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(((Saposmittzology))) lesson #2 in a series ov lectures


The second lesson ov mastering (((Saposmittzology))) is to master the use ov 'telepathy', another integral ingredient in the recipe of mastering the arts ov (((Saposmittzology))) with success...this is the art ov mind-to-mind telecommunication between all ov us (((Sapofreekz))) working together as one entity, merging our hateful energies and frustrated thoughts together to form one kinetic waveform ov hate-filled energy and mass ov frustration via our mindthoughts by the process ov using telepathy, which in turn sparks the combined kinetikk energies to form violent movements ov the elements in the earth's atmosphere, thus brooding the violent (((Saposmittz))) disaster we all desire to see take place against man (ie; earthquakes, tidal waves, landslides, wildfires, tornados, volcanos, twisters, floods, etc). In fact, the more (((Sapofreekz))) minds that reside within the telepathikk loop, the more violent the outcome ov the disaster will be!!! The term 'telepathikk telekkinesis' is also vital terminology which must be understood carefully and precisely in order to master the art ov (((Saposmittzology))), and the term is clearly defined below:

te·lep·a·thikk - tel·e·ki·ne·sis
Communication through means other than the senses through the combined minds of (((Sapofreekz))) using telepathy, which in turn causes sudden and violent movements of the earth's atmospheric elements and/or objects by scientifically inexplicable means, leading to chaos and mass destruction, as by the exercise of an occult power or by the practice and/or use of (((Saposmittzology))).

***Once again, this concludes our studies for this lecture....class is now dismissed!!!


Your [P]rofessor ov hate,
[P]roVokker ov (((Saposmittz)))

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