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Last distro news:

ARMED CONFLICT (Ita) Declaration of war Demo CDr. Thrash metal
BLACK POCKET LICE (Pol) Paradise in blood Demo tape. Brutal death
BOKLUK (Spa) Moat realm Demo tape. Old school death
CARNAVAGE (Algeria) Carnival of Carnage Demo CDr. Grind/ Death grind
DENYING NAZARENE (Bra) Christ's filthy culture penetration Demo CDr. Brazilian Death metal
EXMORTIS (Usa) Resurrection... Book of the Dead MCD. Death metal
FESTERING (Portugal) From the Grave Demo tape. Old school death
FLESH POLICE (Australia) Flesh police Demo tape. Grindcore
LETHAL DEATH (Ita) Toxic Future Demo CDr. Thrash metal
MORTUARY (Bra) El maestro de la sangre Demo CDr. Death metal
OBSCURE INFINITY (Ger) Dawn of winter Tape. Death metal
POISONOUS (Bra) Perdition's den CD. Obscure Death metal
SANCTIFIER (Bra) Demons CD. Death metal (Contains demos from the 90's)
SCROTUM DEATH (Chile) Demos: Revolution of death, beginning of the end CD. Old death metal/ thrash (Demos from the 90's)
SERENADE (Uk) Plague of time MCD. Death doom

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