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Last disto news:

CEREKLOTH (Denmark) This temple is a grave Demo tape. Death metal

DEKAPITED (Chile) contra iglesia u estado Demo tape. Old school thrash

DEMONS GATE (Australia) Demon's gate MCD. Doom/ Heavy

DESERT CRONE (Swe) Distorted solitude Demo tape. Stoner/ Doom

DEVOTION (Spa) Necrophiliac cults CD. Old school death/ Death doom

EVIL MADNESS (Chile)/ INFANT DEATH (Nor) Split tape. Old school thrash/ Black thrash

EXTREME ROT (China) Obscure suffering MCD. Brutal death

GRAVEYARD GHOUL (Ger) Slaughtered, defiled, dismembered Tape Lp. Death metal

HADIT (Ita) Introspective contemplation of the microcosmus MCD. Death black

HELLSODOMY (Turkey)Chaostorm Demo tape. Black death

INSEPULTO (Costa rica) Morbid spawn of resurrection CD. Death metal

INSTINTO (Spa) Dimonis Demo tape. Crustcore

MORBID FLESH (Spa) Dying lapidation Demo tape. Morbid death metal

THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR (Usa) Blasphemic disgust Demo tape. Black metal. Members of Morbosidad,, Blaspherian, Sacrilegious torment...

TORMENTER (Malaysia) Blasting torment Demo tape. Old school thrash

TURBOCHARGED (Swe) Militant Tape. Old school thrash


New release: BLACK BLEEDING "The awakening" pro MCD

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