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Originally Posted by Cthulhu View Post
I thought El Topo was vastly overrated. Very meandering and trying too hard to be weird and "surreal" (in the pop sense of the word, not the actual thing). It had some striking visuals, but the plot was a pretentious pseudo-mystic mess. Never got around to watching Holy Mountain because of how much it let me down.

I feel similarly about many David Lynch films, but I actually still enjoy a number of the better ones, even if they're still overrated.

Now Bunuel's early films, anything Svankmajer (again), the Quay Brothers, and even some Ken Russell movies I find mindblowing.
Have you seen The Devils? Just saw it a couple months ago, I really enjoyed it. Making that film would've been hilariously awesome.

As for Jodorowsky, check out The Holy Mountain. I liked El Topo though, but I prefer THM a lot more. At points it does seem as contrived and forced as El Topo (I wouldn't go that far calling it pretentious), but it's a good film. I like the religious imagery, both the spiritual stuff and the more blasphemous scenes.

Originally Posted by Cthulhu View Post
Excellent piece of cinema. Still one of my all time favourites, even though there is a total lack of conventional narrative. It's basically just a National Geographic film without any narration. But, Ron Fricke clearly has themes and cohesive ideas in mind, it's not his photographic portfolio as some people have put it.

I'm really looking forward to his next film, Samsara. I've been reading about it for years, it was originally due out in 2008, then 2009 and now the IMDb page says that it is in post-production, so I'm assuming it will be out this year, hopefully.

Anyway, recently I got around to seeing:

I recommend all three. The final cut of Blade Runner definitely is the essential version, and Husbands was the first Cassavetes film that I've seen, hoping to check out more soon.
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