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Last distro news:

AKATECHISM (Ger) Dripping flames Demo tape. Doom/ Black/ Dark

ANATOMIA (Jap) Cranial obsession Promo 2017. Tape. Old school death

DEATHCULT (Usa) Tyrant of all tyrants CD. Old school metal: Between thrash metal, black and death. (2nd album)

DEIVOS (Pol) Endemic divine CD. Brutal death/ Polish death. (Members of Parricide, Azarath, Ulcer)

DRENCROM (Chile) Banished from sanity Demo tape. Thrash metal, aggressive and old styled.

KURNUGIA (Usa) Condemned to obscurity MCD. Old school death/ Obscure death

MORBID PERVERSION (Chile) Rites of lust and blasphemy CD. Old school death/ Death black. Members of Poisonous, Impetuous rage

NAUTHIK (Ger)/ BABYLON ASLEEP (Ger) Split tape. Doom

NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Gre) Screams from the pandemonic tomb CD. Black death

ORDEAL (Gre) Ordeal MCD. Doom/ Death metal

QRIXKUOR (Uk) Three devils dance Demo tape. Death black, obscure stuff.

RELENTLESS (Usa) Night terrors CD. Doom metal/ Heavy doom (Members of Deathcult, Scythe)

SPECTRAL APPARITION (Uk) Manifestation Demo tape. Death metal/ Blackened death
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