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Last distro news:

ASKARIS (Fra) The Waiting Room CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death.
CD given away for FREE in orders!

2nd hand zines/ Fanzines d'occasion:

ANARCHOI (Uk) #15: Arson to ashes, The hypocrites, Swellbellys, Drongos for europe, Brighton abc... + Reviews, flyers... Punk zine. 32 pages. A4. In english. 2006. 2 Euros.

CARBONIZED CELLS (Fra) #2: Violator, Hellish crossfire, Graveless, Abnorm, Christicide, Massacra, Terror from hell recs, Orator, Milovan Novakovic... + Reviews, articles... 26 pages. A4. In french. 2011. 2,50 Euros.

KUREWSKIE ZYCIE (Switzerland) #1: Temple of baal, Karbonized traitor, Foedus aeternus zine, Tearabyte/ The scumfucks, Sentinelle zine, Ekove efrits, Cedar street, Altsphere, Herz tod... + Reviews, live reports... 42 pages. A4. In french/ english. 2010?. 2,50 Euros.

SANGWITOK (Thailand) #9: Thorns of hate, Humiliation, Barbalans, Infernal rites, Bestial hordes, Abominog, Ajal, Al Azazhil, Kantong Simayit, Sindraz, Brabazom, Abms 696... + Reviews, articles. 84 pages. A5. In english. 2011. 3 Euros.

THRASH ASSAULT (Swe) #2: Viking, Mezzrow, Sacred reich, Hyades, Machinery...
Article: Meliah rage... + Reviews. 36 pages. A4. In english. 2007. 3 Euros.


Excel file:
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