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violently violating
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really baaad sf movie from mexico. chock full of hollywoodian storytelling cliches. awful acting. and overall very subpar execution. 0.5/10 (for having a hottie like ms. varela in it)

i still wonder why i watched this since i'm not a big fan of the game, but holy fuck it was horrible. well, at least they bothered to cast some real martial talent for some of the characters but seriously.. dreadful movie. 1.5/10 (for kelly overton's ass)

cute movie. some good laughs here and there but overall waaaay to hipster for me. and most of the characters were really forgettable and underdeveloped. didn't care about anybody at all. and those comic-like text-for-sound effects annoyed the shit out of me. overall still a decent movie. 5/10 (it would've been an easy 6.5-7 if it wasn't for that cera douchebag. i was tempted to score it in the negative just because of him)
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