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Garage Band Help :(

A couple weeks ago I recorded a song in garage band and had very little difficulty understanding what I was doing, and now I'm onto another song and everything is fucking up and i'm going to scream.

I have little clue with recording in general, so this program is just easy for me to use, yet suddenly shit is not working. I am using an m-audio mobile pre hooked up to a macbook pro. I have a microphone plugged into line 1 input in the back of it. I am recording guitar. Drums and bass are done. My two problems:

1: Any new guitar track I record I can play it back and hear it in garage band, however when I export the audio file to mp3 to hear how it sounds, it's completely not there.

2: When I pan a guitar track to the right speaker it considerably lowers it in volume. In fact it seriously just sounds like the nob that you set the sound to either left or right speaker is acting like a fucking volume switch. When it's left speaker it's loud as shit, when I go right it just gets quiet to no sound.

Any of you avid recording guys know what this noob is doing wrong? I exported the song as .aif and I can hear everything but that doesn't really help me in the end. The first song I recorded I could pan any guitar track in the speaker I wanted, and continue to export it to mp3 and listen back when I was recording and mixing guitar layers and volumes.
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Your problem is that you are using garage band...

1. What?

2. Is your right speaker fucked at all?

Download Reaper and spend a few hours learning how to use it. It costs money but you can download a fully fuctional trial and it never expires.

Also, if you are trying to get into recording. Read around this forum:

Post you question. Maybe some of the dudes that actually know what they are doing will help ya out.
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