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Last distro news:

APOPLEXY (Usa) Dissection till perfection CD. Brutal death/ Grindcore
BLOOD OF CHRIST (Usa) Jesus nazarenus rex CD. Death metal (Demos and Eps from 91-93)
COPROFAGI (Fin) Demo II Tape. Death metal/ Gore
CRYPTIC BROOD (Ger) Morbid rite Demo tape. Old school death
DEATHEVOKER (Malaysia) Towards nothingness Demo tape. Death metal w swedish sound
DIABOLICAL IMPERIUM (Ger) The Sacred Lie CD. Death metal
KINGDOM (Pol) Temple of death Demo tape. Death metal/ Obscure brutal death
KURNUGIA (Usa) Tribulations of the abyss Pro CDr. Obscure death metal
NUNSLAUGHTER (Usa) Waiting to kill christ Tape. Retro death metal
OCEAN OF ZERO (Australia) Where sickness prevails CD. Death metal/ Old school brutal death
OSSUARY (Uruguay) Silence means gold Tape. Death metal
RITUAL TORTURE (Usa) Rise of the fallen Demo tape. Old styled death metal
SEDATIVE (Fra) Ictus Demo CDr. Brutal death/ Grindcore
SETE STAR SEPT (Jap) All is wrong Tape. Grindnoise
SNUFF (Usa) Southland grindcore assault Tape. Grindcore
TORTURE THRONE (Fra) Thy serpent's cult MCD. Death metal with swedish sound.

Html list
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