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Last distro news:

DISSOULED (Ger) Inject the grind-cure MCD. Grindcore/ Death grind (Member of Cryptic Brood)
FINEM VITAE (Spa) Finem vitae Demo tape. Death doom
INFERNUS SERPEST (Chile) The Tongue of the Beast Tape. Death metal/ Satanic death
KAIJU (Usa) Unwilling sacrifices MCD. Old school death
MORSA (Cze) Demo 2012. Pro CDr. Fast hardcore/ Crust/ Grind
UL MIK LONGOBARDEATH (Ita) Bonarda bastarda Demo tape. Heavy metal
URTH (Usa) Enemas of the music business Demo tape. Goregrind/ Brutal death (With member of Brodequin/ Foetopsy)


2nd hand zines/ Fanzines d'occasion:

RIPPING THRASH (Uk) #29: Agathocles, Dysmorfic, Catheter, Streetwalker, Nu pogodi... + reviews. 32 pages. A5. In english. 2013. 1,50 Euros.

BEHEST (Fin) #4: Necro angel, Kirkkopalovaroitus, Voidkald, Tuhka, Faustian pact, Stridsmenn, Ruho, Ars goetia, Ars moriendi, Tumultus Amnatus... 20 pages. A5. In english. 2010. 1 Euro.

CARBONIZED CELLS (Fra) #2: Violator, Hellish crossfire, Graveless, Abnorm, Christicide, Massacra, Terror from hell recs, Orator, Milovan Novakovic... + Reviews, articles... 26 pages. A4. In french. 2011. 2,50 Euros.

TEMPLE OF ADORATION (Ger) #7: Force of darkness, Bestial holocaust, Teitanfyre, Chakal, Sextrash, Holocausto, Ravendarks monarchal canticle, The satans scourge, Wisdom, Metzeli, Ancetor, Bestial mockery, Goatpenis, Necromancer recs, Sadomator, Rator, Mütilation, Heptameron, Blasphemy, Paganfire, Chainsaw, Har shatan, Impurity, Lado obscuro, Pseudogod, Fallen souls, Apocalytpic raids, Equinoxio... 68 pages. A4. In english. 2010. 3 Euros.
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