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Last distro news:

ANIARA (Swe) Caress of darkness Demo tape. Doom/ Heavy old school
CARNAL GHOUL (Ger) The grotesque vault Demo tape. Swedish death metal. Comes with pin.
COELACANTH (Usa) Coelacanth Demo CDr. Death metal/ Crust
DIABOLICAL DEMON DIRECTOR (Australia) Thrash metal poison Demo CDr. Thrash/ heavy
EXORCISED (Serbia) Reflections of horror Demo tape. Necro death metal
FORNACE (Ita) Pregnant is the night CD. Digipack. Black metal
GRAVE RITUAL (Usa) Grave ritual Demo tape. Death metal
INSIDIOUS TORTURE (Usa) Lust and decay Demo tape. Brutal death grind
MALEDICTION (Hungary) Whirl Evoken by Prayers MCD. Death metal
MALEDICTION (Hungary) Reductio ad Absurdum CD. Death metal
MUTANT SUPREMACY (Usa) Rotting Season 7 Ep. Old school Death
PUTRID EVOCATION (Chile) Blackness enshroud MCD. Necro Death metal/ Morbid thrash
WITCHCURSE (Gre) Demon's Warning Demo tape. Heavy metal

Fanzine: DEADCHURCH (Fra) #9: Killers, Lonewolf, Hürlement, Resistance, Pyranean metal... + Chroniques. 40 pages. A4. In french. 2010.

Fanzine: EXTREME METAL MAG (Usa) #1: INTERVIEWS: Diovim zine, Vidargängr, Pagan hellfire, Mefisto... BIOGRAPHIES/ ARTICLES: Maniac butcher, Axis of advance, Ghoul, Summoned, Branikald, Forteresse, Excuse, Grand belial's key, Nocturnal winds, In battle, Khors, Suffocation, Typhon, Rgurgitation, Visceral bleeding, Mithotyn,Nahash, Oakhelm, Nastrond, Nasum, Kommandant, Folkvang... 64 pages. A4. In english. 2013.

Fanzine: HELLFUCKING METAL (Gre) #3: Communion, Assassin, Ocean of zero, Midnight, Bone sickness, Destroyer 666, Black grail, Sadokist, Slaughtered priest, Black feat, Crucifixxx sodomy, Veinen... + Reviews. 48 pages. A4. In english. 2012.

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