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Last distro news:

AGATHOCLES (Bel)/ HATRED DIVISION (Malaysia) Split tape. Grindcore
BLOOD DUSTER (Australia) Kill kill kill CD. Death grind/ Stoner (Live 1996)
CELTIC FROST (Swi) Iconic prototype Tape. (Demos 92, live 87, unreleased Lp 2002)
DEATH KROLBT (Malaysia) Ritual hollow winter Demo CDr. Death metal
DEATHCULT (Usa) The test of time Tape. Old school metal: Death, black and thrash.
EXHUMATION (Indonesia) Hymn to your god Demo tape. Death metal/ Blasting death
GRANULOCYTIC BLASTOMA (Thailand) Grindsore MCD. Death grind/ Goregrind
HUMILIATION (Malaysia) Face the disaster MCD. Death metal
MORTUARY ANCESTOR (Malaysia) Doctrine of hatred MCD/ Pro CDr. Death metal
SANCTIFYING RITUAL (Ger) Carved in rotten remains Demo tape. Death metal
TEMPLE OF VOID (Usa) Demo MMXIII Demo tape. Death doom
UNDERNOISE (Spa)/ SLOWLY SUFFERING (Ita) Split CD. Death grind/ Death metal

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