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Last distro news::

BLEEDING DISPLAY (Por)/ CRANIAL INCISORED (Indonesia)/ UNFLESHED (Por)/ DIABOLICAL MESSIAH (Chile) Split CDr. Brutal death/ Death metal
BRUTAL DISSECTION (Turkey) Animal amputation Demo tape. 1998. Old brutal death
FUMES OF DECAY (Por) Devouring the excavated CD. Brutal death
MADRE COCA (Ger)/ SET STAR SEPT (Jap) Split tape. Grindnoise/ Noisecore
NIBIRU (Spa) Matanza Neuronal MCD. Death metal/ Old brutal death
NOTA NECROLOGICA (Spa) Nota Necrológica MCD. Death metal/ Grindcore
OMINOUS CRUCIFIX (Mex)/ SOUL EATER (Mex) Split tape. Death metal

Fanzine: EXTREME METAL Mag (Usa) #2:
INTERVIEWS:Autopsy, Festerguts, Sacramentum, Terdor, Killgasm, Cursed scrolls, Gökböri,
BIOGRAPHIES/ ARTICLES: Thergothon, Boris records, Moonblood, Nebokray, Damonenblut, The mysterious wormhood... Many short articles, + reviews...
52 pages. A4. In english. 2014.

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