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Q & A

Q: Why?
A(Sam): Why, to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women of course.

Q: How long did it take for those masks (terrific) to be done & what inspired you to make them?
A(Luke): The dvd will reveal all!!!

Q: What’s your favorite Carcass album?
A(Luke): 3rd Album.

Q: What bands you’d like to tour with?
A(Luke): Carcass, Vader (We did that – Fucking awesome) and Brutal Truth (Original line up).

Q: Did you wear a mask when you were a gabba DJ?
A(Luke): Yes i ALWAYS wore the mask while DJing.

Q: In the "Poll" section of the site they say, What's your favorite song on S/T, and there's Broken, Final Sacrifice, Koala, Fish, Mutant, Bird, Get Off The Road and Evil Worlds Beyond, why?
A(Luke): Because they were my early songs.

Q: What rig does the guitarist use? (Detail please!)
A(Luke): Umm, some weird custom guitar, Marshall JCM 2000, have to wait him to come on.

Q: What kind of drum set did Theberzerker have before messed up his back?
A(Luke): Hey man, I had a PEARL SLX 7 piece, 10' 12' 14' 16' - 22' kick - Pearl 5 1/2' brass freefloater snr - DW 5002 doulbe pedals,
Paiste sound reflector high hats, sabian AA crashes, 16' 18' 19' 22' ride - Pearl rack system and stool. Remo pin stripe skins, Ragone Hard Drum Cases - Vic Firth sticks.

Q: How long have you been playing?
A(Luke): Drumming was my life!! I had been playing for about 7 years!

Q: What advice would you give me to get my roaring type voice to be like your's or similar?
A(Luke): Mmm I would think that practice would be the best advice, trying doing it quietly and building up to getting to louder, but some vocalist do have very loud voices anyway, mine its quite loud though.

Q: Why is it on the dvd that the Last Mistake is missing?
A(Luke): Very simple the band never learnt it! it was a song that I wrote, but they just learnt it for the album. sorry!! I would have liked to play it though.

Q: This goes out to Berzerker bass. Did you get you sig from Luke telling you to do it again, get it right?
A(Sam): Sounds like you've seen the dvd.

Q: Have any of you had any problems with tendonitis...
A(Sam): No tendonitis problems... So far.

Q:... Any cures or excercises you'd recommend?
A(Sam): I used a chinese herbal supplement called Dong Qai when recording guitar for the first album. It's used to reduce the incidence of cramping - usually for women on their period, but recommended to me by guys who ride motorcross as their forearms tend to cramp up riding. Drummer and Guitarist used a lotion called Tiger Balm. You rub it into the skin and it stops your muscles going sore after shows.

Q: Correct me if i'm wrong, but when i saw Theberzerker last, their bassist played with a pick. I know from experience that i can easily reach 32 notes at 240 by picking with 4 fingers. I would think it would put less of a strain on the bass player if he didn't play with a pick.
A(Sam): I play with a pick for a few reasons. I play guitar a lot more than bass and am used to playing with a pick... The finger picking thing has never come easily to me, and respect to people who can do it. But I find that with finger picking, you lose a lot of attack and there is a large difference in volume between notes when you finger pick. Also it is a style that works best with a clean bass tone, and the berzerker bass sound is always distorted. Besides, a lot of the dissimulate material is played up around 300bpm. Even with 4 fingers, I think you'd find finger picking that a bit of a stretch.

Q: When playing "Corporeal", do you play it on the second fret (B obviously) as opposed to open A? If so how the fuck does the guitarist do the 2nd solo?
A(Matt): We played that song in B as per carcass, just in 2nd position though. The solos are also just moved up in position, i dont have a trem bar as Michael Ammot used in the 2nd solo so its varied a bit.

Q: Theberzerker guitar, how long do you practice during a day?
A(Matt): I try to practise 2 or 3 hours a day, I'll do a bunch of left hand shit like legato (satch stuff) and then a bunch of right hand stuff, speed, sweeping, string skipping all ala Paul Gilbert.

Q: Have you any tips on the fingering technique for some on with bad finger joints?
A(Sam): Yeah. Use a pick instead.

Q: I'm in a band and me and our vocalist love you guys and he is trying to base his vocals on your's. He manages to growl pretty good but after a while his throat begins to hurt, I was just wandering if you have any tips for this?
A(Sam): Practice. Soothers that numb the throat should be avoided before doing vox as you can't feel if you're damaging your voice or not. Warming up helps. Definitely avoid smoking if you can. And louder does not necessarily equal better

Q: Is there any bass tabs?
A(Sam): Mail me.

Q: Sam, could you tell me why the hell did you punch that guy in to the face in the beginning of Disregard?
A(Sam): OK. That guy is a crazy fan of ours called jamie hunter. He worded me up before the gig that he wanted us to smash him in the face during the show, which was at nottingham 2003. He was pretty insistent with the request during the gig, so I ended up doing the honors. Who am I to deny a fan? On a serious note, definitely not one to try at home. If you smack someone on tour or hurt them and they take offence to it (or if their partner, friends, teacher or parents take offence for that matter) you can be arrested or up for legal action, and either can cut short your tour or put your returning to that country in doubt.

Q: i remember reading somewhere that the guitarist uses a special type of cream on his hands that prevents or slows down cramping. is this true?
A(Matt): I don't use any cream on my hands for cramps etc.. dunno where you read that. I did however use Tiger Balm on the back of my neck while touring to help prevent soreness from headbanging everynight.

Q: So who of the guitarists are you?
A(Matt): I'm the one who did Dissimulate.

Q: Are all you guys from Strapping Young Lad?
A(Sam): None of the guys from SYL are in Theberzerker, or have recorded on a Berzerker album.

Q: Were Ed & Jason from SYL?
A(Sam): Ed and Jason were from a melbourne band called The Wolves.

Q: Does Bill Steer Play in your band?
A(Sam): Nope. He now plays in a band called Firebird, I believe.

Q: What strings do you use?
A(Sam): I have no preferred brand of strings, and when I need them tend to shop around for the heaviest fattest set I can find.

Q: What tuning do you use?
A(Sam): A tuning on a 5 string bass.

Q: What flavour of milk do you prefer out of: Chocolate, strawberry, iced coffee, lime or Vanilla?
A(Sam): Chocolate

Q: Do you use metronome while recording?
A(Sam): Yes, we use a metronome when recording all our stuff.

Q: How good are you at playing things such as sweeps, arpeggios and neo classical type things?
A(Sam): I am useless at playing sweeps, arpeggios and neo classical malmsteem type stuff, however the current guitarist has to be one of the best guys I've seen for that sort of thing. My specialty is more old-school death metal and if I am pushed to solo, then you can bet that it will be a non-musical mess of whammy bar and harmonics.

Q: On the dvd there seemed to be alot of emphasis on the bass sound but i can barely hear it on the dissimulate cd except in last mistake and the slide on no one wins.
A(Sam): The bass tone on dissimulate was just to give the bottom end way more biff, rarely to act like a traditional Cannibal corpse style bass.

Q: Hey genius, why'd you punch that guy in the face?
A(Sam): Hey genius, I believe the answer to that is in both frequently asked questions AND this thread.

Q: I noticed in the pics you busted a string and you didn't go out of tune?
A(Sam): Yep the strings are independant, so when I broke that string the others didn't go out of tune. I nearly broke my brain trying to transpose the rest of the set on the remaining strings though.

Q: In the dvd it shows someone skateboarding. Which one of you was that?
A(Sam): The skateboarding footage is from a visit to a skate park in portland, not sure if it's one of the members.

Q: On the making of Self Titled, what was that trick for, slipping a tape under the guitar bridge?
A(Sam): By sticking a tape under the floating bridge that caused all the strings to slacken, which effectively lowered the tuning from A to D a couple of octaves down.

Q: is it possible to get the same longsleeves as you guys use on stage?
A(Sam): Try and contact I think they're the guys who made them, not 1000% sure. It's not in their product list so you'll have to mail them.
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