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Originally Posted by Cthulhu View Post
I hear everyone talking about Martyrs, which reminds me, did that movie Vinyan come out yet? It was another Frenchie extreme horror flick that had something to do with human trafficking. I saw the trailer for it on an Allmovie blog post that had horror trailers like Martyrs and the newest Coffin Joe. Haven't heard anything about it since.
Vinyan was great...subtle, quiet horror.... It's not about human's about a mother looking for her lost child.

Holy Mt. is great, check out El Topa and Santa Sangre ....His new movie KING SHOT is in prduction!!!!! Also he's making a sequal SON of El TOPA
That is if he dosen't die...he's fucking 80 or something

and whoever thought Taxi Diver was boring.... M. Bay made 2 Tansformers movies just for people like you.....

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