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The Unit (only the first 3 seasons): pretty decent series about Delta Force (one of the founders is a consultant/producer for the first 3 seasons. the 4th is pretty much "24")

Ultimate Force (only first 2 seasons): same as above, but focused on the SAS.

Generation Kill
: best show about Iraq. no contest

Rome: well... duh? ;)

Odyssey 5: best SF show of the last 5 years. too bad it was cancelled (but the creator said he'll finish it one way or the other sooner or later)

How I Met Your Mother: hilarious new-ish sitcom (or so my roommate says :))

Jericho: decent post-apocalyptic drama. could've been much better if they focused more on the "survival" part, rather than the silly "conspiracy theories"

The 4400: imagine "Heroes" without the retardedness (but a lower budget)

Better Off Ted: funny show about the R&D division of a multinational company (with awesome ads)

a couple that should be good, although i haven't watched 'em yet:
How Not to Live Your Life (british sitcom), Total Recall 2070 (SF), The Tudors (the life and wives of Henry VIII :P), Jeremiah (post-apocalyptic drama), Durham County (drama/thriller), Tripping the Rift (supposedly, this like South Park + Futurama)
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