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Last disto news:

DEATH'S COLD WIND (Pol) Subyugador - In goat we trust CD. Bestial death metal

DEBONED (Can) Demo 2013. Tape. Grindcore

FANTOM (Hungary) / FANATIC ATTACK (Hungary) "Fantomania ultra" Split CD. Old styled thrash black: Thrash metal

FEROSITY (Pol) Blasphemous verses CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death. Influenced by Morbid angel, Malevolent creation, Old suffocatiion.

FLESH THRONE (Usa) Onslaught MCD. Death metal/ Brutal death

LIVIDITY (Usa) Fetish for the sick/ Rejoice in morbidity CD. Old brutal death. Rerelease of demo and MCD from 96/97.

PERSECUTOR (Chile) Demo 2008, En vivo Tape. Death metal/ Thrashing death

RIPRIDE (Fin) Ripride Demo tape. Thrash metal

WITCHTIGER (Fin) Warlords of destruction CD. Old school heavy metal (Members of Devil lee rott, Evoked curse, Slugathor, Pagan rites
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