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Last distro news::

BESTIAL RAPE (Ecuador) Ecuador attack Demo tape. Bestial death metal
BLOOD MORTIZED (Swe) Blood Mortized CD. Swedish Death metal. (Members of Excruciate, Crypt of Kerberos...)
DEGGIAL (Turkey) Upon the path of damnation Demo tape. Black metal. (Members of Burial Invocation, Godslaying hellblast...)
EVISORAX (Uk) Isle of dogs Demo tape. Death grind/ Grindcore
GLORY HOLE (Ita) Infestation of Evilized Deformities Tape. Old school death/ thrash (Sounds like early Death, old Massacre, early Seputura, and maybe Demolition Hammer)
GOSPEL OF THE HORNS (Australia) Sinners / Monuments of Impurity CD. Black thrash
GRAVE DESECRATOR (Bra) Insult Tape. Death metal/ Black death
KRIGSKADE (Fra) Demo 2013. Tape. Crustcore/ Crust punk
PURGATION (India) Exterminated Malfeasance Demo tape. Death metal
TUSSOCK (Malaysia) Out of rhyme MCD. Grind crust

Fanzine: BELLS OF ACHERON (Col) #2: Inquisitor, Adversarial, Martire, Deceased, Verminous, Blasphemy/ Tyrants blood/ Withes hammer, Horrendous, Lucifyre, Unaussprechlichen kulten, Amon,Midnight priest, Destruktor, Averno, Onirophagus, Black oath, Thy serpent's cult, Nihill, Deathroner, Cyst, Engist, Malas, Don juan matus, Slaughtbbath, Death toll 80k... + reviews.
76 pages. A4/ A5. In english. 2014.

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