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Originally Posted by Durpentine View Post

Nothing else to say besides LOL UR GRAMMAR IS BAD HURRRRRRRRRRrrr
Where did I comment on your grammar?
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Grim Fandango
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derp herp
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Cognitive Defeat
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Originally Posted by flayedandskinned View Post

Could you elaborate on your last statement? An example for both inspiration and mimicry in dealing with bands would be ace.
As I stated, I'm making a generalisation, but it's mainly based on people I know, whose notion of inspiration is to create something in the style of something they enjoy.

I find that inspiration comes in a more abstract form. I.E. building on a subjective reaction toward something, to form something else that's not necessarily objectively similar in any way. I hope that makes sense..?

I think the word inspiration is misused by a lot of people as an excuse to copy. I've personally experienced it in bands I've been invovled with.

There seems to me, to be a similarity between this misunderstanding and that of "abstract comparison" regarding some people.

But hey, this whole statement is a bit of an abstract comparison in itself. The left-brainers won't be happy!
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whenever i feel petty, i come here
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Haha WTF, my Meshuggah-Portal comment was mainly directed at flayed because he condemns M for having no riffs but loves P. So I pointed out that P are also not really a "memorable riffs"-type band (something I do think about M, actually). And, of course, both seem to have a somewhat polarising tendency among listeners, with elitist worshippers who say the others just don't "get it" and haters who say it's just bullshit.

So, is that saying Meshuggah and Portal are similar? NO! Maybe someone could get GYM a course in reading comprehension for his next birthday?
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So You Die!
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DEI and the None EP are awesome.
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