWAR W/ Corrosion of Conformity and American Sharks
11/15: Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory Concert House
11/16: Calgary, AB @ MacEwan Hall Ballroom
11/17: Edmonton, AB @ Union Hall
11/19: Fargo, ND @ The Venue
11/20: Minneapolis, MN @ Skyway Theater
11/21: Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
11/22: Detroit, MI @ Harpo’s
11/23: Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection
11/25: Indianapolis, IN @ The Vogue
11/26: Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
11/28: Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall
11/29: Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
11/30: New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
12/2: Nashville, TN @ Exit/In
12/3: Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel
12/4: Pensacola, FL @ Vinyl Music Hall
12/5: Orlando, FL @ Firestone Live
12/6: Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
12/7: Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall
12/8: Millvale, PA @ Mr. Smalls Theater
12/9: Toronto, ON @ Opera House
12/10: Montreal, QC @ Virgin Mobile Corona Theater
12/11: Clifton Park, NY @ Upstate Concert Hall
12/12: New Haven, CT @ Toad’s Place
12/13: Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Sound Stage
*No American Sharks
** Havok plays on this show

WHITECHAPEL Announces Headlining Tour With Upon A Burning Body And Glass Cloud‏


WHITECHAPEL will be returning to the road this Fall. The trek features support from Upon A Burning Body and Glass Cloud and includes a stop at Slipknot’s KNOTFEST 2014 on October 26th in San Bernardino, CA. WHITECHAPEL will be touring in support of their Our Endless War full-length issued in April via Metal Blade Records.

WHITECHAPEL w/ Upon A Burning Body, Glass Cloud
10/04/2014 Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing – Philadelphia, PA
10/10/2014 Expo Five – Louisville, KY
10/11/2014 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
10/12/2014 Cannery Ballroom – Nashville, TN
10/13/2014 Zydeco – Birmingham, AL
10/14/2014 Backbooth – Orlando, FL
10/15/2014 Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
10/16/2014 The Orpheum – Tampa, FL
10/18/2014 Scout Bar – Houston, TX
10/19/2014 Backstage Live – San Antonio, TX
10/20/2014 The Door – Dallas, TX
10/21/2014 Club Patron – Odessa, TX
10/23/2014 The Nile – Mesa, AZ
10/24/2014 Hard Rock Live – Las Vegas, NV
10/25/2014 SOMA – San Diego, CA
10/26/2014 San Manuel Amphitheatre – San Bernardino CA * KNOTFEST 2014
10/28/2014 Oakland Metro Opera House – Oakland, CA
10/29/2014 Hawthorne Theatre – Hawthorne, OR
10/31/2014 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
11/01/2014 Knitting Factory – Boise, ID
11/02/2014 Murray Theater – Murray, UT
11/03/2014 The Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO
11/05/2014 Wooly’s – Des Moines, IA
11/06/2014 The Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL
11/07/2014 Magic Stick – Detroit, MI
11/08/2014 The Opera House – Toronto, ON
11/09/2014 Club Soda – Montreal, QC
11/10/2014 The Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY
11/12/2014 Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
11/13/2014 The Ottobar – Baltimore, MD
11/14/2014 The Norva – Norfolk, VA

CARNIFEX: “Hatred and Slaughter” Music Video Now Online


San Diego, CA death metal outfit CARNIFEX, has made the music video for the song ‘Hatred and Slaughter.’  The track comes from their latest album Die Without Hope.

Die Without Hope was recorded at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida and produced by the esteemed Mark Lewis (ARSIS, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, WHITECHAPEL, DEVILDRIVER, DEICIDE, SIX FEET UNDER). Cover art for the album was created by renowned artist and longtime collaborator, Godmachine. The recording also marks the introduction of new lead guitarist and longtime friend of the band, Jordan Lockrey.

IRON REAGAN Premiere New Song ‘Four More Years’

IRON REAGAN’s Relapse debut The Tyranny Of Will is a 24 song wrecking ball of hardcore- punk/thrash fury.  The album was recorded with guitarist Phil Hall at Blaze of Torment Studios in Richmond, VA and self-produced plus it was mixed by Converge’s Kurt Ballou.  The album will be released September 16th in North America, (Sept 15 (UK/World), Sept 12th (Germany/Benelux/World). Today IRON REAGAN debuts the song “Four More Years.”


8/21: Trenton, NJ @ MillHill Basement
8/22: Pittsburgh, PA @ Belvedere’s (Skull Fist Festival)
8/23: Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick Lounge
8/24: Harrisonburgh, VA @ The Blue Mile
11/9: Austin TX Fun Fun Fest @ Auditorium Shores

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