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Last distro news:

HORRIFYING (Chile) Demo1 Tape. Death metal
MASS BURIAL (Spa) Gangrene Hymns MCD. Death metal
MAZE OF TORMENT (Swe) Brave the blizzard 7 Ep. Death metal
REVERIE (Denmark) First reverie Demo tape. Death metal/ Black metal
SPASTIC BURN VICTIM (Uk) Care home inferno Lp. Grindcore/ Noisecore/ Industrial
SULPHUROUS (Denmark) Demo XII Tape. Death metal

Fanzine: BELLS OF ACHERON (Col) #1: Eternal Solstice, Grave/ Torture Division/ Krux, Hail Of Bullets/ Gorefest, Verminous, Disembowelment/ Dusk, Haemorrhage, Sadistic Intent, Diocletian, Luciferion, Equinox/ Druid Lord, Swallowed, Hooded Menace, Deus Otiosus, Noise And Shit Mag, Diabolical Messiah, Capilla Ardiente/ Procession, Force Of Darkness, Amon, Excoriate, Nuclear Hammer, Dominus Praelii... 64 pages. A4,5. In english. 2013


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