Drowning Pool Blog in From the Studio

DROWNING POOL have teamed up with SMNnews to bring you an exclusive weekly blog breaking down what’s going on as the boys are in the studio. We’ll bring you a little insight from a different band member each week, along with some other treats over the course of the next month or so.

  • Week One: Stevie Benton (Bass)
  • Week Two: Ryan McCombs (Vocals)
  • Week Three: Mike Luce (Guitars)

DROWNING POOL‘s latest album Loudest Common Denominator is in stores March 3.


Week One (2/17/09)

Stevie Benton – Bass

steve benton drowning pool

“Demos, demos, demos…..that’s been our lives for the past couple of weeks. This process is much like a condensed raising of a child.  You conceive a song. You nurture it, you love it, you watch it grow. Then you must be willing to let it out into the world.  Pray at night that you did enough to raise it, that it can stand up to the criticism of others. Hopefully, it will be accepted into society. Hopefully, it will be a positive reflection of yourself. You must also realize that though you love them all, some songs will grow up to be doctors and some will grow up to be bums.”

Week Two (2/22/09)

Ryan McCombs – Vocals


“After around 18 months of touring in support of our third release, Full Circle, and a few weeks away from everything to enjoy the Holidays we are back at it. Together again in Dallas putting the pieces together for the fourth STUDIO album from Drowning Pool. With the live CD, Loudest Common Denominator, hitting stores March 3rd, that’s MARCH THIRD (nudge nudge wink wink), the material that we are currently working on will actually make up the fifth DP full length album. Though it’ll only be my third album with DP it will make my sixth national full length release. JESUS!!! Seems just like yesterday I was a kid looking up the ladder from the ground. It took a lot of fans/friends/family to push me up the few rungs i’ve gotten to climb. Thanx beyond thanx.

“Just like the lady that delivered my mail today and the guy that sold me a pack of smokes at the corner store, we the members of DP, have been through a lot since we recorded the last studio album & the material is very much reflecting that. We seem to have picked up right where we left off towards the end of the writing process for Full Circle, really clicking. I was a bit worried that the divorce & everything in and around that would lead to me writing rock/metals version of the album “Jagged Little Pill” (lol) but I’m pleased to see a good range of stories, scars, smiles and tears when I look at the tracks we are currently working on. From the tentatively titled tracks “L.O.M.L.” to “Regret” I already feel like this is going to be the best album I have been able to be a part of.

“Well I’m through filling ur head space for now. Myself, and/or one of the other guys will be back to keep those of you that give a good god damn in the here and now as we put together the next chapter in this strange F’ed up story we all know as Drowning Pool.

Peace, Love & cow heel soup


Week 3 (3/4/09)

Mike Luce – Drums


“Nacho Luce here checking in from cold assed Cleveland, Ohi-NO to say a quick hello. I know I keep saying it and it still seems a lil’ hard to believe but it’s true none the less, DROWNING POOL IS RECORDING A SECOND RECORD WITH THE SAME LINE UP!!! As I write this, TODAY, DP is putting out our LIVE CD “Loudest Common Denominator!” We set out on tour April 2007 and didn’t return till Dec 2009! We feel very fortunate to have had the chance you guys gave us to go out and prove ourselves live to you guys! And that’s just what “LCD” is… it’s you guys, it’s us, it’s loud and it kicks ass!!! Exactly what a live record should be (and to all you nay-sayers out there, we aren’t going away so deal with it)!! As cool as “LCD” is for us, we are also currently hard at work in Dallas writing material for our next studio record. I’ll be heading back down to the Lone Star state tomorrow to continue working with the dudes and I must say, things couldn’t be better for the four of us?! It scares me to write that cause I now soon as I do, something bad will happen, but whatever?!… BRING IT ON, we’re gluttons!!! Our next record will be our 4th studio effort and 2nd record with my main man Ryan “Stewart Gilligan Griffith”/”Cool Ranch to the Side” McCombs! I can’t wait for you to hear the new shit!  With any luck we’ll have the next record to you in the summer?!  Regardless, you know we’ll be hitting the road ASAP cause that’s just what we do! I/we wanna say Thank you so much for sticking by us and we can’t wait to see all of you this summer!! – Mike “Nacho” Luce

p.s. just a lil’ reminder to all of you…It’s cool to like DP, even if your friends don’t! It’s like rooting for the underdog in the big game. It’s very noble of oneself!”

Week 4 (3/10/09)

CJ Pierce – Drums


“Hello people CJ Pierce here. It seems like Mike, Stevie, and Ryan pretty much summed up what’s been going on in the Drowning Pool camp this year. Let me recap for a minute. Our live CD “Loudest Common Denominator” just came out and I have to say we’re very proud of it!  For those of you who haven’t heard us live yet you should give it a listen. All your friends are doing it and you’re missing out!

“We are still in the process of writing songs for our next CD. We have 6 songs solid so we’re about half way there. One of the cool things for me on this next project is that it seems like every time we go to write a new record, Digitech comes out with a new effects processor. I’m going to be using a lot effects from the Digitech 1101 this time around. I used a lot on the first CD and I kind of slacked off a bit on the last 2 CD’s. We take the approach of writing the music first as a blank and white canvas then I go back in and color it up a bit with some effects.

“Also another new addition to my sound is my new Kustom guitar amps. What I love about Kustom is that you just plug in and play. Most Amps need extra outboard gear to make it sound like that big wall of awesome distorted rock in roll power! I know Mike is still rockin’ his DW drums on this next CD and I believe Stevie is going to be joining the Kustom family for his bass rig. We’ll just have to see when it comes time to record.

“Anyway, to all our fans and all our haters, we love you! Can’t wait to get back out on the road and hang out with everyone again. I know you’ve all been working real hard so when you see Drowning Pool is coming to your town grab your friends and get out the house for a change and come have a good time with us! We’ll see you there!”