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Last distro news:

AVULSED (Spa) Ritual zombi CD. Death metal
CHELATION INTOXICATION (Malaysia) Dismemberment (XVIII) MCD. Brutal death
GORE INHALER (Ukraine) Kara fading days CD. Brutal death
MASS GRAVE (Bulgaria) Fade of life MCD. Death metal w grindcore influences
NECROSODOMY (Hungary)/ GRAVECRUSHER (Hungary) Split tape. Death metal
TASTE OF BLOOD (Switzerland) Ride on the Winds of Disease Demo tape. Thrash metal
VOICE OF REVENGE (Ger) Disintegration CD. Death metal

Fanzine: REBORN FROM ASHES (Usa) #7: Anatomia/ Transgressor, Horrendous, Revel in flesh, Offal, Razorback recs, Bloodsoaked, Scaremaker, Xolotl... Article: Mexican death metal: The new generation... + reviews. 60 pages. A4. In english. 2013.

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