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Re: The (new) Fail/Win Thread

Originally Posted by Raad View Post
Is wearing a shirt with blackface on it okay? A hipster wearing a shirt of racist stuff on it never existed during that time so then it is detached from history?
I'd be fine with someone wearing a t-shirt of blackface, but I'd be much more comfortable if they wore a shirt of someone wearing a shirt of blackface.

Seriously though, I'm sure in 100 years time, during some costume party, some edgy kid will wear a shirt with bikini chicks on them, and then he'll end up on the front page of his local newspaper, the backlash of which forcing him to apologise.

No, seriously though, I've already told you multiple times to ignore the medium that the cartoon is printed on. Hell, ignore the fact that it's a cartoon, because there are actual examples of sexy women wearing bikinis in real life.

Are you offended? Are you now going to go to your local beach and tell all the women that they're doing the equivalent of wearing black-face?
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