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Originally Posted by AndThePsychicSaw View Post
John Petrucci from Dream Theater always uses one in the studio.
Joe Satriani uses his hand.

Anyway... I was wondering... Doesn't Arsis have Open notes in their songs? If they do, wouldn't the string dampening affect that?
Yeah, it does, especially since you're using it to mute strings. You can move it off the strings, or close enough that it's not affecting them (which actually takes some skill if you're not used to it, I'd guess). Some people also mute everything at the base, but that kinda screws any chance of good distortion. I'm pretty sure Petrucci does this, and it's only to ensure that it's clean while in studio. Of course...he pulls it off flawless

I've yet to try it, but I don't really see it as cheating if you're not relying on it, and you really can't rely on it to clean your tone up. There are some 8 finger tapping parts that are almost impossible to mute without something muting for you. (aimed at whoever said it was cheating...)
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