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next show was PROVIDENCE,RI , show was cool. Bob from DROP DEADs new band played and Tony from VITAL REMAINS came out and hung out.Place was just to damn big ,200 people at the show, place held like 800. Good times though, my camera got stolen at this show, so that sucked !! Next day was CT, place was really small, and REALLY packed so it was good all the way around, except WE had to play before the god awful bullshit local who was mad cause they did not bring gear and wanted all the touring bands to provide it for them, what a bunch of punks/ Next was a rainy drive to Buffalo. This show was decent, but promoter did not have his head on straight, made it kind of disappointing. Cleveland was next, and it fucking ripped !!! Great show, 9 shocks tearing it up, lots of punks at the show. I also met a super cool girl named Cathy. Good times. Thursday was a 21+ show in Lansing, but it turned out good. Crowd was late , but it still did well over 100 kids for a thursday night non all ages show, it was cool . Met the dude from Anemic records as well, good label good guy .
next shows were Chicago, Minneapolis and Madison.
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